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Wondering where to buy wholesale Maglite flashlights? We’re your #1 source! We carry promotional Solitaire Maglites, all of the best custom Maglite gift sets, sturdy personalized engraved Maglite flashlights, cheap custom logo imprinted Maglite flashlights & much more.

Personalized Maglite Flashlights | Custom Maglite Gift Sets | Bulk Adjustable Maglite Flashlights

Personalized engraved Maglite flashlights will do your business proud and be a hit with your employees, customers, and target audience. Whether you go with mini wholesale cheap Maglite flashlights, promotional standard size Maglites, or one of our custom Maglite & multi tool gift packages, you can rest assured you're getting your hands on a product designed to perform at the highest level for the longest time.

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Different Styles of Personalized Maglite Flashlights

Promotional Mini Maglite Flashlights

If you want the best personalized small Maglite giveaways for your next trade show or event, custom Mini Maglites are a natural choice. These fall within the compact flashlight category, yet there's still a smaller size, which we'll elaborate on in the next paragraph. Custom laser engraved Mini Maglite flashlights might be small, but they're mighty. Most are both waterproof and shock resistant.

Custom Solitaire Maglites

The only Maglite size class smaller than the Mini, Maglite Solitaire flashlights are the perfect size for pockets and keychain attachments. They pack some serious power, effectively illuminating small, dark spaces, up to 70 times more effectively than the leading competition. Buy wholesale Maglite Solitaire flashlights in bulk from 4AllPromos & your business will shine at its next trade show.

Wholesale Standard Maglite Flashlights in Bulk

Bulk Maglite flashlights come in many different shapes and sizes. However, sometimes the back to basics approach is what works best, and that's one of the many virtues of our promotional standard size Maglites. You might say they're the King of the middle of the road. Large enough to be easily seen anywhere and small enough to still fit in most toolboxes, classic Maglites are a promotional product that just can't fail.

Custom Laser Engraved Large Maglite Flashlights

When you're in a "go big or go home" situation, there's no better option than investing in custom laser engraved large Maglite Flashlights in bulk. Laser engraved to give your brand maximum exposure and admiration, our personalized Maglite flashlights have some serious strength, being able to cast beams of light well over 1,000 feet.

Promotional Maglite Gift Sets

Many of the items you'll see on our promotional Maglite category page are gift sets. Our personalized Maglite gifts are presented in beautiful gift boxes and contain a variety of different wares. Some have multiple flashlights, others include multi-tools, while still others offer premium writing utensils. They're terrific employee gifts, but work as corporate giveaway gifts for nearly any recipient.

Customized Maglites with Key Rings

Our smaller Maglites, namely the Mini and Solitaire models, often come with key rings and lanyards. They make nice accents in gift sets, but they're also useful for ensuring that these premium flashlights aren't lost or dropped. Our promotional key ring Maglites with lanyards are personalized with your business logo or message via laser engraving for a mark that won't fade, chip, of flake with time.

Bulk Maglite Flashlight & Pocket Knife Sets

Hardware stores, hardware manufacturers, camping supply shops, tackle shops, and outdoor lifestyle retailers will all find customized Maglite & Multi Tool Gift Packages to be highly effective promotional items. They're ideal for outdoor situations where there's work to be done that requires a dependable source of quality lighting.

Bulk Adjustable Beam Maglite Flashlights

Personalized Maglites with adjustable beams are very popular items as they can serve multiple purposes. When you need to switch from a narrow, focused spotlight to a wide, broad-range flood light, all you need to do is give a slight turn of the head. In addition to convenience, our wholesale adjustable Maglite flashlights save money, as they are essentially two different flashlights in one.

Promotional Camo Maglites

What do you do when you need a promotional tactical flashlight for hunting, fishing, or roughing it on a camping trip? Our suggestion? Buy wholesale Digital Camouflage Maglite Flashlights in bulk. A modern twist on a classic design, our digital camouflage Maglites are designed for optimum stealth & concealment in less civilized settings. The idea is that you'll see your target before it can see you. They also are perfect as military promotional giveaway items.

Personalized Awareness Maglite Flashlights for Charities

When you're conducting a charitable event, be it a race, motorcycle rally, carnival, or otherwise, you'll want to provide those in attendance with giveaway items to remember your event & the importance of your cause. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Maglites are a prime representative of our custom Maglite giveaways for charities.

Types of Bulbs in Wholesale Maglite Flashlights

When you read through the descriptions for our custom Maglite flashlights, you'll see the names of a smattering of different light types. The big three are LED, High-Intensity, and Incandescent. We'll explain all three of them in a bit more detail in the following paragraphs.

