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Design your own personalized hand fans with the talented team of artists at 4AllPromos! We offer promotional hand fans for nearly any occasion or purpose. Sports team hand fans, wholesale sandwich hand fans, high gloss laminated hand fans, customized religious hand fans & promotional folding Japanese style hand fans are just a few of the many custom fans available on our site every day to suit any occasion.

If you're curious to know which customized hand fans are the best fit for your promotional needs, read through the guide that follows this paragraph. In it, we'll explain the many different styles within our family of personalized fans and their wide range of uses.

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Different Styles of Custom Hand Fans

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Different Styles of Custom Hand Fans

At 4AllPromos, you can pick from your favorite among many designs, price points, sizes, materials, and artwork imprint colors like purple, green, blue, orange, and red when it comes to our company-branded hand fans. The following section will break the varieties down a bit for some distinction and clarity.

Cheap Personalized Hand Fans

Customized hand fans are ideal promotional giveaways for trade shows and other events. Consequently, when you invest in large quantities, you'll sometimes need to find items that are on the economical end of the spectrum. Our high quality yet cheap custom hand fans are perfect for passing out as giveaways at trade shows, sporting events, graduations, grand opening ceremonies & more. Clients, employees, guests, friends, and family who need help to beat the heat will be very grateful as they wave these items to stay cool.

Promotional Folding Hand Fans

One cool promotional fan category that never goes out of fashion is personalized folding hand fans. Many of these can be folded up and packed away for storage-saving space and still be ready for action as soon as they're called into service.

Wholesale Double Sided Hand Fans

When you want to double your advertising impression impact, our promotional double sided hand fans are definitely the way to go. With these models, you can create your own personalized hand fans with your brand or team logo print and/or message showing up on both sides.

Custom Sandwich Hand Fans

While our bulk sandwich hand fans aren't something you can eat (though some of them are shaped like slices of bread!), what this term actually refers to is a hand fan that is built with the holding stick pressed between multiple layers of board stock or heavy paper. Some key advantages you'll notice when you buy our wholesale sandwich hand fans in bulk include the stick not covering up your graphic imprint design, as well as increased resistance to wind and harsh weather.

Personalized Oriental Hand Fans

Our custom oriental hand fans go by many different names. When you hear the terms "Oriental hand fan", "Japanese style hand fan", "Asian style hand fan", or "folding accordion hand fan", they all refer to the same item. These are the classic folding hand fans that can be folded outward for a clamshell type of shape or folded inward to collapse for storage and safekeeping. Our promotional accordion hand fans are among our most popular models due to their sophisticated and time-honored appeal.

Promotional Seed Stick Hand Fans

Ideal as promotional products for florists, corporate Mother's Day gifts, or anyone who just appreciates the beauty of nature, our custom seed mini fans are unique personalized hand fans that are a cut above the competition. The handles of these corporate graphic hand fans can be planted in the ground, and when properly cared for, will bring a gift of colorful wildflowers.

Custom Printed Light Up Hand Fans

Perfect for night time outdoor events, company picnics, restaurants, clubs, and bars, our promotional LED light-up hand fans are just what their name would lead you to believe. These corporate graphic imprinted hand fans feature a translucent surface to support your brand by day, with button-activated LED lights to illuminate it at night.

Wholesale Hand Fans - Materials

Adding to the depth of the variety offered in our collection of company branded hand fans is the fact that different models are often composed of different materials. We'll provide a quick run-through of our promotional hand fan materials and what makes each one unique.

Custom Imprinted Board Stock Hand Fans

The majority of our promotional fans fall into the category of personalized board stock hand fans.Board stock is a material that is stronger and more durable than most other paper stock varieties. Its thickness is measured in mils, with one mil being equal to .001 inches. Therefore, a 16 mil board stock hand fan would be .016 inches thick. The higher the mil number, the thicker the board stock. This material strikes a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility, making it ideal to cool down users.

