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Promotional tailgating gear helps you to enjoy the big game in style and comfort. Our custom imprinted tailgate chairs, handy promotional tailgate grills, custom tailgate coolers, logo printed personalized tailgate cups, stylish custom imprinted tailgate aprons, durable business logo polyester tailgate flags, and promotional sports team car flags & foam hands will promote your business, school, or team quite unlike any others.

Promotional Tailgate Giveaways & Gear

4AllPromos is your year-round tailgate party supply headquarters. We offer the best in promotional tailgating supplies in styles and at prices that can't be beat. Whether it's our promotional stadium blankets, custom tailgate grills, an outdoor chair with a sturdy aluminum frame, sports team double-knitted polyester flags, football shaped car flags, personalized tailgate umbrellas, or custom logo imprinted BBQ kits for tailgate parties, 4AllPromos has it all! Don't forget to ask about free samples of our tailgating promotional items!

Additional Information About Our Customized Tailgate Party Supplies

We're proud to offer the best tailgating promotional items for your company branding efforts. The Folding Tripod tailgate chair keeps things nice and simple. Our Game Day promotional tailgate chair comes with convenient & secure mesh drink holders. If you really want to go all out in luxury, benefits, and decadence, our Convenience Sports tailgating chair is equipped with a fold out side table, padded armrests, insulated beverage cooler, and boasts a 300lb weight capacity. These are just a few of the best promotional stadium chairs we have in stock, all of which stand to make great gifts for football fans.

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Seating & Tables

Who can enjoy a tailgating party when they're not comfortable? Probably nobody, at least to the fullest capacity. That's why we carry all of the best tailgate chairs, tailgate stadium cushions, tailgate stadium blankets, folding tailgate tables, and portable tailgate umbrellas. You can learn more about each of these category areas by reading the following paragraphs.

For more information about our offerings in this category, check out our blog post about our picks for the Best Promotional Tailgate Gear Items. Read through the following section to learn about details regarding the different types items we have within this category and the features they possess to help promote your brand.

Promotional Tailgate Stadium Chairs

In search of the best seating promotional items for outdoor events? Your search ends right here! The Folding Tripod tailgate chair keeps things nice and simple. Our Game Day promotional tailgate chair comes with mesh drink holders. If you really want to go all out in luxury, benefits, and decadence, our Convenience Sports tailgating chair is equipped with a fold out side table, padded armrests, insulated beverage cooler, and boasts a 300lb weight capacity.

These are just a few of the best promotional stadium chairs we have to offer, all of which make great gifts fans, guests, and any existing or potential customer. They're great tools for gaining brand exposure at concerts & events, offering a sign of your brand's quality to potential customers far and wide.

Customized Tailgate Stadium Cushions

Our custom imprinted stadium cushions are perfect for tailgate parties. They're soft enough to keep you comfortable, yet firm enough to ensure optimum back support. They certainly put backless bleacher seating to shame.

Our Wedge Super Comfort Self Supporting tailgate stadium cushions and our folding Coleman Stadium tailgating seat cushions will keep occupants comfortable and your company logo omnipresent. They're great tools for when your customer base wants to have some fun in the sun.

Personalized Tailgate Stadium Blankets

Whether they're used for bundling up at a chilly Thanksgiving football match or for comfortable group seating while at a concert, our personalized tailgate stadium blankets are among the best promotional products for outdoor events.

Our Picnic tailgate blanket comes in an attractive plaid pattern and is equipped with a PVC backing for protection against water and sand. We also offer a 48" x 53" Roll-Up tailgating stadium blanket that is allergy safe, animal-friendly, and imprinted or embroidered with your business logo. We stock several water and sand resistant blankets with vinyl backing to keep customers dry and comfortable while having outdoor fun.

Custom Folding Tailgate Tables

For extra bonding, it's great for fans of the home team (and of your business) to gather closely to enjoy their food. That's why you'll want to invest in our folding tailgate tables. Our Collapsible Picnic Table seats 4 people in bench-style seating with a 250 lb weight capacity on each side. Our Travel Folding tailgate party tables come with zippered security pockets and color-matched drawstring bags.

Finally, our Game Day Folding Table for tailgate parties is lightweight and convenient with an easy to assemble steel frame. Each is durably constructed and creates a flat space for resting a plate, beer can, sunglasses, backpacks, or even tote bags or baby bags while taking in the action.

