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If you're looking for the best promotional speakers, custom Bluetooth speakers, and portable mini speakers in the best designs to impress customers, look no further. On our website, you'll find a wide variety of custom wireless speaker products that are great for use around the office, at home, on the road, at a party, trade show, events, and more. With great sound quality, durability, longevity, and attractive design, these tech giveaways will make a great impression on behalf of your brand. 

Custom Speakers for Giveaways | Cheap Promotional Portable Speakers

Customers, employees, and target market members will all enjoy playing music, making calls, listening to podcasts, and engaging in other tech tasks with our promotional wireless speakers. When they connect their cell phones or any other Bluetooth enabled device, they'll be able to pair up with our custom speakers to enjoy top quality audio both indoors and out. These items make a great corporate tech gift, whether you go with a single speaker or one of our promotional portable speaker gift sets.

We have many categories of branded portable speakers for you to search and shop among. The following paragraphs will go into these categories in a bit more detail, helping to provide your business with the information it needs to shop for the best custom logo speakers to fit its promotional needs.

Customized Bluetooth Speakers

Our branded custom Bluetooth speakers are adept at pairing with a compatible device (such as cell phones, MP3 players, tablets, and more) to get any party started with clear and powerful audio for enjoying music. There are many varieties to choose from. We have custom mini Bluetooth speakers that are great for use at home, in the office, or on the road. We also have some less conventional products, including light up logo speakers, custom speaker and cooler combos, handy personalized clip-on speakers, and much more. All of these devices are equipped with micro USB cable connection ports to plug into when it's time to charge up. 

If your brand wishes to beat out the competition while turning up the volume to all the best jams, you're sure to find just the model of customized speaker you need at 4AllPromos. Are you shopping for promotions on a budget? No problem! We have many cheap promotional wireless speakers to suit your needs and those of your target audience.

Promotional Waterproof Speakers

Hosting a pool party? Get the party started with audio that will really pop with our custom waterproof Bluetooth speakers! A great way to promote any business, especially those in the tech sector, this style allows users to hear their favorite tune or other audio source while outdoors, on the water, or even in the shower. 

Our custom waterproof shower speakers are a hit with anyone who likes to listen to music while sprucing up. They're also a handy tool for those who have a bit of trouble waking up in the morning. With your imprinted, engraved, or light up logo, this wireless speaker style will bring the fun anywhere users travel.

Company Logo Wireless Speaker Multi Tools

Some of our personalized portable speakers offer more than one product in a single model. For example, consider the promotional cooler bag speakers we mentioned a few paragraphs ago. They enable users to carry food and drinks to a picnic, the beach, or special event while providing music to listen to along the way and after arrival. 

In addition to the cooler style, we also have branded water bottles with speakers, multifunctional custom alarm clock speakers, personalized phone stand bluetooth speakers, wireless charging pad speakers, custom LED lantern wireless speakers, corporate branded night light speakers, and more. Compatible with most modern phones and other micro USB devices, these products will plug in the fun and functionality when handed out as a business gift or promo item. 

Corporate Branded Speakers - Accessories

In addition to our Bluetooth compatible promotional speakers, we also have excellent accessory products to go along with them. One example can be found in the form of our company logo phone amplifiers. By placing cell phones in the grooves these items possess, volume and sound quality are boosted over a much wider range. 

We also have promotional sound bars and custom logo subwoofers to help boost sound quality in home and office media areas. They're excellent for getting the most out of television audio without taking up a great deal of space. Another accessory worth mentioning would be our wrist straps, which make it easy to carry our custom Bluetooth speakers while on the go. Our personalized wrist strap portable speakers make a great corporate gift or giveaway product.

Custom Bluetooth Speaker & Personalized Portable Speaker Brands

When you want a well-known brand to help speak to the quality of your own, our promotional bluetooth speakers can bring much to the table. We have custom JBL Bluetooth speakers, promotional Sony wireless speakers, personalized Bose portable Bluetooth speakers, and more. Their well-established reputations for quality and reliability will be the perfect sign to show potential customers the type of service and products they can rely on from your organization. These items come in many color choices, shapes, and materials. 

In addition to our many top brand choices, there are also a lot of options when it comes to style. We have portable speaker options with dual woofers, personalized bamboo Bluetooth speakers, stylish fabric speakers for blasting your favorite jams, and many more to connect with the diverse tastes of your target audience. We also have many low minimum order options, creating the opportunity to customize the perfect tech gift for anyone who loves music or wants to bring bigger and better sound into their life.

Design Your Own Promotional Bluetooth Speakers & Custom Portable Speakers with Logos

One of the best ways to make a custom Bluetooth speaker work best when it comes to promoting your brand is to imprint or engrave it with your customized logo design. Any promo product, giveaway, or corporate gift that serves to display your branding will help to create advertising impressions and build brand awareness for years to come. The right style of design will aid in promotions, as it will be sure to catch everyone's eyes whenever they walk into the room or pass by outdoor areas where the speakers are in action.

We have many styles of custom logo printed portable speakers. You can shop for them on our website in single, multiple, and full color printed options. We also offer a treasure trove of laser engraved models. Our personalized laser engraved wireless speakers can be found with traditional engraving or in a light up logo style. Both will speak as a sign of the quality and durability of your brand and all that it does. 

If you still have any questions after reading this guide to our promotional speakers, we encourage you to reach out to us by way of a phone call, email, or live chat message. We can help you in determining which devices are compatible with which speaker models, what quick ship options are available, aid with search filters to find the best speaker styles to promote your brand, and anything else you may be wondering about or need assistance with.