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4AllPromos is where to buy all of the best customizable money clips for corporate gifts & promotions. We have many styles to choose from, including personalized engraved money holders, branded multi tool money clips, promotional RFID blocking money clips, customizable spring loaded money clips, and even more custom imprinted money clip styles. A great alternative to bulky wallets, they make excellent gifts for employees and customers alike.

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We have several different styles of promotional money clips to meet your corporate gifting and branding needs. In the section below, we'll say a few words about our most popular styles, helping to guide you to the models with the features that best suit your company's goals. These items are a wonderful gift choice, giving a unique break from traditional wallets, billfolds, and purses. Most have very low minimum order quantities, making them a great and accessible choice for organizations of any size.

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Different Styles of Promotional Money Clips

Different Styles of Promotional Money Clips

As we've already stated, there's quite a bit of variety when it comes to our custom logo money clips. The following seven paragraphs will break down some of the most prominent styles we offer, helping to highlight the features and benefits of each.

Custom Multi Tool Money Clips

Our personalized multi tool money clips are one highly popular style. These promo money clips with knives are great at holding paper money, but that's just one of their functions. They also provide a chic logo printed case that contains a fold-out knife and a fold-out nail file. In addition to giving users an accessory for holding their money, these items include two tools that can be useful in a virtually limitless variety of situations. They're a great choice for promoting banks, hardware stores, salons, hunting supply retailers, credit unions, and much more.

Personalized Silver Plated Money Clips

When looking for a corporate gift item that has both class and functionality, our custom silver money clips are an exemplary option. They're plated with genuine silver for a fancy and refined look that will make any business look great by association. Each is engraved with your custom logo design for a product that will create branding impressions everywhere users travel.

Promotional Leather Money Clips

Logo engraved leather money clips are another in-demand style. Made from genuine cowhide leather and engraved with your logo, these money clips provide color and tactile contrast for a look that's a true winner.

Company Logo Spring Loaded Money Clips

If a strong and durable promotional gift item is on your company's wish list, we're here to help. Our personalized spring loaded money clips hold on to paper money tightly and securely, while making access for withdrawal quick and easy. Each is engraved with your logo and comes with an impressive gift box.

Branded RFID Blocking Money Holders

Everybody wants to keep their information safe. Identity theft can lead to all sorts of negative consequences. Drained accounts and fraudulent charges are issues that nobody wants to grapple with. Fortunately, 4AllPromos can arm your business and its target audience with tools to prevent this. Our custom RFID blocking money clips are designed with technology that prevents scanners (and scammers) from reading and stealing information on credit and debit cards. All business travelers and road warriors will feel a bit more safe and confident when armed with these accessories.

Custom Hinged Money Clips

Similar in concept to our spring loaded models, the promotional hinged money clips available at 4AllPromos hold on to money tightly and effectively while looking great in the process. A hinged clip that looks somewhat akin to a fancy belt buckle clamps down on users' wads of cash, ensuring that nothing escapes. Their thin design leaves more space in pockets and purses than a traditional wallet. Their stylish appearance makes them go great with nearly any outfit, be it formal or casual.

Personalized Engraved Money Clips

At the end of the day, the most important function of any promotional product is to keep your brand on people's minds. When your logo is on a high quality promotional product that sees plenty of use, countless advertising impressions will be generated, spreading a positive message about your brand. Our custom logo engraved money clips will do just that. As accessories that users will bring nearly everywhere they travel, these items will show off your logo every time a purchase is made. In the process, anyone who handles said transactions, passes by, or stands nearby in line will see these excellent money clips and the logo engraved into them.