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If you're looking to purchase the best custom fidget spinners & promotional fidget toys, you've come to the right place. We have many items to offer. Among our inventory, you'll find custom fancy fidget spinners, colorful promotional light-up fidget spinners, speedy and long lasting wholesale turbo fidget spinners, fun custom novelty fidget spinners, and more. Promoting on a budget? Consider buying our inexpensive cool fidget spinners in bulk!

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Although fidget spinners were developed several years ago, they’re still massively popular giveaway items. Not only are they fun to play with, but they also make it easier for kids and adults to relieve anxiety, improve concentration, and more. The guide on this page will explain some of the different styles of fidget toys out there, helping to direct you toward the best items to fit your promotional needs.

Fidget spinners, cubes, and sticks are compact, easy to store in a pocket, and make an excellent promotional item for nearly all ages. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of bright colors, shapes, sizes, and themes, with plenty of room for personalization with your logo. Are you curious about the backstory of fidget toys? If so, you can take a look at our blog post focusing on the question of Who Invented Fidget Spinners and why they became so suddenly popular.

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Custom Made Fidget Spinners & Personalized Fidget Toys - FAQ

Different Types of Custom Fidget Spinners

While most people are familiar with the common three-point classic fidget spinner, there are many alternative styles that are just as fun. From brightly colored designs to items that light up or feature a whimsical, novelty shape, we have the right options to fit your advertising and promotional giveaway needs.

Classic Promotional Fidget Spinners

Many people enjoy the three-sided shape of the traditional fidget spinner. This design typically has three holes on the spinner spokes with a place to put your thumb in the middle. Although it is the most basic style of fidget spinner, it definitely isn’t boring.

In fact, 4AllPromos has bulk fidget spinners in styles that span nearly every color in the rainbow. Purchase one color or have your logo added to a multi-pack that includes various hues. These wholesale fidget stress toys are excellent for adding to giveaway bags, handing out at schools, or even for teachers to use as classroom prizes for good behavior.

Branded Light-Up Fidget Spinners

What can make a fidget spinner even more fun? Try adding some brightly colored lights! Our promotional fidget spinners with lights work double duty as a cool way to illuminate the darkness while relieving stress & burning excess energy. They also let users enjoy a whole new sensory experience. This can be highly beneficial to people with autism, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and others who use these fidget toys as a way to self-soothe and focus.

Special sections on the fidget spinner toy include safely hidden bulbs that glow bright with colors when in use. Like the rest of our custom stress toys, there’s plenty of space to add a customized logo or design. Different models have different light settings, so be sure to take a look at them all!

Wholesale Novelty Fidget Spinners

When it comes to your giveaway items, standing out from the competition is crucial. Our novelty fidget spinners are available in an array of different colors and designs. For example, we have pink ribbon fidget spinners to help bring awareness to breast cancer research. There are also holiday-themed designs for Christmas and other special days. Our logo printed Halloween fidget toys are just one example.

Maybe your business is looking for bulk fidget spinners to give away in a school setting. In that case, we have an apple-shaped custom shape fidget spinners that serve as an effective way for students to improve focus while in the classroom.

Cheap Logo Printed Fidget Spinners in Bulk

If your company wishes to invest in a large amount of fidget toys for its next trade show or event without breaking the bank, we have you covered. 4AllPromos has many wholesale affordable fidget spinners with logos that are great for giveaways, impulse retail items, special education classroom supplies, and much more.

Promotional Multi-Function Fidget Spinners

Sometimes a fidget spinner is more than just a toy to play with. Today, many options have additional features for added convenience. We'll share some examples of some top-sellers over the course of the next three paragraphs.

Company Logo Phone Charger Fidget Spinners

Imagine a fidget spinner that’s both a toy and a device for charging mobile phones. Actually, you don't have to imagine, since our custom charging cable spinners fit the bill perfectly. With these promotional items, you can help your target market to calm their nerves while also providing them with the security of knowing they have enough power to top off their smartphone batteries.

Personalized Bottle Opener Fidget Spinners

Want a promo product that’s a fun, novelty item and a functional tool all in one? That's exactly what you'll get when investing in our promotional fidget spinners with bottle openers. These are especially fun items to hand out at events such as concerts, home & garden shows, or to just give away to existing customers.

