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Find all the best customized recycled insulated tote bags at 4AllPromos! We have the top insulated recycled canvas tote bags, bulk wholesale inexpensive insulated tote bags, stylish custom rolling freezer bags for tailgating, branded promotional insulated lunch bags for schools & much more. Browse the guide below to learn more about our collection of logo personalized insulated tote bags!

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If you're looking for the best cheap eco-friendly cooler bags, you've come to the right place. We have an extensive collection of promotional recycled insulated tote bags with logo imprints & embroidery. Take a spin through our guide to learn more about our bulk insulated tote bags and custom cooler bags to discover which features best meet your promotional needs.


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Different Styles of Custom Insulated Tote Bags


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Different Styles of Custom Insulated Tote Bags


Different promotions call for different products & methods. That's why we offer so many different kinds of customizable insulated tote bags for purchase on our site. Read through the following section to discover the various styles we carry and learn which is the best fit for you!


Wholesale Cheap Insulated Tote Bags


Promoting on a budget? We can understand that. After all, trite as it is, money doesn't grow on trees. If you're looking to save money while building brand awareness among the active lifestyle crowd, you need our wholesale inexpensive insulated tote bags. Each of these cheap custom cooler bags offers a great value for the price and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Promotional Large Insulated Grocery Bags


When users have a long walk or ride between their homes and the grocery store, they'll want to avoid the potential ensuing spoilage. When equipped with our custom large insulated grocery totes, they can rest assured that their groceries will stay fresh & cool throughout their travels.


Personalized Cooler Shopping Bags


Users can leave the paper vs plastic debate behind when they do their shopping with custom eco-friendly reusable bags. Your company logo can be the face of going green when you invest in our company branded thermal shopper totes. They can be used to carry food and drinks anywhere; usage isn't just limited to supermarket commutes.



When space is at a premium or if you're just looking for some stylish flair, the promotional slim freezer tote bags at 4AllPromos will never disappoint. They're a study in both ergonomic & economic wisdom. They're ideal for cars, cubicles, and any other area where space is limited.


Wholesale Insulated Lunch Bags


If you're looking for top-notch promotional products for schools or custom logo imprinted giveaways for kids, you've found them. Our bulk eco-friendly insulated lunch tote bags are stylish and sensible. These custom cooler bags adept at keeping meals at just the right temperature while displaying your personalized logo design the whole day through.


Promotional Two-Tone Freezer Bags


Also referred to as customizable tonal cooler bags, our promotional eco-friendly recycled two tone insulated totes offer contrasting colors to catch the eye. This is a style of promotional cooler bags that's great for design firms, art supply shops, interior decorating services, or any other company that places an emphasis on aesthetics.


Wholesale Hot and Cold Insulated Recycled Tote Bags in Bulk


While keeping cool is the focus of many of our custom insulated recycled tote bags, some are equally proficient in retaining heat. The customized hot and cold cooler bags you'll find at 4AllPromos keep meals perfectly hot or cold for hours at a time, ensuring the best possible taste & eating experience. Grateful users will have your company to thank when they fill up on a first-class meal.



If you're unfamiliar with the term "gusset", we can explain it for you. Some tote bags are somewhat two-dimensional in nature. They may be wide and tall, but they can't expand very far when it comes to depth. The gusset is the part of a tote bag that makes this possible, offering a sturdy yet yielding side panel for a three-dimensional look and effect. Our personalized insulated tote bags with gussets are perfect for use when lots of space is needed for handling a big job.


Promotional Waterproof Insulated Tote Bags & Customized Water Resistant Insulated Tote Bags with Logos


If your business is in the camping, hunting, fishing, or any of the other big outdoor industry, you'll want insulated totes that can stand up to the elements. Our company logo printed waterproof totes and promotional reusable water resistant freezer tote bags keep water out an sogginess at bay. These promotional cooler bags are a handy and reliable product to have during outdoor excursions and stormy weather.



Everyone loves a good-old-fashioned picnic, whether it's a company party, family affair, or a quaint romantic getaway. Campers, hikers, and park patrons will all find our promotional picnic bags with thermal lining to be highly useful & at the peak of style. They're an ideal fit for any marketing campaign. Some take the convenience to another level, which is the case of our wholesale recycled insulated bags with portable grills.


Custom Insulated Tote Bags - Materials


Our promotional recycled tote bags with insulation are available to help keep contents cool in your choice of many different materials. Deciding which material is the best fit for your promotional needs will be an effort that will include many factors. Hopefully we can make it a little easier for you by explaining the different materials our company logo tote bags are made from and what makes each material unique.


Promotional Non-Woven Polypropylene Cooler Tote Bags


When the time comes to discuss wholesale eco-friendly recycled cooler bags, our customizable non-woven polypropylene bags can never be left out of the conversation. Available via the preceding link, our polypropylene tote bags are not only made from recycled materials, but are also fully recyclable in their own right. Polypropylene is a highly durable material that takes color very well and offers a degree of water resistance. It's a great insulated cooler material to consider for your next event.


Custom Nylon Insulated Recycled Tote Bags


If you like both a smooth texture and an extra sturdy fabric, our promotional nylon insulated tote bags are for you. This material is flexible and malleable, allowing for expansion when a big load is being packed. When even more strength is called for, our personalized dobby nylon freezer totes are ready to stand up and deliver at company picnics, sporting events, trade shows, and beyond.


