Top Ten Trade Show Tips & Best Trade Show Giveaways for Businesses

Trade Show Tips & Best Giveaways
Scott Kalapos on Feb 8, 2018

Trade show season is already underway and will soon be in full swing. Nearly everyone within the promotional products industry is aware of how important these events are and the kind of opportunities to present. Each one is full of hidden gems, potential collaborators & partnerships, the latest product catalogs, and an early peak at what are about to become the hottest new trends. Your next tradeshow will present a great opportunity to promote your brand, spread your message, and learn more about trendy items within your industry.

With all of this in mind, one can see why it's important to learn the ins & outs of trade shows to capitalize on all of the opportunities they present. However, they can be a bit confusing at times, especially for those attending their first expos. That's why we've put together our list for the top ten trade show success tips as well as our suggestions for the best promotional trade show giveaways.

Trade Show Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Like all other things in life, your trade show experience will not go well if you arrive unprepared. Whether it's arriving on time, finding the venue, nailing transportation details, or making sure you bring everything you need, planning in advance is a must. Here are some quick hints on how to best prepare for your next trade show:

  • Know how to get there - If you're driving, make sure you have the best possible directions. If traveling by bus, subway, or train, make sure you know the right departure & arrival times and where you'll be left off. You'll also want to know the number of the vehicle you're taking. Additionally, make sure you know the schedules of at least 2 other trains & buses departing after the one you plan to take. This way, you'll be covered if you get off to a late start. If you're flying, it's a good idea to buy trip insurance in the event you need to cancel or have a last minute change in plans. 
  • Leave nothing behind - Determine exactly which items you're going to need for your trade show and organize/categorize them several days in advance. Once it's all packed up, put your luggage into the initial vehicle in which you'll be departing. This will help to avoid forgetting anything important and will also buy you a few minutes more sleeping time on an early morning.

                                            How to Navigate a Trade Show

  • Know how to navigate the venue - Some trade show events can be a bit overwhelming in size, especially for first-timers. Fortunately, nearly all of them will have maps & booth listings available onsite. These are a valuable resource, but they won't always tell you everything. For example, they may give a booth number for a company, but it might not be shown on the map. Fortunately, most will have numbered aisles to guide trade show attendees along and make navigation easy. In the image above, you'll notice a vertical strip with the number 500 on it hanging from the ceiling. This is to mark the aisle where booths numbering in the 500s are located.

Trade Show Tip #2 - Getting Inside

Most trade shows are limited access events. Organizers will want to know who's coming, where they're coming from, and why they're going to attend. Typically, there will be a website with online registration forms to help companies gain access ahead of time. Here's what you'll want to do:

  • Register early -  Most trade expos will have online registration forms where you can give all of the needed information and gain approval ahead of time. Some, but not all, will also have sign-up sheets on site, but the lines can be long and the forms frustrating. The early bird gets the worm on this one.
  • Make sure everyone knows who you are - You'll want to have your name, business, and position all listed on the ID card you'll be expected to wear around the event at all times. It's for letting people know who you are, but also helps you in identifying others. When you read the badges of other attendees, you'll know the right person to talk to for each business and who to approach for information. Also, you'll want to find someone wearing a badge for a given business before taking pictures of any of their items. Snapping shots without permission will make some exhibitors a bit irate. 
  • Be ready to flash your badge... a lot. Many trade shows are divided into sections and you'll have to show & scan your ID card with security workers at the gates of each section. 

We have several promotional ID badge holders and customized lanyards to suit just this purpose. Even if you're given a badge and/or lanyard during registration, they're still great as giveaway items. You can also use them to show the benefits they have over the ones being issued by the event venue. Here are two of our picks for the best trade show lanyards & badge holders.

