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Custom printed hand fans will have your logo waving right in front of your target audience. They’re perfect cheap promotional giveaways at outdoor events and sports games when people are trying to stay cool. Personalized fans are great to have for guests at weddings or church congregations during the summer too.

Put Custom Logo Promotional Fans in The Palm of Their Hands

Promotional hand fans are a cost-effective and creative way to promote your brand when the temperatures are rising. Your promotional item will provide lasting comfort in the sweltering sun with each wave of your logo. With promotional fans, the imprint area is large enough for your logo, photo, campaign slogan, or custom artwork to be a visible part of any event.

Why choose custom fans for your next event? Custom hand fans, paper fans, and folding fans are an affordable, functional, and memorable marketing tool. They’re ideal for brand visibility and engagement, and can be used at most gatherings from corporate events to personal celebrations like birthdays and weddings.

Choosing A Custom Hand Fan Style for Your Promotional Campaign

4AllPromos offers a variety of promotional hand fan styles for you to choose from. All of our personalized fans are budget-friendly and can be bought in bulk for even better savings. Our customized fans can be used at summer weddings as party favors, as giveaway promotional products at sporting events, or as Pride Month accessories when you choose our rainbow fans. Browse  foldable fans, paper fans, fans with full color printing, custom shape fans, and others in our collection to find the right style for your audience.

Paper Fans With Logos and Full Color Printing

Paper hand fans are one of the most economical, but functional promotional products you can offer your audience in the summer months. The majority of our paper fans are made from board stock, a paper stock thicker and more durable than regular paper. You’ll catch eyes with the large imprint area and full color printing. 

Our custom paper fans with logos can be purchased in bulk for as little as 23 cents an item. Even though custom paper fans are a cheap promotional item, you’ll have people lining up during summer picnics and community festivals hoping to get your logo in their hands. 

Custom Plastic Hand Fans

Personalized plastic hand fans are made from corrugated plastic to produce a strong breeze, but also double as a sign or auction paddle. These high-quality fans can be printed in waterproof ink to protect from rain, or if you’re using them as wedding favors, from spilled drinks. 

Custom Logo Folding Hand Fans

For more of a keepsake hand fan, consider personalizing folding hand fans. Similar to the bamboo fans in Asia, our promo folding fans offer additional aesthetic qualities in addition to creating a cool breeze. Are hand fans Chinese or Japanese? Folding fans originated in Japan, but they are commonly used all over China and other parts of Asia. With a bulk fan order from 4AllPromos, they can be used all over your next event too! 

Political Rally Hand Fans

Because of the large imprint area that hand fans offer, they offer multiple uses as fans and signs to potential voters. Organizers and political campaign advisors use hand fans to spread the word about their candidate. At the same time, they’re giving the voters a quick glimpse into how their candidate is already working to improve their daily lives by helping them beat the heat. 

Any of our custom hand fans can be used as a political rally hand fan, but our donkey and elephant hand fans are definitely crowd pleasers. 

Light Up Promotional Fans with Logos

Let your logo shine on a branded LED hand fan. Everyone loves light up products and these novelty fans can be given out during camping trips, while waiting for 4th of July fireworks, or as wedding hand fans during the reception. This custom product will cool you down while it lights you up.

Custom Shape Hand Fans

Make your promotional hand fan stand out with one of our custom shapes. You can choose from regular square hand fans and round hand fans, or get a little fun with cowboy hats or hourglass hand fans. Realtors and home construction companies love adding their logo to our house shaped hand fan and schools use our graduation cap fans at graduations and reunions. We have an extensive collection of custom shapes, some of our favorites include:

  • Light bulbs
  • Mascots like bears, lions, panthers, pirates, and vikings
  • Football helmets
  • Awareness ribbons
  • Hearts
  • Clovers
  • Apples
  • Animal paws

Custom Church Fans

Church fans keep congregation members cool throughout Sunday worship. What makes church fans different from regular hand fans? Church fans are the same material and make up of other custom hand fans, but our church fans have religious imagery on one side and you can include your important church information on the other. We even have a fan that looks like a palm leaf ready to be customized for Palm Sunday. 

Seed Stick Fans

For Earth Day, spring giveaways, Mother’s Day events, or the environmentally friendly organization, promotional seed stick hand fans will be the promo giveaway gift that keeps on giving. Once the recipient no longer needs the fan, they can be planted in the ground to grow into beautiful wildflowers. 

The Perks of Buying Bulk Hand Fans

For personalized hand fans at your summer wedding favors or getting ready to promote your brand at a farmers’ market, hand fans bulk orders are your best buy. Ordering promotional hand fans in bulk will open up wholesale pricing and ensure that you have enough fans for everyone at the event.

Hand fans are a practical item with no expiration date and they’re incredibly affordable. Buying in bulk will make it easier to get a higher return on your investment and maximize your advertising reach.

FAQ About Category

How effective are custom hand fans?
As promotional items hand fans are incredibly effective at boosting brand recall and spreading awareness. The custom logo fans are directly in the hands of your target audience, providing much needed relief from the heat.
What are the parts of a custom hand fan called?
The main parts include the leaf or blade, the handle, and for folding fans, there are sometimes ribs or sticks to support the leaf.
Can I personalize hand fans for special events or my business?
Absolutely, from colors and materials to custom shapes and designs your promotional hand fans can be made to fit your brand. Our art team is available to assist you with fonts, colors, and clip art if you’d like help with your designs. We also offer free digital proofs to make sure you’re satisfied with your promotional products./dd>
Where can I order bulk custom hand fans for a wedding?
You don’t have to be a business to order in bulk at 4AllPromos! Order bulk custom hand fans for your wedding right from our website. Personalized hand fans are an amazing wedding favor for guests at your summer weddings. You can upload your own designs or email us the artwork you’d like displayed on your wedding hand fans.
What materials are commonly used for making custom hand fans?
Our most popular hand fans are made of coated board stock, typically with a basswood handle. We also carry paper fans and plastic hand fans.

Stay Cool While Your Brand Awareness Heats Up with Custom Hand Fans

Promotional hand fans are useful business giveaways that provide comfort for your target audience and create positive associations when they recall your logo. From paper and plastic, to shaped like paws and cowboy hats, these affordable custom fans can be personalized to your liking and used at community events, family reunions, political rallies, or as church fans on Sunday mornings. 

Keep cool and let your brand awareness carry on with an order of custom logo hand fans. 

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