Promotional Tailgating Umbrellas

To keep the sun, rain, or snow at bay, our 60" Arc Tailgate Party Umbrella is second to none. Also perfect for use as a golf umbrella, it is available in several different colors. A wooden handle and nylon canopy make this both a fashionable and functional umbrella for tailgate purposes. Be sure to look into umbrella price and printing options, including single, multiple, and full color designs. Contact us for sample requests and any additional information.

Tailgating Drinkware

Now that you're settled in comfortably, it's time to quench your thirst and battle the blazing temperatures of the parking lots (or frigid ones, as the case might be). We have a broad selection of tailgate Koozies, tailgate coolers, stainless steel bottles, ThermosⓇ bottles, BPA free promotional stadium cups, sports team sign bottle openers, and more.

Promotional Tailgate Stadium Cups

No gear package is complete without some stylish stadium cups. Our 12 oz custom imprinted stadium cups are made in the USA and are BPA-free and in compliance with all FDA standards. Our 24 oz Offset Printed Stadium Cups can accommodate a large amount of liquid refreshment and will keep your company logo visible to all in attendance. These are low price tailgating promotional items, constructed in a lightweight fashion to create easy mobility before and after big events.

Custom Tailgating Coolers

We stock a wide variety of imprinted tailgate coolers that are guaranteed to be a big hit. Running in size from as small Coleman 1/2 Gallon Jugs to as large as our 50 can-capacity Game Day Standing Tailgate Cooler tubs, we have the right promotional tailgating coolers to fit all customer sizes, styles, and appetites. Then there’s the Game Day Cooler Seat, which combines all of the benefits of a stadium chair & tailgating cooler rolled into one great promotional product. These are excellent promotional tools for helping kids & adults alike find refreshment and relaxation at an affordable price.

Once the ice-cold cans have been removed from their coolers, you'll want to make sure to keep everyone's hands from turning to ice as well. Our custom business logo imprinted Koozies are one of the best ways, if not the very best way, for achieving this.

Our Economy Collapsing Tailgate Koozies make great beverage sleeves and fold flat for easy storage. Our Magnetic Koozies can adhere to any magnetic surface allowing for storage in nearly any location & easy access as soon as they're needed. These lightweight & fun items are easy to store and make great giveaways & samples for potential customers who your brand hopes to court.

Promotional Tailgate ThermosesⓇ

Whether you go with our 18 oz ThermosⓇ Guardian Stainless Steel Tumbler or the ThermosⓇ 34 oz Tailgating Beverage Bottles, contents will stay at the perfect temperature throughout the tailgating party and game. Your imprinted or engraved logo will also be visible to thousands all the while. Search all of our models to find the features you prefer to best reach your customer base and target market.

Custom Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Promotional stainless steel bottles are another great way for your school or business logo to get maximum visibility among giant crowds. Our Arsenal Vacuum hot & cold tailgate bottles feature double wall construction and can maintain heat for 5 hours and coldness for 15 hours.

Our promotional Zippo Copper Vacuum tailgate bottles feature your engraved company logo and can maintain heat for 12 hours and coldness for a whopping 48 hours! They're BPA-free and come with assorted lid options & additional accessories to promote your brand while pleasing every last customer.

Custom Tailgate Bottle Openers

Rounding out the beverage portion of our promotional tailgate party accessories are our logo imprinted bottle openers. Great giveaway accessories, especially for brands who typically wish to avoid expensive samples, these promotional tailgating items are a great buy.

Our promotional Football Shaped Bottle Openers make great gifts for football fans and are right at home when snapping the lid off of a frosty beer outside of the stadium. Our Magnetic Bar and Tailgate Bottle Openers are decorated with your business logo and can be clipped to refrigerators to remind one and all of the great times had at the last tailgate party and the even better times to be had at the next.

Tailgate Grills & BBQ Accessories

Okay, so you're seated, warm, and have plenty to drink. But wait, your stomach is growling. What to do now? Taking advantage of our promotional grills and the BBQ accessories that go along with them sounds like a good start. Get acquainted with these items in the following paragraphs and decide which ones are the best for your watching experience & to promote to your customer base.

