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Custom outdoor apparel items & accessories such as our company logo gloves make excellent promotional products & giveaway items for nearly any industry. We have numerous styles to fit everyone's needs. We offer cheap promotional gloves for staff & customers, impressive custom high tech smartphone gloves, attractive personalized formal winter gloves, sturdy branded work gloves, and more. You can even design your own winter gloves with customizable palms.

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There’s no doubt that the promotional products that pack the biggest punch are the ones that your customers can use over and over again. As the seasons change and outdoor temperatures start to drop, handing out custom winter gloves is an excellent way to catch their attention and help spread the word about your brand. A good pair of winter gloves isn’t just a luxury for your customers. If your staff is regularly outside in the cold, giving them promotional fleece gloves to wear is a sound strategy. With so many different designs, colors, and styles to select from, there are plenty of options to suit your needs. Once you've picked out the models you prefer, the staff at 4AllPromos will get to work on helping your personalize them with your company logo design.

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Different Types of Custom Winter Gloves

These days, there’s more to choosing gloves than just picking what keeps your hands the warmest. From fingerless gloves for extra mobility to touchscreen winter gloves that allow you to use a smartphone while wearing them, 4AllPromos has the style you’re searching for.

Promotional Fingerless Gloves

Work environments that involve lifting and pulling require more freedom of movement than traditional gloves can provide. Our custom branded fingerless gloves are the perfect solution. They're available in acrylic or recycled materials with plenty of space on the back of the hand for your business logo, message, or other design.

Custom Logo Flip Mittens

The weather outside might be frightful, but the warmth and convenience provided by our promotional convertible mittens will be delightful. Made from wool, this unique design offers superior comfort without each finger being separate. In fact, flip mittens are a good idea for young children and those who cannot wear traditional gloves comfortably. The top portion can flip up backward, securing to the lower part of the mitten with Velcro. Once it's in this position, the mittens are converted to a set of fingerless gloves.

Branded Touchscreen Gloves

Many people find it challenging to go long periods of time without using their smartphones or other mobile devices. That said, having to continually take off gloves to answer a call, text, or email can be frustrating. Your target customers will love owning a pair of promotional touchscreen gloves that allow them to stay connected and warm at the same time.

Bulk Water Resistant Winter Gloves

Gloves made from water-resistant materials are best for times where there is ice and snow. While knit gloves tend to let moisture inside, those made from this special type of fabric repel it. That means that custom made water resistant gloves will keep hands completely dry, even when building the most epic snowman of the season.

Promotional Lined Gloves & Custom Thermal Winter Gloves

Custom lined gloves are ideal for keeping hands warm and safe in extra cold climates. What are lined gloves? This term simply means that the interior is covered with fabric or material to provide an extra layer of protection against heat loss. Lined gloves are excellent for periods of time when it is super chilly, but they are not necessarily the best for work environments.

The risk of frostbite on extremities such as fingers and hands goes up as the temperature drops. Help customers and employees stay warm with our promotional thermal gloves. They're specially designed for sub-freezing temperatures.

Custom Made Eco-Friendly Winter Gloves

If your company is trying to reach an environmentally conscious audience, we suggest investing in some promotional recycled gloves. Our eco-friendly recycled winter gloves are largely made from post consumer recycled materials. Many are made from soda bottles, but you'd never know it from their soft, lightweight, and comfortable feel!

Promotional Winter Gloves for Men & Personalized Winter Gloves for Women

When your company wishes to provide specific gloves for specific users, having men's and women's versions on hand will prove helpful. That's why we offer a selection of custom gloves for men as well as branded gloves for women. This can be especially handy when buying company logo printed gloves for staff members.

Wholesale Running Gloves with Logos

Avid runners and joggers aren't going to stop pursuing their exercise when the weather gets cold. Therefore, it can be to your company's advantage to help protect their hands by way of our promotional running gloves. These gloves are lightweight, form fitting, and have moisture wicking abilities. These are all factors that help them to offer optimum performance without slowing athletes down or bulking up their pockets.

Custom Gloves with Grip Palms

When browsing our collection of custom cold weather gear, you'll see numerous examples of wholesale winter gloves with dotted palms. These contain small grip pads on the palms, which are often made from PVC. They help users to hold on to objects that they're carrying as well as railings and other supports. The result is a safer experience all around for all people and items involved.

