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Personalized shot glasses are fun and affordable custom drinkware items that are perfect for bars, restaurants, pubs, and event venues. Customize shot glasses with your logo for the perfect party favor, souvenir item, or promo product.

Let Your Brand Start the Party With Custom Shot Glasses

When it's time to celebrate, have some fun, and let loose, custom shot glasses let your brand join the party. Branded shot glasses are a necessity at bars and pubs. They are small in size but can make a big impact on brand exposure. 

Custom etched shot glasses are an excellent wedding favor for bridal party members at a bachelorette party, groomsmen at a bachelor party, or to have at the table for guests. A personalized set of shot glasses can be given as a gift to celebrate a 21st birthday or a milestone anniversary.

At 4AllPromos, you can design your own shot glasses in your choice of sizes, fonts, imprints, or engraving. Just like our tumblers, mason jars, and water bottles, they're customizable drinkware items that people will keep around for years, creating positive brand associations with every use.

What is the purpose of custom shot glasses? Custom shot glasses can be used as promotional items, to create a unified brand at a bar or restaurant, or personalized to give as special gifts. They are also popular for retail as souvenir items at gift shops, airports, hotels, resorts, and casinos. Many people collect shot glasses from the states across the USA and cities around the globe.

How large is a shot? A shot of alcohol contains 1.5 fluid oz (44.36 ml). We carry a variety of shot glasses that can be used to measure out tequila, vodka, and other bar favorites. Our shot glasses vary in volume capacity, ranging from the standard 1.5 oz shot glasses up to 4 oz promotional shot glasses. When using larger shot glasses, keep in mind that 1.5 oz pours of a spirit will contain roughly the same amount of alcohol as consuming one 12 oz (355 ml) can of beer.

Choose A Style for Customized Shot Glasses

Our imprinted and engraved shot glasses come in many different styles. Shape, color, texture, size, and available design methods are all factors that can vary from model to model. 

What are some of the different shapes custom shot glasses come in? In addition to the traditional shape, we also offer fluted shot glasses, non-tapered votive shot glasses, square-bottom shot glasses, and even novelty models in the shape of a plastic cup or Moscow mule mug.

What are the dimensions of a shot glass? The dimensions of a shot glass depend on the style chosen and the amount of liquid it's designed to hold. Most of the models we sell are between 1½ and 2½ inches wide a the bottom and are between 2 and 4½ inches tall.   

Shape and size are only two of the many elements that can differ between shot glass styles. If there's a certain variety you're looking for, you'll find it at 4AllPromos. 

Standard Shot Glasses

A standard shot glass will usually hold between 1.25 and 2 fluid ounces of liquor, and feature thick walls and a thick base. These promo drinkware items are a must to keep behind the bar. Promotional shot glasses and custom matchbooks are two convenient giveaway items that allow customers to bring your pub or restaurant brand home with them.

Promotional Shooter Glasses

Our custom-etched and imprinted shooter glasses are typically a bit larger than traditional shot glasses. What’s the difference between a shot glass and a shooter? A shot glass typically holds straight alcohol while a shooter is taller, and used for layered shots or mixed spirit shots.

The tall, slender appearance of these personalized shot glasses gives your specialty shots a way to draw attention and stand out. These barware items let your mixologist show off the different colors of shooters like B-52s,  Old Glory shots, Irish flag shooters, and more.

Frosted Shot Glasses

Frosted shot glasses feature an opaque, semi-transparent surface. This surface hides smudges and watermarks, keeping them looking great even with frequent handling. Our custom-printed frosted shot glasses have a pale white look that makes your logo pop. Take your design all around this shot glass with a full-color wrap imprint.

Fluted Shot Glasses

The wider opening of fluted shot glasses serves the same purpose as a whiskey glass, it allows for the release of aromas to enhance the drinking experience. They feature a tapered design that looks similar to a champagne glass inside the shot glass. Our custom-fluted shot glasses feature an elegant design of intricate grooves inside the solid glass. They are perfect for a sophisticated toast to celebrate a promotion or a high-performing quarter. 

