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Help users feel rested & rejuvenated with our wholesale sleep masks! We offer many kinds of masks, including personalized sleep masks for flying, comfy custom satin eye masks (opens in a new window), therapeutic promotional hot & cold gel sleep masks (opens in a new window), and much more.

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We offer a broad selection of personalized sleeping mask gift sets, promotional hot and cold gel eye masks for headaches, and much more. Our wholesale sleep products make great promotional items for spas, salons, hotels, resorts, doctor's offices, airlines, and nearly any other brand that is connected to travel or wellness.

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What Are Promotional Sleep Masks & What Materials Are Custom Sleep Masks Made From?

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What Are Promotional Sleep Masks & What Materials Are Custom Sleep Masks Made From?

A sleep mask with logo imprints can block out most light to help users enjoy sweet dreams. There are different styles of company-branded sleep masks out there, which have differences with respect to material, shape, texture, and in some cases, purpose. We'll get into some of these now, focusing on the different materials.

Wholesale Nylon Sleep Masks

When browsing for a business logo imprinted sleeping mask on our website, you're sure to bump into some of our promotional nylon eye masks for sleeping. Nylon is sturdy, takes ink well, and, most importantly, is gentle on the skin. This is an ideal product for airlines since the smooth, cool texture is sure to feel good on long flights.

Personalized Satin Sleep Masks for Giveaways

Many of our sleep masks are constructed from satin. The ultra-smooth and silky feel that this fabric provides makes our custom satin eye masks (opens in a new window) an ideal fit for promotional giveaway items for spas, salons, and high-end boutiques. Create goodwill with your most loyal customers by offering them a quality mask they can use for years to come.

Promotional Polyester Eye Masks for Sleeping

Looking to impress weary travelers or those who have trouble getting a good night's sleep? Consider investing in some of our custom polyester sleep masks for giveaways (opens in a new window) at your next trade show or exhibition event. This affordable yet comfortable cloth choice offers high performance at a low price.

Affordable Wholesale Cloth Eye Masks

When you want to save money and make money at the same time, our high-quality yet cheap promotional cloth sleep masks (opens in a new window) are a fail-proof idea. This is an excellent choice for large events, when you want to have a high quantity of material to give away but don't want to bust your budget. No need to order two sizes either, as the band adjusts to ensure a great fit on nearly everyone's head. Give your customers a promotional product unlike anything else - and one that ensures the last thing they see at night is your logo.

Associate your brand with comfort and relief by choosing our promotional hot & cold gel masks for headaches (opens in a new window). This eye mask is filled with non-toxic, light blue AquaPearls™: soft insulating spheres inside offer pain relief when it's needed most. They're safe to cool in the refrigerator or freezer and are also able to withstand heating microwaves with no trouble; the black elastic band is optimized for high temperatures.

Promotional Sleep Mask Kits

Treat customers, employees, trade show visitors, and target markets to multiple promotional products in a single package with our custom sleeping mask sets (opens in a new window). If your team travels a lot for work, this would be the perfect gift to show your stakeholders how important they are to you.

Customized Sleeping Masks with Ear Plugs

A custom sleep mask is certainly helpful for a faster trip to dreamland, but what are users to do if they have to contend with night-time noise? Your company can literally put their worries to rest by supplying them with our wholesale sleep mask and ear plug sets (opens in a new window). These helpful kits are excellent for blocking both light and sound; anyone with a snoring husband or wife will be delighted! The adjustable band ensures that they can get a good seal between their head and the mask, reducing pesky light pollution.

A place for everything and everything in its place: that's the philosophy that leads to a clean and organized environment and the prevention of losing or breaking one's personal items. To illustrate this point, we'll use our company-branded eye mask in logo-imprinted pouches. The protective package will not only keep the product safe but also provide another space for printing your logo for maximum exposure.

Design Your Own Customizable Sleeping Masks

There's more than one way to decorate a custom eye mask to perfection. Many are available in single or multi-color screen-printed and pad-printed styles. Other times, when you really want a visual effect that demands attention and stands out from the crowd, further customization may be desired. Check out the positive reviews for this product available on our site - you'll see right away that customers love the convenient features and high quality.

Personalized Sleep Masks for Travel

Frequent travelers know that whether they're hopping on a plane, train, or automobile, good rest is an essential carry-on for a long trip. Provided they're not the engineer, pilot, or driver, catching a nap on a long trip is a great way for users to be ready to go upon arrival. We offer multiple promotional sleep masks for travel and TSA-compliant options for airplanes. Some of these include soft and comfortable neck pillows, and all feature a silky smooth texture that won't irritate the skin. They're a handy size for storage in carry-on bags.

Custom Sleep Mask Gift Sets

When you really want to treat the public to a special giveaway or want to make a truly great impression with your promotional efforts, our wholesale gift sets are a solid plan. We offer many types of eye mask gift sets, including personalized aromatherapy mask gifts, handy custom mask gift sets with notepads, and some of the highest quality promotional items for flying.

Many of these are promotional gift sets in Organza bags, which offer a sheer yet colorful fabric for an artistic touch. When finalizing your purchase, include a high-quality photo of your logo in order to ensure the best results.