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If you're looking for the best custom notebooks & personalized journals in bulk, you've come to the right place! We offer eco-friendly custom recycled journals & notebooks, handy cheap mini pocket notebooks in bulk, low minimum order personalized engraved journals, premium promotional leather journal books, unique custom debossed journals & notebooks and much more!

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When you buy promotional journals & notebooks in bulk (or in low minimum order quantities) from 4AllPromos, you're met with a vast selection. We have personalized notebooks and custom logo imprinted journals in many colors, shapes, sizes, styles, materials, textures, and decorations. Since our offerings are so extensive, we've decided to write up a comprehensive guide to the different styles of personalized journals & wholesale notebooks available for purchase on our site. Read on to learn more.

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Different Types of Promotional Notebooks

As the title of this section would indicate, there are many different kinds of promotional notebooks available at 4AllPromos. No matter your needs, we have something for everyone. The next 14 paragraphs will delve deeper into the various varieties of our wholesale notebooks, so get ready to become a notebook expert.

Custom Mini Notebooks

Working on a budget or looking for a simple yet effective promotional giveaway item? Then we suggest going with our cheap promotional mini notebooks. These small notebooks with logo imprints are handy items that will see daily use and therefore create daily advertising impressions.

Personalized Jotter Pads

Now it's time to meet our bulk jotter pads. If you're unfamiliar with this term, jotter pads are like notebooks, but smaller than most. They may or may not have lined pages and are often used more to take down immediate information than for taking academic notes. Our wholesale jotter pads are effective promotional products for nearly any industry.

Promotional Writing Pads

Our custom logo imprinted writing pads aren't quite notebooks and they're not quite jotters. Typically, a writing pad will consist of several sheets of lined paper that are inserted into one side of a portfolio, binder, or zippered notebook.

Custom Sticky Flag Books

Sticky flag notebooks are useful for students taking notes in class while also collecting numbers for texting, professionals who need to both record research data while keeping personal affairs in order, and everyone in between. As you'd guess from their name, our bulk sticky flag notebooks are promotional notebooks that are equipped with sticky notes. They can safely accommodate detailed notes for long-term studying and on-the-fly information that's only needed for a brief moment.

Cheap Tally Books in Bulk

So what is a tally book? Tally books are personal notebooks that are typically used by people with outdoor occupations who continually need to record changing numbers and statistics. Surveyors, electric company workers, animal conservationists, and many more people with outdoorsy careers will find our wholesale tally books to be highly useful. In turn, your company will find the constant stream of brand promotion to be quite beneficial.

Wholesale Spiral Bound Notebooks

Most everyone is familiar with the items we're covering in this paragraph. Our personalized spiral bound notebooks feature covers and pages that feature 3 holes through which wound metal rings pass to keep everything together. While it only passes through the three holes, the spiral binding runs the full length of a notebook.

Similar to the promotional mini notebooks described a few paragraphs earlier, our custom pocket notebooks are small in size and easy to bring just about anywhere. Typically, pocket notebooks represent the smallest notebooks of all. Buy our cheap pocket notebooks in bulk and you'll be armed with a promotional giveaway item that will disappear quickly from your booth at trade shows, and then appear in virtually all other areas of the venue. Every time a buyer or other attendee whips out your customized pocket notebook to take down a number or name, your company logo imprint will be seen by all.

Personalized Tablet Portfolios

Some of our larger notebooks are our custom tablet portfolio notebooks. They're designed to be large enough to hold tablets and e-readers, while also containing lined writing pads, interior organizers, business card slots, and more.

Promotional Meeting Notebooks

When hosting or attending job fairs, networking events, seminars, or company meetings, you'll want to be able to hand something out that everyone will be able to use immediately. Enter our bulk meeting notebooks. These custom business logo imprinted notebooks fold open to provide a small pad of lined paper, perfect for taking notes without adding unneeded bulk to lug around.

Personalized Curve Notebooks

When you want to offer users a measure of extra security and some style to go along with it, you can't go wrong with our promotional curve notebooks. Available in multiple sizes, our custom curve notebooks have a folding tab style closure, ensuring the safety of the items held within. They're also bright and colorful, creating an artistic backdrop for your personalized logo design.