Custom Maglite LED Flashlights

When you buy our cheap Maglite LED flashlights in bulk or premium LED Maglites engraved with your logo, you gain access to some of the most efficient lighting systems around. LED lights are quickly becoming the norm in most industries, as they take far less energy to operate when compared to their incandescent forerunners. Their brightness is measured in lumens. The rule of thumb is that higher lumen values mean brighter lights.

Personalized High Intensity Maglites

Promotional high intensity Maglite flashlights feature, predictably enough, high intensity light bulbs, also known as HID lights. These are typically small lights which have fills of metal salts and gasses (usually Krypton or Xenon) that interact to get energy flowing between an electrode arc. High intensity bulbs can operate in extremely cold temperatures better than LEDs can, though LED bulbs have superior longevity.

Promotional Maglites with Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are a classic style that have been around for a while. If you've ever seen a cartoon of someone getting an idea, the light bulb appearing above the character's head was almost definitely an incandescent model. While they take more energy to operate as compared to an LED or high intensity bulb, incandescent bulbs have the advantage of being more affordable and universally dimmable in nature. Our custom logo incandescent bulb Maglites are among our more affordable options, but are never cheap on value.

Design Your Own Maglite Flashlights

When you want to have a really effective promotion that incorporates both style and substance, the ability to design your own Maglites is key. We provide just that resource, as our talented team of artists will work with you to conceive and create the best logo designs to fit your promotional needs. Our custom Maglites are all either laser engraved or imprinted with your custom business logo design or message.

Custom Laser Engraved Maglites

When you want to create a design that will stand the test of time and never fade, chip, or slip, there's no better way to go than choosing our personalized business logo engraved Maglite flashlights. The durability of their design, combined with the free shipping and low minimum order requirements they often present makes for a very impressive promotional product that makes a statement in value & individuality.

If you're looking to save a bit or have a large bulk order in mind, your business may best be served by investing in our custom printed Maglites for giveaways & trade shows. While these flashlights usually come with engraving options, you can select a wraparound imprint instead.

Wholesale Maglite Flashlights - Special Features

In this final chapter of our guide to promotional Maglites, we'll cover some of the special features and other bells & whistles which make each model unique and useful in its own way.

Custom Waterproof Maglite Flashlights

IPX ratings are something you'll commonly see when reading about our promotional waterproof Maglites. Ratings run from IPX-0 through IPX-8, with 0 offering scant protection and 8 the very highest. The majority of our personalized Maglite water resistant flashlights have a water resistance rating of IPX-4. Don't be discouraged by this number; an IPX-4 rating guarantees safety when being splashed from any angle, even during white water rafting!

Promotional Shock Resistant Maglites

Shock resistance is a feature that you'll find in nearly all of our custom Maglite Flashlights. Our customizable shock resistant Maglite flashlights are designed to absorb impact without flinching. Don't you just hate it when you get a little clumsy and drop your flashlight, rendering it useless? Yeah, so do we. That's the beauty of a shock-resistant flashlight - it puts this worry in its proper place, which is the distant past.

Personalized Maglite Spot Lights

Many of our customized Maglite torches can be twisted at the head to convert between spot lights and flood lights. When you want a narrow, highly focused, easy-to-control beam, you'll most benefit from using our wholesale spot light Maglite Flashlights.

Bulk Maglite Flood Lights

When scouring a large patch of ground, air, or water, a flood light setting will be of better use than a spot light. Our personalized Maglite flood lights deliver the highest utility in such situations. The great thing is that you really don't have to choose - almost all of our Maglites can convert between spot and flood light settings.

Promotional Maglite Flashlights with Low Minimum Orders

When you want to recognize a select few for a job well done, low minimum order promotional Maglites are one of the best ways to do it. This is because extra time and attention can be paid to each unit to specifically decorate it for its individual recipient. They're great as corporate promotional retirement gifts or employee incentive rewards.

Anyone who has ever bought anything online has had the frustrating experience of finding just the right item at just the right price, only to proceed to checkout and see that the shipping fees have exceeded budget limitations. That's never a problem when it comes to our personalized engraved Maglite flashlights with free shipping. Buying the best promotional flashlights for your business is a little easier and allows for more flexibility when shipping charges are removed from the equation.

Promotional Fast Focus Maglites

Our wholesale fast focus Maglite flashlights really come in handy when users need superior visual accuracy in especially dark environments. Many of our smaller Maglites produce fast focus beams, enabling users to find difficult-to-spot objects or items fumbled in the dark.

Promotional Multi Mode Maglite Flashlights

Some of the most versatile Maglite flashlights you'll find on our site are our customized multi mode Maglites. These are flashlights that have the ability to produce different kinds of lights for different purposes. For example, the model linked to earlier in this paragraph can switch from full power to 25% power to emergency strobe mode. They're a great item to have when calling for help, conducting search parties, or when extended use necessitates the need for lower energy consumption rates.

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