Imprinted Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinners

Get on board with the hottest giveaways - a custom imprinted fidget spinner or fidget cube! When deciding which company branded products to imprint with your logo, consider customizing a toy that can be used for both fun and for destressing. One of the fastest rising promotional giveaway items in history, fidget spinners are offered in many styles that are easy on budgets, and a huge selection of colors choices allows for the exacting of your brand design.

Fun for all ages, special bearings inside allow the arms to spin for approximately two minutes. Expect additional exposure for your logo with the likely spontaneous contests that will spring up to see whose spinner will go the longest. Children with ADD use them to help with focus. Executives give them a whirl to destress while budget crunching. The lighted editions can be set loose at an indoor concert venue or corporate mixer to draw brand attention. 

A popular alternative to the spinners are the custom fidget cubes. Smaller than the spinners, and therefore easier to use discreetly, the fidget cubes have a variety of gadgets for satisfying nervous fingers. Buttons, wheels, switches, and spinning discs all provide the same sort of relieve from tension or boredom.

For years of play - and advertising - the custom imprinted fidget spinners and fidget cubes will turn your sales around!

By the way, are you curious about the backstory of fidget spinners, you can take a look at our blog post focusing on the question of Who Invented Fidget Spinners and why they became so suddenly popular.