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Whether you’re looking for custom golf umbrellas for your tournament event or want personalized sports shirts with your logo, our vast selection of promotional products has everything you need. We even have sets and kits with customized tees, divot tools, headcovers, and other various golf gifts.

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Nearly everyone knows that golf is one of the best stress relievers on the planet: it's a relaxing sport that brings to mind warmth and camaraderie. Everyone enjoys a nice breezy day on a perfectly manicured green, chatting with their friends and engaging in a bit of light-spirited competition.

It's no wonder that golf is one of the most popular American pastimes, and it's a proven winner when it comes to raising money for charity. Many high-stakes deals have been forged on the green - in fact, nearly every American president has been an avid golfer! With so many players all across the country, there's an enormous market for golf gifts, which spells excellent visibility for your product or brand.

Golf promotional items are ideal for use as corporate outings, charity event swag, gift baskets, and so much more. Need wholesale golf items for your store or pro shop? We have just what you're looking for, including bulk golf balls by some of the top brands, such as Wilson and Titleist.

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Custom Golf Balls & Accessories

Golf Gift Sets

Custom Golf Balls & Accessories

Impress customers and colleagues with golf promotional items like bags, towels, umbrellas, and tees. Our selection features top brands such as Callaway, Titleist, Wilson, and more. You can even add your own message to these promo items, making them ideal for your next charity tournament or luncheon.

Personalized Golf Balls

Looking for a way to promote your brand on the course? Add your company name or slogan to our logo-printed golf balls (opens in a new window). Choose from numerous name brands, including Wilson, Titleist, Pinnacle, and more. These high-quality balls are ideal for everything from casual play to professional tournaments. Plus, they make a great addition to any golf-themed swag bag, too. We also offer wholesale golf balls (opens in a new window) for pro shops and larger giveaway events.

Custom Golf Towels

Nobody wants to deal with sweat while under the warm sun, especially if you're forging a potential corporate partnership over a few rounds. A sweaty visage is simply not a good look, and it can also really take you out of the moment and throw you off your game. That's why so many people appreciate a soft microfiber cloth to dab their brow while waiting their turn.

Our selection of customizable towels gives you the chance to thank those who mean the most to your team in a small but helpful way. Choose from a variety of thicknesses, absorbencies, and colors - we even have options with clips that can attach to a golf bag or key ring.

These towels aren't just handy on the links: they're invaluable everywhere that you go. Whether working on the car, heading out to the gym, or drying your hands after gardening, fingertip towels and rally towels are the gift that just keeps giving. Your recipients will appreciate the utility of this product, and they'll keep you in mind whether they're puttering around the house or working on their putting.

Add your slogan or other message in a variety of different fonts. Best of all, our personalized logo golf towels (opens in a new window) are great for other applications, such as use at local gyms and sporting events.

Wholesale Golf Tees

Personalized golf tees (opens in a new window) are a great way to advertise your brand to golf-loving customers. Just add your company name or slogan for a memorable promotional product that all golf fans are sure to enjoy. With a wide range of colors and styles available, it's easy to find the best one to represent your business. Choose classy black for an upscale event, or select a cheery yellow for a youth function. Bold fonts make sure that everyone will be thinking about your products or services each time they ready themselves for a hole-in-one.

If you want to take things a step further, you can also opt for custom ball-and-tee sets or luxury scorecard kits imprinted with your unique design. There are so many different options to choose from that selecting only one might be the most difficult part! If you're having trouble deciding what's best for your particular circumstances, don't hesitate to reach out - we're always happy to help!

Promotional Golf Shirts

Keeping a professional appearance is important no matter where you go, and branded sports shirts are a wonderful option. Whether you are looking for a basic sports shirt for employees to wear while on the job or a great collared shirt to use as a giveaway item for customers, we have numerous colors and designs available. There are even specialized sizes for both men and women, plus several moisture-wicking styles. We also offer top-quality custom Callaway golf shirts (opens in a new window) imprinted with your business name. With so many different options to choose from, it's easy to fill up your own wardrobe or outfit your entire staff!

