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Our promotional corporate awards are a great way to show appreciation toward excellent employees and to recognize top businesses at trade shows & industry events. We have many styles to chose from, including custom crystal recognition awards, impressive promotional full color photo awards, and logo printed acrylic awards, just to name a few. Within this category, you'll come across additional items such as personalized desk clock awards and many styles of acrylic and crystal company logo paperweights.

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Finding the right token of appreciation for your banquet, awards ceremony, or end-of-year event doesn’t have to be difficult. 4AllPromos offers a full range of engraved awards, customizable clocks, photo image acrylic paperweights, and other promotional corporate gifts. These high-quality items are an excellent way to show that you care while adding your own personalized details. Not sure where to start? Our team of experts can help walk you through the entire process.

Rewarding your team or a single employee for a job well done is easy with customizable corporate awards from 4AllPromos. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to help you show appreciation for employees, volunteers, or anyone else you seek to recognize. These quality plaques, bricks, and engraved acrylic awards offer a beautiful aesthetic ideal for displaying on a shelf or placing on a desk. Best of all, there’s plenty of space to add a custom message.

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Personalized Corporate Awards - Materials

Different Types of Custom Recognition Awards - Shapes & Sizes

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Personalized Corporate Awards - Materials

When giving an employee or event attendee an award, you want them to be able to display it proudly for decades. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a product that is made from durable, high-quality materials. Our awards deliver on that note, being made from materials such as acrylic, crystal, and glass. We'll explain each one in a bit more detail in this section.

Custom Made Acrylic Awards

Does your business have a special occasion or event coming up? Personalized acrylic awards are a great way to congratulate an employee or volunteer for all of their hard work. Just imagine the look of happiness on their face when they are handed a clear circle acrylic award bearing their name in front of all of their friends and colleagues. Not only do these awards look great when displayed on a desk or shelf, but they’re made with unbreakable acrylic materials to ensure they last a lifetime. Acrylic is a lightweight and shatter resistant material that is more affordable than glass or crystal. It also offers the option of either imprinting or engraving.

Personalized Crystal Awards

Looking for a giveaway item with a luxurious touch? Crystal awards from 4AllPromos are a wonderful option. Easily impress event attendees with these eye-catching, customizable products. We offer several designs to choose from, and all include a range of personalization options. For example, consider adding your company’s logo or a special designation to custom engraved 3D crystal awards or any of our other high end promotional crystal awards. Each can be engraved to your specifications, adding elements such as an award recipient's name and achievement. Crystal, while not offering quite as much impact resistance as acrylic, definitely has its advantages. This a premium material that offers more clarity than arcylic and a higher density than glass. It also possesses light refractive properties, creating a beautiful shining and sparkling effect. Crystal is a hard material that holds is shape well and is easy to cut into many unique shapes and detailed styles. Additionally, when held up to direct light, it can produce that classic rainbow prism effect.

Unique Art Glass Awards for Businesses

Another material you'll find in our custom employee recognition products is glass. Our personalized glass awards are thicker than acrylic, though not as dense as crystal. They hold color the better than either, so if you're looking for a uniquely shaped award with an element of color (or even multiple colors), glass is the way to go.

Different Types of Custom Recognition Awards - Shapes & Sizes

The shape and size of your award can communicate a lot about your event or business. Do you prefer traditional designs? If so, rectangular awards are always appropriate. Are you hosting a themed gala? Consider selecting a shape that coincides with that aesthetic, such as customized star-shaped acrylic paperweights for a school or community talent show. The options are nearly endless!

Promotional Acrylic & Crystal Brick Awards

Timeless, sleek, and versatile, brick awards are some of the most common (and popular) corporate award types. We offer brick awards in both acrylic and crystal materials, so your business can choose an option that fits its needs. Crystal bricks provide a heavier weight and more upscale appearance than acrylic; however, acrylic bricks offer valuable durability and an aesthetic that will look great on any shelf. Choose a standard rectangle or go for something a little more unique, such as 3D logo brick awards that bring your company logo and recipient's achievements to life.