Wholesale Cardholder Notebooks

Perfect for job fairs and networking events, our custom printed card holder notebooks offer both space for taking notes as well as pockets for holding business cards. They're also useful for holding ID cards and company badges.

Custom Refillable Notebooks

The one and only potential weakness of promotional notebooks is their relatively limited lifespan. Once they're out of paper, they tend to be discarded. This isn't worry when it comes to our promotional refillable notebooks. These notebooks are designed to accommodate new sheets of paper after all of the originals have been used up, allowing users to keep displaying your personalized logo imprint for years.

Cheap Saddle Stitched Notebooks in Bulk

If you haven't heard the term "saddle stitch" before, you're likely not alone. Saddle stitching is the process of setting a (usually) large group of folded pages together and then stapling them together for binding into one unit. Picture a folding sheet of paper; you'll note that it creates four separate pages - two on the inside, and two on the outside. Then imagine several of these being fit together and then stapled. If you can follow that, you now know what saddle stitching is. Our wholesale saddle stitched notebooks are affordable, conveniently sized, and versatile to the point of having nearly limitless uses.

Wholesale Marble Notebooks

To create an especially dignified and refined appearance, some of our personalized notebooks have marble patterns on their covers. Our personalized marble notebooks come in both hard and soft cover versions, allowing you to create the look and feel of your choice.

Different Styles of Personalized Journals

As is the case with our custom notebooks, our promotional journals are also available in several different styles and formats. To decide which is the best fit for your business, take a quick spin through the next 7 paragraphs and get to know our customizable journals on a deeper level.

Promotional Hardcover Journals

For a long-lasting, solid, and durable giveaway item, we highly recommend our customized hard cover journals. These personalized journals have a sturdy and stoic feel, allowing users to feel extra safe and secure while recording their most intimate thoughts.

It's entirely possible for one to be both soft and strong at the same time. Few better examples of this philosophy exist than our promotional soft cover journals. When you buy logo imprinted soft cover journals in bulk from 4AllPromos, you'll have a giveaway item in your hands that can be imprinted or debossed with your company logo design. Multiple materials exist, allowing these journals to range from discount to premium in nature & style.

Custom High Tech Journals

The digital revolution has managed to permeate nearly every area of life. This creates an opportunity to market existing products in new ways and to win over fans & loyal customers in the process. Our promotional USB journals are a prime example. Each offers a classic notebook, augmented by way of an attached flash drive. They enable users to keep their hard copies and digital files in synch, all the while showing off your company logo and its technical savvy.

Wholesale Spiral Bound Journals

Do you remember the spiral bound notebooks we discussed earlier? Buying our cheap spiral bound journals in bulk will present a similar scenario. A tight metal spiral column runs the length of each of these journals, holding everything together cover-to-cover by way of three punched holes through which the spiral binding runs.

Personalized Bound Journals

If spiral bound isn't your style, maybe you'd be interested in meeting our promotional bound journals. A bound journal features pages that are compressed together and attached at the inner, cover-facing end via an extremely strong adhesive. These present more of a book style experience, with pages turning in a similar manner.

Promotional Marble Cover Journals

For a touch of elegance and class, we suggest having your customized business logo design imprinted onto our wholesale marble cover journals. Available in different sizes and textures, they have an official, dignified look, communicating that your business is high class all the way.

Custom Refillable Journals

Many of our personalized journals for businesses come with refillable paper compartments. These allow users to continue writing in the same journals even after the original paper runs out. Our refillable journals with personalized logo imprints offer added longevity to your giveaways and as a result, extended exposure for your brand.

Best Promotional Journal & Notebook Brands

You'll find nothing but the best when it comes to the brand names of the journals and notebooks available at 4AllPromos. In the event that you're unfamiliar with some of the names that you see, you can read the following section, which highlights some of the most prominent producers.