1/2" Cotton Double Bulldog Clip Badge Lanyard

                                                                      Promotional 1/2" Cotton Lanyard with Bulldog Clips

This custom logo imprinted cotton lanyard with bulldog clips features a step & repeat pattern of your customized business logo along its outer side. It measures 1/2 of an inch in width and 16" in length on both sides. The knit cotton fabric makes this lanyard comfortable to wear around the neck and the bulldog clips ensure that your badge will be safely held in place and prominently displayed for all to see.

It's available in black, multiple shades of blue, multiple shades of green, gold, gray, orange, pink, red, purple, tan, turquoise, white and yellow. With all of these colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that perfectly matches your logo.

Square Retractable Badge Reel with Metal Clip - 30"

                                                 Wholesale Retractable Badge Reels

As we've mentioned, you're going to have to show your ID card several times during most any trade show. That's why these particular bulk retractable badge reels will quickly become your friend. Each has a 30 inch long retractable cord that can be used to pull your ID outward for easy scanning. This prevents you from having to awkwardly position yourself to be scanned and will also make life a bit easier for the security staff.

These personalized badge reels have a symmetrically pleasing square shape, along with a clip on the back to affix it to shirt pockets and/or collars. It's built to last, with 100,000 pulls being the expected lifespan. It's available in white, black, or translucent blue, and comes with your personalized business logo imprinted on one side in one color. For an additional charge, multiple color & full color logo imprints are available. Another upgrade is an epoxy dome that is placed above your logo design to prevent wearing and chipping over time.

Trade Show Tip #3: Maximize Your Visibility

Having a trade show booth and product displays won't be of much help if nobody can find you or knows which company you represent. As a result, you'll want to be as visible as possible to catch curious eyes and to outdo the competition. Here are some ideas for achieving this:

  • Display your logo prominently - When walking trade show aisles, attendees tend to look toward the top of booths for identification. It's a natural result of the aisle listings, which tend to hang from the ceilings. Make sure the front and back surfaces of your display area contain your logo without any other content immediately nearby to distract attention.
  • Maintain grounded brand identification as well - To be extra sure that nobody who's looking for your booth will pass it by, it pays to have identifying items, such as our promotional advertising flags, which are ideal for placement with the banner portion sitting directly outside of your booth, ensuring visibility for those standing far away.

We have several items to help maximize your visibility, which is key to finding success. In addition to the personalized business logo flags we've alluded to, we also carry business logo imprinted banners as well as customized table cloths for trade shows.

6 ft Tear Drop Sail Sign Flag

                                                                Promotional Advertising Flags for Trade Shows

Our wholesale 6 ft tear drop advertising flags are a fun way for a brand to get extra exposure. They have a sturdy carbon composite frame which is stronger and more flexible and aluminum. A spike base, as show in the picture, is included in the price. However, you can upgrade to include a scissor base with weighted ballast.

These promotional trade show flags are white, but come with one side fully dye sublimated with your personalized logo design. Double sided flags are available as another upgrade. They're great for indoor and outdoor trade shows, as they'll flutter in the wind, but never fold. Each one features a logo imprinting surface of 20¾ inches wide by 52¼ inches high. 

4 ft x 6 ft Customized Vinyl Banner with Logo Imprint

                                                    Full Color Custom Logo Imprinted Banners for Trade Shows

Our 4' x 6' customized business logo banners are the perfect items to reside along the back wall of your trade show booth. At four feet wide by six feet high, these custom trade show banners are impossible to ignore and leave no doubt as to your company affiliation & impeccable taste. These are another trade show promotional product that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Coming in bold colors, these giveaways are water resistant and are printed with fade resistant full color ink. They're made in the USA and have several durability enhancing features. These include double nylon seams with sewn in braided nylon rope as well as sturdy brass grommets.

8' Convertible Table Throw - Full Color 

                                                        Convertible 8 foot trade show table throw

One thing you definitely don't to forget, provided you're using a table, is a personalized table cloth imprinted with your company logo. This particular model comes with free shipping and is a full cover throw, able to fit the most common sizes of trade show tables. It can work as an 8 foot drape table cover or as a fitted 6 foot cover. To shrink it down to six feet, simply use the provided hook and loop fasteners (better known by the brand name Velcro) and you'll be all set.

