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Help users feel rested & rejuvenated with our wholesale sleep masks! We offer many kinds of sleep masks, including personalized sleep masks for flying, comfy custom satin eye masks, Organza bagged wholesale sleep mask gifts, therapeutic promotional hot & cold gel sleep masks, and much more.

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We offer a broad selection of custom logo printed sleep masks, personalized sleep mask gift sets, promotional hot & cold gel eye masks for headaches, and much more. Our wholesale sleep masks make great promotional products for spas, salons, hotels, resorts, doctors, sleep centers, airlines, and nearly any other business that is connected to travel, sleep, and/or wellness.

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What Are Promotional Sleep Masks & What Materials Are Custom Sleep Masks Made From?
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What Are Promotional Sleep Masks & What Materials Are Custom Sleep Masks Made From?

Our personalized sleep masks with logo imprints are designed to be worn over the eyes to block out light to help users get to sleep and stay asleep. There are different styles of company branded sleep masks out there. There are differences with respect to material, shape, texture, and in some cases, purpose. We'll get into some of these now, with a focus (in this section) on the different materials.

Wholesale Nylon Sleep Masks

When browsing our collection of business logo imprinted sleeping masks, you're sure to bump into some of our promotional nylon eye masks for sleeping. Sleeping masks made from nylon are sturdy, take ink well, and most importantly, they're extremely smooth and comfortable. They're ideal as promotional sleep masks for airlines, since their smooth, cool texture is sure to feel good on long flights.

Custom Neoprene Eye Masks in Bulk

When you durable, stretchy custom wraparound sleep masks, our wholesale neoprene sleep masks are the way to go. Their elastic material comfortably wraps around the head, rather than the thinner strap style you'll find in other materials. The advantage here is that they're extra effective in blocking out light, so restless sleepers and those with light sensitivity will find our neoprene sleeping masks to be the most useful. They're great promotional products for optometrists, sleep clinics, and neurology practices.

Personalized Satin Sleep Masks for Giveaways

Many of our sleep masks are constructed from satin. The ultra smooth & silky feel that this fabric provides makes our custom satin eye masks an ideal fit for promotional giveaway items for spas, salons, and high-end boutiques.

Promotional Polyester Eye Masks for Sleeping

Looking to impress road (or air) weary travelers or those who have trouble catching their zzz's? Consider investing in some of our custom polyester sleep masks for giveaways at your next trade show or exhibition event. These affordable cloth sleep masks offer high performance at a low cost.

Affordable Wholesale Cloth Eye Masks

When you want to save money and make money at the same time, our high quality yet cheap promotional cloth sleep masks are a fail-proof idea. They're unique among promotional giveaway items and are products that people are sure to use. Just think, the last thing they'll see before going to bed at night will be your custom imprinted business logo design.

Get ready to meet one of our most unique, innovative, and therapeutic sleep mask styles. Our promotional hot & cold gel masks for headaches are filled with non-toxic, light blue AquaPearls™. These soft insulating spheres fill the interior of the mask, offering pain relief when it's needed most. They're safe to cool in the refrigerator or freezer. They're also able to withstand heating microwaves with no trouble.

Promotional Sleep Mask Kits

Treat customers, employees, trade show visitors, and target markets to multiple promotional products in a single package with our custom sleeping mask sets. We offer multiple styles, many of which we'll explain in the following six paragraphs.

Customized Sleeping Masks with Ear Plugs

Custom light blocking sleep masks are certainly helpful for a faster trip to dreamland, but what are users to do if they have to contend with night-time noise? Your company can literally put their worries to rest by way of supplying them with our wholesale sleep mask and ear plug sets. With these helpful kits, users can block both light and sound, making sure nothing stands between them and a good night's sleep.

When it comes to finding the best promotional products for salons, spas, and beauty shops, few are better than our personalized sleeping eye masks with nail files.Setting up these two items together creates a handy little kit that users can integrate into their daily pre-bedtime rituals. Alternately, they can be used to protect eyes during cosmetic treatments while getting just the right look & texture for nails.

Personalized Sleep Mask Kits with Lip Balm

When dry weather and cold temperatures hit, anyone will want to enjoy satisfying sleep at night and pain-free lips during the day. That's the basic idea behind our promotional eye masks with lip balm, offered together as a package deal. However, with the lip balm's 15 SPF rating, they can also be useful in fighting sun damage during beach season. They're excellent promotional giveaway items for hotels, beach resorts, ski resorts, spas, and salons.

