Custom Magnetic Pickup Tools

Magnetic Pickup Tools
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Impress your customers with custom imprinted magnetic pickup tools! These handy giveaways are tremendously useful, whether they're retrieving their keys from behind the dresser or a lost nut from an engine block. They're also great for testing recycling for certain metals. We offer a variety of choices for your promotional giveaway. Choose a screwdriver with a magnet on the top for a multi-purpose giveaway that's sure to make its way into their toolbox, or opt for a key chain with a powerful magnet for maximum portability. Custom telescoping pickup tools give your brand more reach, and if you really want to impress, we offer flexible extending magnetized flashlights to make even the darkest of cramped spaces readily accessible. These imprinted tools are tremendously useful, so give 4AllPromos a call today to get your customers reaching for your logo!