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First impressions start at your doorstep, and our custom door mats provide an ideal blend of form and function to welcome your visitors. Promotional floor mats keep your office safe and clean by preventing slick surfaces and minimizing dirt and debris. 


Promotional Doormats, Where Branding Meets Hospitality

Custom logo floor mats are not just functional items, they help create a consistent brand image for your space. Custom floor mats can be used in indoor spaces like front lobbies as welcome mats and a place to dry wet shoes. Floor runners in hallways and walk spaces provide more traction and reduce foot traffic noise.

Our doormats are completely customizable and have no minimum order quantity, you can add a funny message for your doormat at home, or include your logo to make the best impressions at your business. Pair your customized floor mats with company banners or parking decals to boost brand awareness and brand your indoor space.

What are the benefits of custom door mats?

Using custom door mats creates a professional look and unified office space while providing the added benefit of cleaner floors, and safer guest spaces. Businesses can decorate their indoor space with multiple floor mats to prevent slips throughout the location.

Choosing The Right Type Of Custom Floor Mat

4AllPromos has a wide range of personalized doormats to choose from. From custom door mats at the entryway to promotional floor mats through hallways, each logo floor mat provides branding and practical use for your organization. 

Personalized Residential Doormats

Our custom products aren’t just for businesses. If you have a saying or design that you want for your home, or you want a personalized doormat made to give as a gift to a friend or family member, we’re happy to make one for you! We carry smaller doormats and floor mats to fit on porches, entryways, and foyers. Personalized welcome mats make great housewarming gifts and are a perfect way for real estate agents to celebrate with clients after they purchase a new home. 

Custom Runner Floor Mats

Runner floor mats are long and narrow. Businesses customize runner floor mats for hallways and running the length of a counter or front desk. You can get a promotional runner floor mat with your logo and place it at the front of your table at the next tradeshow to draw prospects in. 

Custom Logo Waterhog™ Floor Mats

Waterhog™ brand floor mats are made from eco-friendly polypropylene and offer heavy-duty rubber backing. Even though they’re made from 20% recycled materials, Waterhog™ commercial floor mats are strong and durable. These mats can retain large amounts of water while being resistant to fading, kinking, curling, and cracking. Each one is certified Slip-Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and is personalized without a set-up fee.

Super Scrape™ Advertising Floor Mats

For business floor mats, Super Scrape™ advertising floor mats are great for indoor and outdoor usage. They’re resistant to sunlight, oils, chemicals, and many other substances. Super Scrape™ custom floor mats are made from thermoplastics molded into sturdy nitrile rubber. These mats are made in the USA, certified as being slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), come with free set-up, and contain cleats for extra protection against slipping.

DigiPrint™ Custom Floor Mats for Businesses

Promotional mats from DigiPrint™ and another officially deemed slip-resistant by the NFSI. Each business floor mat is made right here in the USA. They come in an assortment of colors and varieties, with an extra rubber border accent. DigiPrint™ promotional mats have no minimum order quantity and are designed with no set-up fee.

Materials and Options for Custom Doormats and Floor Mats

Choosing the perfect personalized doormats for your business is easy when you work with 4AllPromos. Our doormats come in a variety of sizes to fit your space. The 2’ X 3’ inlay logo mats are perfect for welcoming friends and family at the front door of your home. Our larger polyester personalized mats are a great lobby or waiting room option.

Materials for Branded Floor Mats

The materials our custom doormats are made from ensure durability, water retention, slip resistance, and maintain long-lasting colors. The mats in our collection are made from materials like:

  • Eco-friendly PET yarn (polyethylene)
  • Thermoplastics
  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Polypropylene

4AllPromos PET yarn products are made from recycled plastic bottles. You can associate your brand with eco-friendly values by choosing this material.

Doormat Colors

You can easily create personalized floor mats that suit your brand with our wide selection of colors. Choose from black, white, blue, green, off-white, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, or yellow for the base of your custom doormat.

Our floor mats are printed to match your brand’s image. To personalize your mat further, You can customize it with various fonts or clip art designs. 

Customization Methods for Commercial Floor Mats and Doormats

Your custom doormats will be printed differently depending on the style of mat that you choose. 

Digitally printed door mats offer photographic quality images that are treated with special dyes to ensure that the designs you select don't fade over time.

Custom inlay logo mats are made up of several small pieces of your design, arranged together in a manner reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle. This method allows your logo to be clear and sharp, even over the 3-dimensional texture of the mat. 

Molded logo designs take thermoplastics and mold them into rubber surfaces to convey colorful logos into floor mats and door mats. Colors hold fast and are resistant to chemical and sun damage. These custom door mats work well indoors and outdoors. 

Custom Floor Mats Make Your Entrance a Step Above the Rest 

Make your space stand out with custom floor mats and promotional doormats. 4Allpromos has sizes, materials, and design options to satisfy the foot traffic needs of homes and businesses. Our custom mats keep guests safer and your place cleaner. 

Bring your business space together and step into branded style with your message and logo on custom floor mats. 

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