Custom Winter Gloves

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Custom gloves and mittens with your logo keep customers' hands warm and their minds on your business all winter long! Get cheap promo gloves for giveaways, or choose warm fleece gloves and tech-friendly touchscreen gloves for premium promo products and employee swag. You can even design your own winter gloves with customizable palms.


Put Your Brand on Their Hands with Custom Winter Gloves

Custom logo gloves are a practical and effective marketing tool. Businesses, sports teams, and charities that experience winter weather can all use winter gloves to reach their audiences and fans.

Why would someone need custom winter gloves? Custom winter gloves display your logo and keep your hands warm and protected from frostbite. They are great promotional items for giveaways at ski resorts, for construction crew uniforms, and for any organization with employees in cold weather.

Men's gloves and women's gloves are useful apparel items for employees and the customers it serves. What are the benefits of custom winter gloves? The benefits of custom winter gloves include:

  • Warmth & Protection - Winter gloves are made to keep hands warm and prevent frostbite.
  • Professional, Unified Appearance - For employees working outdoors, pairing branded gloves that display your logo with a promotional sweater or hoodie will provide comfort and a stylish touch to their uniforms. This allows a passerby to identify the organization behind the great work your outdoor crew is doing.
  • Performance - When athletes participate in winter sports, comfort and safety are key to prime performance. Personalized gloves will keep players warmed up.
  • Brand Visibility - Investing in winter gloves with your logo will put your branding in a prominent view. 

Styles of Custom Winter Gloves

Our collection of custom gloves offers a wide selection of styles. Each type has its advantages and purposes. 

Fingerless Gloves

Work environments that involve lifting and pulling require more freedom of movement than traditional gloves can provide. Custom fingerless work gloves are the perfect solution and they’re offered in eco-friendly recycled materials to meet your company’s ESG values.

Flip Mittens

Promotional flip mittens are made from wool and allow each finger to be separated in the warm, comfortable mittens. Flip mittens are a good idea for young children and those who cannot wear traditional gloves comfortably. The top portion can flip up backward, securing the lower part of the mitten with Velcro. Once it's in this position, the mittens are converted to a set of fingerless gloves.

Touchscreen Gloves aka Texting Gloves

Having to continually take off gloves to answer calls, texts, or emails can be frustrating and many people can’t go long periods without using their smartphones. Touchscreen texting gloves eliminate this problem and save you from having to carry a stylus around. We offer branded touchscreen gloves in men's, women's, and unisex styles. Because of their utility ordering these promotional gloves in bulk is a hot item to give out at a trade show. 

Thermal Winter Gloves

Lined gloves are best for keeping hands safe in extra-cold climates. The interior of these gloves is covered with material to provide an extra layer of protection against heat loss. Lined thermal winter gloves go great with stadium blankets and beanies when they’re all customized with sports logos. They’re an ideal holiday gift set to give fans cheering on their teams in December and January. Consider putting them all together in backpacks or totes that also show off your logo design.

Running Gloves 

Avid runners and joggers aren't going to stop exercising when the weather gets cold. Add your company's logo to a wholesale order of high-performance knit gloves for giveaways during a marathon to spread brand awareness. You’ll help protect runners' hands with promotional gloves that are lightweight, form-fitting, and have moisture-wicking abilities. These are all factors that help them to offer optimum performance without slowing athletes down. 

Materials for Branded Gloves

Winter gloves can be differentiated from one another by material. What are the materials used in these gloves? The materials used in the promotional gloves we can customize include: 

  • Acrylic Knit - A breathable and comfortable material, that is easy to machine wash, holds its shape well, and is resistant to sun damage.
  • Fleece - Fleece gloves are known for being a soft, synthetic alternative to wool. Sometimes called polar fleece, these gloves come in several different styles. 
  • Leather - Leather gloves have a high-end appearance, and help keep moisture and cold air from reaching your hands. We have gloves made from goatskin as well as cowhide leather. These winter gloves are great for gripping cold steering wheels on a chilly morning.
  • Wool - A natural and eco-friendly material that is, durable and holds up to repeated wear. Wool gloves and mittens offer plenty of comfort and warmth.

Ways to Add Your Logo to Promotional Gloves

You can create personalized gloves to accentuate your branding in a handful of ways. Screen-printed gloves are an affordable option, allowing for designs in one color or more colors. You can also opt for gloves with full-color imprints for more intricate and colorful designs. Full-color imprinting can be more expensive than screen printing, but it comes with a shorter production time.

Some of our models, such as our Leeman gloves, come with faux leather patches that can be embossed with your logo.

Custom embroidered gloves allow for a colorful design with a three-dimensional form. Embroidery is the most expensive option, but it creates an extremely high-quality company logo design that will stand the test of time. 

FAQ About Custom Winter Gloves

How many colors does this product come in?
We offer gloves in a variety of colors, each model will list the available colors in the product description. We do have varieties in black, white, tan, gray, yellow, red, blue, orange, pink, green, and more.
What are the warmest winter gloves?
Fleece-lined gloves are some of the warmest winter gloves as their lining provides extra insulation against cold weather.
How much is a good pair of winter gloves?
We have several great pairs of winter gloves that cost less than $3.
How are gloves different from mittens?
Gloves offer a bit more dexterity with their separate compartments (known as sheaths) for each finger and the thumb. Mittens are better in the coldest of weather, but only have two different compartments - the palm and fingers in one and the thumb in the other.
Do you have custom winter gloves with no minimum order quantity?
No, our lowest minimum order quantities are as low as 12.

Stay Warm and Visible with Custom Winter Gloves

As essential winter accessories, custom gloves are promotional products that tick all the boxes on your brand’s wish list. They offer daily use and visibility, ensuring your brand stays in the hands and on the minds of your audience throughout the colder months. From safety gloves for the workplace to touchscreen texting gloves for hybrid usage, and even winter gift sets of scarves and gloves, you'll find it all at 4AllPromos.

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