Promotional Appeel® Journals & Custom Appeel Notebooks

All of our custom Appeel journals and wholesale Appeel notebooks are designed to be of the highest quality while using eco-friendly production methods. When you want to do a favor both for brand awareness and the environment, going for an Appeel® brand journal or notebook is a plan that can't fail.

Custom Sweda® Notebooks

The high quality of Sweda® promotional products speaks for itself. Still, we'd like to get a little more specific by discussing our promotional Sweda notebooks come in many different styles and sizes. They offer something for nearly everybody, so we highly encourage you to take a look at see all of the different functions & features they have to offer.

Wholesale Clear-View® Notebooks

A stylish an attractive option, our bulk Clear-View® notebooks with logo imprints feature translucent covers to really bring your logo imprint to life. They have a sleek, modern style which makes them a great fit for tech firms, web design companies, and the artistically inclined.

Personalized Horsens® Notebooks

Enjoy the Danish-inspired charm and sophistication presented by our custom logo printed Horsens® notebooks. These are designed for the user on the go, with a stylus pen, ballpoint pen, and writing pad coming along with every model.

Stoic and to-the-point in tone and design, our promotional Cannon® notebooks are promotional writing giveaway items that never go out of style. We carry Cannon notebooks in the form of custom 5 x 8 notebooks and personalized 3 x 5 notebooks.

Custom Moleskine® Journals

Moleskine® is a well-known and highly respected producer of notebooks, journals, bags, and many other items that are needed on a daily basis. We carry personalized Moleskine journals that are as stylish as they are sturdy & dependable. They make excellent corporate promotional gifts and premium trade show giveaway items.

Personalized Tucson® Journals

Tucson journals by Castelli® have a time-tested reputation for quality, style, and versatility. That's why we're proud to offer wholesale Tuscon journals on our site each and every day. These personalized high-end journal gifts come in many materials, colors, and fashions to fit the tastes of individual companies & recipients.

Promotional Neoskin® Journals

Available in hard cover and soft cover forms, our custom Neoskin® journals are smooth, chic, sleek, and ready for action. While most have a decidedly modern look, they can also nail the rustic style just as well.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Notebooks & Custom Recycled Journals

Who said it's not easy being green? You can be green while you make green when you invest in our custom notebooks made from recycled materials and promotional recycled journals for giveaways.

Promotional Notebooks - Materials

Our personalized notebooks for giveaways & promotions are made from a variety of different materials. Cost, texture, appearance, intended use, and ability to best display your logo design are all factors that can lead to one material being the best to fit your needs. In the following four paragraphs, we'll discuss some of our most prominent notebook materials.

Custom Leather Notebooks

For a formal and decidedly official look, few items are better than our personalized leather notebooks. Made from genuine premium leather, these customized notebooks are great for legal firms, official state agencies, and corporate executive gifts.

Personalized Leatherette Notebooks

If you desire the style and clout of a leather notebook but want something a little more animal-friendly, we suggest considering our custom faux leather notebooks. With a look and feel very similar to actual leather, these are a great alternative for environmental agencies, nature museums, recycling centers, and gift shops.

Wholesale Kraft Paper Notebooks

Kraft paper is a form of paper stock that is especially sturdy and flexible. Our promotional Kraft paper notebooks are durable and ready to handle what comes their way. They resist damage and foul weather better than traditional notebooks and take ink extremely well.

Promotional Bamboo Notebooks

Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy the exotic style of our customized bamboo notebooks. They have a unique appearance and smooth texture that makes them a conversation piece wherever they're seen. As said conversations are transpiring, everyone who participates or passes by will be exposed to your personalized business logo design, displayed prominently across the front cover.

Wholesale Journals - Materials

Enjoy the power of choice when shopping for personalized journals at 4AllPromos. Our journals are made from a menagerie of different materials, each with its own set of virtues and advantages. We'll quickly lay out some of the most popular journal materials along with links to examples of each.

Personalized Brushed Metal Journals

Looking for low minimum order journal gifts that can be personalized to be presented to a select few? If so, our custom brushed metal journals are definitely the way to go. These personalized journal gifts are highly unique and can be engraved to include your logo, customized message, or in some cases both.

