Promotional Personal Care Products

Discounts on the Best Promotional Personal Care Items

Customizing wholesale personal care products can support the health and wellness of your customers and employees and keep them feeling and looking their best. Adding a logo to promotional personal care products spreads brand awareness and increases loyalty to your business at the same time.

Your Brand’s Signature Touch on Custom Personal Care Products

Custom personal care products are promotional items used for personal hygiene and grooming. You can add your logo to an order of bulk self-care items for a giveaway that benefits both your business and the recipients. A gift of branded personal care products lets everyone know that your business cares about well-being.

What is the benefit of wholesale personal care products? A custom logo that is imprinted, etched, embroidered, or engraved on wholesale personal care products will draw attention to your business every time the product is used. These items are useful for nearly any audience and will have your logo become a part of daily routines.

The more you give away these items to customers, employees, friends, or family, the more impressions your advertising campaign will generate. Because we can customize your order with your designs and logo, our wholesale personal care products are a better buy than dollar store or pharmacy items. They are great branded swag options for fitness brands, healthcare practices, and wellness centers. 

Types of Personal Care Wholesale Products

Our collection of wholesale personal care products includes a variety of items of different quantities and price ranges. We’re certain our bulk personal care items can meet the wellness needs of your audience and be within your budget. 

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer containers are common to carry around in a purse, work bag, or attached to a keychain. We keep multiple lines of hand sanitizers in stock because of how popular they are. There are several size options, and these giveaways can pair perfectly with customized first-aid kits

Oral Care

Oral health is important for preventing gum diseases, infections, and tooth decay. Your business can promote confident smiles with oral care giveaways, such as mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss. Dental clinics and orthodontists can give these items away to clients after their appointments to give them branded support, even when they aren’t at the office. 

Hair Care

Salons can send clients off with promotional travel brushes to help care for the precious locks you’ve been entrusted to cut. Our promotional hair care products also include travel amenity sets that hotels and lodging facilities can leave for their guests. Advertise your business as you provide useful combs, brushes, hair ties, headbands, or travel kits with hair products like shampoo to leave an impression on your customers or employees. 

Baby Products

Nurseries and daycare facilities can browse our selection of promotional baby items. Anyone who takes care of infants or toddlers understands the number of supplies it takes. Your business can provide some of those supplies while also building your brand reputation. Shop for baby bottles, non-spill cups, rattles, bibs, toys, reusable dishes, blankets, towels, and teething rings. 

Compact Mirrors

Compact mirrors let clients on the go check their appearance before heading into a big meeting. We have stand-up mirrors, pocket mirrors, compact mirrors of various shapes, and heart-shaped mirrors that will thrill your audience and add to your promotional efforts. 

Nail Clippers and Manicure Sets

Giveaway items like nail clippers and manicure sets are useful everyday items that people can keep in their homes or travel bags. We stock baby clippers, manicure keychains, multi-tools, nail polish, personal care kits, and manicure sets in designed cases to elevate your giveaway campaign.

Lip Balm, Cosmetics, and Lotion

Support the skin routines of your customers and employees with discount hygiene products. We carry products like lip balm, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, lotion, and cosmetic bags that help maintain and protect healthy skin. 

Buy Promotional Hygiene Products in Bulk

Buying cheap hygiene products in bulk works well for brands in health and wellness, healthcare, makeup and cosmetics, and even education environments. Any type of business can use custom personal care products at events like trade shows, community festivals, corporate conferences, and athletic competitions as giveaways.

Ordering in bulk gives you access to better pricing. The more units you order, the less each unit will cost. Make sure you understand the price and minimum quantity for whatever product you put in your cart.

FAQs About Wholesale Personal Care Products

What colors are available for personal care products?
We offer a wide variety of colors on many products to fit your branding and your audience's needs. The range of colors available depends on the specific item you are ordering. Many items offer multiple color options, including pink, blue, red, white, black, and silver, but some items may only come in one color.
Do you offer discounts on bulk hygiene products?
Ordering in bulk from our collection will automatically provide discounts for your company’s promotional goals. We also have seasonal discounts and sales that you can access if you sign up for our mailing list.
Can I add my logo to wholesale hygiene products?
Your logo is the focus of your promotional product giveaway and we’re happy to add your logo and business name to any of our wholesale hygiene products. Depending on the product you select you may have color options and customization options to choose from.
What is the price of wholesale personal care products?
The price for each personal care product varies for each product and the quantity ordered. Something small, like a deodorant stick, can be less than a dollar per unit, but more expensive items, like the engraved baby spoon, will cost closer to $16 per item. Keep in mind that the minimum quantity for an item will also impact how much you spend on our branded merchandise.

Your Logo From Head to Toe on Wholesale Personal Care Products

Wholesale personal care items are essential for everyone and ensure daily engagement with your brand. These items are not only practical but also show your organization supports health and wellness, making a positive association with your brand. As a bonus, these products will contain your custom branding information, so more people can find out about your company.

Invest in the health of your community and the visibility of your brand with an order of wholesale personal care products.

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