A full color imprint area is provided on the front drape area, which measures 50 inches in width by 17 inches in height. It's also made of fire-retardant fabric, so it gets some stars for safety too. If you're a bit confused as how the conversion process works, we're including a video below courtesy of its manufacturer, Showdown Displays.

Trade Show Tip #4: Grant Great Giveaways

While a sharp business card, eye contact, and firm handshake are all great ways to make a positive impression on potentially valuable new contacts, you'll also want to give them something extra to remember you by. For many, one of the top highlights of a trade show is the free promotional giveaway items, and as an ambassador for your company and brand, you'll want to provide some fun, happiness, and functionality to all who are kind enough to stop by your booth. Here are some suggestions when it comes to the best promotional trade show giveaways:

  • Give something that will be seen on a daily basis - A cheap promotional giveaway product that is in recipients' lines of sight on a daily basis provides repeated advertising impressions to a variety of people in a variety of sessions. Try to think of something that will be displayed on desks or cubicle walls, automobiles, refrigerators, and company ID materials. Our promotional keychains and customized magnets are just two possibilities. 
  • Let them have a little fun - A trade show item that can bring a few laughs or smiles can go miles in providing positive associations for your brand. Toys, stress relievers, and novelty products are always go-to guys for this goal.
  • Provide promotional products that are useful immediately - A promotional tote bag, catchy custom lanyard, pen giveaway, comfortable company logo imprinted t-shirt, or promotional hat or cap can often see immediate use, leading other attendees to take note of your company logo and seek out your booth.

We'll now list a few of our picks for the best trade show giveaway items.

Rectangular Key Light

                                                       Custom Imprinted Squeeze Light Key Chains in Bulk

Our promotional LED squeeze light keychains make for excellent trade show giveaways. People will see them (and your logo) every time they go for a drive. They'll also find them useful when searching for dropped items under car seats and searching for anything fumbled in a dark area. They're simple yet effective cheap tradeshow giveaways that are a must-have for brand exposure.

Round Ball Stress Relievers

                                                Promotional Trade Show Giveaway Stress Balls Wholesale

Stress toys are fun & useful customized giveaway items. They're another one that appeals to the emotions, as it will be your logo users see when they want to break up the tedium of the workday or need a little help in overcoming anxiety. A stress ball is a fun way to make your brand stand out & make a lasting impression on event attendees.

Our promotional stress balls for trade show giveaways are available in 8 different colors and come with a one color logo imprint. The imprint area has a diameter of 1½ inches, with the balls themselves boasting a diameter of 2¾ inches.

Convention Tote Bag

                                                                promotional tote bags for trade show giveaways

Among the best promotional giveaway items we carry are our wholesale tote bags with custom logo imprints. The one pictured above is our Convention Tote Bag, which is made of durable and eco-friendly polypropylene.

As trade show attendees move about the venue and make purchases or collect other giveaway items, they're going to need to find something to put them in. Our convention tote offers just that, along with the benefit of your logo being on display all over the expo as attendees mill about.

These particular tote bags come in 12 different colors and are 15 inches wide and 16 inches high. They come with a 9 inch wide by 9 inch high imprint area, where a one color company logo imprint will be placed. Additional logo colors can be accessed for an added fee. They're great giveaway ideas for promotional events and are popular trade show swag items.

Hanes Comfort Blend Tagless T Shirts


                                                      Personalized T-Shirts for Trade Shows

T-shirts are a classic giveaway for just about any venue. When it comes to trade shows, our promotional tagless t-shirts provide another vehicle for mobile advertising and make a statement about the quality of the products your company sells. These Hanes tagless t shirts are available in sizes small through extra large, with 2XL and 3XL being available for an additional charge.

