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Best Promotional Tailgating Gear at the Best Prices

Rev up your brand’s visibility and pump up the fun before the game with custom tailgate promotional items. Perfect for sports fans and parking lot events, our tailgating gear leaves a lasting impression before you head into the main event. From logo-printed folding chairs to tailgate giveaway ideas, we’ve got everything you need to make your tailgating party the talk of the season.

Score Big with Tailgate Promotional Items

Tailgating is more than just arriving early and waiting for the game to start. It’s about memorable experiences filled with food, fun, and camaraderie. Businesses looking to increase brand awareness amongst sports fans and event attendees can benefit from promotional tailgating gear. Adding your logo to our customizable tailgate swag boosts fan engagement with your brand.

Custom promotional items like our folding chairs, coolers, and drinkware serve practical purposes at a tailgating party. They’re also prime real estate for your logo, getting your brand seen and associated with the fun.

What is Tailgating and Why Is It So Much Fun?

Tailgating is a social pre-game party that happens in the parking lot or outside of a stadium. They’ve become a tradition before football games, especially college football. Friends and families gather to eat, drink, and celebrate their team spirit

Your brand can join in the fun when you add your logo to tailgating promotional gear. You can get cheap tailgating promotional items like foam hands to giveaway to all the attendees on game day or get custom tailgating gifts like cornhole sets and portable grills to give to your high-value clients and hardworking employees. 

At these gatherings, you’ll find fans grilling, playing games, and sharing laughs. Businesses can capitalize on this enthusiastic atmosphere by providing branded tailgate gear that fans will use and show off. Picture your logo on coolers keeping drinks chilled, or on chairs where fans relax between rounds of cornhole—each item a touchpoint for brand engagement.

Tips for Choosing the Best Tailgate Items

Selecting the right tailgate gear can make or break your event. We’ve got tailgating supplies to fit your audience's needs and your budgets. Browse our collection to pick the best tailgating accessories to spread your brand awareness.

Coolers & Grills

Every tailgate party needs cold drinks and delicious food. 4AllPromos has you covered with custom logo cooler bags, galvanized tubs, and promotional portable grills. These items are premium tailgating gifts that can be raffled off at company events or given out as incentives.

They go well with our BBQ sets, oven mitts, and aprons so the grill master has everything they need to feed the crowd.

When your branded coolers and BBQ grills make it out to the tailgate party, not only does the recipient have what they need to have some fun before the big game, but they'll see your logo every time someone reaches for a drink or a grilled hot dog too. 

Folding Chairs, Seating, & Tables

Have a place to sit and enjoy your grub with our promotional folding chairs and collapsible tables. Imagine taking a branded folding table to one of these outdoor events, all your friends will be gathered around your logo, having a great time and creating a positive association with your brand. 

Our seating is not limited to only portable folding chairs. A great promotional product for a tailgating giveaway idea is branded stadium cushions. You can hand these out at tradeshows or sell them as branded merchandise to provide extra comfort throughout the football season. 


Make your tailgating party eco-friendly with reusable stadium cups and tumblers. Stadium cups are a cost-effective way to increase the reach of your brand at tailgating events, while stainless steel double-wall insulated tumblers provide premium drinkware options for your employees and staff. 

Consider handing out custom company logo koozies to any fans who pass by to help them keep their cans cold and spread brand awareness in the process. 

Flags & Foam Hands

Show your team spirit and rally the crowd with personalized flags and pennants. Select flags in our collection have no minimum order quantities, giving you the ability to create your own personalized full-color flags

For a classic sporting event promo giveaway, custom foam hands with your logo imprints provide fun items to wave around at games.  Pennants and foam hands boost excitement and brand visibility. Your foam fingers can help the home team rally for a touchdown. 


Many sporting events such as football and soccer are played rain or shine. It’s a good idea to pack an umbrella or two in case the weather takes a turn. Even if the rain doesn’t come, your logo can provide a much-needed spot for shade when added to a custom umbrella

Bottle Openers

One of our favorite promotional products to hand out at NFL games is our football-shaped bottle openers. You can add your logo to these bottle openers or any of our other bottle openers for a useful tailgating giveaway. Many of our bottle openers double as keychains so your brand will be carried wherever they go. 

Tailgating Fun & Games

After all the eating and drinking, you don’t want to forget the games. Get logo baseballs or foam footballs to play catch with. A branded cornhole gift set will make any tailgate-loving employee or client happy too. We also have soccer balls and frisbees for a fun way to engage the crowd at these events. 

Why Buy Tailgating Gear in Bulk?

Buying tailgate promotional items in bulk saves money. Bulk buying tailgating gear means you have plenty of swag to distribute. Large quantities of branded gear are perfect for giveaways before the sporting event, or at corporate gatherings and community festivals. 

Our favorite tailgate giveaway ideas to buy in bulk include koozies and pennants. These items are cheap and spread brand awareness as you distribute them throughout the parking lot. For corporate gift ideas, we like our portable cooler & girl combos. They’re the perfect all-in-one solution for tailgating and are convenient to tote around. 

FAQ About Tailgating Gear

How can I make my tailgate more fun?
Bring interactive games like cornhole or branded balls to play with as the food cooks. You can provide comfortable seating for socializing, and ensure plenty of drinks are available.
What are some unique tailgate giveaway ideas for football season?
Consider custom items like team-colored foam hands, shot glass beaded necklaces, or themed stadium cups that your guests can take home and bring to the next tailgate too.
What promotional products are the real game-changers?
Premium tailgating gifts like logo-printed folding chairs, insulated coolers, and collapsible tables are our top picks for impressing audiences and making lasting impressions at tailgates and events.

Gear Up for Game Day With Our Tailgate Giveaway Ideas & Promotional Tailgating Gifts

Make your tailgating party a time to remember both the fun times and your brand. Our tailgate promotional items are the perfect addition to these lively parking lot events. From corporate tailgating gifts like logo folding chairs and coolers to tailgate giveaways like bottle openers and koozies, your brand will stand out as it becomes part of the party. 

Don’t fumble your chance to be the tailgate MVP, order your tailgate promotional items today!

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