Custom Pens for Under $1

If you're under a tight budget, then these pens are a great promoional product for you. We have a huge array of pens that everyone can afford. We have click pens, stick pens, pull cap pens, and twist action pens all for under a dollar! But don't think that just because these pens are cheap it automatically means they're low quality. These pens are made from some big name producers including BiC, HIT and Hub. You won't have to ever worry about throwing your money away with any of these pens. One of our best-selling pens is the BiC Media Clic Pen. This push action pen features an innovative retracting mechanism and Color Connection, which allows you to mix and match trim and barrel colors. With so many choices, you can truly make this pen your own. Put your company brand all over this pen and who knows where it will travel. 

But maybe the Media Clic isn't striking your fancy'in that case you ought to check out another best-selling item of ours, the Translucent Stick Pen. This Hub pen features translucent colors and a generous imprint area. Plus, its matching translucent pull cap gives this pen a very stylish look. This pen is also guaranteed a smooth writing cartridge. It's very inexpensive, but will definitely get your name out and talked about. If you're still having some trouble, feel free to give us a call at our toll free number. Our friendly staff is more than happy to help assist you with your search.