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Our gourmet snacks allow your company to promote in great taste! 4AllPromos offers a variety of food items that can be customized for your promotional needs. Whether you’re promoting your brand at community events, fundraisers, or on college campuses, edible products are an excellent tool. Plus, with a wide variety of choices ranging from promotional candy gift sets to wholesale power bars, we have something for every target audience.

Personalized Food & Snacks | Custom Candy Gifts | Imprinted Gift Boxes

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  • Promotional Candy Options

    If you’re searching for a sweet way to treat your customers, employees, and potential clients, 4AllPromos has everything you need. From colorful jelly beans to whimsical lollipops, our goal is to get your name and logo on a product that best suits your business.

    Promotional Mints

    Whether enjoyed after dinner, before a meeting, or any time you need a little treat, mints are an on-the-go essential. With our custom mints, you can share your organization’s name and logo any time your audience wants to freshen up. Choose from a variety of options, including traditional peppermints, Red Hots, Lifesavers, and more. The customization options don’t end there – you can also select a unique tin and personalize it with your organization’s branding.

    Custom Gum Pack Giveaways

    Gum is a universal favorite – virtually everyone keeps a trusty pack in their purse, briefcase, or glovebox. Therefore, a pack of gum is the perfect place to advertise your business. Simply add your company’s name and phone number to one of our promotional gum gifts, and you’ll have a promo product that’s always at the ready when your audience is on the go.

    Promotional Jelly Beans

    While jelly beans are best known for being the Easter Bunny’s favorite candy, they’re still a delicious treat all year round. Plus, our branded jelly beans in bulk offer plenty of room for you to advertise your organization’s name and logo.

    Lollipops in Bulk

    Lollipops are loved by people of all ages – from school-aged children to young-at-heart adults. No matter who you’re marketing to, wholesale lollipops from 4AllPromos are an excellent giveaway option. With a variety of tasty flavors and unique, customizable styles, you can ensure that your organization won’t be forgotten.

    Promotional Candy Gift Sets

    Candy is a thoughtful gift that’s appreciated by virtually every recipient. Our customized candy gift sets make the perfect giveaway items for loyal clients and treasured employees. Additionally, by adding your own custom logo and branding, you can give your gift set a personal touch that distinguishes you from the competition.

    Customizable Chocolate and Cookie Gifts

    Often, the best way to show your appreciation for your customers and employees is through their stomachs. Luckily, 4AllPromos offers a number of customizable cookies and chocolate gift items that will feed your recipients and put a smile on their faces.

    Customized Chocolate Gifts

    From simple to wow-worthy, we have a wide array of chocolate products that can be personalized with your business logo. These promotional chocolate gift items make the perfect promotional giveaway item during the holidays and beyond.

    Custom Cookie Gifts

    Personalized cookie gifts are one of the most fun ways to get your name out there for the public to see. Whether sent as a thank you gift or passed out at a trade show, a personalized cookie is an effective way to ensure that your company is remembered.

    Custom Molded Chocolates

    Did you know that 4AllPromos can create personalized molded chocolates that let you share your brand in a unique and tasty way? Before you decide on your next promotional purchase, consider the benefits of a custom chocolate item that will match your overall branding perfectly.

    Customized Fortune Cookies

    Whether you’re ordering for an Asian restaurant or simply want a fun way to promote your brand, custom imprinted fortune cookie pails are an ideal solution. Let us put your company information in a traditional fortune cookie set up, so you can share your message in a unique yet timeless manner.

    Gifts for All Seasons

    The winter holiday season may be the “prime time” for gift giving. However, many businesses like to connect with their customers, clients, and vendors throughout the year. That’s why we offer a wide variety of customizable gift options that are perfect for year-round use.

    Promotional Gourmet Gift Boxes

    Sometimes, you need a gift that takes traditional giveaways up a notch, and our personalized gourmet snack boxes do just that. These product-packed boxes include a selection of wow-worthy snacks and high-end candies that you can customize with your own branding.

    Promotional Gourmet Gift Towers

    For Christmas, Hanukkah, and other gift-giving occasions, consider showing your appreciation for your clients with one of our customized gourmet gift towers. These include a larger selection of snacks, chocolates, candies, and other treats than our traditional gift boxes and can be customized with your organization's branding.

    Imprinted Gourmet Gift Tins

    Connect with your customers and clients by sending them one of our company logo branded gourmet gift tins. Not only are these a thoughtful gift to give, but they can also be imprinted with your company information to ensure that your brand remains memorable.

    Healthier Snacking Choices

    Today, more and more people are committing to eating healthier foods. Therefore, it’s important to look beyond cookies and candy if you need to appeal to health-conscious customers. Whether you want to hand out personalized pistachios for corporate gifts, customized Clif bars, or anything in between, 4AllPromos can help.

    Custom Nuts, Pretzels, and Crackers

    Looking for a savory snack to hand out to your clients and employees? 4AllPromos offers a variety of promotional nuts, pretzels, and crackers that taste great and promote your brand whenever they’re enjoyed.

    Popcorn Promotional Giveaways

    Popcorn isn’t just for the movies – it’s an effective marketing tool, too. With our custom popcorn giveaways, you can provide your recipients with a delicious and healthy snack that advertises your business. Plus, when you shop 4AllPromos’ selection of custom popcorn gifts, you’ll find a near-endless number of choices, from custom printed one gallon popcorn tins to microwave popcorn bags with your logo and so much more!

    Custom Power Bars

    Snack bars are perfect for curbing mid-day cravings or fueling up while on the go. Even better? Our promotional power bars make a great giveaway for your clients, too. Pass these out at your next promotional event, and you’ll get your company name in front of a variety of people, from office snackers to fitness junkies.


    Promotional Healthy Snacks

    When you’re building your marketing plan, consider the importance of wholesale healthy snacks. At 4AllPromos, we make it easy for you to customize a myriad of healthy items, such as trail mix, granola bars, and more. That way, you can market to the sector of your audience that may want to avoid consuming high-calorie cookies, chips, and chocolate.