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Drink Koozies are among some of the most popular promotional business products out there. These can coolers are an excellent way to create buzz about your brand while giving your target market something useful to create repeated advertising impressions. Adding your custom imprint to our wholesale affordable Koozies or custom metal can coolers is a great way to draw attention to your company and what it has to offer. 4AllPromos has dozens of different styles, including personalized bottle opener Koozies, fundraiser-friendly bulk awareness ribbon can coolers, sturdy custom insulated can tumblers, promotional slim Koozies, and many more.

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Keeping drinks cool during a hot summer afternoon, company picnic, or backyard barbecue is important. Custom advertising Koozies® and all of our assorted insulated can and bottle holders accomplish this task. They're able to keep drinks at ideal temperatures while preventing users' hands from getting wet, cold, or burned. While the usefulness of these items is unmistakable, they are often overlooked as drinkware essentials. As a result, few consumers purchase them intentionally. Rather, many wait until they receive one through a promotional giveaway.

What does this mean for your business? It creates the opportunity to be the first one to give your audience a new can cooler, imprinted with your unique logo or message. All of our offerings are made from high quality materials, ensuring that they'll have what it takes to be used many times without sacrificing performance.

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Different Types of Promotional Koozies

From traditional Koozies to those with carrying straps and built-in bottle openers, 4AllPromos offers a wide range of options to fit your promotional needs. Whether you’re hosting a company barbecue or advertising your brand at a football game, you’re sure to find the perfect insulated can holder in our inventory. Read on to learn a bit more about some of our more prominent styles over the course of the next 5 paragraphs.

Wholesale Cheap Koozies

If your business seeks to advertise via buying cheap promotional Koozies in bulk, you're in luck. 4AllPromos is your #1 source for the best affordable, effective, and versatile customizable beverage can holders. These are items that require only a small monetary investment in order to produce a gigantic wave of advertising impressions.

Custom Collapsible Koozies

Our wholesale collapsible Koozies are an excellent choice when you want a simple yet effective promotional product. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, this classic style offers plenty of space to add a custom imprint. They fold flat when not in use, providing easy storage for your company as well as its target audience.

Logo Imprinted Drink Wraps & Branded Insulated Cup Sleeves

While most people are familiar with Koozies that keep drinks cold, 4AllPromos also offers custom insulated beverage wraps and promotional cup holder sleeves for hot beverages. Made from the same high-quality materials that ensure drinks stay cool, these wraps are designed to insulate a coffee cup or other container to keep heat in. Plus, our drink wraps make it more comfortable to hold a hot beverage without burning one's hands.

Promotional Can Coolers

Looking for something a little more durable? Custom insulated beverage can holders are the perfect choice. Made from heavy-duty materials and featuring double-wall vacuum insulation, these coolies will keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Even better, many come with interchangeable rubber rings and sipper lids, allowing for a direct drinking experience.

Personalized Bottle Koozies

While "can holder" is a term you're going to run into a lot on this page, we also carry several promotional foam bottle sleeves for keeping drinks cool and hands dry. Some hold the barrel of the bottle, while others are large enough to even cover the neck. Among our more unique models are custom zippered Koozies, which are a breeze to get on and off of drink bottles.

Unique Branded Koozies & Drink Coolers

Standard Koozies, drink wraps, and can coolers are always appreciated by any audience. Still, there are times, when one needs to take things a step further to really stand out. This is especially true when attending trade shows and other large events where multiple businesses are vying for the attention of the same crowd. That’s why 4AllPromos offers a selection of unique can cooler holders guaranteed to distinguish your company from the also-rans.

Custom Koozies with Carrying Straps

Keep multi-tasking and convenience at the forefront with our promotional hands-free can holders and custom beer tasting Koozies. They're equipped with features such as carabiner clips and strings designed to be worn around the neck. These can coolers are a great option for food festivals, beer tasting events, concerts, and more. Add your logo to the front to create a fun yet functional giveaway item that doubles as a vehicle for creating unlimited advertising impressions.

Bulk Magnetic Koozies

Another hands-free option, our custom magnetic Koozies include a row of magnets that allow users to stick them to cars, refrigerators, and other metal surfaces. The magnets are strong enough to hold a full beverage! This is a great option for winter tailgate parties and other cold-weather events as it allows your audience to keep their hands warm in their pockets while keeping drinks close by.

