Custom MagLite Flashlights

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Associate your brand with quality and reliability by offering custom Maglite flashlights. A custom engraving of your business name and logo provides a useful and valuable gift to any of your customers and employees.

Promotional Maglite With Custom Engraving

Custom Maglite flashlights are a promotional version of the famous compact flashlight made by Mag Instrument, Inc. Your logo can be engraved onto the flashlight to provide a helpful tool everyone can use. Keep them in homes, cars, and offices for extra security at night. Staff in the medical, emergency, construction, and transportation fields can use company-branded Maglite flashlights as part of their toolkits too.

What are the benefits of custom Maglites?  You can build trust in your brand with custom Maglite flashlights. In addition to brand awareness, you can build your reputation with these durable gifts.

A quality flashlight can be given away in tandem with other helpful tools, such as custom screwdrivers and box cutters for a custom logo toolkit.

Types of Custom Maglite Flashlights

Before you order your supply of flashlight giveaways for a promotional campaign, browse our options for color, style, and the type of personalization available. 

Adjustable Beam Maglites

This is the ideal giveaway for security or medical personnel. The brightness and width of the beam can be adjusted by turning the head of the flashlight. This design is great for mechanics and machinists who work in areas that are not always easy to see. 

LED Maglite Flashlights

LED bulbs are powerful sources of luminescence. For a bright and consistent beam, a personalized Maglite with LED bulbs can provide value to your customers or employees, fostering loyalty in the process.

Water Resistant Maglites

You can be there in the rain for your customers and employees with water-resistant Maglites. The IPX ratings you see on our promotional Maglite flashlights indicate how water-resistant the flashlight will be. The majority of our personalized Maglite water-resistant flashlights have a water resistance rating of IPX-4, guaranteeing it will stand up from water splashing at any angle.

Buy Personalized Maglites in Bulk

You can increase brand awareness quickly with personalized Maglite flashlights in bulk. The more hands your logo is in, the larger your audience will grow.

Bulk ordering will get you Maglite wholesale prices. You can access lower unit prices the more you buy. If your business has a big giveaway event planned, such as a trade show, recruitment fair, corporate giveaway, or community event buying custom Maglites in bulk is the way to go.

If you do not want to order in bulk, our lowest minimum quantity Maglite product is 3 units per order.

FAQs About Custom Maglite Flashlights

What colors do maglites come in?
We offer a wide variety of colors at 4AllPromos. Red, blue, navy, black, silver, green, orange, and pink are all color options you can find in our store, so you can choose a design that will best fit your branding and your audience's needs.
Can I place my logo on Maglites?
The Maglites at 4AllPromos are waiting for your logo. We offer imprinted or engraved Maglite flashlights for you to choose from.
What material are maglites from?
The most common material used to construct Maglites is anodized aluminum. This aluminum is a lightweight metal lighter than stainless steel, copper, and brass, but it is very durable, making it the perfect material for quality flashlights.
Are there discounts for bulk purchases?
All of our products, including bulk Maglite flashlights, have discounts for bulk purchases. The more units you buy, the bigger the discount per product will be.
What is the price of custom Maglites?
Prices for these products can vary. An individual large Maglite with a laser-engraved logo is about $50 per uni, while a miniature version of the Maglite could be as low as $12 per unit. Make sure to check the minimum order quantities of the custom Maglite you want.

Custom Maglites to Shine Your Brand's Path to Success

Durable, reliable, and widely respected, custom Maglites offer a shining endorsement when used as a promotional product for your company. Equip your customers and employees with a tool that guides them through the dark, and let your brand be the beacon that stands out. 

Bring a spotlight to your brand with custom logo Maglites.

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