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Custom Yo-Yos |  Classic Toys with Company Logo

Branded Yo-Yos for Giveaways & More

A classic yo-yo is a beloved and timeless toy. Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy countless hours of fun (and less screen time) when they receive imprinted yo-yos with your company's logo. Great as giveaways for trade shows, corporate gifts, school events, retail sales, and more, our many styles of custom yo-yos will bring smiles and a sense of innocent nostalgia to the young and old alike.

Personalized Yo-Yos Imprinted with Your Logo

Playing tricks such as "around the world" and "walk the dog" are just two of the many fun things users can do with a personalized yo-yo. They're a unique way to help a business stand out at trade shows and events. They encourage fun and healthy play that can help to improve eye-hand coordination, motor control, and even act as a stress reliever. Read on to find the best styles of wholesale yo-yo toys for helping your brand reach its customers, employees, and target market members.

Custom Classic & Old Fashioned Yo-Yo Toys

People have been playing with yo-yos for a long time. There's some debate as to when yo-yos were invented, as toys resembling them have been around since as early as 440 BC. The first official yo-yo, existing fully in the form that we know today, was patented in 1928. That's nearly 100 years ago, and there are many custom classic yo-yos out there today that have hardly changed in that time. Our branded classic yo-yos come in many colors, including red, white, blue, green, pink, and more. 

Linked to the previous paragraph is a model of our old-fashioned plastic yo-yos. Friends, neighbors, family members, and co-workers will all have plenty of fun trying to best each other at mastering tricks, control, and speed as these plastic yo-yos spin down from their durable twine holding strings.  

Promotional Wooden Yo-Yos

Another great style can be found in our wholesale wooden yo-yos. This yo-yo type also has a nostalgic quality to it. In addition, it's an eco-friendly choice, as the wood used in them is a sustainably harvested and renewable resource. These fun wooden toy items are great as promotional giveaways for toy stores, schools, and nearly any other business, charity, or organization. They appeal to customers of all ages, making them one of those rare products that can speak to the target audience of most any brand.

Imprinted Light-Up Yo-Yos in Bulk

Customers, whether kids or adults, can also find entertainment when a modern spin is put on an old classic. This is the case with our promotional light-up yo-yos and personalized flashing yo-yos. Available on our site in colors of red, blue, green, and more, these light-up yo-yos are a great toy to play with, even in the dark. They're sure to be a hit when brought along on camping trips, long car rides, and beyond.

Personalized Spaghetti Ball Yo-Yos

If your brand wants to use yo-yos that are crafted in an even more unique way, consider making an investment in our custom spaghetti yo-yo balls. Also known as a "jellyfish yo-yo", a spaghetti yo-yo consists of strips of brightly colored rubber attached around a circular hub. A small loop handle and wound rubber or plastic string extend upward, allowing this unique yo-yo style to go up, down, spin, and perform all kinds of tricks. This custom yo-yo variety is especially ideal as a stress reliever, given its soft and yielding nature. 

Create Your Own Custom Logo Yo-Yos

Whether you choose a wooden, plastic, light-up, or branded jellyfish yo-yo, your brand can rest assured that it will be adding its logo to a high quality and much beloved product. Our custom logo printed yo-yos can display your logo design in one or more colors to attract attention to and build awareness of your brand. Reach out and contact us today if you have any questions about how to add your logo artwork to one of our custom yo-yos or have any other concerns.