Custom Round Awards

While brick and rectangular shapes are sharp and striking, custom circular awards and promotional oval awards add a softer touch to shelves, desks, and workspaces. At 4AllPromos, we offer several different crystal and acrylic awards in circular shapes, some of which even feature a flat bottom to allow them to sit upright on their own. Such is the case with our engraved globe awards, which have no minimum order requirement. In addition a round shape offers plenty of room to include your business name, logo, award designation, and more.

Other Unique Recognition Award Shapes

Of course, we offer awards in more shapes than just bricks, ovals, and circles. Our personalized star shaped awards are perfect for individual recognition or awards related to astronomy or the performing arts. Holding an awards dinner for an athletic association? Consider investing in some promotional crystal sports awards. Other shapes can have more universal and all-purpose applications, such as our personalized #1 shaped crystal awards and custom flame shaped awards. Those are just 4 of the many options you'll find within our collection.

Personalized Corporate Award Sizes

Different sized awards may well be needed to suit different purposes. Deciding on the right size can depend on how much money is in the budget, where the award is intended to be displayed, how much personalization is desired, or any other of the myriad of potential factors. At 4AllPromos, you'll find small personalized awards that can be placed just about anywhere. Also available are medium sized personalized corporate awards that work for nearly any occasion. If an award that is intended for prominent placement and frequent viewing is desired, our large customized recognition awards and extra large promotional awards are sure to get the job done.

In addition to classic awards, 4AllPromos also has a collection of unique products that your recipients and honorees are sure to love. Plus, these awards are multi-functional, offering additional value beyond recognition. Two of the most prominent examples come in the form of our personalized award clocks and customizable paperweights. We'll tell you a bit more about both as this section progresses.

Promotional Desk Clock Awards

Another type of award that offers functionality beyond its appearance is a desk clock or trophy clock. These products help recognize employees while keeping them on time and adding style to their workspaces. In fact, our custom clock awards are so beautiful that your business may even want to hand them out as promotional holiday gifts to all employees. All of the clocks within our catalog are constructed from high-quality materials and components. Opt for a classic wood option, or take a more modern route with our custom Harvard clocks, which feature stunning quartz faces suspended in acrylic panels.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something less formal, our personalized clock trophies are another excellent way to let team members know they’re appreciated. Designed to look like a basic trophy, these products include a small clock in the center. Of course, all 4AllPromos clocks provide space for your business logo or congratulatory message.

Custom Acrylic Paperweights

If you're looking for awards that can double as handy office supplies, our unique promotional paperweights are a great option. In fact, our branded acrylic paperweights and promotional crystal paperweights make a great addition to any desk or workspace while offering enough weight to hold documents in place. You can even add a logo design to our custom magnifying paperweights, which do double duty by enlarging the appearance of any text located beneath them.

Design Custom Recognition Awards

While a degree of personalization is one of the key components of almost all of our items, it's especially important when it comes to our award products. After all, it's kind of hard to provide recognition without actually recognizing anyone. We offer several design methods for making each and every award a perfectly tailor-made fit for its recipient. Read on to learn a bit about each.

As we mentioned earlier, acrylic awards offer the ability to be imprinted as well as engraved. Our custom imprinted acrylic awards and logo imprinted paperweights are among our more affordable options, but are by no means a step down in quality. These attractive, durable, and unique award items are a great way to honor achievements for years (and even decades) to come.

Personalized Etched Awards with Logos & More

If your business is looking for an award with designs that will last a lifetime and become instant heirloom pieces, custom engraved crystal awards, unique etched glass awards, and personalized engraved acrylic awards are fail-proof options.

Custom Awards with Photos

When customization is at a premium and an engraved or imprinted message alone just isn't enough, 4AllPromos has you covered. In such a situation, our personalized photo awards offer a perfect way to honor someone special. By including a full color photo image, these items can congratulate someone on a noteworthy accomplishment while also truly touching their heart.

Personalized Award Plaques

Finally, it's time to touch upon our personalized award plaques. Some of our rectangular awards can double in this capacity, but we also offer award items that contain special plaques added to the surface. Custom employee recognition plaques can be found on items such as our Cornell Clocks, which include an attached plate that can be customized with your desired text.