Promotional Winter Gloves - Materials

When purchasing custom winter gloves, it’s important to know about the different fabric options available. Some gloves are designed for comfort, while others work to keep hands warm for extended hours of exposure to the cold. Deciding on a type largely depends on how your business expects the gloves to be worn by its customers or employees.

Custom Knit Gloves

One great fabric option can be found in the form of our promotional acrylic knit gloves. These basic gloves are super breathable and comfortable to wear when users are out jogging, looking at holiday lights, or enjoying a sporting event. They are also easy to wash, hold their shape well, and are resistant to sun damage.

Promotional Fleece Gloves

When softness is the focus, custom fleece gloves for winter are the best option. These accessories are comfortable for extended wear and come in many several different styles. They also feature a single or multiple color imprint, giving you the ability to customize each pair with your logo or brand name.

Personalized Leather Gloves

There are several reasons why leather is a favorite material when it comes to personalized gloves. Our customizable leather winter gloves have a sharp appearance and are highly comfortable and flexible. In addition to this, they help keep moisture and cold air out, leaving hands nice and warm for hours.

Custom Imprinted Wool Gloves

When it comes to warmth, wool winter gloves definitely deliver. As a traditional material for sweaters and gloves, wool is natural, durable, and holds up to repeated wear. Whether looking for a flip mitten design or something else, there are promotional wool gloves to meet your needs.

Company Logo Winter Apparel Sets

Custom gift sets and kits are rising stars within the world of promotional products. This is a trend that holds true when it comes to apparel items. We have multiple styles of branded winter wear gift sets that make excellent company logo giveaways for employees, loyal customers, target audience members, and more. They offer custom wearables such as winter hats, scarves, and gloves.

There are two factors that jockey for the #1 position in being the most important feature of any promotional product. One is that the item is of high quality and meets users' needs. The other is that it features custom logo designs, graphics, or text to help the public see and remember your company's name. All of our custom winter gloves see to both of these criteria. There are a few different logo decoration methods, all of which will be covered in the following three paragraphs.

Custom Printed Winter Gloves

Our winter gloves with logo imprints bear your personalized company design in one, multiple, or sometimes full color. These models are often the most affordable and the fastest to produce. It's important to pick an imprint color that is a good match for the product it will appear on, as well as one that accurately represents your company logo.

Company Logo Debossed Winter Gloves

Some of our promotional outdoor gloves feature leather patches into which your logo design is impressed. These are our debossed branded gloves. Debossing creates a design that can't fade or peel with time, ensuring that it will look great on your gloves for many seasons to come.

Custom Embroidered Winter Gloves

Finally, we have embroidery. The personalized embroidered winter gloves that you'll find at 4AllPromos have your logo design stitched into the top of the fabric. This method creates a colorful and 3-dimensional design that, like debossing, will not degrade with the passing of time. This option can have longer production times when compared to imprinting.

Wholesale Winter Gloves - FAQ

In the section below, we've addressed and provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in regard to our branded winter gloves.

What are stadium gloves?
As you look through this page, you'll come across some examples of our branded stadium gloves for winter. These gloves are intended for use by athletes and those engaging in lots of activity in cold conditions. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and other winter sports are all activities for which this is a popular style.
How do touchscreen gloves work?
Touchscreen gloves have conductive fingertips that allow electrical currents to flow from mobile devices as if they were touching bare fingers. In normal situations, devices identify touch input from the location on the screen where the current flowed outward. Unfortunately, most gloves block this, which is why touchscreen gloves (which do not) are so important.
Can I order winter gloves with other apparel items?
Yes. We have multiple varieties of customized cold weather gear gift sets. These include items such as scraves, hats, gloves, carrying cases, boxes, and premium bags. One or all of the items included, depending on the model chosen, can be personalized with your logo.
Do you have personalized driving gloves?
If you're looking for promotional driving gloves, you've come to the right place. Our personalized dress gloves are thin and lightweight, with excellent gripping ability. This really comes in handy when gripping a cold steering wheel when driving to work in the morning.