Promotional Custom Logo Golf Balls

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Custom logo golf balls are a hole-in-one for your brand’s visibility on the green. For promo giveaways to corporate gifts to high-value clients,  promotional golf balls are a branded product that will be used. These practical promo items are the winning shot to seal the deal at corporate events, golf outings, and trade show giveaways.

Swing into Success with Promotional Golf Balls

Custom golf balls are a great promotional product to build brand awareness at outings or to give as gifts to build relationships with clients, employees, and business partners. Choosing to add your logo to golf balls for giveaways at tournaments and charity scrambles means you’re giving each participant a chance to hold your logo and recall your brand. 

Why are golf balls good corporate gifts? Custom golf balls are necessary for a round of golf, and most casual golfers will lose a ball or two during the day. Giving golf balls as corporate gifts means that your brand is there to keep the game going. When you choose premium golf balls, you can give your clients and employees logo golf balls from our top brands to show your appreciation.

Golf balls and other golf promotional products like golf towels, club head covers, and bag tags are great for cost-effective advertising as the continuous use on the course will reinforce your branding with your target audience and whomever they’re playing with that day. 

Top Brand Promo Golf Balls with Your Custom Logo

Golf balls are often seen as premium promotional items, especially from well-known brands like Titleist or Wilson. By associating your brand with high-quality products, you’re conveying a sense of quality and reliability to your clients and partners.​

Custom Titleist Golf Balls

Titleist golf balls, including the famous Pro V1 and Pro V1x, are synonymous with top-tier performance and reliability. They’re known for their soft feel, long distance, and excellent control. Add your logo to custom Titleist golf balls for holiday gifts or to celebrate a new partnership with an elite client. 

Promotional Wilson Golf Balls

Wilson offers top-tier custom golf balls at an affordable price point. For large-scale events with a cap on the budget, choosing Wilson for your promotional golf balls will get you a high-quality golf giveaway at a more affordable price than Titleist. The Wilson Ultra golf balls come in a clear golf theme tube with a customizable cap to further match your logo! 

Branded Pinnacle Golf Balls 

Pinnacle golf balls, such as the Pinnacle Soft and Pinnacle Rush, are designed for maximum distance and durability. You can get boxes of these promo golf balls with low minimum order quantities or get more savings in bulk for promotional giveaways at trade shows or corporate golf events. 

How Do I Choose Golf Balls?

Choosing the right golf ball will depend on a balance of your swing speed, budget, golfing skill level, and your feel and control on the green. There are three main types of golf balls:

Two-Piece — Typically has a solid core and a tough outer cover made from a durable material like Surlyn®. They’re great for beginners and those looking for a maximum distance down the fairway. These golf balls are generally less expensive.

Three-Piece — These golf balls have a smaller solid or liquid-filled core, and inner layer made from rubber or synthetic material, and a softer urethane cover. Three-piece soft golf balls offer more control on the green and generate more spin on the ball. 

Multi-layered — Four and five-piece golf balls have multi-layered cores and mantle layers. They’re designed for high performance, offering a combination of distance off the tee and control on the greens. These golf balls are for advanced players and come with the highest price point. 

Cheap Golf Balls for Giveaways

When you’re looking for a cheap promo giveaway that will still offer value, we can print golf balls for under $2 per ball. We also offer golf set giveaways that bundle items you’ll need on the course like a ball, divot tool, golf tees, and some even include sunscreen and lip balm

Eco-Friendly Printed Golf Balls

If you want a great gift for environmentally conscious clients, we offer refinished Titleist Pro V1X golf balls that look at play like new. These custom logo golf balls are made for the golfer looking for long-distance golf balls without sacrificing control on the green or sustainability!

How to Customize Your Personalized Golf Balls

Customizing golf balls with your company logo, tagline, or personalized message is easy at 4AllPromos. Our art team and advanced printing techniques will give you sharp, professional results that make brand impressions for you game after game. Adding your logo is quick and easy in a few steps!

  1. Select the promo golf balls you want and choose the imprint colors from the drop-down menu.
  2. Add your golf balls to the cart
  3. When you’re taken to your cart, you’ll see a “Click Here to Upload Your Artwork” button. When you click you’ll have the options to upload your file, add your text, or email us later.
  4. Save your artwork and continue to purchase!

Our art team will send you free digital proofs to ensure your personalized golf balls look exactly the way you want.

Buy Bulk Golf Balls With Your Logo & Get Wholesale Prices!

Purchase bulk golf balls for your next tradeshow or golf outing to start spreading goodwill and brand awareness. Buying logo golf balls in bulk is a cost-effective strategy that maximizes your promotional budget. By providing these high-quality, branded golf balls, you create touchpoints for brand awareness and recall with a wide audience of potential clients and business partners.

Tee Off Your Brand with Promotional Custom Logo Golf Balls

Investing in custom golf balls drives your brand’s visibility down the fairway. Promo golf balls are sponsoring a charity golf outing or summer event giveaways. We carry premium brands that pair well with custom logo Callaway golf shirts for corporate gifts too!  

Ready to tee off your brand? Explore our custom golf balls and place your order today to make a lasting impression and hit a hole-in-one for your business. 

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