Personalized Bamboo Hand Fans

Some of our most high-end and sophisticated logo imprinted personal fans are our promotional bamboo hand fans. Natural bamboo is an eco-friendly material that offers strength and fashion in one package.

Wholesale Laminated Hand Fans

Perfect for outdoor events such as sporting events, weddings, concerts, music festivals, and graduations, our customizable laminated hand fans are weather resistant, wind resistant, and provide a glossy finish which is sure to direct eyes to your personalized imprint design.

Wholesale Corrugated Plastic Hand Fans

When attending an outdoor event that could be affected by inclement weather, die cut promotional corrugated plastic hand fans are a promotional giveaway item that can stand up to whatever punishment Mother Nature has in store. These customized hand fans have the support to hold their shape both indoors and outdoors and can also serve as promo commemorative items for special events.

Perfect as promotional hand fans for weddings, our company branded vinyl hand fans feature waterproof ink and weather resistance. Be it rain, snow, or sunshine, our vinyl hand held fans are prepared to promote your organization. Upload & add your photo or artwork to customize one today!

Promotional Hand Fans for Special Occasions

Our diverse offering of customizable hand fans empowers you to choose the hand fan giveaway that is best suited to make your next promotion a smashing success. We'll discuss some of these in the following paragraphs.

Custom Hand Fans for Weddings

Promotional hand fans for weddings are a low-cost, high-return promotional giveaway item that allows your business, organization or church to become a part of a family's most treasured memories. Whether outdoors, indoors at a church, or at the reception venue, a wedding can often become pretty hot and stuffy, especially if guests have to stand around for a while and must wear heavy clothing. That's why all in attendance will appreciate having a personal cooling device small enough to be held in their hand. You'll appreciate them being large enough to clearly display your message.

Wholesale Religious Hand Fans for Church

Not all churches are equipped with air conditioning. Even when they are, everyone has their own opinion as to what makes for a comfortable climate in the room. That's why custom church fans are consistent best-sellers. These are ideal giveaway items for weddings, baptisms, first communion ceremonies, confirmation ceremonies, and nearly any other church-related event you can name.

Bulk Political Hand Fans

It's a good idea to invest in promotional campaigning supplies well before election season rolls around. That's why there's no time like the present to invest in our promotional political hand fans. These cheap custom giveaway items are ideal for keeping cool during political rallies, speeches, and hotly contested election nights at party headquarters.

Personalized Hand Fans for Fundraisers

We offer many different personalized fans in awareness ribbon and other charity related colors & shapes that make for the best customized hand fans for charities. These are perfect for informing the public of charitable events, functions, donation drives, and any other important goings-on for fighting the good fight.

Promotional Auction Paddles

Blank white is the default look for the vast majority of our hand fans prior to being personalized with business logo designs or messages. Due to this, they can serve a double purpose as custom bidding paddles for auctions. Just add the numbers and they're ready to go!

Custom Sports Hand Fans

We offer a broad selection of wholesale sports shaped hand fans in a variety of styles. We'll quickly list just a few of them below.

Custom Promotional Hand Fans for Corporate Events

The promo hand held personal fans you'll find on our site work well as affordable giveaway items for nearly any corporate event. Whether you're advertising a big sale, holding a grand opening ceremony, partnering with a charity for an event, welcoming guests to a conference, or engaging in anything else you want the public to know about, our bulk hand fans for businesses are a valuable resource.

Company Branded Hand Fans for Graduations

Since most graduations happen in May or June, this means a lot of people will be packed in together for hours at high temperatures. That's why all in attendance will be grateful when your company, school, or college provides personalized hand fans for graduations for keeping cool at its next ceremony. They're also a nice way of offering your students one last wish of good luck and goodwill before they head off into the next stage of life.

Custom Shaped Hand Fans

One of the most notable aspects of our collection is the sheer number of different shapes that are available. The following is a condensed list covering some, but definitely not all, of the custom shape options you can choose from.