Custom Tailgating Grills

Our promotional tailgate grills make up some of the finest members of our promotional tailgate gear family. Our Weekend Explorer tailgate grill is quite a find. The grill comes with a cooler laid inside of it, so fans will easily be able to store both & transport them to games and concerts. It's designed for cooking with charcoal and wood and will create snacks that will be the envy of the crowd. Our Portable BBQ Grill & Cooler tailgate sets are another way to ensure that both delicious barbecue and ice-cold drinks will go hand and hand.

Personalized Tailgate BBQ Sets

Our custom tailgate grill kits allow you to make the most out of our grills and everything that is cooked on them. Our Budget 3 Piece Promotional BBQ Kits feature a spatula, grill fork, and tongs in a 600D polyester carrying case bag bearing your business logo or school logo.

The next level up is our custom business logo imprinted 6 piece Tailgate Grilling Kit, which also contains 4 corn holders. Go premium with our ultimate tailgate BBQ Gift Set, which includes a 4-piece Sizzler tool set, 12 can Koozie Kooler,  apron, pot holder, and oven mitt. These accessories add to the food, fun, and sun to create tailgating promotional items that all customers will prefer over the competition.

Custom Imprinted Grilling Aprons

Our Just Grillin' promotional tailgate grilling aprons are some of the finest pieces of brand imprinted tailgate equipment money can buy. Each one includes a top slash pocket, front Velcro pocket, two side beverage pockets, and an adjustable waist strap with a buckle.

One size will fit nearly anyone and folds up flat & neatly for simple storage. The grillmaster of the group will display your company logo while serving up a plate of delicious BBQ food fare with cold drinks conveniently at hand for when the flames really heat up.

Tailgate Grilling Accessories

Sometimes a spatula is just a spatula, and other times there is much more than what initially meets the eye. This is the case with our promotional tailgate accessories. Our custom logo engraved Grill Master spatula boasts a serrated handle for cutting meat as well as a bottle opener and plastic cover for protective purposes. Our Multi-Function Tailgate BBQ Tool is a spatula that also offers a meat tenderizer, beverage opener, serrated cutting edge, non-stick surface, and an easy to control rubberized grip.

Promotional Team Spirit Items

Your company logo is now visible everywhere, with everyone comfortably sitting, eating, and drinking. Let's not forget though that this is a tailgating party and not just a massive outdoor BBQ. With that in mind, we'd like to tell you a little bit about all of the different promotional team spirit supplies we offer.

Choose from our felt pennants, promotional car flags, team logo tailgating flags, tote bags, and foam hands to make sure that allegiance to the home team is running loudly & proudly at all times.

Promotional Tailgating Flags

Our promotional tailgate flags allow fans to show their spirit in a way that’s large and in charge. Our promotional double-knitted Polyester Single Sided Flags work great as outdoor flags but also look perfect on a dorm wall.

Step up to double promotional power with our Two-Sided Superknit Polyester Flags, which feature a canvas heading and grommets to make sure the banner can withstand all that Mother Nature and enthusiastic waving arms can throw at them. Vinyl flags and banners are another great choice, especially for those who prefer a lower minimum order item.

Custom Sports Team Car Flags

Our sports team car flags, such as our Full Color 12-Inch Custom Car Flags are easy to clip to car windows and are ideal for organizing convoys of fans to descend on the stadium together. Your full color imprinted business logo will fly high on these auto flags as they ripple in the wind of the open road. Contact us if you're interested in having us ship you some samples.

Custom Imprinted Sports Team Pennants

When you invest in our 8" x 18" stiff felt tailgating pennants or our 12 Inch x 30 Inch stiff felt tailgate pennants, you can guarantee that your school or business logo will get plenty of exposure while standing up to the elements and opposing fanbase. They make great low price gifts, but also perform well when offered as part of a giveaway package alongside promotional items such as backpacks, sunglasses, BPA-free food containers, plastic bags, and more.

Personalized Tailgate Foam Hands

Our promotional foam hands have been among our most popular promotional products for schools and businesses for more than a decade. Order some of our 16" #1 Tailgating Foam Hands or our 22" #1 Foam Tailgate Hands and show every athlete at your school that you truly feel they're number one! While the hand shape with an imprint long the palm or finger is a popular style, other shapes can be created upon request. While the hand shape with an imprint long the palm or finger is a popular style, other fun shapes can be created upon request. Reach out to us for more details.