Promotional Novelty Koozies

Want a promotional product that’s sure to be remembered? Our custom printed novelty Koozie can holders will get the job done every time. Your target audience can cheer on their favorite team with a bottle cooler shaped like a sports jersey or dress up their favorite beverage with a holder that features a built-in cape. We even offer insulated sleeves shaped like boots that are perfect for rodeos or motorcycle rallies!

Company Logo PopThirst® Can Coolers

Are you familiar with the custom PopSockets® that enable users to easily handle their smartphones? If so, you can expect the same sort of fun utility from promotional PopThirst can holders. These items offer the same style of functionality, as each includes a pop-out button that allows users to more easily and flexibly grip drinks and beverage cans that are safely ensconced in insulated sleeves and holders.

Personalized Koozie Sets & Kits

As we mentioned earlier in this guide, Koozies are often included as part of various promotional gift packages. You can plan your own if you'd like, but we also provide an option to make it even easier in the form of our promotional Koozie gift sets. These fun and functional promo product gift kits are ideal for welcoming new customers and employees, congratulating the buyer of a new home or automobile, and much more.

Custom Koozie & Personalized Can Cooler Sizes

Beverage cans come in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, the custom Koozies available at 4AllPromos do as well. Whether you're interested in promotional slim Koozies or models that are sized for larger cans and bottles, we have every style needed for meeting the beverage handling needs of your target audience.

Promotional 8 oz Koozies

While 12 ounce cans are the standard, many beverage companies are now offering smaller, 8 ounce versions. This new sizing is especially popular for canned coffees, seltzers, and juices. At 4AllPomos, we offer a variety of custom small Koozies designed to fit 8-ounce cans, including slim and regular widths.

Logo Branded 12 oz Koozies

Of course, no insulated beverage holder collection is complete without styles that can accommodate traditional 12-ounce cans. Browse our branded 12 oz Koozie can holders and select from slim fits or standard widths in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. Then, add your company logo for a giveaway product that virtually anyone would love to receive.

Custom Tall Boy Koozies

Looking to go bigger with your promotional strategy? Consider investing in promotional 16 oz Koozie can holders for larger drinks, such as our various Tall Boy models. Not only do these styles offer additional room for your logo or contact information, but their larger size means they’ll stand out at tailgate parties, sporting events, backyard barbecues, and beyond.

Design Your Own Customized Koozies

To make your custom advertising Koozies most effective, you'll want to decorate them with your company logo design and contact information. The next two paragraphs explain some of the personalization options in a bit more detail.

Custom Logo Printed Koozies

Imprinted Koozies with your logo are effective and affordable tools for advertising your business. Many of the offerings in our collection are screen printed with your company logo design to quickly and affordably produce a logo graphic that will go far in spreading brand awareness & winning over new customers. These imprints can be found in single, multiple, and full color styles.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Koozies & Custom Photo Koozies

If your company is interested in something that allows for even greater creative freedom, our fully customizable Koozies with photos will be a great fit. These items feature custom graphics covering their entire surfaces. Photographs and/or creative artistic designs that you (or our team of artists) come up with can spread over the entire product for an eye-catching item that's sure to make all passersby take notice.

Custom Koozies & Branded Can Coolers FAQ

We'll wrap things up by including a few of our more frequently asked questions regarding Koozies, along with answers to each.

What are Koozies and can coolers used for?
Our custom can holder coolers & Koozies can be used to keep canned and bottled beverages cold while keeping users' hands dry. They can also be used to prevent users from burning their hands while holding hot drinks.
What materials are Koozies made from?
Many materials go into our insulated can holders. Most have some form of open or closed cell foam for insulation purposes. However, our metal models make use of double wall insulated stainless steel (sometimes with copper lining) to keep drinks at ideal temperatures. Other materials that can make up the body of a Koozie include neoprene, polyester, and polyurethane.
How can I use Koozies to promote my brand?
Custom Koozies, as well as all of our other insulated beverage holders, make great promotional products. They can be given away in bulk at trade shows, offered alongside water bottles and tumblers as part of gift packages, given out as gifts at dealerships for users to put in automobile cup holders, passed out at charity road races with bottled water, and much more.