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Find the best premium and cheap promotional hats at 4AllPromos. We offer promotional trucker hats, stylish custom cotton twill caps, unique custom logo printed baseball caps, concealing promotional camouflage hats, low profile caps, high profile caps, custom imprinted structured & unstructured hats, trendy personalized embroidered caps and hats, sporty custom tennis visors and many more hats & headwear items to promote brands.

Create Your Own Branded Hats

Cheap promotional hats and custom baseball caps are a great way to promote brand awareness and to make every event more memorable. We offer a broad variety of company logo custom caps to serve an equally broad variety of purposes. Looking for custom hats for hunting, chic and stylish soft jersey caps for fashion retailers, souvenir caps for sports games & events, or anything else in between? We have custom logo printed caps, trucker hats, embroidered corporate logo hats, and more to best suit your needs.

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Different Types of Company Logo Hats and Company Logo Caps

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Design Your Own Promotional Business Logo Hats & Caps


Different Types of Company Logo Hats and Company Logo Caps


Promotional Trucker Caps

Personalized trucker hats are some of our most popular hats. There are many reasons for this; some like the retro look they offer, others go in for the low prices, while still others enjoy the breathability these custom hats offer. If you're thinking of investing in wholesale business logo trucker hats for giveaways, click on the preceding link to see the many models we offer each and every day. Shop our wide selection to find the fun adjustable promotional hats that are the best fit for your organization. Some of our trucker hats fall into the category of custom patriotic hats.

Custom Logo Printed Sandwich Caps

The promotional sandwich caps you'll find at 4AllPromos are distinguished by their unique bill styles. In sandwich caps, a somewhat rigid section is built in between the top and bottom layers of the visors. This allows for an extra stripe of color to appear at the front of the cap, making them a good fit for sports teams with multi-color logos. In most cases, the sandwich portion will be the same color as the cap's eyelets. When looking to design your own custom hats, sandwich caps are among the best hat style categories to turn to.

Bulk Business Logo Baseball Caps

Any baseball team, from Little League to the MLB will find our customizable baseball hat offerings to be ideal promotional giveaway items. Whether they're worn by the team or by fans, you can't go wrong when you buy bulk baseball caps cheap from 4AllPromos. We have loop closure caps and snapback versions for those who wish to order adjustable promotional hats. We also stock fitted baseball caps for a personalized hat that rivals the top brands.

Promotional Dad Hats

What is a Dad hat? A Dad hat is similar to a baseball cap, except they don't come pre-fitted, with flat brims, or with snapback closures. Our custom logo printed Dad caps are a great promotional giveaway item for any business. They're softer than most custom hats, constructed from lightweight materials, and have slightly curved brims. Typically, Dad hats have a brass slide buckle back closure, but plastic buckle varieties exist as well.

Also, for lack of better words, Dad hats are a bit floppy when waved about. They're popular as branded golf hats and can be imprinted or feature an embroidered company logo. On our website, you can order them as an imprinted or custom embroidered hat.

Wholesale Structured Hats

What are structured hats? Well, as their name would imply, they offer more "structure" than other hat styles. This is achieved by way of stiff fabric being present in the two front panels. This stiff fabric is called buckram, and usually comes in the form of cotton or polyester lightly coated in plastic. Our custom logo printed structured caps are a good way to go when you want to customize hats on which your own logo will remain unobscured at all times. These custom hats have an overall sturdier look and feel than unstructured varieties.

Bulk Unstructured Hats and Caps

When structured hats are brought into the discussion, it's only fitting and proper that unstructured caps get a shout-out as well. The promotional unstructured hats you'll find on our sites differ from the structured models in that they don't possess the stiffening buckram. These custom hats have a softer and more floppy texture, making them a great fit as painter hats or when advertising brands with a more relaxed, easygoing look. Want to learn more about the difference between structured and unstructured hats? If so, click the link in the previous sentence to see our blog post on the subject.

Wholesale Unique Hats & Caps

Promotional Boonie Hats

Also known as "giggle hats" boonie hats are popular hats with hikers, gardeners, and anyone else who plans to spend plenty of time in hot, sunny, outdoor conditions. Our custom embroidered boonie hats have wide brims that offer more structure and stiffness than those found in bucket hats. They also contain eyelets for superior ventilation during wear and often feature chin straps for security. This style of custom hats also comes with a low minimum order quantity.

Customized Outback Hats

Similar to Boonie hats, the personalized outback Hats available at 4AllPromos provide wide brims for protection from the hot sun. They're larger in size when compared to Boonie hats. They also have taller, less rounded crowns for a more Western style appearance. Be sure to check into minimum order requirements and quantity discounts when making a purchase.

Company Logo Embroidered Bucket Hats

Bucket hats tend to be on the floppy side and are very popular with fishermen of all ages. Their brims aren't quite as wide as those found in the other hats we've discussed in this section, yet they still offer a good deal of protection from excessive sunlight. Design custom promotional bucket hats with your company logo to make your booth a high-traffic hit at your next outdoor supply or fashion trade show. A great custom hat style for mixing up your offerings, bucket hats will look great when decorated with an printed or embroidered corporate logo.

Design Your Own Promotional Business Logo Hats & Caps

Even though this is the last section of our guide to personalized hats and caps with artwork and logos for brands, it's one of the most important. Here's where we'll inform you as to how you can truly make each hat your own with a decoration method that creates your best advertising possibilities. Be it affordability, intricate detail, longevity, or bold color that is your #1 priority, we have imprinting methods to design your own hat, your way.

Cheap Screen Printed Caps in Bulk

Brands promoting on a budget but still wanting to create a plethora of advertising impressions will find our wholesale inexpensive screen printed hats to be the most viable option. Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is one of the most inexpensive methods to design custom hats. It's also a good way to go for logos that only have one color. It can be used for multiple logo colors as well, but this will increase production times.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Caps and Hats

4AllPromos proudly offers custom logo dye sublimation hats for customers who truly want to make every last inch of an item their own. With dye sublimation, the entire surface of an item is decorated, creating beautiful full color bleeds and photographic quality images. This is most effectively presented in our dye sublimated head bandanas, which are accessible via the preceding link.

Custom Embroidered Hats and Caps

For promotional headwear whose designs will last a lifetime and not chip, fade, or smear with age, there's no better style than our personalized embroidery hats for businesses. Beautiful designs brimming with color and style can be created, allowing brands to design custom headwear styles for its customers that are truly unforgettable.