Personalized Canvas Freezer Totes


Outdoor events and extra heavy cargo call for the strength of our custom reusable insulated canvas bags. They have a rough and tough style that makes their durability and strength apparent from first sight. This style is especially popular among the boating crowd, keeping food and drinks cool while sailing down the river or cruising around on the high seas.


Wholesale Polyester Thermal Tote Bags


Polyester is a fabric that is noted for its supreme UV resistance. While it is not quite as strong as nylon or canvas, it can still be counted on to take on the vast majority of tasks with our insulated cooler totes. Our customized polyester insulated tote bags are perfect for a day at the beach, sunbathing, or lounging at the pool.


Bulk PVC Hot and Cold Tote Bags


Companies looking for a waterproof tote bag will appreciate our branded PVC insulated tote bags. Some have PVC bodies while others have a PVC lining or lower panel. The goal here is to provide support for the contents of the bag as well as keeping contents dry and delicious. All these features make PVC insulated cooler totes a great choice for your next event.


Custom Cooler Shopping Totes with Antimicrobial Lining


Food safety is a quality that anyone can appreciate. If your business wants to promote the virtues of good health and cleanliness, there are few better giveaway items than our custom imprinted cooler bags with antimicrobial lining. These customizable cooler totes are treated with a chemical solution that prevents the growth of mold, fungi, and viruses. It also helps to create a smooth, slick, and easy to clean surface.


Promotional Insulated Tote Bags for Tailgating


Some of our custom logo printed insulated tote bags are clearly made for tailgating. Ergonomically designed and priced to sell, our thermal tailgating bags for sporting events come in several different sizes for carrying drinks to the big game. Below is a list of some of the sizes offered:


Additional Customized Recycled Insulated Tote Bag Features


As we've already pointed out, variety is the name of the game when it comes to our wholesale Earth-friendly recycled insulated tote bags. In addition to size, shape, style, and material, other special features can be found in many of our cooler totes. If there's a special feature you have in mind, read through the following section and you're sure to find what you're looking for.


Custom Rolling Cooler Totes


For the ultimate in carrying convenience, we recommend considering our promotional insulated roller tote bags. These models come with extendable handles and wheels so that they can be pulled around with a minimum of effort. This feature prevents the sore muscles and back strains that can come with hoisting too much weight.


Promotional Insulated Tote Bags with Polyboard Inserts


While browsing through our inventory, you're bound to come across several wholesale branded cooler totes with bottom inserts. These inserts serve multiple purposes. One of their functions is to support the contents of promotional cooler bags to keep them from shifting around while being carried. Another is to prevent any outside wetness from leaking in or any moisture in the inner contents from weakening the bag. Finally, polyboard inserts are also instrumental in preventing the tearing of bottom panels.



Who doesn't enjoy the storage utility offered by items with multiple pockets? We'd have to wager that the number of people who don't is slim to none. When you buy promotional recycled insulated tote bags with extra storage space, you help the user on the go to keep it all together with ease and with style to spare. Mesh pockets, self-fabric pockets, and many other options are available in our reusable cooler bags.


Personalized Eco-Friendly Cooler Bags with Bottle Openers


Isn't it frustrating when you think you've planned flawlessly for an event or trip, only to realize at the last minute you've forgotten something important? This is a situation we all deal with at one time or another. The good news is that we have just the right promotional giveaway items to reduce the chances of the aforementioned problem. Our custom logo imprinted thermal tote bags with bottle openers allow users to rest easy. When the time comes to hit the drinks, they'll have a tool to make opening them easy as pie.


Custom Branded Coolers with Shoulder Straps


When hands-free carrying is needed, our promotional insulated shoulder bags are there to help. Equipped with shoulder straps, they can be worn like a messenger bag or really big pocketbook in order to free up users' hands to clutch other needed items.


Promotional Reusable Insulated Tote Bags with Carrying Handles


Some people prefer to wear tote bags over their shoulders, while others like to grip them by hand. Many of our custom logo branded insulated bags with carrying handles make either option possible. The carrying handles can also be used as accent pieces, sporting contrasting colors to turn heads and direct eyes right to your customized business logo design.



There are quite a few different forms of insulation out there. Whether you're packing a lunch, building a house, or installing new fixtures, choosing the right kind of insulation is key to success. In the next three paragraphs, we'll tell you a little bit about the different kinds of insulation that are available in our business logo imprinted thermal tote bags.


Promotional PEVA Insulated Reusable Tote Bags


PEVA is an acronym standing for "Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate". This is a manufactured polymer that is used to insulate many different items. The benefits of our customizable PEVA insulated tote bags include insulation that is affordable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.


Custom Eco-Friendly Cooler Bags with Foil Lining


The benefits of foil insulation vs mylar insulation can be confusing at times. This is especially true when it comes to tote bags, as most of the resources out there tend to describe said benefits from a home construction standpoint. Worry not though, as we're ready to shed some light on the subject. Our promotional thermal shopping bags with foil lining offer an insulation material that is good for retaining both hot and cold temperatures. Foil lined insulation also works better when it comes to wrapping items with an unusual shape.


Personalized Insulated Tote Bags with Mylar® Lining


Now it's time to talk a bit about Mylar®. Unlike aluminum foil, Mylar is not a metal at all. Rather, it is a plastic sheet material that has many different applications, ranging from insulation to the construction of balloons and far beyond. Our wholesale Mylar lined freezer totes have a lining that is more flexible than aluminum foil and less likely to rip. However, it is not as effective in comparison for use with hot foods/drinks.