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Our promotional shot glasses will make your bar or restaurant the toast of the town. We carry laser etched shot glasses, unique custom sandblasted shot glasses, low minimum personalized acrylic shot glasses, versatile votive shot glasses, promo cordial glasses, fluted shot glasses, custom shatter-proof copolyester shot glasses, promotional jello shooter glasses, chic company logo imprinted square shot glasses & many more. Learn more about promotional shot glasses via our mini-shot glass encyclopedia located in the bottom section of this page.

Best Promotional Custom Etched Shot Glasses

The best promotional shot glasses are only a click away at 4AllPromos. We carry only the best custom etched shot glasses to display your business logo in impeccable style and taste. In addition to our custom glass shot glasses, we also offer ceramic shot glasses, metal shot glasses, disposable shot glasses, light-up shot glasses, novelty shot glasses, and more. If you’re looking for the best possible promotional shot glasses for your next corporate event, your search ends here.

Additional Information About Our Promotional Shot Glasses

Our custom business logo etched shot glasses come in many materials, shapes, sizes, and styles. In the event that any of the terms on our individual products pages are unfamiliar, of if you’d just like to learn more about our customized shot glasses, you may read the informational resource we’ve put together below.

  • Promotional Shot Glass Materials
  • Promotional Shot Glass Styles
  • Shot Glass Features
  • Personalized Shot Glass Decoration Methods

  • Promotional Shot Glass Materials

    There are several different materials that go into our promotional shot glasses. In addition to the obvious shot glasses, we also offer ceramic shot glasses, stainless steel shot glasses, copolyester shot glasses, polypropylene shot glasses, and acrylic shot glasses.

    Custom Etched Glass Shot Glasses

    The most popular material for shot glasses, as most anyone would guess, is glass. This is the material that makes up the lion’s share of the promotional shot glasses we carry at 4AllPromos. In addition to their classic look and feel, transparent shot glasses are also useful in that they allow bartenders (whether professional or in-home) to see exactly how much they’re pouring into each glass. Our Etched Copa 2¾ oz shot glasses are among our best custom etched glass shot glasses.

    Customized Ceramic Shot Glasses

    Our business logo customized ceramic shot glasses are opaque and offer more by way of color options than our glass models. While our ceramic shot glasses are food and drink safe, some are meant for decorative purposes only. Before you pour a drink into a ceramic shot glass, it is important to turn it over and read the bottom label, as some will contain warnings against ingesting anything placed inside of them.

    Our promotional business logo engraved stainless steel shot glasses are among our most durable shot glass options. They bring to the table (or bar counter) a stoic yet modern and hip look that is helping them to become one of the rising stars of the promotional drinkware scene.

    Promotional Copolyester Shot Glasses

    If you weren’t the one who ordered them, you might not be aware that our promotional copolyester shot glasses aren’t actually made of glass. They are constructed of an extremely durable plastic that looks and feels just like glass. In the event that one is dropped, you’ll surely be able to tell the difference, as this is a shatterproof material. Our custom etched copolyester shot glasses are chemical resistant and are dishwasher safe. On top of all this, their colors and designs hold up very well over the years and they do not lose their luster with use/washing.

    Personalized Acrylic Shot Glasses

    Our business logo personalized acrylic shot glasses are highly durable and in most cases, they are transparent. Acrylic shot glasses are a popular alternative to ones made of glass, as they are more shatter resistant and more sturdy in general. Acrylic is seen as a replacement for glass in a lot of non-drinkware areas as well. Basketball backboards, large aquarium tanks, and submarine porthole windows are all items that are often made out of acrylic material.

    Promotional Shot Glass Styles

    As is the case with our shot glass materials, we also carry a grand array of custom shot glass styles. We offer several traditional shot glass styles along with shooter glasses, votive shot glasses, juicer shot glasses, cordial glasses, tapered shot glasses, square shot glasses, fluted shot glasses, and glowing shot glasses. The shot glass style that best fits your promotional needs largely depends on personal preference, your target audience, and the level of durability required.

