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Find the best promotional hats & promotional caps at 4AllPromos. We offer promotional trucker hats, custom cotton twill caps, personalized business logo baseball caps, promotional camouflage hats, low profile caps, high profile caps, custom imprinted structured & unstructured hats, custom embroidered baseball caps, promotional hunting caps, and many more. To learn more about our personalized logo imprinted caps & hats, please refer to the section on this page located just below the product images.

Shade Your Eyes and Build Brand Recognition with Custom Promotional Caps and Visors

Get your brand name recognized with our custom promotional caps, hats, and visors. Our custom logo imprinted caps and wholesale promotional visors are made with comfort & longevity in mind. Choose from different materials and printing styles to perfectly capture the details of your business logo and the essence of your brand. Our custom logo hats come in many varieties and are made from several materials. We carry logo embroidered cotton twill caps, washed chino cotton caps, promotional polyester caps, and custom imprinted non-woven propylene hats & caps. Imprint your corporate logo through silkscreen or heat transfer techniques (also known as full color imprinting), or choose embroider your logo for a long-lasting, stand-out promotion.

Are you unfamiliar with any of the words we use to describe our products? Check out our related terms below so you can fully understand the products we have to offer.

Terminology Related to Custom Promotional Hats & Caps

  • Imprint Methods for Our Custom Business Logo Caps & Hats

  • Custom Company Logo Cap Materials

  • Low, Medium, and High Profile Fit Promotional Hats

  • Custom Cap Closure Types

  • Promotional Cap & Hat Terms

  • Imprint Methods for Our Custom Business Logo Caps & Hats

    While the custom promotional cap itself is an important part of your promotional power, the real focal point is the your company logo or custom design. It is important to choose the right type of imprint that will make your logo look the best and stand out among the competition.

    Silk Screen

    The first imprinting technique we’d like to discuss is the silk screen method, which is often simply referred to as screen printing. It is the most common custom imprinting method for caps and hats, both among our offerings and most anywhere else. The silk screening process keeps your image bright even on dark fabrics. It is also cost effective for printing in large quantities, allowing for those on tight budgets to still benefit from offering promotional items. For a visual aid, you can refer to the Malibu Mesh Back Cap, which is one of our top custom screen printed caps for businesses.

    Heat Transfer

    Our next technique is the heat transfer technique, which is also referred to as full color imprinting. As you’ve likely guessed, this involves the use of heat in addition to a lot of pressure. First, the image is printed on specialized paper using specific solvent ink and then it is transferred onto the product. Full-color images are easily printed through this technique, as printing on paper allows for more accurate printing before the transfer. It is time consuming, but is also environmentally safe. When a logo or design features more than one color, heat transfer imprints can be produced much more quickly than their screen printed counterparts. This is because the screen printing process can only be carried out using one color at a time. If you’re curious, here’s an example of one of our best promotional heat transfer imprinted caps.


    The final custom imprinting technique offered on our promotional hats & caps is embroidery. Embroidery is a completely different process than the two previously mentioned methods. It does not use ink, but rather thread which is sewn into your product to create your custom logo. It makes for a more professional, longer lasting look. Popular for sports (especially baseball caps) and high-end accessories, embroidery adds a bit of extra value to any object! The only drawbacks with embroidery are that small text is hard to stitch and intricate designs may get muted. Larger imprint areas are often not as affected, but custom promotional caps provide a limited space. When embroidering, your custom design or logo can become a three-dimensional marvel or sewn flat onto the cap. Take a look at our Embroidered Sandwich cap to get an idea of what a company logo embroidered cap looks like.

    Custom Company Logo Cap Materials

    When it comes to the material for your custom promotional cap, you want to find one that is comfortable and supportive of your needs. Different materials fit differently and are better resistant to wrinkling, water, and UV rays. Read on to discover which material is the one that best suits your custom cap needs.

    Cotton Twill Caps & Hats

    Cotton twill, simply put, is cotton that has been weaved in a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Twill cloth often shows less dirt and fewer stains than other cloth, due to the pattern in which it is woven. It is also more resistant to wrinkling and creasing, keeping your logo looking fresh wherever you are. Cotton twill is one of the most durable materials a cap can be made of. A custom company logo cotton twill cap is a go-to business marketing product and trade show giveaway item.


    Next up is polyester, a fabric that is similar to nylon, but slightly less flexible. Like nylon the strength of polyester is measured in denier, though a much higher denier count in polyester is needed to equal a lower denier count in nylon. Though it is slightly less strong and durable than nylon, polyester is one of the most UV-resistant materials on the market! Polyester is a great option for promoting your custom logo at an outdoor event or camp where there is plenty of sun!

    Chino Cotton Caps & Hats

    Chino cotton is slightly different from cotton twill and often compared to khakis. Chino cotton is lighter than khaki and made of a firm weave instead of a twill weave. Our promotional chino cotton caps are durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding constant use.

    Brushed Caps & Hats and Washed Caps & Hats

    Brushed and washed cotton are two variations on the cotton material itself. Brushing cotton actually raises the surface fibers creating a softer feel. Custom logo embroidered washed cotton hats are a fun and unique way to promote your company. They also look pretty snappy when paired with a set of promotional Under Armour sunglasses. Washed cotton refers to a duller, muted surface color of the product. A custom embroidered washed cap lends an old school look for the background of your company logo. Both techniques make your product efficient at absorbing moisture and allowing airflow to move freely, keeping your head cool even during the hottest days of summer.

    Polyester Mesh Caps & Hats

    Some of our flat brimmed hats are made of polyester, usually on the bill of the cap and a mesh backing. Polyester is very durable and usually encompasses the foam lining of the brims. The mesh backing makes promotional polyester mesh trucker hats very breathable, allowing you stay cool and feel the breeze. Polyester is also a budget-friendly material, making our mesh trucker hats some of the best cheap promotional business logo caps you’ll ever find.

    80 Gram Non-Woven Polypropylene Caps & Hats

    80 gram (alternately expressed as 80 GSM) non-woven polypropylene is recycled plastic polymer. It has many industrial uses, but for our purposes, we’re going to talk about the polypropylene that is converted into plastic fibers. These fibers are extremely durable and versatile in their uses. The number that precedes either “gram” or “GSM” a measure of the polypropylene’s density. Hence, 80 GSM means 80 grams per square meter. The sturdiness of a polypropylene product is a direct function of its density. A cap with a rating of 80 GSM is going to last a very long time. Non-woven polypropylene is an eco-friendly material and is 100% recyclable. As weaving is not required, it has a speedy and affordable production process as compared to many other promotional cap materials. We offer custom eco-friendly non-woven polypropylene caps in many colors and styles. Their Earth-friendly attributes makes them a great cap for conservation groups, nature camps, and recycling companies.

    Low, Medium, and High Profile Fit Promotional Hats

    Staying comfortable while promoting your brand should be one of your top priorities. Selecting the right fit for your promotional caps can make all the difference between having a promotional product that provides mobile advertising for years or a failed experiment that sits in someone’s closet collecting dust. There are three main types of profiles, or fits when it comes the custom logo caps we carry. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain each of them.

    What are Low Profile Caps?

    Low profile caps are commonly referred to as a golf or sport caps. These caps have the shallowest slant on the front facing panels. This fit is often seen as more comfortable and ideal for everyday use. We carry many promotional Reebok low profile hats & caps.

    What are Medium Profile Caps?

    Medium profile caps are very common and styled similarly to baseball caps. These hats are slighter steeper than the low profile caps, as to keep logos front-facing while maintaining comfort. Our Piping & Visor Accent Camo cap is a prime example of a premium business logo medium profile cap.

    What are High Profile Caps?

    High profile caps are often called trucker hats. The front panels of the hat are extremely rigid and.front-facing, allowing whatever logo, design, or message is on the front to be the first thing that is seen. We can proudly say that our trucker hats represent the best high profile business logo hats on the market.

    Custom Cap Closure Types

    Our custom promotional caps & hats feature four distinct closure types. These include plastic snap closures, Velcro closures, brass buckle closures, and plastic buckle closures. Each of these styles possesses its own unique set of benefits. Be sure to take closure type into account when you are choosing the right hat for your promotional needs. Exactly which closure style that is best for your promotional company logo caps will depend on a few factors. You need to consider the field your business is in, who your prime target market is going to be, and which style looks best with your business logo. If your plan is to employ your customized caps as promotional trade show giveaway items, you may want to provide an assortment of all closure types.

    Snapback Closures

    Plastic snap closures, otherwise known as plastic button closures, feature two plastic tabs. One of these tabs contains small raised knobs while the other contains holes for the knobs to be pushed through. They’re the cornerstone of classic “one size fits all caps” and you’ve undoubtedly seen many of them. To work the closure, all you have to do is move the tab with the holes over the knobs and press it down into position. Snapback closure caps make for some of the best cheap promotional caps around. They’re often used for children’s organizations such as little league teams, but are also great for painting companies, trucking companies, and power equipment rental outfits. This type of closure is a feature of nearly all trucker hats, with our custom logo embroidered mesh back trucker hats being just one example.

