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Put your company branding plans in the driver’s seat with our promotional keychains! Our custom key tags come in many different varieties. We offer custom engraved keychains, sturdy personalized dog tag key chains, boat-friendly custom floating key tags, fun promotional novelty key chains, adorably cute stuffed animal keychains, handy promotional LED flashlight keychains, cheap custom logo imprinted key fobs, & more.

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Promotional Keychain Styles


Promotional Keychain Styles


In the following paragraphs, you'll find all of the information you need to make an informed decision as to which of our promotional keychains best fits your company's branding needs. We'll go into a bit more detail about the many affordable keychains on our website that you can create and customize as giveaway items for your brand.

Whether your brand chooses to go with metal keychains, LED flashlight keychains, custom keychains with dog tags, or any other variety of these promotional products, we have just what you need for your next event. Our website has several styles of affordable keychains that are the perfect way to engage in promotions at trade shows, retail locations, in the office, and beyond.

Custom Engraved Keychains

The largest and most diverse group of promotional keychains offered by 4AllPromos would be our personalized keychains with engraving. Each of these wholesale metal keychains are laser engraved with your custom logo or design, to create a premium promotional product that any business would be proud of.

Due to their extremely personalized nature, our promotional engraved keychains often come with low minimum orders. Some are also industry-specific, such as our customized engraved real estate keychains. They make a great trade show giveaway or gift for clients and employees alike. These durable metal items fit right in one's pocket, creating marketing items that save on space while still getting your message and idea across.

Custom Imprinted High Tech Keychains

Some of our most interesting key tags are our promotional high tech keychains. These custom functional keychains serve several purposes. For example, our promotional power bank keychains provide an emergency mobile phone charger, and our Chiopolo Bluetooth Item Finder Key Chains help users to avoid losing important items. 

They're great for most any event. Shop the selection on our site to find the perfect models to show off your brand and the high quality products and service that your customers have come to love.

Promotional Bottle Opener Keychains

Custom logo imprinted bottle opener keychains are fun and handy items that make for some of the best promotional gifts. When armed with one of these, users never have to worry about being without their keys nor about being unable to open a cold bottle of beer or soda. They'll then look down and see your company logo and be grateful toward you for making their life a little easier. Available in assorted materials, they're a great idea as a purchase for a bar, liquor store, or brewery.

Promotional LED Key Tags

Looking for custom keychains with flashlights? If so, you'll want to customize our promotional flashlight keychains to create marketing items that your customers and target audience will love. They come in assorted shapes and materials (both plastic and metal are available) and provide a valuable service. Actually, we should make that services, as in addition to holding keys and keeping things organized, they can also help to locate items have have been dropped and to light the way in dark rooms or outdoors at night.

Promotional Multi Tool Keychains

Some of our most popular keychains are our custom imprinted multi tool keychains. As their name would suggest, these are key tags that are combined with an assortment of tools. You can think of them as a sort of Swiss army knife for your car. Then again, we also carry actual personalized Swiss army knife keychains, so you can enjoy them in the literal sense as well.

When considering corporate holiday gifts for employees, this is one that would go into the "personalized keychains for him" column. Each model has its own set of characteristics to create the picture perfect item to advertise your brand, product, or service. Search our site to see the many available varieties.

Personalized Key Tags

Sometimes a key tag is just a key tag and there's nothing wrong with that. Not everybody wants all of the bells and whistles. It can be nice to save some money and get back to basics. This is especially true when considering cheap promotional products that make for some of the very best trade show giveaway items.

Such is the case with our wholesale promotional key tags, which your brand can create in any chosen design. They come in many fun and functional shapes and sizes and are a promotional gift that anyone will enjoy. Search our website for some great ideas such as a custom imprinted heart shaped key tag or some promotional #1 shaped key tags.

Custom Imprinted Screwdriver Keychains

For those who like to be prepared for anything, our promotional screwdriver keychains are a best buy. An ideal purchase for car dealerships, hardware stores, and garages, these personalized screwdriver keychain giveaways will provide trusty service over and over again. While they're seeing use, everyone in the area will be seeing your custom imprinted company logo.

Personalized Stuffed Animal Keychains

Few people can resist the charm of a cute stuffed animal. That's why our promotional plush animal keychains are always among our bestsellers. We offer a menagerie of cute personalized stuffed animal key tags, including custom imprinted Wild Bunch stuffed animal keychains.

Whistle & Safety Keychains

Next up is our family of whistle keychains and safety keychains. These are promotional giveaway items that allow users to venture outdoors with a little more confidence. Our wholesale whistle key rings and personalized safety light-up compass keychains help users to call for help when needed and to navigate the great outdoors at night and in inclement weather.

Custom Logo Imprinted Floating Keychains

We carry all of the best floating keychains for boats or for anyone who wants to have some at the beach or pool. Made of buoyant foam, our promotional floating keychains are great promotional products for marine supply shops and pool stores, as well as great promotional items for trade shows. Ideal for marketing a fishing supply business, your brand can detail each with its logo as a cheap yet effective way of reaching out to clients.

Promotional Novelty Keychains

Our wholesale novelty key tags are promotional products that know how to have a little bit of fun. Catering to an intellectual crowd? Try our personalized mini rubik's cube keychains on for size. Looking for the best "keychains for her"? Any hypothetical "she" will love our custom mood color changing stress toy keychains.

If you're in the plumbing business, what better way is there for you to consistently stay on customers' minds than supplying them with some promotional toilet shaped novelty key tags? We have plenty of fun ideas on this page to create a memorable novelty item for customers' keys that will see use for years to come.

Personalized Dog Tag Keychains

Our personalized engraved dog tag keychains are a great gift for anyone who has served in the military or would like a stoic yet elegant promotional gift. Available with low minimum orders, our custom laser engraved dog tag key rings are a great way to show a select few just how much they're appreciated. Attaching keys to dog tags is a great way for customers to stay organized while showing off your branded design everywhere they go.

Promotional Flashlight Keychains

If you like our wholesale LED key tags but feel something a little bigger would be a better fit, you'll find our personalized flashlight keychains to be a perfect item to bear your company logo. Varying in shape and size, these custom imprinted flashlight keychains are promotional products that will put the spotlight on your company logo, which can include full color printing.

Custom Carabiner Key Holders

Our wholesale carabiner key holders are tough, durable, practical, and most importantly, highly popular. Camping supply stores, marine supply shops, hardware stores, grocery stores, and most any business that has customers who have keys will find our personalized carabiner key holders to be ideal promotional items.

Personalized Key Fobs

Promotional key fobs can are typically round in shape and are often attached to lanyards, handle loops, or retractable cords. They can often be used as storage cases for keys in the interest of organization and safekeeping.