    Standard Shot Glasses

    The term “shot glass” usually refers to pieces of promotional drinkware that share a set of common features. A standard shot glass will usually hold either 1.25 or 1.5 fluid ounces of liquor and feature thick walls and a thick base. It gives the impression of a larger drinking vessel, which is probably a good thing, because the type of alcohol used in shots is usually quite potent. This is especially true of taller shot glasses, as opposed to shorter shot glasses which are often referred to as “pony shot glasses”.

    Shooter Glasses

    Our custom etched shooter glasses are typically a bit larger than a standard shot glass. Usually holding between 2 and 4 oz, these are shot glasses that are most often used for mixed drinks.

    Votive Shot Glasses

    Alternately used as drinking vessels and candle holders, our personalized etched votive shot glasses for businesses are typically thin and cylindrical in shape. However, short and stocky models exist as well.

    Juicer Shot Glasses

    Our promotional juicer shot glasses tend to be on the larger side when compared to a typical shot glass. In most cases, juicer glasses will hold 4 oz or more.

    Cordial Glasses

    Cordial glasses are usually small, stemmed glasses. However, as some of our custom engraved cordial glasses will show you, the stem isn’t always a part of the picture. These pieces of promotional drinkware are popular at parties and receptions and are often employed after large meals as glasses with which to drink sweet liqueurs.

    Tapered Shot Glasses

    Our promotional tapered shot glasses are wider at the top opening area and get smaller as the body of the glasses travel downward. There are many advantages to tapered shot glasses. For one thing, they are very easy to stack and store. For another, most people will never bump their noses or upper lips while drinking from them.

    Fluted Shot Glasses

    Our custom etched fluted shot glasses are often used for whiskey and hard liquors. They possess a wide base with a series of intricately carved grooves. They’re usually tall and narrow, giving the appearance of holding more liquid than they actually do. Champagne flutes, on the other hand, are a different kind of glass entirely.

    Glowing Shot Glasses

    Our promotional glowing shot glasses are fun custom imprinted shot glasses that are great for bars and for the club scene. They also work well for outdoor summer parties held after the sun goes down.

    Shot Glass Features

    There are a few odds and ends when it comes to our promotional shot glasses that don’t really fit into any one category, so we’ll address those here.

    What is the Halo of a Shot Glass?

    The halo of a shot glass is an area of contrasting color in the upper body of the shot glass which extends from the rim downward.

    What is a Cap Band?

    A cap band is very similar to a halo, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Often, this refers to an area of color that is thinner than a halo.

    What are Glow Ampoules?

    Glow ampoules are present in some of our light-up shot glasses and they also are used in glow sticks. In either case, they work the same way. Glow ampules are stored in a small, fragile container nested inside of a large and flexible one. When the unit as a whole is twisted, the small container breaks open, allowing the chemical solutions within each component to react with each other. The result is a fluorescent glow that can last for hours.

    Personalized Shot Glass Decoration Methods

    There are many ways to personalize a promotional shot glass with your custom business logo. Laser etching, laser engraving, pad printing, full-wrap imprinting over frosted glass, and sandblast etching are some of the available ways in which you can truly make one of our promotional shot glasses your own.

    Laser Etched Shot Glasses

    Many of our offerings within this category are decorated by way of laser etching. In this process, lasers cut pre-set designs into the material of the glass to make a decoration that has a 3-dimensional effect and will not fade or wear away with the passage of time.

    Pad Printed Shot Glasses

    While it’s not extremely common in the world of shot glasses, some of the ones we carry are pad printed. The pad printing process consists of an engraved metal plate being covered in ink to form a specific pattern or design. This plate is then pressed against a silicone pad, which is in turn pressed against the object to be decorated, thereby forming the desired imprint.

    Full-Wrap Imprinted Frosted Shot Glasses

    Some of our most beautiful and elaborately decorated promotional drinkware consists of our full-wrap imprinted frosted shot glasses. These are imprinted from top to bottom and everywhere in between with your specified pattern to create the most highly customized shot glass possible.

    Sandblast Etched Shot Glasses

    Our custom sandblast etched shot glasses have a slightly different treatment applied to them as opposed to unmodified laser engraving. This process takes more time than traditional laser engraving or acid etching. However, it creates a deeper and more consistent cut. It creates a highly detailed, sturdy, and long-lasting custom design. To provide a better overall idea of how this process works, we’ve included the video below: