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Whether you're looking to buy custom presentation folders in small quantities or if a larger order is on the agenda, 4AllPromos has you covered. We offer many different presentation folders. Search our promotional folders with business card slots, unique custom logo calling cards, quality custom legal size presentation folders, stately promotional certificate covers, durable foil stamped logo presentation folders, and more to meet your branding needs.

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Impress esteemed guests and attendees at your next trade conference, trade show, or event with customized presentation folios. Not only are these a great way to give off a professional vibe, but they’re also handy for keeping notes, handouts, and other essential documents in a highly organized fashion.

Presentation folders are also ideal for internal meetings and training sessions. When you really want your audience to pay attention to handouts or other related documents, having the right folders to keep things tidy is essential. In fact, now that many companies are going back to the office after months spent handling everything virtually, this is more important than ever before. The following is a guide that details the many different types of branded presentation folders available on our site, as well as some other related items and accessories.

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Custom Promotional Presentation Folders - Styles

Who knew there were so many different types of customizable presentation folders? 4AllPromos offers plenty of options to suit your company's needs. Plus, our team of experts is here to help you customize them with a unique design, logo, or message. In fact, we can even tailor them to match other styles of office supplies and presentation materials for more cohesive branding. Read on to learn a bit more about some of the varieties you'll find in our inventory.

Promotional Business Folder Sizes

We have logo printed folders in various sizes to suit various needs. When less space is needed to get the job done, our small custom presentation folders are an ideal choice. They tend to be more affordable and a bit faster to produce. Large personalized presentation folders are a better fit for big events and handling large accounts, as they can house more documents and keep everything organized while on the go. Our promotional legal size folders are our biggest option and a great choice for formal events and for sending out documents of high importance. They have a professional look and are popular in the legal and real estate industries.

Wholesale Cheap Presentation Folders

When buying folders in large quantities to pass out to a big audience, a lower price option is usually a sound choice. We offer several styles of cheap presentation folders in bulk, ideal for trade shows, new company hires, educational events, schools, charitable functions, training sessions, and more.

Similar to the kind most students and teachers use in the classroom, our custom paper folders work well to help ensure that users can keep everything organized and in one place. We have models with a single pocket, double pockets, and even three-panel designs. There are many different colors, textures, and sizes to choose from.

For a smooth and snappy look, choose our custom gloss paper presentation folders. The slight sheen gives off an elegant appeal, while the extra coating withstands consistent use a bit better than other materials. If your business is looking to go green, our promotional eco-friendly recycled presentation folders are a great pick. They're made from sturdy yet Earth-friendly Kraft paper. Yet another option can be found in our custom logo printed linen presentation folders. They're a slightly more formal style. They also typically include die cut slots for holding business cards.

Custom Pocket Folders

Custom pocket file folders are a great choice when small cards, documents, and other papers need a place to reside and space is at a premium. Some are small enough to be able to fit inside of jacket or coat pockets, ideal for use on the go. However, this is a term that can have more than one meaning. Sometimes, a pocket file folder can simply refer to a presentation folder that has pockets for holding paper documents, regardless of size.

Bulk 3 Ring Presentation Binders

Keeping the workplace organized is important, which is why personalized binder presentation folders are always a good idea. Whether your business just needs to better organize a stack of papers or is creating manuals or guides for a training event, these are a perfect fit. They're also a great choice for schools and performing/organizing academic research. Do you like the idea of creating a custom office supply gift set? Consider pairing these binders with logo imprinted pens or other writing implements.

Other Personalized Folders

While promotional presentation folders are the stars of this show, there are many other items among the supporting cast. In the following five paragraphs, we'll highlight some of the products that serve as great accessories and complements to our custom presentation folders.

Promotional High End Portfolio Folders

If something a bit more formal and secure is needed for handling key documents, we suggest turning to our custom deluxe business portfolios. These items have a flap that seals at the top, keeping contents protected from all angles. They're a good choice when shipping out packets by mail or making deliveries in adverse weather conditions. They can also fit a higher volume of items than a presentation folder, as well as having a greater ability to house objects that are irregular in shape.

Custom Self-Locking Packet Folders

A unique and useful option is available in the form of our promotional self-locking packet folders. Though a small amount of assembly is required, these folders can easily be manipulated to close tightly and securely around their contents for safe carrying and delivery. They're often more affordable than a traditional portfolio and have a certain whimsical quality that makes them beloved by those who dare to be different. This style is usually a big hit with schools as well as companies in the design, art, and music sectors.

Branded Document Folders

Our company logo document folders are something of a cross between or deluxe portfolios and self-locking packet folders. While they too require a bit of folding assembly, they also offer an extra element of strength and durability. Made from liquid laminated high density white poster board, they have what it takes to transport and deliver important files safely and in style.

Custom Business Brochures

Whether used in direct mail campaigns, passed out door-to-door, placed on windshields in parking lots, or set up for trade show attendees to take home, our promotional company brochures are a slam dunk for success. They're a time tested tool for passing information about your organization to the public in an efficient, affordable, and visually appealing manner. They can be used for political campaigns, showing off menus for newly opened restaurants, providing information on behalf of a charity, showcasing new products, explaining social responsibility policies, and much more.

Logo Printed Hotel Key Card Holders

Ideal for hotels, dorms, hostels, and more, our custom key card holders are always a great investment. They have compartments for sliding in cards that are used to swipe through electronic door locks to provide access to interior rooms. Our key card holders are produced from high quality stock paper and are shaped as small folders to keep their contents secure and safe from scratching and/or chipping.

Company Logo Presentation Folders - FAQ

We'll close by providing answers to some of the questions we're most frequently asked in regard to our promotional folders. If any of your questions aren't included in this section, feel free to reach out to us and ask directly.

Do you have low minimum order presentation folders?
Most of our company logo folders are sold in bulk. However, if you're looking to buy custom presentation folders in small quantities, we do have one style with a minimum order quantity of just 50 units.
How can I personalize a presentation folder?
One of the most affordable and common ways to personalize a folder is imprinting it with your logo. Our custom logo printed presentation folders can bear your logo design in a single color or with multiple colors. This is often the most affordable option. Promotional full color presentation folders are excellent for most businesses, as they provide ample opportunity to add your favorite logo or other design. When it comes to customizing your office supplies, in a visually appealing manner with a speedy production time, this style is usually an ideal choice. When a more formal and high end aesthetic is desired, foil stamped is definitely the way to go. Our foil stamped logo presentation folders are ideal when adding a logo, seal, or other personalized design. The added metallic flair is sure to impress clients and colleagues.
How can branded presentation folders promote a business?
There are many ways to promote a business using custom presentation folders, hotel key card holders, and the other items in our collection. They can be passed out as trade show giveaways, given away at conferences and seminars, provided as retail items in office supply stores and campus bookstores, and much more. Our promotional company brochures can be handed out door-to-door or placed on windshields to advertise a new restaurant or business or as tools for a political campaign.
What are capacity folders?
Our promotional capacity folders are gusseted pocket folders. The gusset allows them to expand to accommodate a higher volume of papers and documents, leading to their "capacity" moniker.
What are some uses for organizational folders?
When trying to keep everything neat and tidy, custom organizational folders are a big help. They are helpful when it comes to equipping employees and other users with what they need to keep track of client files, important paperwork, and more. They're also good for use as folios for saving receipts, work orders, and other similar documents. Organizational folders present a great way to keep things easy to find and in order, whether in the office or working out in the field.