Light Up Drinkware in Bulk

Light Up Drinkware

See your name in shining lights when you order custom wholesale light-up cups and drinkware with your branding and logo. Choose from pint glasses, glowing straws, and even LED light-up buckets to keep beer and wine chilled. Imprint your logo on a bulk order of light-up drinkware to get more eyes on your brand

Custom Light-Up Drinkware

See your name in shining lights when you order custom wholesale light-up cups and drinkware with your branding and logo. Choose from pint glasses, glowing straws, and even LED light-up buckets to keep beer and wine chilled. Imprint your logo on a bulk order of light-up drinkware to get more eyes on your brand.

Personalized Light-Up Cups Will Illuminate Your Brand

Brighten up any bar with custom light-up drinkware. Our wide variety of light-up and glowing glasses and mugs are perfect for events and holiday parties. They are especially popular on New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, and Mardi Gras. Bars, clubs, concert event venues, and restaurants can use light-up drinkware for a giveaway to loyal customers and VIPs, or get light-up cups in bulk to sell to patrons. 

What is the benefit of custom light-up cups? Custom light-up cups provide an entertaining and useful product that displays your logo and company information. When your company orders wholesale custom light-up cups, your audience will get a fun drink they'll want to snap photos of and post to social media. You get the extra benefit of user-generated content to promote your business even further. 

Light-up mugs and cups have the bonus of being a great promotional product for a younger audience too. Kids will be begging for a glow party with light-up cups and straws. Add foam hats to your giveaway for your business's younger audiences. For an older crowd, you can pair your light-up cups with customized shot glasses and our personalized coasters, perfect for stocking a bar or restaurant.  

Types of Custom Light-Up Glasses

4AllPromos carries various types of light-up drinkware from straws to beer glasses, LED shot glasses, and other barware. Select products that meet the specific needs of your customers, your business, or employees so that they will get used over and over, bringing more attention to your business. 

Custom Light-Up Beer Glasses

Get light-up beer glasses to serve the next round of brews. These products can be used for retail or giveaways for bars, restaurants, breweries, or pubs. We carry LED light-up beer mugs, pint glasses, and pilsner glasses so that you can serve any type of beer in style. 

Custom Light-Up Margarita Glasses

Margaritas and parties go hand in hand. Order wholesale light-up margarita glasses for Cinco de Mayo or for your next bachelorette party. Food and drink industry businesses can add more light to their signature drinks with these stemmed drinkware items. These light-up glasses light up in multiple colors for a festive and fun atmosphere.

Custom Light-Up Wine Glasses and Champagne Flutes

Outshine the charcuterie board at the next wine and cheese night with light-up wine glasses. Both our wine glasses and glowing champagne glasses include a black stem and light-up glass. When it's time for a toast, attendees at the annual company party or guests in your club brighten the room with these colorful LED glasses. 

Custom Light-Up Martini Glasses and Rocks Glasses

Similar to the light-up wine glasses, we also carry custom cocktail cups. Our light-up martini glasses feature the same black base and light-up glass as the champagne and wine glasses. Our rocks glass offers a special treat, there's a glowing disco ball at the bottom of these personalized cocktail cups! Recipients of these glasses will never forget your brand, especially when the colorful lights illuminate the logo on the side. 

Custom LED Light-Up Cups for Kids

If your audience is a little on the younger side, plastic LED light-up cups with lids will be the better giveaway. These glowing cups come with lids and straws, so you won't have to worry about spills, even in the dark. Any birthday party that's in need of favors will become memorable for kids, their friends, and their parents. 

We also carry light-up skeleton cups for Halloween parties and glowing straws for any time of the year!

Buckets With LED Lights

Keep drinks fresh and cold in lighted buckets. Light-up buckets feature five different LED lights that change colors. Thanks to the powerful LED, ice cubes light up with the same colors as the rest of the bucket, making it hard to miss the beer bucket... and your logo!

Buy Custom Light-Up Cups in Bulk

No matter the style, wholesale light-up cups are always a cost-saving route. Whether you need light-up shot glasses for your adult audience or LED cups for kids, getting a light-up cups bulk order is the right decision. Bars, restaurants, event venues, toy companies, breweries, and clubs can get light-up drinking glasses wholesale for retail or special events. Additionally, these drinking glasses make great gifts for events like holiday parties, weddings, grand openings, college parties, or viewing parties. 


Are there discounts on bulk purchases of light-up cups?
The more light-up cups you buy, the more you save. If you want to avoid needless spending on repeat purchases, you should order a higher quantity when you buy wholesale light-up cups. The more units you purchase at once, the lower the unit price will drop.
Can I add my logo to light-up cups?
Of course you can add your logo to light-up drinkware. Your logo is will be hard to miss when the glass is glowing and your logo is showing. The more drinking glasses you give away with your logo, the more impressions your business will generate.
Are there color options for lights and cups?
Most of our cups feature a range of colored lights, and some of them can even mix and match the colors at one time. Our drinking glasses feature light bulb colors like blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple, and rainbow. Full-imprint color options can ensure your brand logo also stands out on the product in any shade, though you may have to pay a fee in some cases.
What is the price of light-up cups?
Prices vary, but for the most part, our products fall within the range of $3 to $7 to produce each item. You can choose to buy the Supreme Glow Straw at 94 cents apiece for a cheaper, more cost-effective option.

Brighten the Party Spirit With Promotional Light-Up Cups

Whether you want to celebrate New Year's Eve with your team members or give away unique gifts to the children in your target audience, our wholesale light-up cups will be the perfect promotional campaign tool. These items bring extra flash and sparkle to every party. The more eyes they catch, the more impressions for your business.

Shop our quality drinking glasses and light-up cups to thrill your audience and put your business in the spotlight.


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