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No matter what your taste, we have the promotional magnets to fit your wants and needs. Choose from our selection of business card magnets, real estate custom house shaped magnets, fun promotional novelty magnets, unique personalized dry-erase magnets, useful personalized desk calendar magnets, charity customized awareness ribbon magnets, bulk business logo imprinted sports magnets, or any of the multitude of other promotional magnet styles we offer.

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4AllPromos carries a variety of magnetic business cards, memo boards and all sorts of designs to match your message. Magents are a great promotional product because many people cover their refrigerator with them. It is in home advertising of your company whenever people have a gathering or party. Either outside, or inside, we have magnets that can stand the elements. The power of the magnet on the backside of a business card, memo board or placard gets rid of paper and tape and makes these items very practical. They can be removed and placed in a different location with ease and no clean up. They won't break the bank either. Most of the magnets include a 4 color process imprint in the price and our knowledgeable art department can help you develop a logo or message that will suit your needs. Call us today and our friendly staff will get your custom magnets out to you in short time and hassle free.

Custom Business Magnets for Promotional Marketing and Giveaways

Our promotional magnets are a great way to spread brand awareness around the office or at home. Our custom refrigerator magnets, memo pad magnets, and tear-off calendar magnets will help people to stay on track & organized. When they get to their appointments on time, remember all the items on their grocery list, and get to all of their social engagements without missing a beat, users will have your business to thank. That’s not to mention the fact that our promotional magnets are perfect for attaching your kids’ best schoolwork on the refrigerator for all to see.

Wholesale magnets are also useful around the office, whether it be one of our magnetic wall calendars, desktop tear-off calendar magnets, whiteboard magnets, blackboard magnets, or schedule magnets. They’re also great promotional products for trade shows, as many are the perfect size to fit in your pocket, or perhaps in a custom promotional tote bag.

A simple, yet effective means to appeal to customers past and present, 4AllPromos offers a large variety of comfortable magnets for your selection. You can even find some from famous name brands such as BIC! From styles and shapes to the accessories therein, there is plenty to think about when choosing just which promotional business magnet is for you.

Additional Information About Our Promotional Business Magnets

  • Promotional Magnet Styles

  • Promotional Magnet Materials

  • Custom Imprinting Options for Promotional Magnets

  • We offer promotional magnets in many shapes, styles, and sizes. These include, but are not limited to custom whiteboard magnets, promotional memo board magnets, personalized business card magnets, business logo imprinted button magnets, custom flat & flexible magnets, sports schedule magnets, magnetic notepads, several types of calendar magnets, custom picture frame magnets, and many more.

    Write-On Magnets aka Dry Erase Magnets aka Whiteboard Magnets

    Our promotional dry erase board magnets or write-on magnets are among our most popular personalized office items. Many come equipped with a dry erase marker or wet erase marker, and work just like a miniature white board. These are great for creating shopping lists, to-do lists, schedules, personal memos, and more.

    Memo Board Magnets

    The custom business memo board magnets offered at 4AllPromos are quite similar to our write-on magnets, but have a few distinctions that make them unique. Many are designed with lines and levels to make for even easier shopping list/to-do list construction. This is why the monikers “shopping list magnets” and “to-do list magnets” are often conferred upon them.

    Business Card Magnets

    Personalized business card magnets are a great way to spread brand awareness and strengthen business relationships. They help to put faces and names to your business and also include handy contact information to ensure that customers can reach out to you at any time.

    Button Magnets

    Our custom imprinted button magnets refer to our magnets that have elevated surfaces, as opposed to our flat magnets. We offer square button magnets, round button magnets, oval button magnets and more. Their raised surfaces create a more three-dimensional effect for a magnet that literally stands out.

    Flat Magnets

    Flat promotional magnets, also known as flexible magnets, are much thinner than their button magnet counterparts. They’re a breeze to store and transport and are easy to peel on and off most any metal surface. Their thickness is often measured in mils, which are equal to one-thousandth of an inch. Therefore, a 20 mil promotional magnet is 0.02 inches thick.

    Picture Frame Magnets

    Our custom business logo imprinted picture frame magnets are among our most popular promotional magnets. Each one consists of a frame with an area to insert a picture in back. The front of the frame as a cut-out area in a specific shape for displaying the picture of your choice. They’re a popular pick for people who like to keep family pictures in the workplace.

