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Make your branding stick with customized magnets. Our promotional magnets are an excellent way to keep your brand front and center on fridges, file cabinets, and doors. They’re a versatile and cost-effective way to extend your brand’s reach


Custom Magnets

Make your branding stick with customized magnets. Our promotional magnets are an excellent way to keep your brand front and center on fridges, file cabinets, and doors. They’re a versatile and cost-effective way to extend your brand’s reach.

Make Your Brand Stick Tight With Promotional Magnets

When someone asks "What's for dinner?" as they head to the fridge, your custom refrigerator magnets will remind them of your business. You can be seen by thousands daily with car magnets, or provide a useful calendar magnet to remind your clients they need to make an appointment with your company.

What is a promotional magnet? A promotional magnet has all your branding information for your prospects and clients to put on their fridges or for your crews to adhere to their cars. You can add photos or remind customers of an annual event. 

What are the benefits of custom magnets? When you create custom magnets with your company info, you give your customers a constant reminder of your products and services. Businesses give out magnets to employees or clients as swag. 

Magnets can also double as greeting cards or as part of a goodie bag. Pair your magnet design with promotional sticky note pads or custom key chains for extra giveaway selections.

Types of Custom Magnets

4AllPromos sells promo magnets in different shapes, designs, and themes, helping your brand stand out. Browse our collection of custom promotional magnets to find the perfect option for your brand and your audience. 

Custom-Shape Magnets

With custom-shaped magnets, you can choose an outline that represents your brand. Go with custom fridge magnets in the shape of a house to attract more real estate clients or a fun piggy bank cutout for banks and financial institutions. Decorate the outline of a computer or laptop to promote your technology business.

Promotional Calendar Magnets

Choose a calendar magnet to give your clients a magnet they’ll refer back to over and over again. Our calendar magnets make a great gift at the beginning of the year or to track the school year. Choose from:

  • School Calendar Magnets
  • Promotional Punch Out Calendar Magnets
  • Custom Logo Printed Tear-Off Calendar Magnets

Personalized Picture Frame Magnets

We offer a way to keep photos on your fridge with our custom frame photo magnets. These personalized magnets feature an area in the center to frame photos. Your brand can circle pictures of your client’s pets and children. Our acrylic frame picture magnets make great gifts for employees and clients. 


We also have select magnets that offer full-color imprints so you can have custom photo magnets for your business cards or create photo magnets to have on your vehicles.

Promotional Sports Advertising Magnets

Sports magnets serve as a great reminder for athletes and parents. Schools and colleges can also use our sports date magnets to remind everyone when game days are throughout the year, ensuring a well-attended event. Little league organizers can attract more student-athletes with an attention-grabbing design on our sports car magnets.

Memo Board Magnets

Custom memo board magnets are a great way to promote your business while better meeting the unique needs of your clients. With a custom memo board magnet, your customers can use a dry-erase marker to create their daily to-do list or to write down needed items from the grocery store throughout the week. However they use it, your brand will stay top of mind.

Chalkboard Magnets 

Custom chalkboard magnets are another one of 4AllPromos’ styles that your customers can use in a way that works for them. Add your business initials, logo, or contact information in a creative way around the corners of the magnet. Then, your customers can fill in the middle of the personalized magnet using chalk.

Buy Customized Magnets in Bulk

When you get custom magnet bulk orders you save money. Customize your own magnets and order in bulk to reach larger audiences with your giveaways.

Marketing magnets benefit many businesses, including aestheticians, nursery and daycare centers, fitness centers, pizza shops, home contractors, and banks. When you own a small business, marketing and networking never stop. Strike up a conversation and earn more business by ordering bulk custom car magnets.

Minimum order requirements vary depending on the custom magnet styles you choose. Ordering in bulk is easy when you select 4AllPromos because, on top of our already low prices, you save even more when ordering a higher quantity.

Make Your Message Stick with Custom Magnets

Magnetize your audience and attract attention to your brand with custom magnets. These promotional products are just like printed labels, but you can move them from surface to surface. High-quality magnets make your brand a part of your customer's daily lives. 

When you choose 4AllPromos, creating completely custom magnets that show off your brand in a positive way is easy. Visit our online shop today to get started on your custom magnet design.

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