Printed apparel is also an awesome option for charity events, as you can demonstrate your support for your given cause while still having a great time. Choose pink for breast cancer awareness or green for environmental causes - the opportunities to support your favorite social movement are endless! These beautiful shirts combine classy designs with high-tech fabrics to keep competitors cool and fashionable.

Custom Bag Tags

Serious golfers understand the importance of marking your golf bag with your name to help prevent theft or loss – especially if you carry your clubs on a plane or during travel. Our extensive selection of promotional golf bag tags (opens in a new window) allows you to choose from a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Plus, you can add your design or contact information for added marketing opportunities.

These also make a flawless addition to a trade show gift bag, golf-themed giveaway basket, or charity tournament auction item. Simply put, the possibilities for giving out these nifty tags are almost endless!

Bulk Divot Tools

Nobody wants to leave a beautiful golf course damaged, which is why many golfers carry divot tools in their bags. Help them remember your name by customizing one of our high-quality custom logo-printed divot tools (opens in a new window). We offer styles in aluminum, plastic, and more to help meet your budget and price point. Our selection also includes multi-tool sets that combine various items that are appropriate for carrying on the green. These are great for promoting pro shops, bars, restaurants, or virtually any other organization. You can also use them as a way to thank a customer for their patronage, as part of an overall holiday package, or in a grab bag at a trade show.

Embroidered Golf Headcovers

Keeping expensive golf clubs in pristine condition is important, but sometimes carelessness or the weather can make it impossible. Help your business associates out by offering them a set of customizable embroidered golf headcovers (opens in a new window). Choose from embroidered or printed designs featuring your logo, slogan, contact information, or other messages. There are numerous color and style options to pick from, all of which pair well with many of our other products to create an ideal golf-themed gift basket for golf tournaments or other events.

Golf Umbrellas

When the links are scorching hot, and the clubhouse is too far away, there's nothing a tired golfer wants more than a bit of shade. Thankfully, you can provide just that with one of our promotional golf umbrellas, which are built tough enough to handle anything that mother nature might throw your client's way! These oversized umbrellas have a 62" circumference, meaning that multiple sportsmen can enjoy its shade while waiting for their turn at the hole. An excellent raffle item at a charity event, or simply as a thoughtful gift to your biggest supporters. Given its generous size, this is a great opportunity for some high-visibility advertising.

Golf Gift Sets

Looking for a unique giveaway item for your business? Our custom golf gift sets (opens in a new window) make a great impression and help keep your company name on the minds of your stakeholders. Choose from our unbeatable inventory of options, including those with tees, divot tools, first aid kits, and so much more. Even better, our customizable gift sets offer the opportunity to choose multiple items all packaged together in a convenient set. Many include a handy bag where your grateful clients can toss their lip balm, cell phone, and scorecard for added convenience.

Golf Cooler Sets

There's nothing more satisfying than hitting the course on a sunny day, but that sometimes means you need to work harder to stay hydrated. Luckily, our company logo golf coolers (opens in a new window) are the perfect functional gift idea. We offer sets in various colors, sizes, and styles, including those with added golf tees and balls for a fun thank you or holiday gift idea. Plus, they are fully customizable to allow you to add your message or brand name directly on the outside. Toss the cooler bag, filled with ice-cold drinks, in the back of the cart during golf outings, and you'll never need to run back to the clubhouse for more water in the middle of your game.

Custom Sports Bottle Gift Sets

Hydration is essential on the golf course, and there's no easier way to make this happen than with promotional sports bottle gift sets (opens in a new window). 4AllPromos offers a variety of unique gift sets that feature water bottles, sports towels, sunglasses, and even backpacks. Choose the design and color that best represents your business and add your design. These sets are ideal for a charity golf tournament, corporate event, or tradeshow. Everyone will remember your golf outing for years to come when they receive a commemorative gift they can use every time they head out to the green.

Having trouble picking out golf swag? Reach out to the experts at 4AllPromos!

Having been in the promo business for years, we know exactly what golf enthusiasts need when they step out onto the green. We've helped countless companies promote their brand through towels, umbrellas, bags, and more! We're more than happy to explain any step of the ordering process for you and to discuss exactly what you need for your promotional golf products. Feel free to ask us which imprint method works best, where to place your business logo, or what colors will work best with your design - we're here to help!