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If you want to supply users with personalized waterproof boat dry bags to keep their possessions safe & dry, this page is for you. We carry waterproof custom outdoor backpacks, convenient personalized water resistant duffel bags, durable company branded dry bags, submersible promotional kayak dry bags & much more.

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When your employees, customers, or target market consist of users who spend a lot of time on the water and need something to protect their valuables, our promotional dry bags are custom giveaway items you won't want to overlook. We have custom logo imprinted dry bags for fishing & boats, personalized dry duffel bags, promotional waterproof phone pouches, promotional PEVA insulated waterproof coolers, wholesale waterproof backpacks and much more. Please read on if you're curious to know more about any or all of the above.

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Different Types of Custom Dry Bags

Custom Urban Peak Dry Bags for Boats & Fishing

What Are Promotional Dry Bags Made Of?

What is the Difference Between Tex and Deniers?

Uses for Our Personalized Dry Bags

Bulk Dry Bags - Additional Features


Different Types of Custom Dry Bags

While the name "Dry Bags" doesn't sound all that exciting, they're actually pretty interesting promotional products. One of the reasons making this the case is the fact that our customizable dry bags come in so many different forms, shapes, and materials. In this guide, we'll tell you a little about our most prominent business logo imprinted dry bag styles.

Promotional Dry Bags

We'll start out with the basic classic type of dry bags, for which this category is named. Our company logo printed dry bags are typically somewhat cylindrical shape that seals off with a roll top closure. They're made of durable and water resistant materials to ensure optimum performance and longevity, helping your brand to build the best possible reputation.

Personalized Waterproof Duffel Bags

One popular dry bag variety would be our custom imprinted water resistant duffel bags. As wholesale travel compression products, our personalized waterproof duffel bags allow users to carry a large amount of items while also allowing your business to include a prominent, horizontally-oriented logo imprint design. Perfect as promotional giveaway items for marine supply retailers, our promotional dry duffel bags also work quite well as TSA-Friendly carry on bags.

Wholesale Submersible Dry Bags

All users will enjoy the protection our customized waterproof dry bags provide against waves, splashes, and spills. However, what are they to do if their bags happen to fall overboard or off of the fishing pier? With many custom boat bags, they'd simply lose them. This isn't the case with our personalized floating dry bags. When dropped, they'll just bob around the surface, waiting for users to scoop them back up again or retrieve them with a net.

Our customizable soft sided waterproof coolers have a rather obvious name. As you'd likely guess, the name is derived from the soft materials that they are constructed from. In addition to providing insulation to keep snacks and drinks cool and fresh, they also keep out unwanted wetness. Our custom printed soft sided coolers are also helpful in that they can be compressed and folded for easy storage when not in use - something that can't be done quite so easily with traditional coolers.

Custom Waterproof Backpacks

Marine supply stores, camping supply companies, and even office supply retailers will find our promotional waterproof backpacks to be excellent promotional giveaway items or items to sell as stand-alone products. They help keep fishing gear and camping odds & ends dry during foul weather, as well as protecting textbooks for students waiting for the school bus to come. They're one of our many great styles of custom hiking backpacks, which are great promotional items for any nature or outdoor lifestyle related business.

Promotional Waterproof Smartphone Pouches

Whether your customers or employees are out on a fishing trip, relaxing by the pool, or doing some wading on a hot summer day, your company can be there to make their day perfect. How? It's quite easy. When you supply users with our custom waterproof smartphone bags, they can rest assured that their favorite tech items won't suffer any water damage. They'll see your company logo imprinted upon these customized waterproof mobile phone pouches and have your company to thank when they start sending snaps of their day at the beach to their friends.

Custom Urban Peak Dry Bags for Boats & Fishing

Urban Peak is a well-established brand with a solidly earned reputation for making items that are functional, fashionable, and durable. When your business buys promotional Urban Peak dry bags in bulk from 4AllPromos, you'll understand just why they have such a reputation. Our custom imprinted Urban Peak waterproof boat bags for fishing and hiking are made of sturdy materials to keep moisture out, while providing plenty of room to carry precious cargo.

What Are Promotional Dry Bags Made Of?

At this point, we've already mentioned the durability and longevity of our personalized dry bags. Much of this is due to the high quality materials they're made of. We'll explain the differences and features of these materials in the following paragraphs.

Custom Polyester Dry Bags

We'll start out discussing material matters by focusing on our promotional polyester dry bags. Polyester is a tough material that takes color well and is also talented when it comes to protecting interior items from water. They make great customized outdoor bags for businesses, as their resistance to UV rays helps prevent logo imprints from fading and threads from thinning.

Personalized Ripstop Polyester Dry Bags

When you plan to promote your business toward a crowd carrying heavy loads, you'll want to invest in our custom imprinted ripstop polyester waterproof bags. If you're not familiar with the term "ripstop", it refers to a special variety of fabric weaving that is designed to prevent rips and tears, even under rough conditions.