A place for everything and everything in its place. That's the philosophy that leads to a clean & organized environment and the prevention of losing/breaking one's personal items. To illustrate this point, we'll use our company branded sleep masks in logo imprinted pouches. These protective packages not only keep your personalized sleep masks safe, but also provide another space for placing your customized logo imprint for maximum exposure.

Bulk Sleep Masks with Aromatherapy Spray

In modern times, everyone is taking on a whole lot of stress. Therefore, it really comes as no surprise that we have more trouble sleeping at night. However, this is far from being a problem that can't be conquered. Sometimes all one needs is a pleasant and relaxing aroma to feel at ease and quickly drift off to sleep. That's the utility provided to users by our custom sleep masks with lavender pillow spray. Coupling sleep masks together with soothing lavender spray will leave users in your company's debt and gratitude.

Promotional Sleep Masks in Retail Packaging

When peddling promotional products, it's important that they remain visually prominent & as accessible as possible. Enter our eye masks imprinted with logos in clamshell packages. These custom imprinted eye masks are held in fused two-piece plastic packages with hooks for hanging for convenience & visibility. This design makes them a cinch to sell as impulse items and fetching more attention at trade shows.

Design Your Own Customizable Sleeping Masks

There's more than one way to decorate personalized sleep masks to perfection. Many are available in single or multi color screen printed and pad printed styles. These are certainly effective and can often be the best way to go. Other times, when you really want a visual effect that demands attention and stands out from the crowd, further customization may be desired. The next two paragraphs will discuss your best options for wholesale sleep masks with an extra degree of personalization.

Personalized Full Color Sleep Masks in Bulk

Full color imprinting is also known as 4-Color Process printing and a variety of other company branded names. The important thing to remember is that regardless of one's preferred terminology, our wholesale sleep masks with full color imprints pack serious promotional power. Full color printing has a way of bringing logos and other images to life by way of bold, deep colors that are highly appealing to the eye.

Promotional Dye Sublimated Sleep Masks

Looking to design your own sleep masks in the most creative way possible? If so, fully customizable fully customizable dye sublimation sleep masks might be the best fit for your promotional needs. With this style, you can coat the entire outside of each mask with any graphic you have in mind. Our talented team of artists will be happy to help you bring your creative visions to life, resulting in a promotional product that refuses to be ignored.

Personalized Sleep Masks for Travel

Whether someone has a long trip by train, plane, or automobile in their near future, they'll likely want to pass some of the time via snoozing it away. Provided they're not the engineer, pilot, or driver, getting some sleep on a long trip is a great way for users to be rejuvenated & ready to go upon arrival. We offer multiple promotional sleep masks for travel and custom TSA compliant sleep masks for airplanes. Some of these come with extra items, including soft & comfortable neck pillows. They're a handy size for storage in carry-on bags.

Custom Sleep Mask Gift Sets

When you really want to treat the public to a special giveaway or want to make a truly great impression with your promotional efforts, our wholesale sleep mask gift sets are a solid plan. We offer many types of eye mask gift sets, including personalized aromatherapy sleep mask gifts, handy custom sleep mask gift sets with notebooks/notepads, and some of the very best promotional sleep mask gifts for flying. Many of these are promotional gift sets in Organza bags, which offer a sheer yet colorful fabric for an artistic touch.

Promotional Eye Masks with Vitamin Supplements

In order to provide users with some get up and go when it's time to get up and go, your business can't go wrong with our sleep mask giveaways with vitamin drinks. This describes some of our bulk logo printed sleep masks with water bottles. The ones we're talking about here come with water bottles and packets of Emergen-C powder, which can be mixed into water to provide a boost in vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients. Users can wear the eye masks when it's time to go to sleep, and then use the Emergen-C mix when it's time to rise and shine.

Wholesale Eye Masks with Sleep Aids

As we've said many times on this page, falling asleep isn't always the easiest thing to do. For those who need to block out stress in addition to bright lights, we suggest our promotional eye masks with sedatives. Containing a comfortable eye mask, bottle of water, and packet of Emergen-Zzzz powder, our Sleep Mask Recovery Kits offer users some extra help in dozing off. With a blend of melatonin, antioxidants, and several vitamins, these sleep aids will not only win the fight for slumber, but will also fortify users with key nutrients at the same time.