They're made of a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and feature your choice of a left chest imprint (4" wide x 4" high) or a full front imprint (12" wide x 12" high). While a one color imprint & single location are included in the price, you may upgrade to include front and back imprints, multiple colors, and even customized logo embroidery.

When your company makes its way into anyone's regular wardrobe rotation, you get an immeasurably high return on your investment. When your company makes its way into anyone's regular wardrobe rotation, you get an immeasurably high return on your investment. Order online from 4AllPromos today for a great apparel item for reaching your target audience!

Mesh Back Trucker Cap


                                                       Wholesale Trucker Caps in Bulk

Our promotional trucker caps for trade shows are another item that will often see use as soon as they're acquired. They're cheap promotional products that provide repeated advertising impressions for years as they're worn around town, at the beach, on vacations, or while just relaxing on the weekends.

The customized trucker hats pictures above have pre-curved visors and an adjustable snap back closure. They're made of a 100% brushed cotton twill fiber are medium in profile, and offer a structured crown.

Their imprint area is 4 inches wide by 1⅞ inches tall. A one color screen printed logo design is included in the price, with several design upgrades being available. They come in several different colors, and ship absolutely free. Consider offering these as a bonus gift fo virtual events as well.

Trade Show Tip #5: Network, Network, Network!

Trade shows offer you an opportunity to meet all kinds of people across all kinds of industries. Some of your most valued potential contacts and new customers in the world could be among the crowd, but you'll never get to know them if you don't extend yourself a bit and engage them in a dialog. Here are some suggestions for networking:

  • Talk to people, not at them: When showing off your best promotional products, it's tempting to be a bit of a salesman and flood visitors with all of the information possible. However, a one-sided dialog is networking poison. Let the conversation go back and forth and speak naturally; everyone is nervous at first, but performance invariably improves with practice.
  • Exchange more than just contact information - When an interaction goes well and there's a mutual feeling that a business relationship may be in the works, it's crucial that both parties are able to stay in touch. However, instead of just writing down your contact information, supply them with a promotional product that does the same. This way, they'll be able to bring your contact information back to the office while at the same time letting the decision makers get a real-life look and feel for your products.

4" x 3" Mortar & Pestle Custom Shaped Sticky Notes

                                                                   custom shaped sticky notes

Above is a picture of our 4 inch wide by 3 inch high mortar & pestle shaped sticky note pads. These are great for pharmaceutical and medical trade shows, but they're hardly the only style we offer. All of our 3" x 4" custom shaped sticky note pads are targeted toward a specific industry and can be imprinted with your business logo & contact information.

Instead of just handing one of these to an interested contact, give them the whole pad. If they don't remember to get back to you right away, they'll be reminded each time they need to jot down a memo. With their low price, these promo items can be ordered in a high volume. Now, back to our tip list.

  • Kill them with kindness - A good trade show will be a busy event. At times, the stress gets to some people. When someone is rude to you, chalk it up to their own discomfort and respond with class and courtesy. This is a tactic that can turn someone's sour mood upside down at warp speed. Even when not dealing with agitated attendees, it's important to always be respectful, kind, accommodating, and helpful to anyone and everyone. Good people make for good business investments, and confidence in character is worth more than money can buy.

If you want to really give fellow trade showers something to remember you by, consider our promotional business card magnets, diverse set of custom shaped sticky note pads, or if a new year is on the horizon, one of our personalized press & stick business card calendars.

Trade Show Tip #6: Stay Comfortable

Trade shows can be fun, enthusiastic, and profitable events. However, if you're stuck in an uncomfortable position all day, never get a chance to rest your feet, or are dealing with uncomfortably warm temperatures, your performance will inevitably decline. Here are some of our suggestions for staying comfortable throughout the day.