    Velcro Closures

    Next up is polyester, a fabric that is similar to nylon, but slightly less flexible. Like nylon the strength of polyester is measured in denier, though a much higher denier count in polyester is needed to equal a lower denier count in nylon. Though it is slightly less strong and durable than nylon, polyester is one of the most UV-resistant materials on the market! Polyester is a great option for promoting your custom logo at an outdoor event or camp where there is plenty of sun!Hats, bags, shoes, weight resistance bands, and several other products commonly feature Velcro closures.. Velcro closures feature two fabric straps that adhere to one another via miniscule hooks and loops. Our Military Style Cap feature this style of closure and are work well as unique promotional trade show giveaway items. Velcro closures come in handy when you need to frequently either adjust or remove your cap. They’re a good pick for marine companies and boat tour businesses, as the high sea winds require a cap that can be modified for an extra tight fit. This ensures that the caps will stay on the wearer’s head and not wind up in Davy Jones’ Locker.

    Brass Buckle Closures

    Brass buckles are the classy looking closure style that enhance the look of many of our promotional caps and hats. Their structure entails two fabric straps and a square brass buckle that clamps down, securing the straps in place. Hats with this type of closure are especially durable and can stand up to a lot of wear & tear. Camping supply companies, national & state parks, and construction companies are just three of the many organizations that will find brass buckle closure caps to be the perfect vehicle for displaying their customized logo. Our Structured Sandwich cap is an example of a top-flight promotional brass button closure cap.

    Plastic Buckle Closures

    Plastic buckle closures function very similarly to brass buckle closures, but are more affordable. If you’re ordering wholesale promotional caps in especially large numbers and want to save a bit, plastic buckle closures are the way to go. Don’t be fooled though; caps with plastic buckle closures may be affordable, but they don’t concede anything on the style front. Our Contrasting Stitching & Mesh Back cap illustrates this perfectly and is one of our best custom plastic buckle closure caps.

    Promotional Cap & Hat Terms

    The following are some industry-specific terms that are likely unfamiliar to most people who aren’t in the promotional business products field. These are terms that describe cap & hat styles, features, and structure. Becoming well-versed in these terms will not only empower you to make the best choices for your promotional product needs, but will also give you a leg up on the competition. While they’re still furrowing their brows and asking, “What in the world is an unstructured cap?”, you’ll be giving out custom promotional caps like hotcakes and making your brand name synonymous with your industry.

    Structured Caps & Unstructured Caps

    Structured hats have a stiff fabric in the front two panels of the hat which is called buckram. Buckram is what helps to maintain the shape of the hat and keeps it rigid. Our Structured Pro cap is a shining example of a promotional structured cap. Structured hats are generally the way to go for sports teams. They’re also popular with skaters and the extreme sports crowd. Unstructured hats do not have buckram in the front two panels and this allows for a looser fit and shape. If you’re interested in seeing one of our customizable logo unstructured caps, our X-Tra Value Unstructured Sandwich cap is a good point of reference. Unstructured hats have a slightly cooler feel and are often worn by first responders and EMS professionals.

    5 Panel Hats & 6 Panel Hats

    The term 5-panel or 6-panel simply refers to the number of panels on the hat. It all comes down to preference as to which is ideal for you. 5-panel hats typically have a larger front facing panel that make it an ideal space to put your company logo, especially when embroidered. 6-panel hats are more commonly seen variety and have a somewhat more polished look when compared to five panel hats.


    While you can’t eat the kind of sandwich we’re talking about, you can use them to promote the sandwiches you sell to other people! This isn’t a feature only important to restaurants and food services businesses though. No matter what area your business, charity, or organization operates in, you need to know this term if promotional hats and caps are to be part of your plan. The sandwich is the semi-rigid area between the top and bottom of the bill of the cap. Often used to create contrasting color schemes, sandwiches usually feature one color that matches the sewn eyelets of a cap. Here’s a custom promotional cap for businesses that is accompanied by several images to show you what the sandwich looks like and how it can be used.


    Eyelets are sometimes hand sewn onto the panels of the cap to allow make them more breathable. They can also come in metal grommet form, but in either case, the purpose remains the same. They can match the panel color or sometimes the sandwich color. This depends on the product and the style you choose. For your visual reference, here’s a promotional contrasting color cap with sewn eyelets.

    UV Inhibitor or UV Protection

    These are two different terms for the same feature. What these terms refer to is an ultraviolet ray inhibitor that prevents the premature fading of colors exposed to UV light. Most often seen in plastic visors. The Performance Visor is one of our best business logo visors with UV protection.