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If you're looking for the best custom notebooks & personalized journals in bulk, you've come to the right place! We offer eco-friendly custom recycled journals & notebooks, handy cheap mini pocket notebooks in bulk, low minimum order personalized engraved journals, premium promotional leather journal books, and much more!

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When you buy promotional journals & personalized notebooks in bulk (or in low minimum order quantities) from 4AllPromos, you're met with a vast selection. We have notebooks and custom logo imprinted journals in many colors, shapes, sizes, styles, materials, textures, and decorations. The perfect journal or business logo printed notebook can help users to stay organized, enjoy personal growth, save important information, and much more. Since our offerings are so extensive, we've decided to write up a comprehensive guide to the different styles of personalized journals & wholesale notebooks we sell. Read on to learn more.

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Different Types of Promotional Notebooks

Different Styles of Personalized Journals

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Different Types of Promotional Notebooks


Custom Mini Notebooks

Working on a budget or looking for a simple yet effective promotional giveaway item? Then we suggest going with our cheap promotional mini notebooks. These small custom notebooks with logo imprints are handy items that will see daily use and therefore create daily advertising impressions. They're available both with blank pages and with lined pages. They're available both with blank pages and with lined pages and come at a low price to aid customers in journaling while sticking to a budget.

Personalized Jotter Pads

Our custom logo imprinted writing pads aren't quite notebooks and they're not quite jotters. Typically, a writing pad will consist of several sheets of lined paper that are inserted into one side of a portfolio, binder, or zippered notebook. They lay flat for easy and simple storage and make for a great low cost planner option.

Promotional Writing Pads

Our custom logo imprinted writing pads aren't quite notebooks and they're not quite jotters. Typically, a writing pad will consist of several sheets of lined paper that are inserted into one side of a portfolio, binder, or zippered notebook.

Wholesale Spiral Bound Notebooks

Most everyone is familiar with the items we're covering in this paragraph. Our personalized spiral bound notebooks feature covers and pages that feature 3 holes through which wound metal rings pass to keep everything together. While it only passes through the three holes, the spiral binding runs the full length of a notebook. These custom notebook items are useful for keeping track of data, writing down ideas, artwork practice, creating lists of "to dos" and much more. Want to customize your own notebook with graph paper? We have models that allow you to do just that.

Custom Logo Printed Pocket Notebooks

Similar to the promotional mini notebooks described a few paragraphs earlier, our custom pocket notebooks are small in size and easy to bring just about anywhere. Typically, pocket notebooks represent the smallest notebooks of all. Buy our cheap pocket notebooks in bulk and you'll be armed with a promotional giveaway item that will disappear quickly from your booth at trade shows, and then appear in virtually all other areas of the venue. These custom notebooks can function as practical planner books, with your company logo added for a branded special touch.

Promotional Meeting Notebooks

When hosting or attending job fairs, networking events, seminars, or company meetings, you'll want to be able to hand something out that everyone will be able to use immediately. Enter our bulk meeting notebooks. These high quality custom business logo imprinted notebooks fold open to provide a small pad of lined paper, perfect for taking notes without adding unneeded bulk to lug around. Blank and lined pages are available, allowing you to customize each to fit user needs.

Personalized Curve Notebooks

When you want to offer users a measure of extra security and some style to go along with it, you can't go wrong with our promotional curve notebooks. Available in multiple sizes, our custom curve notebooks have a folding tab style closure, ensuring the safety of the items held within. They're also bright and colorful, creating an artistic backdrop for your personalized logo design. This custom notebook style offers some artistic inspiration, with many a page available for jotting notes or sketching out artwork ideas.

Wholesale Cardholder Notebooks

Perfect for job fairs and networking events, our custom printed card holder notebooks offer both space for taking notes as well as pockets for holding business cards. They're also useful for holding ID cards and company badges. Each can be created with your unique branding. Our talented team of artists will be happy to help you bring any and all ideas to life.

Custom Refillable Notebooks

The one and only potential weakness of promotional notebooks and related stationery items is their relatively limited lifespan. Once they're out of paper, they tend to be discarded. This isn't a worry when it comes to our promotional refillable notebooks. These notebooks are designed to accommodate new sheets of paper after all of the originals have been used up, allowing users to keep displaying your personalized logo imprint for years. Pages with lined and blank page styles are available, so be sure to search our collection for the model that suits your company best.

Wholesale Marble Notebooks

To create an especially dignified and refined appearance, some of our personalized notebooks have marble patterns on their covers. Our personalized marble notebooks come in both hard and soft cover versions, allowing you to create the look and feel of your choice. They're a hit with kids and adults alike, allowing for some time away from computer screens to work on writing assignments or just sketching for fun.

Different Styles of Personalized Journals

Promotional Hardcover Journals

For a long-lasting, solid, and durable giveaway item, we highly recommend our customized hard cover journals. These personalized journals have a sturdy and stoic feel, allowing users to feel extra safe and secure while recording their most intimate thoughts. A custom travel journal, decorated with your customized images, makes a perfect tool for immortalizing vacation memories or to help users to more easily jot down lines of information while on the go.

Custom Logo Printed Soft Cover Journals

It's entirely possible for one to be both soft and strong at the same time. Few better examples of this philosophy exist than our promotional soft cover journals. When you buy logo imprinted soft cover journals in bulk from 4AllPromos, you'll have a custom journal in your hands that can be imprinted or debossed with your company logo design. Multiple materials exist, allowing these items to range from discount to premium in nature & style. This journal style can be found with both blank and lined interior pages. Uniquely designed for your audience, these can make excellent diary gifts.

Custom High Tech Journals

The digital revolution has managed to permeate nearly every area of the world. Our promotional USB journals are a prime example. Each offers a classic notebook, augmented by way of an attached flash drive. They enable users to keep their hard copies and digital files in synch, all the while showing off your company logo and its technical savvy.

Promotional Leather Journals

When looking for the best corporate gifts for employees or promotional giveaways for a high-end business, you'll be hard-pressed to find an alternative better than our wholesale leather journals. This journal variety has an accomplished, educated look that makes it a great option for corporate graduation gifts & custom retirement gift giveaways.

Custom Faux Leather Journals

Does your love of leather conflict with your strong love for animals? If this happens to be the case, we can ease your troubles by offering a product that will indulge both. Our promotional leatherette journal giveaways offer the classic look and feel of leather in a material that contains no animal products whatsoever. Print or engrave each with your branded design.

Wholesale Spiral Bound Journals

Do you remember the spiral bound notebooks we discussed earlier? Buying our cheap spiral bound journals in bulk will present a similar scenario. A tight metal spiral column runs the length of each, holding the pages together cover-to-cover by way of three punched holes through which the spiral binding runs.

Personalized Bound Journals

If spiral bound isn't your style, maybe you'd be interested in meeting our promotional bound journals. A bound journal features pages that are compressed together and attached at the inner, cover-facing end via an extremely strong adhesive. These present more of a book style experience, with each page turning in a similar manner.

Promotional Marble Cover Journals

For a touch of elegance and class, we suggest you customize your business emblem sign onto our wholesale marble cover journals. Available in different sizes and textures, they have an official, dignified look, giving a clear sign that your business is high class all the way.

Custom Refillable Journals

Many of the journal items in our collection come with refillable paper compartments. These allow users to continue writing in the same journals even after the original paper runs out. Our refillable journals with personalized logo imprints offer added longevity to your giveaways and as a result, extended exposure for your brand.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Notebooks & Custom Recycled Journals

Who said it's not easy being green? You can be green while you make green when you invest in our custom notebooks made from recycled materials and promotional recycled journals for giveaways. These are handy resources that make a positive difference in the world. Custom journal, notebook, and planner versions are all among the eco-friendly models we sell on our site.

Design Your Own Promotional Journals & Notebooks

Custom Engraved Journals

Our custom engraved journal gifts are excellent low minimum order promotional giveaway items. Each features your company logo or personalized message, engraved into the surface of the journal for a design that will not fade, chip, or blur with time. This is one of the best routes to take when you wish to create a promotional item that will last a lifetime. They can even be used for corporate wedding gifts! Search for matte and glossy designs to strike just the look your business and its customers are longing for.

Full Color Printed Journals & Notebooks with Logos

Bring your designs to life with the beauty of full color imprinting! Also known as 4-color process printing, this is a method that creates photo quality designs in multiple colors and with a speedy production period. Our promotional full color logo imprinted journals and our promotional full color imprinted notebooks reel in the visual traffic with a stimulating effect that few can resist. Young customers will love adding stickers to the covers, letting the creative inspiration flow when they take them out to do some journaling or drawing.

Wholesale Cheap Screen Printed Journals & Notebooks

One of the most affordable and popular ways to create company branded promotional products is screen printing. Also known as silk screening, this is a process in which special screens are cut in specific shapes to match a given design. One color is poured through at a time. Due to this, production times can be a bit longer, which is why when buying many of our cheap screen printed journals and notebooks in bulk, a one color design comes standard. Multiple colors can be added, but with longer production times.

Promotional Journal & Notebook Gift Sets

Finding the right gifts can always be a difficult thing. It's hard enough with family and friends, but can be even more difficult when it comes to employees, customers, bosses, and business contacts. Fortunately, our personalized notebook and journal gift sets are here to save the day and fill your needs.

Custom Journals with Pens

One great idea for a corporate gift giveaway would be our promotional journal & pen sets. These run the gamut from discount to premium, but no matter which model you go with, you can rest assured that you're sending a promotional gift that will see plenty of use and create an atmosphere of goodwill and appreciation.

Personalized Luxury Journal Gift Sets

Is there someone really special on your holiday or birthday shopping list? Is this special someone a fan of writing with an appreciation for the finer things in life? If the answer is yes, we have just what you need. Our corporate premium journal gift sets feature a deluxe custom journal, travel mug, Thermos®, folding bin, and premium hot cocoa mix. They're great promotional gifts with items that can be used the whole year through.

Promotional Notebook & Pen Sets

Does your business want to offer a personalized corporate gift that's utilitarian yet engaging at the same time? If so, our customized notebooks with pens are promotional products that you'll want to become acquainted with. This custom notebook gift can be used as a planner, journal, design tool, and much more.

Still have questions? Reach out to us for some help. We'll be happy to answer any questions in regard to shipping prices, help with product filters, uploading artwork images and photos, printing methods, and all the rest of the queries that might be on your mind.