Promotional Leather Journals

When looking for the best corporate gifts for employees or promotional giveaways for a high-end business, you'll be hard-pressed to find an alternative better than our wholesale leather journals. They have an accomplished, educated look that make them a great option for corporate graduation gifts & custom retirement gift giveaways.

Custom Faux Leather Journals

Does your love of leather conflict with your strong love for animals? If this happens to be the case, we can ease your troubles by offering a product that will indulge both. Our promotional leatherette journal giveaways offer the classic look and feel of leather in a material that contains no animal products whatsoever.

Cheap Promotional Cardboard Journals

Sometimes an affordable promotional product is the best course of action. This is particularly true when you're buying in large quantities, perhaps for tradeshow giveaways. When confronted with this situation, you can always buy our cheap cardboard journals in bulk. Don't let their low prices fool you. These are high quality journal gifts that will do your logo proud every time.

Promotional Notebooks & Custom Journals - Closures

One of the many features that helps to distinguish one kind of journal or notebook apart from the others is the closure mechanism. Whether it's for privacy reasons or document security, it's important to have a closure style that best fits the needs of your business and its target audience.

Promotional Journals with Locking Closure

Keep important files, business contact information, and personal secrets safe and secure with personalized locking journals. The preceding link goes to our Hampton JournalBook, which features a double pen loop locking closure.

Custom Magnetic Closure Notebooks & Journals

Help users keep their files neat, clean, and secure with our promotional journals & notebooks with magnetic closure. Without locks , zippers, or clips, these can just be folded to a close. The magnetic surfaces of the inner and outer flaps will keep these journals and notebooks close and their contents safe and sound.

Wholesale Elastic Closure Journals & Notebooks

A popular securing method for many of our smaller models is an elastic closure. Our promotional elastic closure notebooks & journals feature an elastic band which slips over the unit to keep covers closed and pages from being exposed while not in use. They're easy to manipulate and despite their small and soft nature, are quite sturdy.

Promotional Flap Closure Notebooks

Our wholesale flap closure notebooks encompass a broad number of styles, with many sub-categories existing. These can contain one flap or two. Some feature snap buttons, others simply fold into each other, some are of the tuck design (more on that in the next paragraph), while others employ magnetic surfaces. The utility and visual appeal of this style are two of the reasons why there are so many different varieties.

One sub-category within the world of flap closures consists of bulk tuck notebooks & journals. These models typically have a flap that can be folded up and over the outer edge of the journal or notebook. This flap is then tucked into a slot on the top surface of the notebook, keeping it nice and snug.

Promotional Folding Notebooks

An affordable, efficient, and highly popular promotional product area is represented by our cheap custom folding notebooks. They simply open and close just like a regular academic notebook would. Sometimes the simple things are the best, and this promotional notebook style is ample proof. Affordable and useful, they make excellent trade show giveaway items.

Promotional Zip Closure Notebooks

When users have notebooks that need to carry heavier loads or extremely important items, there are few better choices than our custom logo printed notebooks with zippered closures. The zipper runs along the sides of the notebook, keeping it tightly sealed tightly against the outer binding. They're a great option for weatherproof notebooks, folders, and portfolios that can deliver an extra measure of toughness to protect the most important files and documents.

Wholesale Novelty Notebooks & Custom Novelty Journals

We know that promotional journals and notebooks aren't the most exotic, enthralling, or meme-tastic topics in the world. Still, there's more to them than just the practical, utility considerations. Putting a smile on someone's face or injecting a little bit of fun into their day can go a long way into kindling powerful emotional bonds and customer loyalty. Our novelty journals and notebooks are just one way to tap into this potential.

Promotional Novelty Notebooks

Give your employees, students, customers, and target audience a dose of mirth with our wholesale novelty notebooks. The link just before this sentence will bring you to a page showing our college hoodie shaped notebooks and notebooks in the shape of scrubs. These fun personalized notebooks make great promotional products for college bookstores, hospital gift shops, medical colleges, office supply stores, and more.

