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Find the premium and cheap promotional hats at 4AllPromos. We offer promotional trucker hats, stylish custom cotton twill caps, unique custom logo printed baseball caps, concealing promotional camouflage hats, low profile caps, high profile caps, custom imprinted structured & unstructured hats, personalized embroidered caps and hats, handy promotional hunting caps, sporty custom tennis visors and many more.

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Cheap promotional hats and caps are a great way to promote brand awareness and to make every event more memorable. We offer a broad variety of company logo caps to serve an equally broad variety of purposes. Looking for custom camo hats for hunting, chic and stylish soft jersey caps for fashion retailers, souvenir baseball cap for sports games & events, or anything else in between? We have the custom logo printed caps and personalized hats with logo embroidery to best suit your needs. Read on to learn more about the personalized caps and hats we offer. Much more goes into choosing the best promotional caps than you might think!

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Company Logo Hats & Caps FAQ

As you can plainly see from taking a look at the products on this page, we offer many different types of personalized hats and caps for promotions and giveaways. Since there are so many different styles, we figured it would be a good idea to fill you in on some of the most prominent ones, empowering you to make the best decision to fit your promotional needs.

Promotional Dad Hats

What is a Dad hat? A Dad hat is similar to a baseball cap, expect they don't come pre-fitted, with flat brims, or with snapback closures. Our custom logo printed Dad caps are a great promotional giveaway item for any business. They're softer than most hats, constructed from lightweight materials, and have slightly curved brims. Typically, they have a brass slide buckle back closure, but plastic buckle varieties exist as well. Also, for lack of better words, they're a bit floppy when waved about.

The promotional sandwich caps you'll find at 4AllPromos are distinguished by way of their unique bill styles. In a sandwich cap, a somewhat rigid section is built in between the top and bottom layers of the brim. This allows for an extra stripe of color to appear at the front of the cap, making them a good fit for sports teams with multi-color logos. In most cases, the sandwich portion will be the same color as the cap's eyelets.

Personalized Patriotic Hats

Perfect as promotional products for the 4th of July, our USA wholesale patriotic flag hats are a great way for your company to salute the old red, white, and blue. They also make excellent promotional giveaway items for veterans' charities and airport gift shops.

Any baseball team, from Little League to the MLB will find our customizable baseball caps to be ideal promotional giveaway items. Whether they're worn by the team or by fans, you can't go wrong when you buy bulk baseball caps cheap from 4AllPromos.

Wholesale Customized Golf Caps

Hit the links in style with personalized embroidered golf caps! Our fashionable company logo golf hats are perfect for golf tournament giveaways as well as a little extra treat for courting clients on the green.

Promotional 5 Panel Caps with Logos

What are 5 panel hats? We'll list some of their features in the following list:

  • What are Five Panel Caps?

  • Large, front facing panels
  • Small line of stitching descending from middle of crown
  • Extra prominent logo display, often embroidered

Our company logo 5 panel hats are great for displaying a large and intricate logo design. Design your own five panel caps through screen printing, full color printing, heat transfer printing, embroidery, or dye sublimation.

What is a 6 panel cap? We'll tell you in the list below:

What are 6 Panel Caps?
  • Most common style of baseball cap
  • Slightly more refined look than a five panel cap
  • Can still be embroidered, but in a smaller area
  • Round appearance, thanks to even number of panels

Buy our business logo printed 6 panel hats wholesale and you'll have a powerful mobile marketing tool that will be enjoyed by just about everyone. These caps will be continued to see use after the game or corporate event, creating ad impressions on the street, on trains, planes, and buses, schools, college campuses, restaurants, bars, and just about anywhere else imaginable.

Personalized Visor Insert Caps

One style of promotional hats that you may not have heard of before would be our customizable visor insert caps. These are hats that possess a second visor placed underneath the top portion of the brim, providing a different accent color which extends out below the end of the top visor. In some cases, this term may also be used for a hat that has a single visor that features a change in color toward the front. Our promotional visor insert caps are unique personalized apparel giveaways that draw eyes via the powerful effect of color contrasting.

Cheap Promotional Flat Bill Caps

We offer many types of cheap promotional flat bill caps on our site. Most of these are adjustable, so if a user wants to bend the brim a bit, they usually can. This is the style found in most baseball caps and allow the wearer to pick their preference between a curvy or default condition flat brim. We also carry promotional business logo modified flat bill caps. These hats come with a slightly curved brim that typically is not adjustable.

Wholesale Structured Hats

What are structured hats? Well, as their name would imply, they offer more "structure" than other hat styles. This is achieved by way of stiff fabric being present in the two front panels. This stiff fabric is called buckram, and usually comes in the form of cotton or polyester lightly coated in plastic. Our custom logo printed structured caps are a good way to go when you want a design that will remain unobscured at all times along with a overall sturdier look and feel.

Bulk Unstructured Hats and Caps

When structured hats are brought into the discussion, it's only fitting and proper that unstructured caps get a shout-out as well. The promotional unstructured hats you'll find on our sites differ from the structured models in that they don't possess the stiffening buckram. They have a softer and more floppy texture, making them a great fit as painter hats or when trying to go for a more relaxed, easygoing look.

Our promotional company logo hats and caps are made out of a variety of different materials. Certain materials lend themselves better to particular industries and purposes. We'll share some of the more common materials with you in the next seven paragraphs.

Polyester is a material that is versatile, possesses great durability, and stands up well to UV rays. Our wholesale polyester business logo hats are perfect for outdoor use. They're an affordable and effective promotional tool when worn on a baseball field, enjoying a picnic, taking a hike, relaxing on a boat, or any other time/place in the great outdoors.

Promotional Cotton Twill Caps

Cotton twill, simply put, is cotton that has been weaved in a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Twill cloth often shows less dirt and fewer stains than other cloth styles, due to the pattern in which it is woven. It is also more resistant to wrinkling and creasing, keeping your logo looking fresh wherever you are. Cotton twill is one of the most durable materials a cap can be made of. Personalized cotton twill hats are consistently successful business marketing products and trade show giveaway items.

Wholesale Cotton Chino Hats

Chino cotton is slightly different from cotton twill and often compared to the material found in khaki slacks. However, chino cotton is lighter than khaki and made of a firm weave instead of a twill weave. Our custom logo cotton chino caps are durable and long-lasting, capable of withstanding long-term, heavy use.

While you're by no doubt familiar with mesh back caps and hats, did you know that there is also such a thing as double mesh caps? Though not as well known as their single mesh counterparts, they're a very useful variety in many situations. Our promotional double mesh back hats have a fabric rather than plastic mesh and are designed for easier air flow, creating a cooler and more comfortable wearing experience. Consequently, they're great as sports giveaway items or promotional products for companies doing business in areas where the weather is hot.

Custom Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Polyester Caps for Businesses

If you want to go green and leave no doubts as to your company's environmentally responsible culture, one route to consider is a company logo printed recycled cap. We offer cheap eco-friendly polypropylene hats in bulk, making it easy for your business to prove it practices what it preaches in impeccable style.

When you see the word "washed" before the material on a cap, it generally refers to the cap's material being treated in a way to give it a slightly faded, worn-in look. However, there's more than one kind of washing treatment out there. We carry custom stone washed hats that get their look and texture from being washed in industrial machines with stones. These stones are knocked into the fabric by the agitator, creating the desired look. Meanwhile, our personalized enzyme washed caps are laundered with eco-friendly biodegradable enzymes to produce a similarly soft feel and broken-in look.

Promotional Soft Jersey Caps and Hats

The fabric found in our wholesale soft jersey hats and caps presents a blend of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers for a very comfortable fit and attractive appearance.

Promotional Trucker Caps

Personalized trucker hats are a consistent best-seller for us. There are many reasons for this; some like the retro look they offer, others go in for the low prices, while still others enjoy the breathability this style offers. If you're thinking of investing in wholesale business logo trucker hats for giveaways, click on the preceding link to see the many models we offer each and every day.

What are the Different Profile Types of Customized Hats?

As you browse through our collection of personalized hats and caps, it's inevitable that you'll come across terms such as "high profile", "medium profile", and "low profile". Each of these terms refers to how the hat sits on a wearer's head and each style has its own set of advantages. The next three sections will provide a quick rundown of each, one-by-one.

Custom Low Profile Hats

One of the most popular giveaway items for sports teams comes in the form of our personalized low profile baseball caps. The following bullet list will highlight some of their key features.

  • Features of Low Profile Hats
  • Very shallow slant in front panel
  • Sits low on the face, with the brim just above the eyes and the crown only slightly extending past the top of the head
  • Casual, comfortable look popular with golfers and baseball players

Wholesale Medium Profile Hats

Investing in our wholesale medium profile hats for giveaways at your next trade show or event is a sound policy when a wider logo imprint is desired without a crown that reaches too far upward. Below are a few of the hallmark features of a custom medium profile cap.

  • Features of Medium Profile Hats
  • Steeper front panel slant as compared to low profile hats
  • Wider space provided for logo imprints
  • A taller crown than those in low profile hats, yet shorter than those in high profile caps

Promotional High Profile Hats

When it's a promotional trucker hat or similar wholesale cap giveaway that fits one's promotional needs, a high profile cap is the way to go. Our company logo printed high profile hats and caps have some unique features of their own. We'll tell you about a few of them now.

  • Features of High Profile Hats
  • Rigid front panels
  • Large, front facing logos displayed toward the center of the front panel
  • High rise crowns, often extending an inch or more above users' heads

When hunting, fishing, camping, squaring off in a paintball match, or getting in some airsoft action, you want to be as invisible as possible. That's the driving principle behind our company logo printed camouflage hats. However, some just like the camo look. Additionally, this is a style that performs well for military related charities, businesses, and events.

Promotional Camo Caps with Logos

Our business logo printed camouflage hats and caps come in quite a few different styles. Our customized orange camo hats are popular with hunters and fishermen. Our personalized army green camo hats come in handy while camping or when trying to blend in with the elements in competitive outdoor games.

Personalized Hunting Caps

While sometimes coming in camouflage form, not all of our promotional business logo printed hunting caps bear the camo pattern. Some come in the classic red and black deer hunter style, while others are a solid orange, black, or green.

Keep your employees, customers, and target customers looking great while staying safe by investing in our bulk safety visibility hats. These personalized business logo hats seek to promote visibility both during daylight and at night. Most consist of bright colors, some of which are further accented and improved by way of reflective fabric strips.

Wholesale Unique Hats & Caps

We offer much more than just the standard, run-of-the-mill baseball caps. In fact, some of our promotional headwear is so unique that you'd likely not have thought of using it for promotional purposes. However, you'll be glad you did once you scan our collection of lesser-known company logo hats and see the kind of visibility they can drum up for your brand.

Users can remain cool while brand awareness grows hot when promotional perforated caps are part of the picture. These are caps whose fabric contains several air holes throughout the crown to increase breathability and comofort, while collecting less sweat along the way.

Promotional Boonie Hats

Also known as "giggle hats" boonie hats are popular with hikers, gardeners, and anyone else who plans to spend plenty of time in hot, sunny, outdoor conditions. Our custom embroidered boonie hats have wide brims that offer more structure and stiffness than those found in bucket hats. They also contain eyelets for superior ventilation and often feature chin straps for security.

Customized Outback Hats

Similar to Boonie hats, the personalized outback Hats available at 4AllPromos provide wide brims for protection from the hot sun. They're larger in size when compared to Boonie hats. They also have taller, less rounded crowns for a more Western style appearance.

Wholesale Straw Safari Hats

Also known as "lifeguard hats", our wholesale straw safari hats with company logo imprints are lightweight, stylish, and great at blocking out sunburns & glare. They may also be referred to as beach hats. Whatever name they're given, their ability to fend off the sun's rays and provide a comfortably breathable wearing experience is unparalleled.

Bucket hats tend to be on the floppy side and are very popular with fishermen of all ages. Their brims aren't quite as wide as those found in the other hats we've discussed in this section, yet they still offer a good deal of protection from excessive sunlight. Offering promotional bucket hats with your company logo will make your booth a high-traffic hit at your next outdoor supply or fashion trade show.

Promotional UV Protection Hats

Many of our company branded hats and caps are designed with some degree of UV ray protection in mind. Whether it be through UV blocking material, extra wide brims, or thicker fabrics, our wide variety of customized UV protection hats and caps are designed with user safety and comfort in mind.

Customized Caps with Eyelets

Eyelets are the small holes with knitted outlines that are typically found near the top portion of hat and cap panels. They're designed to make hats more breathable and to combat perspiration. Sometimes they're reinforced with metal or plastic grommets, but they're often able to hold their own. This is true when it comes to all of our promotional hats with eyelets.

Styles of Customized Visors

To prevent our personalized company branded caps and hats from stealing the entire show, we're going to take some time to discuss our promotional visors for a little bit. They come in several colors, shapes, materials, sizes, and styles, some of which we'll be

Promotional Sweatband Visors

Users can remain at peak performance while performing athletically when equipped with our custom logo imprinted sweatband visors. They feature absorbent, moisture-wicking fabric on the interior portion to keep eyes dry and vision clear.

Custom Tennis Visors

Purchasing cheap wholesale visors for tennis from 4AllPromos is a great way to have your logo seen in tournament play, at country clubs, or when users are just relaxing at the beach. While they're excellent for use on the tennis court, they're also highly handy when playing volleyball, bocce, or badminton.

Users who want to bring a bit of a military look to the game or sun-struck campers who don't want full head coverage will all find our bulk visors with camouflage colors to be a perfect fit. Let your brand become a part of the fun by having your logo printed or embroidered on any of our company branded camouflage visors.

Promotional Fleece Ear Bands

Another lightly featured item in this category that deserves a song and a shout comes in the form of our wholesale fleece ear bands for giveaways & promotions. They're top-notch promotional products for ski resorts, winter lodges, outdoor apparel stores, and more. They offer warmth to the ears and temples without disturbing users' hair or obscuring their vision.

Aside from when it comes to custom fitted hats, the world of promotional hats and caps offers several different ways to capitalize on the one-size-fits-all school of thought. There are many different ways to achieve this effect, with snapback, Velcro, and brass/plastic tuck bands and buckles being among the most popular styles.

Promotional Snapback Caps

Our customizable snapback caps are often some of our more affordable company branded cap and hat options. They two strips on the back, one of which is lined with holes and the other with raised plastic bumps. the side with the holes snaps down over the side with the raised bumps to create the ideal level of snugness for each user.

Personalized Hats with Velcro Closure

A quick and easy way to get a hat to just the right size is to adjust it via a Velcro back strap. Our promotional hats with Velcro closure make a great fit for nearly any age or size, making them highly popular as promotional giveaway items that won't be tossed away when the trade show is over.

Custom Brass Buckle Closure Caps

One of the two main tuck strap caps we carry is represented by our personalized brass slide buckle caps. Many of our company branded caps with brass slide buckle back closures are popular with golfers and in custom Dad hats described earlier.

Wholesale Cheap Plastic Buckle Closure Caps

Looking for something more affordable? Our custom logo printed hats with plastic slide buckle closure will do just fine. They're easy to adjust and offer an efficient, effective, and economical company branded hat for users of all ages.

Even though this is the last section of our guide to personalized hats and caps with company logos, it's one of the most important. Here's where we'll inform you as to how you can truly make each hat your own and decorate it in a way that creates your best possible advertising avenues. Be it affordability, intricate detail, longevity, or bold color that is your #1 priority, we have imprinting methods for each.

Cheap Screen Printed Caps in Bulk

A business that's promoting on a budget but still wants to create a plethora of advertising impressions will find our wholesale inexpensive screen printed hats to be the most viable option. Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is one of the most inexpensive decorating options out there. It's also a good way to go for logos that only have one color. It can be used for multiple logo colors as well, but this will increase production times.

When multiple bold colors and speedy production timeframes, are desired, promotional baseball caps with full color logo imprints are the best solution. They are decorated with a process called 4 color printing (sometimes 4 color process printing) which uses inks in the colors of yellow, magenta, cyan (blue), and black to combine and create nearly any possible color on the spectrum. This method uses digital printers which speed up the production process, but generally comes at a higher cost than screen printing.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Caps and Hats

4AllPromos proudly offers custom logo dye sublimation hats for those who truly want to make every last inch of an item their own. With dye sublimation, the entire surface of an item is decorated, creating beautiful full color bleeds and photographic quality images. This is most effectively presented in our dye sublimated head bandanas, which are accessible via the preceding link.

Custom Embroidered Hats and Caps

For promotional headwear whose designs will last a lifetime and not chip, fade, or smear with age, there's no better style than our personalized embroidered hats for businesses. Beautiful designs brimming with color and style can be created, allowing any business to design a cap that is an unforgettable piece of advertising apparel.

Heat transfer printing involves the process of special ink-bearing printing ribbons being pressed against objects at a high degree of heat. This combination of heat and pressure allows the printers used to transfer the created design directly onto the promotional product being manufactured. 4AllPromos offers many styles of bulk caps with heat transfer logos that will do your business proud.

What are the best promotional hats?
At 4AllPromos, we carry custom hats in a variety of styles. From logo printed trucker caps to visors, all of our hats are made with high-quality materials and feature plenty of space to add your business’s logo or a unique message.
What are the best promotional uses for custom hats?
Custom hats are excellent for handing out at sporting events, gifting to new clients, including in raffle prizes, and more. The sky is the limit!
Should I order embroidered hats or printed caps?
4AllPromos offers both embroidered and imprinted hats. The best choice for you depends on your budget and promotional needs. Embroidered hats provide a professional, polished look but come at a slightly higher price point. Printed hats, on the other hand, are typically cheaper but still offer exceptional value.