    Real Estate Magnets

    For nearly as long as there have been real estate agencies, there have been promotional real estate items. Some of the most popular and enduring ones over the years have been, and still are, promotional house-shaped real estate magnets.

    Schedule Magnets

    Our fall into two categories. First are custom printed sports schedule magnets, which allow you to see where and when your favorite teams will be engaging in competition. These are some of our most popular promotional items for schools.

    The second type of schedule magnets we offer are promotional personal schedule magnets. These are write-on magnets that are quite similar in concept to our memo pad magnets and to-do list magnets.

    Calendar Magnets

    We offer several different promotional magnetic calendars in a variety of styles. Our custom tear-off calendar magnets feature paper calendars affixed to magnetic bases. When one month is over, you can simply tear off the page and update to the current month.

    We also carry promotional magnetic wall calendars. These are larger calendars that are ideal for cubicle walls, file cabinets, and bulletin boards. Most of these are of the write-on style and allow you to mark each day with its respective events, appointments, and responsibilities.

    Notepad Magnets

    Personalized notepad magnets are great office promotional items. They’re of the tear-off variety and much like our tear-off magnetic calendars, these notepad magnets can have any filled or no-longer relevant page torn off to uncover a brand new blank page.

    Chalkboard Magnets

    If you like an old school approach or if the whole whiteboard thing just isn’t a good fit for your business, we carry a variety of promotional chalkboard magnets aka promotional blackboard magnets. These function in just the way you’d expect them to. They attach to a magnetic surface and then are yours to fill with chalk scrawling and are just as easily erasable as a traditional classroom blackboard.

    Novelty Magnets & Custom Shaped Magnets

    4AllPromos makes a grand array of promotional novelty magnets available to your business. They exist in a vast number of shapes and sizes. We have magnets in the shape of every state in the USA, heart shaped magnets, promotional bottle opener magnets, cat shaped magnets, raindrop shaped magnets, stop sign magnets, lightning bolt shaped magnets, lightbulb shaped magnets, promotional stuffed animal magnets, and several more.

    Magnetic Clips

    The final promotional magnet style we’ll touch upon will be custom business logo plastic magnetic clips. These are great for keeping non-magnetic items on the refrigerator or file cabinet and are easy as pie to open, close, attach, and remove.

    Promotional Magnet Materials

    Our custom imprinted business magnets are made of many different materials. The most frequently seen materials include paperface, metal, and glass.

    Paperface Magnets

    Not to be confused with the rapper of the same name, paperface, or any face material, refers to a substance that serves as the top layer of a label style constructed surface. The paperface is bonded to the rest of the magnet via a strong adhesive, but before that happens, it is laminated and chemically treated to increase longevity and prevent damage. The thickness of paperface is measured in mils, as explained in our section about flat magnets. Our promotional paperface magnets make up the majority of our personalized business logo magnets.

    Metal Magnets

    Many of our promotional button magnets are made of metal. Our custom promotional metal business magnets are durable and thicker than their paperface cousins. They also provide a more 3-dimensional effect.

    Glass Magnets

    Our promotional glass dome business magnets are among our more premium custom imprinted magnet options. As the dome is placed above the imprint, your personalized business logo will not fade or chip over time. They also make great promotional commemorative event gifts as well as trade show giveaway items.

    Custom Imprinting Options for Promotional Magnets

    Your custom business logo imprint is what makes a promotional magnet well… a promotional magnet. The primary options when it comes to decorating our custom imprinted business magnets are screen printing and 4-color process printing, which is also known as full color printing.

    Screen Printing

    The screen printing method consists of a given pattern being created into stencil form. Ink is poured through these stencils to color a customized design. Only one color can be used per stencil, so most screen printed items come with one color standard in their price. Most however will have an upgrade option for multiple colors. The increased cost is due to the added number of stencils that have to be created and used as well as increased production times.

    Still, screen printing is generally the cheapest and most common imprinting method for promotional products. Our custom imprinted magnets are unique in that screen printed items make up the minority of our offerings.

    4-Color Process or Full Color

    4-Color process printing is also known as full color printing and the two terms are often used interchangeably, sometimes even within the same product description. The four color part of the name comes from the fact that 4 transparent ink colors (black, cyan, magenta, and yellow) are blended together in various ways to be able to produce nearly any color and photographically reproduce nearly any image.

    Our promotional magnets with 4 color imprints allow for creative, intricate, beautiful, and eye-catching personalized business logo imprints that refuse to go unnoticed.