Personalized Novelty Journals in Bulk

Our wholesale journals with logo imprints can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether they're utilized on the job or kept as an outlet for private thoughts, they're going to obtain daily advertising impressions for your brand. Make an especially great and lasting impression with our promotional novelty journals. The link (which opens in a new tab, so you won't be taken off of this page) goes to our customized Color Changing Journals. They react to heat, especially body heat from the hand, to shift from color to color right before your eyes.

Design Your Own Promotional Journals & Notebooks

If a promotional product doesn't feature any company branding elements, it's not much of a promotional product. After all, the whole point is to get people to see your brand name and make positive associations with the high quality nature of your product giveaways. Still, there are quite a few different ways to go when you want to design your own custom notebooks and journals. We'll share four of the most common methods in the following paragraphs.

Custom Engraved Journals

Our custom engraved journal gifts are excellent low minimum order promotional giveaway items. Each features your company logo or personalized message, engraved into the surface of the journal for a design that will not fade, chip, or blur with time. This is one of the best routes to take when you wish to create a promotional item that will last a lifetime.

Promotional Debossed Notebooks & Wholesale Debossed Journals

While not as famous as embossing, debossing is a great method to decorate a customizable promotional product with your logo design. Rather than embossing, which involves the creation of an elevated design, debossing makes a mark that penetrates the surface of an item. Our custom debossed notebooks and personalized debossed journals offer a three-dimensional design that will stand the test of time. As far as imprinting methods go, this one is of the strong, silent stripe, yet it certainly makes some noise to promote your business.

Full Color Printed Journals & Notebooks with Logos

Bring your designs to life with the beauty of full color imprinting! Also known as 4-color process printing, this is a method that creates logo designs in multiple colors and with a speedy production period. Our promotional full color logo imprinted journals and our promotional full color imprinted notebooks reel in the visual traffic with a stimulating effect that few can resist.

Wholesale Cheap Screen Printed Journals & Notebooks

One of the most affordable and popular ways to create company branded promotional products is screen printing. Also known as silk screening, this is a process in which special screens are cut in specific shapes to match a given design. One color is poured through at a time. Due to this, production times can be a bit longer, which is why when buying many of our cheap screen printed journals and notebooks in bulk, a one color design comes standard. Multiple colors can be added, but with longer production times.

Promotional Journal & Notebook Gift Sets

Finding the right gift can always be a difficult thing. It's hard enough with family and friends, but can be even more difficult when it comes to employees, customers, bosses, and business contacts. After all, you want to show your appreciation, but an overly sentimental gift might make things a tad uncomfortable for some people. Fortunately, our personalized notebook and journal gift sets are here to save the day. We'll tell you a little bit about some of them now.

Custom Journals with Pens

One great idea for a corporate gift giveaway would be our promotional journal & pen sets. These run the gamut from discount to premium, but no matter which style you go with, you can rest assured that you're sending a promotional gift that will see plenty of use and create an atmosphere of goodwill and appreciation.

Personalized Luxury Journal Gift Sets

Is there someone really special on your holiday or birthday shopping list? Is this special someone a fan of writing with an appreciation for the finer things in life? If the answer is yes, we have just what you need. Our corporate premium journal gift sets feature a deluxe personalized journal, travel mug, Thermos®, folding bin, and premium hot cocoa mix. They're great promotional gifts with items that can be used the whole year through.

Promotional Notebook & Pen Sets

Does your business want to offer a personalized corporate gift that's utilitarian yet engaging at the same time? If so, our customized notebooks with pens are promotional products that you'll want to become acquainted with. They're a gift to be simple, a gift to be free as a promotional giveaway item or personalized employee present.

Bulk Adult Coloring Notebooks

No matter how old a person gets, there will still be some degree of the whimsical and imaginative heart and mind of a child still lying inside. Help users to embrace this with our promotional adult coloring books. Our wholesale adult coloring notebooks with logo imprints are great for relieving stress, expressing creativity, and creating an opportunity for some therapeutic fun. They're a great promotional product idea for bookstores, office supply stores, hospitals, convalescent homes, occupational therapists, art supply stores, or virtually any business with a waiting room.