  • Keep hydrated - Yes, everyone knows about the eight glasses of water per day rule, but have you ever tried it? It's great for your health, energy, and overall well-being. Our promotional hot and cold water bottles are a great way to enjoy a cool drink or hot cup of coffee any time. Insulated water bottles and can coolers will keep drinks cold, helping you stay alert and able to reel in more traffic.
  • Take the time to rest your legs & feet - Trade shows events can sometimes run for over 12 hours at a time. If you spend this whole time on your feet, you're just begging for back pain and sore knees. Our premium business logo imprinted chairs are ideal for keeping you comfortable and your joints from aching, all the while creating yet another source for advertising impressions.
  • Beat the heat - If you're sweating and uncomfortable, your clothing will suffer, as will your social skills. We have carry several styles of wholesale hand fans & misters that will keep your cool and garner significant interest from all whom eye your apparatus with envy

Here are a couple of our top recommendations for comfort-creating promotional items for trade shows:

Premium Lounger Personalized Folding Chairs

                                                      best promotional chairs for trade shows

Pictured above is one of our Premium Lounger promotional folding chairs. It boasts a 400 lb capacity, a sturdy aluminum frame, 600 D polyester construction, and a thickly padded seat & back rest. A cup holder offers convenient access to a cool beverage, as well as prime real estate for displaying promotional drinkware.

Each chair measures 24 inches in width, 34½ inches in height, and 16 inches in depth. Your personalized business logo design is imprinted on the back rest of the chair, in an imprint area covering 72 square inches. It also comes with a matching carrying bag for easy transportation.

Slim n Slender Misting Fan

                                                           Custom Hand Fan Misters

Stay relaxed and refreshed all day with our slim n slender custom logo imprinted hand mister fans. These are 2-in-1 promotional products, offering a hand held fan for keeping cool along with a spray container to provide a refreshing mist when needed most. The mister is connected to the back of the fan, with its opening located just below the blades.

These units are 2½ inches wide and 6¼ inches tall with a logo imprint area running vertically up the shaft of the fan. Two AA batteries are included (packaged separately) so they'll be ready for action right away. They come in six translucent colors, including pink, red, blue, green, purple, and smoke gray. Offer them as giveaways to potential customers and clients to give them the best possible experience.

Trade Show Tip #7: Keep an Open Mind                                      

It's all too easy to hyperfocus at a trade show and keep your mind set on only one thing. Whether that one thing is a certain product category, particular company of interest, or simply promoting your own items, you'll be selling yourself short every time. Here are a few hints for business expo philosophical flexibility:

  • Don't stay at your booth all day - As long as there's someone else present to guard your goods, you're passing up a huge opportunity if you don't step away from your booth and explore every now and then. You could miss out on some exciting new products, valuable networking opportunities, and a little bit of espionage of the competition.
  • Don't stick exclusively to your industry - It's important to view every interaction as an opportunity. If an exhibitor has giveaways or other items at their booth that you don't carry, it's certainly not a reason to ignore them. If anything, viewing items you aren't currently involved with is even more important than the ones you are. You can add an entirely new target market to your arsenal if you think outside the box a bit and go out on a limb.
  • Remember that appearances can be deceiving - When circulating among the exhibits, you might come across participants who look ill at ease, too young, lack confidence, or in any other way, at least to the eye test, seem out of their league. Try approaching them in a friendly manner and encourage them to share their information with you. Their confidence will grow as you show genuine interest, and you just might uncover a product that's a true diamond in the rough.

Trade Show Tip #8: Stay Safe & Stay Clean

At any big event, especially during this time of the year, you always need to be on the lookout and take a proactive approach toward good health and avoiding viruses. You also never want to let your guard down when it comes to people trying to make a quick, if dishonest, dollar or two - or two thousand. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Wash your hands often - As we've already said, any big public event during cold season (or any other time of the year) is a virtual mine field of germs. This is even more of an issue if you're taking public transportation, such as a train, subway, cab, bus, or airplane to the trade show. Think washing your hands in a public bathroom gets the job done? Not quite. Just think of all the other people who have used those sinks and soap dispensers before you. Any time you've touched an item you think could have infectious potential, especially if you're about to eat, you'll want to keep some sanitizer on hand, such as our promotional card shaped hand sanitizer spray bottles, pictured below.This makes a great giveaway for companies that want to put out a message about staying safe.

