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4AllPromos is where to buy the best promotional camouflage caps & hats with your logo! We offer many different styles, including cheap promotional camouflage hats for those on a budget, personalized camouflage trucker caps with mesh backs, custom embroidered camo caps & hats, unique promotional camo caps with piping, branded custom full fabric camo ball caps, and much more.

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Branded camouflage hats & caps are a sure hit for any outdoor event. 4AllPromos offers a wide selection of custom camo hats in a broad range of colors and patterns. They're great promotional products for camping supply stores, hunting related businesses, military charities, sports teams, outdoor lifestyle brands, and much more. Users will want to wear these custom camo hats again and again, constantly creating advertising impressions for your brand wherever they go. Imprint or embroider your name onto our custom camo hats for a versatile promotional apparel item that has virtually limitless potential for spreading brand awareness. In the guide below, we'll talk a bit about our various styles of promotional camouflage hats and caps to help you find the type of custom camo hat or camo cap that's best for meeting your branding goals.

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Different Kinds of Custom Camo Hats

If you're interested in learning about the different types of promotional camouflage hats & caps that can represent your business, you've come to the right place. At 4AllPromos, we have many different varieties of camouflage pattern caps, each unique in its own way. To empower you to make the best possible choice to meet your promotional needs, we'll explain several available styles over the course of this section.

Promotional Camouflage Trucker Hats

One very popular variety can be found in the form of our custom camo trucker caps. These company logo camouflage caps feature fabric on the front panels and a plastic mesh material on the sides and back. They're lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. This makes them a popular choice for giveaways and events of all kinds. They, like most of our styles, come in a one-size-fits-most form. Our trucker style hats usually have adjustable snapback closures.

Custom Patriotic Camo Hats

If you're looking for the perfect custom apparel items to celebrate Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, or the 4th of July, our promotional USA flag camo caps are a great choice. Decorated with American flag graphics and/or colors, they're wonderful giveaway items for showing your company's support for our brave soldiers of the past, present, and future. They're among our many high-quality USA made promotional products.

Personalized Mesh Camo Caps

Did you read about the mesh sides and backs of the trucker mesh caps discussed a couple of paragraphs earlier? The caps we're about to describe also have mesh material, but in quite a different way. Our promotional mesh camouflage caps with company logos feature mesh fabric throughout the entire crown. Made from high quality polyester, these hats are extra comfortable and breathable. They're ideal for use in high temperatures, during periods of heavy labor, on long walks, and in many other scenarios as well.

Wholesale Camouflage Hunting Caps

Camouflage is one of those things that is employed for both fashion and function. As most people are aware, the foremost purpose of camouflage is to blend in with one's surroundings, becoming harder to visually detect. This is something that is of paramount importance while hunting. That's why our promotional camo hunting caps are such a big hit. They're great at helping users blend into natural surroundings, increasing the chances of a successful hunting trip. Some famous brands are represented in our collection, including custom Realtree camo caps and personalized Mossy Oak camo hats & caps in multiple styles.

Company Logo Deer Hunting Caps

Our personalized orange deer hunter caps are another style of popular custom hunting caps. Some of these have a camouflage design, while others are solid orange with a brown brim. This has more to do with the safety of hunters than it does with hiding from deer, as they cannot see the color orange. However, it is a helpful way to keep your fellow hunting enthusiasts out of danger while going after big game. In some states, a blaze orange cap is required by law when hunting deer.

Promotional Camo Caps with Sweatbands

Much like our mesh camo caps, our wholesale camouflage caps with sweatbands excel at keeping hard workers comfortable and looking their best. By including a sweatband on the inner brow area of the crown, these hats help to prevent perspiration from leaking down into users' eyes. It's a highly handy feature for anyone working outdoors, operating in high temperatures, or heavily exerting energy in any other way.

Customized Camo Sandwich Caps

Our promotional camouflage sandwich caps present some stylish flair that's sure to bring eyes to the hats and the logos they bear. A sandwich cap features a different color and/or design on the front edge of the brim as compared to that on the top and underside. It's a chance to add a splash of color or to strike a certain balance when a particular design theme is in mind.

