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Branded Acrylic Paperweights for Office Items & Awards

Promotional Paperweights in Bulk

Our custom paperweights make excellent promotional products and giveaway items for clients, employees, and anyone in your target audience. Made from materials such as crystal, acrylic, and glass and coming in an assortment of shapes and sizes, our collection offers a lot of options. Take a look at the unique paperweights on this page, available at prices to fit all budgets, to find the models that best fit your promotional needs.  

Custom Printed & Photo Paperweights with Company Logo

Shop and search the grand array of promotional paperweights on this page to find the best versions to use as giveaways, awards, and promo products for your organization. These high quality paperweights will go far in advertising any brand or individual who's gone above and beyond in their service and product quality. They're also great when it comes to recognizing a special achievement or spreading your message in a way that nobody can miss. Read on to learn more about the different styles of wholesale paperweights available on our site.

Custom Paperweights - Styles & Features

There are many different styles of promotional paperweights in our collection that create a beautiful and memorable way to gain attention for your brand at trade shows, in the office, and beyond. In addition to their proficiency in holding papers, they can also provide a perfect tool for showing off your brand, its message, and any key achievement for years to come. 

When you search & shop our styles, you'll find results such as wholesale novelty paperweights, unique paperweights for elegant awards, low and no minimum order models, bulk magnetic paperweights, and much more. 

Promotional Paperweights - Materials

Our set of wholesale paperweight products provides a wide range of choice when it comes to materials. We have several kinds of promotional acrylic paperweights, beautiful personalized glass paperweights, laser engraved custom crystal paperweights, and even promotional gold plated paperweights

Branded Paperweights for Giveaways & Award Items - Shapes

Of course, part of the variety plan is offering custom paperweights in most any sort of shape you can think of. These are items that will be around for years, seen every day in the office, at home, on desks, or wherever else they're ultimately placed. Whether they're given out to help employees & clients hold down papers, given as awards for employees of the month, handed out to recognize top quality service, or used to impress the crowd at events, we have the perfect products for you. 

Shop our custom rectangular paperweights, assorted personalized round paperweights, fun branded star shaped paperweights, custom paperweights with pictures that have platform bases, and more.

Personalized Photo Paperweights in Full Color

Looking for the sort of custom paperweights that are extra unique? You'll get results when you invest in our full color promotional photo paperweights. These highly memorable promotional paperweights are decorated with photo art that will look great sitting on any desk, service area, or location where customers and employees alike will be able to see them. 

Available at different prices to fit different budget needs, these personalized logo photo paperweights make a great award, promotional product, or just a fun and creative way to advertise your company and its achievements.   

Design Your Own Wholesale Paperweights

Whether being used as an award, promo product, or custom giveaway, our promotional paperweights are a great way to build awareness for your organization. We have multiple styles of personalized engraved paperweights made from a variety of material choices. Laser engraving creates bold and attractive designs that will last for years to come. Looking for custom paperweights at lower prices? We also have company logo printed paperweights that will perform very well as an award or promotional product on behalf of your business.