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4AllPromos carries the best promotional cell phone wallets for businesses. Our custom smartphone wallets materials include silicone, leather, plastic, spandex, lycra, and faux suede. We also offer promotional cell phone wallets with RFID protection, handy custom cell phone pockets, cheap business logo imprinted phone stands, versatile personalized cell phone wallet kits & much more.

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Cell phone wallets and custom phone card holders are among the trendiest promotional products available. Today, everyone takes their phone wherever they go. This results in unlimited mobile advertising when you order wholesale promotional cell phone wallets, custom imprinted with your business logo. Our phone wallet items are small pockets that sit on the back of smartphones and can hold small items such as credit cards, stylus pens, business cards, or IDs. Despite their carrying capacities, they’re still small enough to share purse, pocket, and pocketbook space with several other items.

Personalized phone wallets also make for incredible promotional trade show giveaway items and corporate gifts! Trade shows aren’t the only places where a company logo imprinted smartphone case will shine. They’re some of the best cheap promotional items to give away at fairs, lectures, or open houses. They are also a great idea for giveaways at banks when clients open a new account or to employees who travel for work or have a company phone. Read through our guide to find the best models at the guaranteed lowest prices. Many even come with free shipping!

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Promotional Cell Phone Wallet Materials Custom Logo Imprinted Cell Phone Wallet Styles

Promotional Cell Phone Wallet Materials

4AllPromos offers cell phone wallets in a variety of materials to fit your company’s needs. Plastic, silicone, lycra, spandex, faux suede, and genuine leather are all among the materials we carry. Our cell phone wallets also have a wide range of options for attaching to your phone. Most of our promotional adhesive cell phones feature 3M residue-free adhesive backing. 3M adhesive is known for its strength and long-lasting nature. However, it still allows for the wallets to be removed without leaving any marks on your phone. Some are designed to stretch over the entire back of the phone, eliminating the need for adhesive materials. Others still come equipped with adhesive backing and/or carrying pouches that keep phones and other tech accessories safe in all weather conditions.

Promotional Silicone Cell Phone Wallets

Our promotional silicone cell phone wallets are durable and flexible and can easily accommodate different styles and widths of cards. They prevent phones and tablets from slipping around on smooth surfaces and provide an easier holding experience. Many also provide space for holding cash along with other special features.

Promotional Lycra Cell Phone Wallets

Our custom business logo lycra cell phone wallets are soft and are able to expand quite well. Lycra isn’t quite as elastic as spandex, but it has a more cloth-like feel to it. These tech accessory essentials are also handy in that they have a double use; they can also be used to clean smartphone and tablet screens!

Promotional Spandex Cell Phone Wallets

Our custom imprinted spandex cell phone wallets boast superior elasticity. They can expand further than cell phone wallets made of other materials and therefore are ideal for people who have extra items to tote around. Keys, cash, earbuds, and small USB cables can easily be accommodated by a spandex device holder.

Promotional Faux Suede Cell Phone Wallets

Business logo customized faux suede cell phone wallets provide all of the fashionable benefits of suede without using any animal products. They’re animal-friendly promotional products for businesses who want to have their logos displayed on high-end products that make both fashion and ethical statements.

Promotional Leather Cell Phone Wallets

Looking for something a little more classy? Our leather cell phone wallets look professional and make excellent gifts and incentive items for customers or clients. They also lend themselves well to debossing and provide an additional level of privacy personal items.

Promotional Plastic Cell Phone Wallets

Our promotional logo imprinted plastic cell phone wallets are excellent cheap promotional products for businesses that sacrifice nothing in quality. Made of recycled and recyclable polycarbonate plastic, these are tough and durable items that are also eco-friendly.

There are several different styles of cell phone wallets out there. It’s important to search your options and study each carefully to determine which style best fits your promotional needs. Whether you go with a cell phone pocket, cell phone wallet, glow-in-the-dark model, or any other style, you can rest assured that we provide the absolute best cell phone wallets in each category.

Most of our imprinted cell phone holder wallets can also be referred to as cell phone pockets. This is because they aren’t wallets in the literal sense. In other words, you don’t put your cell phone inside of them. Rather, you adhere them to the back of your smartphones, tablets, or iPods. The wallet part of their names comes from the fact that these tech necessities are all equipped with various pockets and storage areas designed to hold credit cards, licenses, money, stylus pens, personal IDs, hotel room keys, and more.

Some of our cell phone wallets literally are wallets. Our custom logo debossed cell phone wallets come in faux suede and genuine leather options. They’re very convenient in that when carrying one, you don’t have to fumble around in your pockets trying when reaching for your phone or wallet since they’ll already be together. This is not to mention the fact that they free up other pockets for storage.

Our business logo imprinted glow-in-the-dark cell phone wallets are a hit with the younger crowd. In addition to the fun and playful appeal that comes with glow-in-the-dark items, they’re also easy to spot in dark surroundings.

Some of our most popular low price fun cell phone wallets are our novelty cell phone wallets. One such group consists of our personalized color changing cell phone wallets. They change color when touched as a reaction to the transfer of body heat.

Yet another fun and convenient holder variety we carry are those that come with pre-printed designs.. We offer phone wallets with nurse and doctors’ uniforms printed on them, making them an excellent item for hospital employees! Others are pre-printed with special awareness ribbon designs.

Promotional Cell Phone Pockets with RFID Protection

Also available from 4AllPromos are RFID blocking cell phone wallets. One of the biggest threats to debit and/or credit card owners is radio-frequency identification or RFID (which stands for Radio-Frequency Identification) which uses electromagnetic fields to track tags attached to objects such as credit cards to collect data. RFID can permeate most clothing and purse materials and is easy to conceal. Obviously, this is something to protect against. With the RFID blocking promotional phone case your employees and customers can be sure that their information is safe! A little extra security can go a long way for users and your brand.

Promotional Cell Phone Pockets with Phone Stands

Some of our smartphone wallets double as phone stands. With this feature, your tablet or smartphone can be propped up for easy hands-free talking and web browsing. For those who like something a little fancy, we suggest taking a look at one of our ring stand holder models.