Bulk Phone Grip Fidget Spinners

Trying to remember to carry around a fidget spinner for those moments when you get frustrated or anxious can be tough. However, a good alternative is a spinning phone holder. Promotional SpinSockets™ for phones are logo printed items that attach to the back of any smartphone, instantly creating a whirling toy that generates branding impressions. There’s plenty of space to add a customized logo or special message to the circle at the top of each unit. In addition, these spinners make it easier to grip the phone when sending text messages, playing games, browsing the internet, and more.

Other Promotional Fidget Toys with Logos

Fidget toys have come a long way since the traditional three-sided style became popular in the 2010s. They now extend beyond just spinners to include a variety of other forms. Most of these items spin and include little buttons and switches to give idle hands something to do while your brain concentrates on a different task.

Customizable Fidget Cubes

There’s no doubt that promotional fidget cubes are a ton of fun. This is why they're rapidly catching up to traditional fidget spinners when it comes to popularity. These colorful handheld boxes include buttons, switches, and roller balls that make it easy to soothe anxiety or improve focus. They provide an even greater source of sensory stimulation and occupational soothing to children and adults with autism and ADHD. As such, they're highly popular promotional products for special education teachers.

Whether you’re a teacher or want to give your employees a way to calm down during stressful daily tasks, handing out fidget cubes is a wonderful idea. Convenience is another benefit, as they are small enough to store in a desk, backpack, or cubicle for easy access.

Branded Fidget Sticks

Have you ever heard of fidget spinner sticks? They're similar in concept to fidget spinners in that they can calm nerves and improve concentration. However, each features a special weight inside that allows it to wobble, tip over, and return to a standing position when pushed.

Much like the bop bag and weeble toys popular in the 70s and 80s, custom stick spinners are resistant to falling over completely. This is thanks to the weights inside of their beechwood casing. They're fun little items to help pass the time and keep minds focused. They're also unique; that's always an important factor when looking for a product to help your company stand out from its competitors.

Design Your Own Customized Fidget Toys

Adding your logo and/or contact information to our branded fidget toys is an excellent way to make them work when it comes to building brand awareness. We have several custom imprinted fidget spinners, fun fidget cubes with logos, and other customized fidget toys to help promote to a vast audience. Some have single color imprints, while others can include logo designs with multiple colors. Still others are available with full color logo imprinting, which produces images in amazing photographic quality.

Custom Made Fidget Spinners & Personalized Fidget Toys - FAQ

If you still have questions after reading the above descriptions, we're here to help. Below, we've written up a list of frequently asked questions involving our logo printed fidget toys, as well as the corresponding answers to each.

What are fidget spinners used for?
Fidget spinners, cubes, sticks, and other fidget toys have many uses. First and foremost, they're designed to help take care of excess energy in a productive and discreet manner. At the same time, they're able to provide a soothing and grounding tactile experience which can be key toward helping people with ADHD or those on the autism spectrum to focus, relax, and stop meltdowns before they can start. As if this were not enough, they're also able to help people improve fine motor skills, making them a great choice for occupational therapists. To top it off, they can also add a bit of much-needed fun to most any situation.
How do you use a fidget spinner or custom fidget toy?
The correct way to use a fidget toy depends on the model in question. Our fidget spinners are typically operated by way of holding them between the thumb and middle finger at the center button. A user's thumb should be on the top and their middle finger on the bottom. Then, the ring finger can be used to snap the spinner into motion. Doing this in a motion pointing away from the body is recommended. However, snapping in the other direction can be a fun way to create a reverse spin. Fidget cubes are designed to be manipulated in various ways. They can be spun using the included ball bearing(s) or engaged with via flipping their switches, pressing their buttons, or spinning the included small cogs/gears. Fidget sticks can be spun horizontally on a flat surface or tipped on the top rubber area. This can make them wobble when done gently or to spin somersaults when done with more force.
What is an appropriate age for using fidget spinners?
Many of our fidget spinners are recommended for users 3 years of age and older. However, some have a minimum recommended user age of 7 years. To avoid choking hazards and other dangerous situations with young children, it's very important to take note of the age guidelines on each individual model.
What is CPSIA Tracking?
A CPSIA tracking number is an important precautionary element included on items that have the potential to in any way result in a harmful situation. A good example would include toys that present choking hazards to toddlers or infants. They're included on labels that are attached in a permanent manner to such items, providing a way to get information regarding item recalls and other important safety issues. Other details about the item are also frequently included, such as date and location of manufacturing, production batch numbers, and more.