Custom Gel Pens

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Stay on the desks of professionals and students with custom gel pens. Known for their smooth application and vibrant colors, these promotional pens will be a favorite of any recipient.  

Make a Mark With Promotional Gel Pens

Customized gel pens are a practical giveaway for all kinds of audiences. Students need them to complete assignments, both in the classroom and at home. Clients and employees use gel pens daily to take notes and jot ideas in meetings.

What are the benefits of promotional gel pens? Promotional gel pens are an item that will be used daily by your target audience, and that makes them a powerful marketing tool for brand awareness and brand recall. 

Gel pens also come in a variety of colors and are a great addition to jotters and notebooks in the office. The different color ink allows for organized note-taking, task management, and editing of documents and reports.

Types of Gel Pens

Our selection of branded gel pens offers a variety of styles. With the options you have at 4AllPromos you can tailor your selection to your target audience.

Aluminum Gel Pens

For a sleek design and classic aesthetic, aluminum gel pens are the promotional item to select. They are perfect executive gel pens for a professional office environment or B2B client. The shiny barrel combined with your full-color logo is sure to draw attention.

Barrel Color Gel Pens

A more colorful product draws people in and can entice an audience of students, elementary teachers, or parents. We offer blue, black, green, orange, red, pink, yellow, gray, purple, teal, and opaque custom gel pens. 

Rubber Grip Gel Pen

Provide comfort for the hands of those who write the most, your employees. The comfortable rubber grip allows for longer writing sessions free of discomfort. Our rubber grip gel pens are an ergonomic option for writers, avid note-takers, and students, but equally as comfortable even for the smallest writing tasks. Fingers slipping on the barrel while writing will be a thing of the past.

Custom BIC Gel Pens

One of the most popular brands of pens is BIC. 4AllPromos carries multiple custom BIC gel pens to imprint with your specific branding information. Offer some of the highest quality custom gel pens on the market to your audiences, and you get high usage rates to increase the chances of other people noticing the logo. 

Custom Gel Ink Pens

Gel ink pens use a different type of ink than most traditional pens. Gel ink can be dispersed from a much smaller tip, offering more precision with less pressure. Made for comfort in the office, but artists also enjoy doodling with these gel ink pens. 

Get Promotional Gel Pens in Bulk

Running an effective promotional campaign can mean offering quality items in quantities large enough to expand your audience. When you want to give away custom gel pens at trade shows, job fairs, community events, or other occasions, having a bulk amount on hand will give you the greatest possible reach for the company.

The more custom gel pens you give away, the more likely potential customers are to notice your company. Bulk ordering makes sense for promotional campaigns. 

FAQs About Gel Pens

What colors of gel pens and gel ink are there?
We offer a vast assortment of colors for both the body and the ink in our custom gel pens. Barrels come in many color options. You can get blue ink, orange ink, black ink, green ink, pink ink, red ink, and even purple ink. Colorful options are a great way to stand out with your audience.
Are there discounts on bulk gel pen purchases?
With all our custom gel pens, the more you order, the lower the unit price will be.
Can I add a logo on gel pens?
All of our promotional gel pens are made for you to add your logo. Many of our custom gel pens come with full-color printing options, and some even laser engraving for a more permanent branding solution.
How is a gel pen different from a regular pen?
Gel pens are known for their smooth ink flow and opaque colors. These pens offer more comfort and ergonomic features during longer writing sessions. The pen tip sizes can vary as well offering more precision and detail in writing and drawing.

Custom Gel Pens as Your Brand's Signature Statement

Custom gel pens allow each stroke of the pen to write a story of your brand's commitment to quality and attention to detail. When you order custom gel pens from 4AllPromos you are providing useful items to your audience and increasing brand visibility. 

Whether it's bold colors, sleek designs, or ergonomic comfort, find the perfect gel pen to make your mark on the world. 

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