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Find the best promotional sticky note pads for businesses at 4AllPromos! We offer promotional sticky note cubes, unique custom imprinted sticky note pads, handy personalized sticky note memo holders, large wholesale shopping list sticky notes, fun promotional novelty sticky note pads, useful wholesale sticky note flags, bulk customized sticky note books, desktop sticky note pads & much more. 

Best Promotional Sticky Note Pads from 4AllPromos

Hit the right note with promotional personalized adhesive notes from 4AllPromos! As a leader in the promotional products industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality promotional products that won’t put a strain on your budget. It’s no wonder printable sticky notes are some of our bestselling products-- our selection of low price sticky notes and books are the perfect selection for any promotion. From law firms to travel agencies to banks and so much more, your customers will love receiving this classic promotional gift that they will use every day. There are more details to consider than meets the eye when it comes to sticky note pads. Let our 4AllPromos experts take you through a guide of choosing the right size, imprint, and more for the promotional personalized adhesive notes that will put your brand name on the map!

Important Promotional Sticky Note Pad Qualities & Attributes

  • Materials

  • Shape and Size

  • Suggested Volumes

  • Imprints

  • Materials

    All of our sticky notepads offer your customers a high quality place to write to-do lists, phone numbers, and memos. Many of our paper products are stationary-grade, so you know that you are getting the absolute best quality when it comes to promotional merchandise. This means that, not only will the sticky notes withstand the test of time and stand out, but so will your custom logo. Most of our paper products come in classic colors such as yellow and white, but some feature neons of blue, orange, and pink! Additionally, on several of our products we offer design features such as free flood coats or free ruled lines. Flood coats change the paper color of each sticky note in a set and will make for a memorable product. Ruled lines are great for notepads if you think your customers will use them to make lists.

    If quality is not the only factor in choosing your promotional personalized notepad, why not try an eco-friendly option that shows off your green thumb and your commitment to your customers simultaneously. Take into consideration the Eco/Recycled Note Memo Case that contains paper made from 51% recycled materials and an outside case made from 70% recycled materials.

    While there are not a ton of options for what type of paper to choose from, it is an important decision, so take into consideration your customer base before deciding whether or not recycled materials would appeal to them!

    Shape and Size

    The shape of your promotional personalized adhesive notes is arguably one of the most important factors in creating a successful promotional giveaway. You want to make sure you strike the right balance between providing your customers with something that is both useful and memorable, but not to worry - 4AllPromos is here to help!

    Should you go with a pad or a case? That is one of the most basic questions to consider when thinking sticky note shape. We offer a multitude of products in both categories and there are pros and cons to both options. Sticky note books present the opportunity to protect your sticky notes and important memos while offering a prominent space to imprint your logo (typically on the outside of the case and not on individual notes). Notepads are typically flimsier, but this also means they are more travel-friendly and flexible, so your brand will gain that much more exposure! They also allow you to imprint your logo on every individual note, making for an unforgettable promotion!

    Sticky note size is another important element in choosing the right premium promotional product. We offer a wide range of sizes, from the small 2” W x 3” H sticky note pads options to the much larger 4 ¼” W x 9” H sticky note books and everything in between! Also choose between horizontal or vertical orientations. While horizontal orientations are perfect for writing down phone numbers and quick memos, vertical orientations offer a place to write down organized to-do lists and shopping lists-- the perfect option for your grocery store’s next promotion.

    For a more compact version of the classic sticky note try sticky tabs and flags, perfect for libraries and bookstores. Customers will love using these handy stickies to mark passages on important documents or even mark the page of their favorite books. These stickies are offered in an array of neon colors including pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow, which makes them stand out! These smaller versions of stickies typically come in sticky note books along with larger ones.

    Uniquely shaped sticky notes are another hit with our customers! While squares and rectangles are a classic way to impress clients, why not stray from the norm? From geometric circles, triangles, and hexagons to our 3D sticky note cubes and everything in between there is sure to be something that catches your eye! Why not change it up even further and bring out your inner patriot with these promotional sticky notes shaped like the United States! Perfect for any American-based retailer! 4AllPromos caters to all promotional needs both traditional and unique!

    When it comes to shapes and sizes, this is truly where your creativity can shine. Want to consider all your options with an expert? Give us a call today!

    Suggested Volumes

    Choosing the number of custom sticky notes per pad or book all depends on your promotion and your company. 4AllPromos offers products in increments from as low as 25 to as high as nearly 700 per product-- with plenty of options in between. Before placing your order, consider how often you have promotions- do you want the product to last your customers up until your next giveaway? Also consider your budget because products with higher volume tend to be more expensive (though this is dependent on the shape, imprint, and materials used) than their low volume counterparts. It all depends on what kind of investment you are looking to make into your giveaway.

    Give 4AllPromos a call if you need help deciding which volume might be right for you!


    Now for the part of this guide we know you have all been waiting for: the imprint! We know the main goal of your promotions is to gain exposure for their brand with potential customers while impressing and retaining old ones. 4AllPromos offers an impressive selection of imprints for your promotional sticky notes.

    One color imprints are a simple way to get your brand name out into the world. This type of custom logo gets right to the point and allows for people to clearly understand the message you are trying to portray in a subtle yet clear manner.

    However, if you are looking to really turn heads, why not choose one of our many sticky note products that features a full color imprint? This type of imprint features four separate colors that will really pop on any one of our promotional products. One great example of the power of the full custom imprint is the 3” Sticky Note Cube. You can feature a different full color imprint on five sides of this cube! That is the perfect recipe for a successful promotion!

    When choosing your perfect imprint, much like when deciding among all of the features of your promotional sticky notes, it is important to consider the type of message you want to send to your customers, both old, new, and potential. Do they value simplicity over flash? Is utility more important than the artwork? All of these are important questions to consider when making your decisions. Please do not hesitate to call 4AllPromos with any and all questions you may have for your next promotion!