Full Color Imprinted Card Shaped Hand Sanitizer Spray Units

                                                     Promotional Hand Sanitizer Sprayers

These unique promotional sanitary products are great for fighting the war against germs. Each one has a slim card shape, is FDA approved, and features a push-to-operate spray mechanism. They come in six different colors and are conveniently sized.

At 3 1/4 inches wide by 1 1/8 inches tall, they're the perfect size for pockets. They also feature an imprint area of 1 1/4 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches high for showing off your custom company logo design in full color.

  • Watch out for thieves and scammers - We like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume their intentions are well, but nevertheless, you should always exercise the highest levels of caution with your valuables. If there's more than one person at your exhibition booth, always make sure at least one of you is there at all times. Never leave any mobile devices, wallets, or money unattended, and NEVER let any drink out of your sight. 
  • Be on guard against identity theft - Scammers and scanners are a bad combination. Unfortunately, the two can team up to steal credit card information as well as other data from personal identification items on your person. Our promotional RFID blocking cell phone wallets are an effective and efficient way of avoiding this danger. Below is just one example of the many scanner blocking cell phone wallets we offer:

CardSafe Custom RFID Blocking Cell Phone Wallet

                                                       Promotional RFID Blocking Cell Phone Wallets

Our wholesale RFID blocking cell phone wallets prevent additional stress while also protecting users from the very real and very harmful threat of identity theft. Licenses, credit cards, debit cards, and more can be kept secure when traveling with these items. They're a must for any trade show or any other large event with a big crowd of strangers.


Trade Show Tip #9: Stay Organized

If you've never been to a trade show before, you'll want to prepare yourself for the endless cascade of catalogs, giveaways, business cards, and samples that will be present with every step you take. Here are some ways to handle it all:

  • Keep it together - Bring along binders and notebooks to contain any and all literature or paperwork you receive. Our promotional ring binders and custom logo imprinted portfolios will be instrumental in keeping everything in order and keeping tables & desks clean.
  • Present with power -The last thing you want to experience when talking with prospective clients and partners at a trade show is losing your catalogs, business cards, or other prepared documents. It's embarrassing on a personal level, and can also create negative impressions for your company. Our personalized premium presentation folders ensure that you'll avoid that whole mess and come off as prepared, poised, and professional.

Directly below are two of our top recommendations for staying organized at trade shows:

Promotional Heat Sealed 2" Ring Binder

                                                       Cheap Promotional Loose Leaf Binders

Our custom logo imprinted 2" vinyl ring binders can carry up to 400 sheets of paper, which should keep you covered for trade show files. Need even more space? For an additional cost, you can upgrade to include D-rings, which are capable of holding 20% more paper, for a total of 480 sheets.

Our personalized heat sealed vinyl three ring binders are cheap promotional office products that are highly customizable. Additional upgrades include foam padding, artwork bleeds, multiple color logo designs, interior pockets, overlays, sheet lifters, and business card holders. Each one is 8½ inches wide by 11 inches high and includes a one color imprint on the front, back, and spine surfaces.

Full Color Printed Large Presentation Folder - Full Coverage

                                                 Custom Imprinted Professional Presentation Folders

When you want to put your best foot forward, create a positive impression by handing out your materials in our full color personalized presentation folders. Each one ships 100% free, but that's only the beginning. Enjoy the beauty of full color, with the front, back, and inner folder panels featuring 4 color process printed graphics.

When spread open, these folders are 18 inches wide by 12 inches high, and reduce to 9 inches in width when closed. Smooth corners and 4 inch dual inner pockets help any business present its documents with style and sophistication.

Free upgrades include business card slots, brochure slits, disc slits, and your choice of three different paper stock materials. One of these materials is 80 lb smooth white paper stock, which is approved and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (opens in a new window). For an additional charge, internal imprints, lamination, and choice of additional paper stock colors can be obtained.