Novelty Shot Glasses

Have some fun with our novelty shot glasses! We have several styles that break from the norm, such as our Moscow Mule Shot Glasses and Bead Necklace Shot Glasses. Necklace shot glasses are an especially great fit for Mardi Gras and St. Patrick’s celebrations. When you choose branded shot glasses like these, your logo will be seen at every party stop.

Light-Up Shot Glasses

If you're looking for something a little bigger that is certain to catch eyes and turn heads, we recommend our custom light-up shot glasses. With an 8 oz capacity, they are technically considered more of a rocks glass since you have plenty of room for ice. They're perfect as birthday party shot glasses or as drinkware items for any event held after dark.

Materials For Promotional Shot Glasses

When ordering custom shot glasses, you want to pick a material that suits your needs. Our high-quality shot and shooter glasses are made from many different materials, with each offering its own unique set of benefits.


  • Plastic - Custom plastic shot glasses are an affordable choice. They come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes and will look great when imprinted with your logo. With custom plastic shot glasses there is no broken glass to damper the party if a glass is dropped.
  • Acrylic - Our acrylic shot glasses are sturdy, affordable, attractive, and typically transparent. We even offer acrylic shot glasses with glow-green edges! 
  • Glass - Glass is the way to go when looking for etched or engraved shot glasses. Our etched glass shooters and shot glasses are among our best-sellers and offer the most traditional look.
  • Ceramic - Ceramic shot glasses are opaque and offer more color options than our glass models. They can feature solid colors, two-tone color schemes, and even full-color decoration.
  • Metal - Our metal shot glasses are typically made from stainless steel. Some have copper plating to add some extra color. Metal shot glasses are durable and can strike either a modern or retro look, depending on the style chosen. 


What is the best way to clean custom shot glasses? Shot glasses are easy to clean by hand and this will ensure that your designs last for years. The best method for cleaning shot glasses will usually depend on the material they're made from. Some can be cleaned in dishwashers without the risk of damaging your artwork.

Customize Your Shot Glasses

Adding your custom business logo to a shot glass is the best way to make it work for building brand awareness. Our shot glasses are also great to give as personalized gifts for Father's Day. Christmas presents, or other special occasions.

How can I personalize my shot glass? Personalizing your shot glasses is easy at 4AllPromos. Our two most popular personalization methods include:

Imprinted Shot Glasses - A custom logo-printed shot glass can feature your logo design in one color, multiple colors, and even full-color designs. It's an affordable design method that is especially good for items that can't be engraved, such as our custom plastic shot glasses.

Engraved Shot Glasses/Etched Shot Glasses- Engraving and etching are similar customization methods with slight differences. For engraved shot glasses the artwork would be cut deeper into the material. At 4AllPromos, we opt for custom-etched shot glasses instead of engraving. Etching is better suited to smaller products. This is the best method to choose if you're investing in a premium corporate gift or giving monogrammed shot glasses to the best man or bridesmaids at your wedding party.

Branded Shot Glasses in Bulk To Promote Your Business

Your pub, bar, restaurant, event venue, or business establishment can reach more potential customers when you’re stocked with promotional shot glasses. Ordering custom logo shot glasses in bulk is an excellent idea. You will have enough on hand for trade show giveaways, customer appreciation events, and wedding favors for reception attendees, with the bonus of saving money. At 4AllPromos higher order volumes lead to lower per-unit costs. 

4AllPromos has proudly been offering promotional products for the last 19 years. We always offer bulk ordering discounts and wholesale prices on custom shot glasses and all of our other promotional glassware items, such as beer mugs and wine glasses.

If you’re looking for birthday gifts, wedding shot glasses, or getting an order of custom-etched shot glasses for your home bar, we can still help you out. What is the minimum order requirement for personalized shot glasses? Our custom-etched shot glasses start with minimum orders as low as 6 units.

Raise Brand Awareness When You Toast With Custom Shot Glasses

Get an order of customized birthday shot glasses or promotional shot glasses designed to step up your restaurant branding. These products present a way for your business to become a part of people's best memories, creating long-term brand loyalty, positive associations, and repeat business. 

Search our collection for the best custom shot glasses to lift your brand every time a round is poured.

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