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If you’re trying to find the best corporate holiday gifts for employees, you’ve found them in our promotional Christmas ornaments! Choose from our custom engraved holiday ornaments, durable promotional shatterproof ornaments, fancy personalized etched glass Christmas ornaments and the many other unique ornament gifts we offer. Our custom imprinted ornaments are personalized to fit your business and the people it cares about. Show your employees & contacts just how much you appreciate them by ordering customized Christmas ornaments wholesale from 4AllPromos - it’ll make for a Merrier Christmas and Happier Holidays for all!

Promotional Christmas Ornaments - Best Corporate Christmas Giveaways

As you browse our vast collection of promotional Christmas ornaments, you’ll find that they’re the perfect holiday gifts for employees, customers, and just about anyone else on your shopping list. Our personalized Christmas ornaments come in many shapes, materials, styles, and colors. We offer custom engraved ornaments, personalized etched glass Christmas tree ornaments, child-safe wholesale shatter resistant ornaments, customized eco-friendly Christmas ornaments made of seed paper, and many more. Read on to learn more about the many styles and features available in our collection of promotional Christmas tree ornaments.

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Promotional Christmas Ornament Styles Personalized Christmas Ornament Features

Promotional Christmas Ornament Styles

We proudly offer a grand array of styles when it comes to our promotional Christmas ornaments. Our custom logo imprinted ornaments are excellent holiday gift ideas for employees and their families. 4AllPromos carries promotional engraved metal tree ornaments, custom etched crystal ornaments, customized imprinted brass plated ornaments, eco-friendly holiday ornaments made from seed paper, promotional shatter resistant Christmas tree ornaments, customized photo ornaments, and many additional unique promotional ornament styles.

Custom Engraved Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our promotional nickel plated engraved Christmas ornaments are perennial favorites and for good reason. Their durable construction of these metal Christmas tree ornaments is complemented by the skillful business logo engraving that appears on them. We carry many shapes and sizes within this category, including custom engraved snowflake ornaments, personalized engraved angel Christmas ornaments, and several other promotional engraved metal Christmas ornaments with non-tarnish finish.

Personalized Etched Glass Ornaments

Our custom etched crystal holiday ornaments are as beautiful as they are festive. We take the time to get just the design you want set perfectly before our talented team of engravers turns your ornament into a gift to remember. Our personalized etched round glass ornaments are a perfect example.

Promotional Brass Plated Holiday Ornaments

If you’re looking for an elegant Christmas ornament imprinted with your business logo, you’ll love our custom brass plated ornaments. Each one is crafted into an intricate holiday pattern that all recipients will relish putting on their trees year after year. These brass plated Christmas ornaments are also decorated with your company logo, protected by a mylar and epoxy dome to make sure it never chips or fades throughout the years.

Wholesale Seed Paper Ornaments

If your business is in the environmental game or if you’re just looking for something that breaks from the norm, our promotional plantable Christmas ornaments are sure to please. Seed paper is a pretty literal name. It simply refers to paper containing seeds. Once your personalized seed paper ornaments have come down from the tree, you can plant them in the ground and watch beautiful flowers come to life. In addition to our custom plantable ornaments, we also offer personalized seed paper greeting cards and custom imprinted seed paper business card holders.

Custom Imprinted Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

If you, your employees, or anyone on your shopping list has pets or young children around the house, you’re surely aware of the dangers that broken ornaments can bring. You can put these fears to rest when you buy personalized logo imprinted shatter resistant ornaments online from 4AllPromos. Our wholesale shatterproof holiday ornaments are made of polypropylene and will survive any falls from even the highest branches of your tree. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find the shatterproof Christmas ornament that best fits your style on our site.

Personalized Photo Ornaments

Some of our most consistently popular premium imprinted holiday gifts are our personalized photo Christmas ornaments. Many of these are designed such that you can snap the picture of your choice inside of the frame and hang it proudly from the tree. These would be our custom snap-in Christmas photo ornaments. We also offer personalized full color photo metal ornaments which bear your favorite holiday photo across their entire front surface. If you really want to go all out, you can order some digital photo slideshow ornaments as holiday gifts for your employees this year.

Personalized Glass Keepsake Ornaments

While we’ve already discussed our engraved glass ornaments, we’d also like to tell you about our personalized glass Christmas ornaments. They are available in the classic traditional Christmas ornament style, as well as in more unique incarnations. Our custom imprinted clear glass star Christmas ornaments are just one of many examples.

Personalized Christmas Ornament Features

Not all custom holiday ornaments fit into the same box (both literally and figuratively), so there are additional accessory options with some of our personalized holiday ornaments that aren’t available on others. We’ll explain some of the more prominent features below; some come standard and others are available as upgrades.

Custom Ornaments with Satin Finish

Promotional Christmas tree ornaments with satin finish present a smooth, glossy surface that offers an additional layer of protection, even in shatterproof models. They also can present in a modern metallic color. When combined with our customized wooden Christmas ornaments, they form the perfect combination of modern and rustic.

Promotional Holiday Ornaments with Hangers

Anyone who celebrates Christmas knows the annoying frustration that ensues when you’re sorting through boxes of decorations and pull out ornament after ornament with no hanger. Sure, you keep them around for the sake of nostalgia, but you can’t really do a whole lot with them. That’s why even though they seem like a small piece of the puzzle, ornament hangers play an important role in efficient holiday decorating. We offer several different types of custom printed Christmas ornaments with hangers for your promotional convenience.

Wholesale Ornaments with Stands

Plastic and brass ornament stands are an upgrade that is available with some of our promotional Christmas ornaments. They’re perfect for infusing a little bit of festivity at your desk or in your cubicle. They also look great sitting on a countertop or windowsill. Another time these little accessories come in handy is when you have more ornaments on hand than available space on your tree. Just put the extras on stands and they all get to be part of your holiday cheer. Our personalized hand blown glass ornaments are just one of the varieties that include this feature as an option.

Personalized Ornaments with Tassels

Sometimes you just need a little something extra to make something that’s already great truly spectacular. There’s the cherry on top of a sundae, the olive in a martini, the mint on a hotel pillow, and so on. Tassels are another member of this club of classic closers, adding just the perfect flair to make a decoration complete. Choose one (or more) of the many custom engraved Christmas ornaments with tassels available on our website for the perfect corporate Christmas giveaway item.