Trade Show Tip #10: Target Technology

As smartphone continues to expand, it's becoming increasingly important to market to the mobile-minded. With Millennials now replacing Baby Boomers as the largest segment of the USA population, they've become a market that can no longer be ignored. Here's a bit of advice when it comes to putting the "tech" in your trade show techniques:

  • Invest in visually stimulating tech products - There's so much sensory stimulation out there these days that in order for to be noticed at all, any person or product has to capture both eyes and minds. Offering a wide range of useful, cutting edge mobile device products in a bright rainbow of colors is an absolute must at trade shows. You'll also want to pay attention to layout, ensuring your most impressive items are located front and center where they'll gain maximum visibility.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize and accessorize - Today, mobile phone and tablet accessories are among the biggest sellers in the world of promotional products. With the almost symbiotic relationship many people have with their mobile devices, having to put them down for any amount of time can be disconcerting. That's why offering mobile accessories such as promotional tablet stands, all varieties of customized PopSockets® cell phone stands, and wholesale power banks will be crucial to your trade show success.
  • Do your research - Not every trade show attendee will be tech savvy, so you may end up having to field a good amount of questions when it comes to your tech products and what they do. You can make a great impression both for yourself and for your company by appearing fully knowledgeable and willing to help. Make sure you know the ins and outs of all of your promotional technology items so that you can explain their benefits and functions to users of all levels of experience. With new developments rolling out every day, you'll need to conduct research early and often to stay up to date.

Now that we've talked a bit of tech, we'll show you three of our top suggestions of the best promotional technology items for trade shows.

Portable Charger Keychain

                                               Promotional Power Bank Key Chains for Tradeshows

Promotional power banks are a hot commodity these days and these customized keychain power banks are no exception. They're perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the go and may not have immediate access to a wall outlet with which to charge their phones or tablets. They can also be good around the office, as there may not always be space to plug in a charger.

In addition to being completely free of shipping charges, these power bank keychains also feature a 2200mAh Grade A Lithium-ion battery, USB output and micro USB input, USB charging cable, and a red LED light to indicate when your device is charging. Their small size of 1 inch in width by 3¼ inches in height makes them easily portable and attachable to any set of keys.

Their imprint area occupies 2¼ inches in width and ½ of an inch in height. That's not a misprint by the way; the size of the unit is measured when oriented vertically, but the imprint area is measured horizontally.

Basic Folding Smartphone & Tablet Stand

                                                          Custom Full Color Logo Imprinted Cell Phone Stands

When you want to display videos at your trade show booth or just want to keep your phone upright so you don't have to hold it all the time, our promotional folding smartphone and tablet stands will work quite nicely. They featured a textured rubber grip surface that holds mobile devices in place and can be manipulated to create the perfect viewing angle.

They're available in four colors (red, blue, lime green, and black) and are imprinted with your personalized business logo in full color. When laid out flat, they occupy a space of 2⅛ inches in width, 3 1/16 inches in length, and ⅜ of an inch in depth. When standing, they have the same width, but increase to 2⅝ inches in height and 3/10 of an inch in depth. By the way, shipping for these items is absolutely free!

Round-Up Earbuds

                                                           Promotional Earbuds in Spool Case

With all of the noise that you're sure to encounter at a trade show, you'll want to have some good earbuds on hand when you take a call or have to listen to a video. Alternately, you can also display them as promotional giveaway items. Our customizable earbuds with spool cases come with their own winding-storage cases, so tangled wires will never be a problem.

They're easily portable, being only 1¾ inches in width by 1¾ inches in height by ¼ of an inch in depth. Their imprint area, which is located at the top of the case, is 1½ inches in diameter. A one color logo imprint design is included in the price, but multiple colors are available as an upgrade. The earbud cables are 50 inches long and their 3.5mm audio jack fits in most any audio device with ease.

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