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Our custom branded floor mats are a great way to advertise your business or organization in all kinds of locations and situations. Our promotional rubber floor mats imprinted custom door mats & floor mats with cleats, and branded non-slip advertising mats are perfect for building awareness at trade shows and in places of business. Meanwhile, our customized counter mats are a great way to make an extra impression with customers during transactions or visits to the customer service counter. Additionally, we have personalized residential door mats that can even bring advertising to your front door, in the very most literal sense.

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Our promotional floor mats are a great way for businesses of all sizes to advertise and spread brand awareness. As the vast majority have no minimum order quantity, businesses of any size can use them in a variety of ways. They can make great indoor and outdoor door mats to keep floors clean, custom slip-resistant floor mats for retail stores, and unique custom trade show mats to bring traffic to your booth. Additionally, they can be used as personalized residential door mats, which can be great for political campaign giveaways, charity awareness items, and local advertising. Read on to learn more about our many styles of company logo floor mats and what they can do to grow your business.

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Promotional Counter Mats

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Promotional Counter Mats

Our custom imprinted counter mats are a great way to advertise your business at trade shows or at a physical retail location. Perfect for placement on trade show tabletops, checkout counters, customer service counters, and more, these branded signage items help to call attention to your business and special services it offers. They can also be used to address frequently asked questions, promote sales & events, and outline key store policies. While they have adhesive backing, our promotional vinyl counter mats are designed such that they can be picked up, removed, and placed elsewhere when a change is needed.

4AllPromos offers a diverse cornucopia of customizable floor mats and personalized door mats. These are good for use both indoors and outdoors, providing great flexibility of use and purpose. We carry many different styles, brands, and sizes of advertising mats. To help clear up possible questions and help guide you to the models that best fit your promotional needs, we'll explain some of these variations in the section below.

Personalized Runner Floor Mats

Great for trade shows, waiting rooms, and customer service areas such as grocery store deli counters, our promotional floor runner mats are always a popular choice. This style features a body that runs lengthwise, for a long and narrow layout. As their name would indicate, they're shaped in a manner similar to that of a runner carpet that one might expect to find in a hallway. These are best for indoor usage. In addition to helping to bring attention to your brand, they also keep users' feet from slipping and help floors to stay clean and dry.

Promotional Indoor & Outdoor Floor Rugs with Imprints

As we've already stated, our advertising floor mats can be used both indoors and outdoors. They're built from durable materials that can stand up to heavy usage and wetness, be it from rain or from customers' shoes. While "floor mats" is the official title of this page, we also have smaller sizes that function very well as promotional door mats. The previous link shows off just one of our many great options in this area. As this section goes on, we'll describe six of our most prominent advertising mat categories. Get ready to meet the best brands and styles of custom floor mats in the business!

Some of our offerings are represented by the Waterhog™ brand. The personalized Waterhog floor mats are made from eco-friendly polypropylene and offer heavy duty rubber backing. They're strong and durable, able to retain large amounts of water while being resistant to fading, kinking, curling, and cracking. They can be printed in a vast assortment of colors and are made from 20% recycled materials. Each one is certified Slip-Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (opens in a new window). and is personalized without a set-up fee.

Super Scrape™ Advertising Floor Mats

Super Scrape™ is another popular custom door mat brand you'll see on our site. When reading up on our imprinted Super Scrape advertising floor mats, you'll see that they're made from thermoplastics molded into sturdy nitrile rubber. They're constructed in the USA, come with free set-up, and contain cleats for extra protection against slipping. They're great for indoor and outdoor usage, being resistant to sunlight, oils, chemicals, and many other substances. Like the Waterhog models described in the previous paragraph, our Super Scrape mats are also certified as being slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

DigiPrint™ Custom Floor Mats for Businesses

The third brand we'll discuss in this guide is DigiPrint™. Our company logo DigiPrint floor mats are yet another brand that are officially deemed slip-resistant by the NFSI. In addition to this, each mat is made with pride right here in the USA. They come in an assortment of colors and varieties, with an extra accent added by way of their rubber borders. Each is designed with no set-up fee and has no minimum order quantity.

Customized Residential Door Mats

Another variety of imprinted rubber mats we carry can be found in the form of our branded home door mats. These are great items for both homes and businesses. They're smaller than our other custom advertising mats, making them ideal for placement on porches, stoops, and in foyers. They can be very effective in advertising new businesses, campaigning for political candidates, and even as special gifts for real estate companies to welcome clients to their new homes.

Branded Car Floor Mats

Many of our smaller custom floor mats can also double as company logo car mats. A great choice for car dealerships, auto parts stores, auto body shops, and more, these help to keep car floors clean while advertising your business everywhere users travel.

Design Your Own Personalized Floor Mats

While the safety, cleanliness, and eco-friendly features of our branded floor mats are certainly important, "branded" is also kind of a key word. That's because your business will want to use these signage items to further build awareness and cement a positive reputation in the public eye. We offer multiple methods to help you design your own custom floor mats. The result is the creation of the most impactful item for your trade show, retail store, lobby, waiting room, product showroom, or any other desired location.

One of our branding decoration styles is represented by our promotional inlay logo floor mats & door mats. Inlay logo designs are created in a pretty interesting fashion. The imprints included on these mats are actually made up of several small pieces that are arranged together in a manner reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle. The various panels come together to create a fluent mosaic logo that is pleasing to the eye. Several colors are available in such designs, creating visually stimulating designs that demand attention from all who pass by.

Promotional Digitally Imprinted Floor Mats

Another personalization can be found in our customizable digital logo imprinted mats. This method offers photographic quality images that are treated with special dyes to ensure that the designs you select don't fade over time. With this style, colors are sure to stay true, bold, and effective in building brand awareness for the long haul.

The third and final imprinting style we'll discuss in this guide can be observed in our personalized rubber mats with molded logo imprints. Images with impressive, intricate detail are created through this method, presenting a stunning logo design to greet customers. With this style, specialized thermoplastics are molded into rubber surfaces to convey colorful logo designs into floor mats and door mats. Colors hold fast and are resistant to chemical and sun damage.