Promotional Ripstop Nylon Dry Bags

While ripstop has the same meaning for this fabric as it does in the style explained in the second paragraph, the difference lies in the fact that this style concerns nylon. When you buy ripstop nylon dry bags in bulk from 4AllPromos, you'll find that the added strength and flexibility nylon provides will allow users to take on even heavier jobs and take more cargo along on their outdoor adventures.

Wholesale Tarpaulin Waterproof Boat Bags

While tarpaulin may be an unfamiliar word or one that looks downright weird, you've by no doubt encountered and used it on many occasions. Ever use a tarp to keep something covered? Then you're experienced with tarpaulin, as "tarp" is just a shortened version of the name. Our personalized tarpaulin dry boat bags are designed for especially harsh weather. You'll also notice that it's frequently found in our customized waterproof coolers.

Bulk PVC Dry Bags

PVC, which is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride, is a synthetic polymer which is one of the most widely used around the world. It's extremely durable and has a texture that's somewhat reminiscent of leather. It provides a maximum level of protection against sand and wetness, so naturally, it's a great material for any storage bag that will be in contact with those elements. Our custom water resistant PVC dry bags can contain PVC as a bottom protective lining, though in other cases, (such as with our waterproof backpacks) nearly their entire bodies are constructed of PVC.

Custom Grid Cloth Dry Bags for Boats

The last material used in our customized dry bags for businesses that we'll discuss on this page is grid cloth. Personalized grid cloth dry sacks are constructed from a material that is very lightweight, yet still extremely sturdy. This material is also known for its superior water resistance, so it's no wonder that our promotional grid cloth dry bags are consistent best-sellers.

What is the Difference Between Tex and Deniers?

Sometimes when you see the fabrics of our personalized dry bags mentioned in their individual product descriptions, you'll see a number followed by a T or a D. The "T" stands for Text and the "D" stands for Denier. Both are measures of fabric density. Here's where the difference comes in. Tex measures a fabric's weight in grams per 1,000 meters, whereas deniers measure a fabric's weight in grams per 900 meters. If you want covert tex to deniers (opens in a new window), you just need to multiply the tex number by 0.9.

Uses for Our Personalized Dry Bags

Our custom dry bags have many uses, both for promotional purposes and for active applications on the part of end users. While your business may want to invest in promotional dry bags for trade show giveaways or general company branding activities, the following list points out some of the personalized dry bags end users can use for specific activities. Just to name a few, we carry:

Bulk Dry Bags - Additional Features

Our customized dry bags for businesses have so many different features, assets, and applications that it would take hours to explain them all. Therefore, we're going to break down some of the more significant features that make each of our personalized dry bags so useful & unique.

Promotional Coolers with PEVA Insulation

Dry bags need not necessarily be bags. As we've already mentioned, our wholesale soft sided coolers are a member of the dry bag family. Many such coolers fall into the category of custom PEVA insulated soft coolers. PEVA is an eco-friendly form of chlorine-free insulation that is highly biodegradable, yet also affordable.

Promotional Dry Bags with Carabiners

Many of our high quality yet cheap promotional dry bags come with carabiners attached. Carabiners are tools that usually have a D shape with a hinged gate which pushes inward to provide a storage unit for items such as keys, keychains, and nearly any other small item with a hook-friendly hole. Our wholesale dry bags with carabiner clips provided added utility and storage, allowing users to attach their keys, ID cards, and other personal items to their dry bags.

Bulk Dry Bags with Compression Straps

Sometimes users won't need to use all of the storage provided by their customized dry bags, and in other cases, they might fill them up little by little. In either case, our promotional dry bags that come with compression straps allow unoccupied space to be pressed down to effectively shrink the bags and make room for other items. These wholesale travel compression products allow users to make the most out of all available space.

Wholesale Roll Top Dry Bags

When you browse our collection of custom waterproof luggage, you'll find many custom printed water resistant dry bags with roll top closures. This a popular style as it provides a very modern, streamlined look. It also provides a closing mechanism that saves space and is easy to operate. To ensure that your custom dry bags are as watertight as possible, it's best to roll the top at least three times before snapping the accompanying security buckle together, in cases where one is present.

Some of our custom imprinted dry bag backpacks come with removable shoulder straps. This allows users to switch between wearing them backpack style or carrying them as duffel bags. They're a great option for camping, fishing, and boating.

Personalized Waterproof Dry Packs with Taped Seams

Many of our custom dry bag backpacks and personalized dry bags are described as having taped seams. If you're unfamiliar with this term and are curious to know what it means, we'll take care of that now. Our custom dry bags with taped seams are made fully waterproof by way of extra strong nylon fabric strips with thin rubber backing being applied to the seams, eliminating what would otherwise be small holes through which water could penetrate.