Many of our bulk camo hats have a one-size-fits-most orientation. Often, this achieved by way of having an adjustable snap button closure at the bottom of the back panel. Our custom snapback camo caps have this feature, making them easily adjustable for a snug or loose fit. It also makes them accessible to users of almost any age or size. This can be handy when friends, family members, or co-workers need to borrow a hat in a pinch and don't have one of their own. Another style you'll find when browsing our collection are custom slide buckle camo caps. These have a self fabric strip at the bottom of the back panel, over which a buckle can be moved to hold a preferred size setting in place. These also go by the name of "dad caps".

Adding your branded artwork to a custom made camouflage cap is the best way to make it work for promoting your organization. Blank giveaway items have their time and place, but anything that has your logo on it is guaranteed to generate exposure and increase awareness among the public. There are two main methods we employ when it comes to how to personalize a camouflage pattern cap. These methods are imprinting and embroidery. The next couple of paragraphs will shed a bit of light on both.


Our promotional imprinted camo hats & caps are decorated with your logo in one color, multiple colors, or even full color. A single color imprint is typically the most affordable way to customize your camouflage cap. It also provides the fastest production time. Full color imprinted caps and caps with multiple logo design colors will effectively represent your brand and look great while doing it. While the latter two imprint styles may cost more than a single color design, they do allow for more detailed and eye-catching graphics.

Personalized Embroidered Camouflage Hats with Logos

Many of our models fall into the category of company logo embroidered camo caps & hats. Our custom made camouflage caps with logo embroidery feature colorful designs that are stitched into the fabric, often on the front or side. These designs create a richly colorful and three-dimensional effect that makes them hard to ignore and your brand hard to forget. Embroidery can sometimes cause more than imprinting, but it creates a branded graphic with superior longevity. They also tend to have lower minimum order requirements than imprinted styles.

Personalized Camouflage Hats & Caps - FAQ

At this point, we'd like to provide a quick section to include some of the most frequently asked questions about our promotional camouflage caps, along with the answers to each.

What is digital camouflage?
While looking through our offerings, you're going to see the phrase "digital camouflage" attributed to some items. The promotional digital camouflage hats available at 4AllPromos feature a complex camo pattern that blends large and small designs together. The goal of this is to create a somewhat pixelated look. They can break up the appearance of a hunter in the eyes of a deer, adding to the needed elements of surprise and concealment. There are multiple styles of digital custom camo hats on our site, including desert camo models. These are contemporary styles for a new era of promotions.
What materials are custom camouflage hats made from?
There are many different materials that go into the construction of camo hats and caps. Included among our collection are logo printed brushed twill camo hats & caps with an extra soft feel, comfortable and durable wholesale polycotton camo caps, and lightweight & breathable promotional chino camo hats, to name a few.
What are the differences between 5 panel caps and 6 panel caps?
If you ever look at the inside of a cap, you'll see that there are multiple fabric panels making up the crown. Obviously, a 5 panel cap has 5 while a 6 panel cap has six. This isn't where the differences end. Our custom 5 panel camo caps have shallow crowns and fabric closures with either slide buckles or hook & loop fastener. They also appear a bit smaller than 6-panel models and have crowns that lean a bit backward from the brim. Meanwhile, our promotional 6 panel camo hats are distinguished by their larger size, a nearly square, 90 degree angle formed with the brim, and usually having a snapback closure. 6 panel caps are more commonly worn by baseball players in comparison to 5 panel models.
What are the differences between structured hats and unstructured hats?
"Structured" and "unstructured" are two more terms that will appear on a regular basis when discussing our branded camo ball caps and hunting hats. Our custom structured camo hats & caps contain a buckram, which is a fabric insert designed to provide support to the front of the crown. This helps to support embroidered logo designs and also also creates hats that hold their shape when set down. They're usually medium or high profile, meaning that the brim on a structured cap will usually sit around the wearer's eyebrows. We also have company logo unstructured hats and caps. These hats don't have the buckram and will often bend inward a bit when set down. Their crowns are often shorter, which can result in a low profile cap. With this style, the brims to sit a bit higher on the forehead than those of a medium or high profile cap. They have a more relaxed look than a structured cap for a bit of a broken-in appearance.