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Catch a branding wave with our promotional beach towels & personalized beach mats! We carry the best personalized straw beach mats, stylish wholesale lightweight beach towels, several kinds of bulk white beach towels, attention-grabbing company logo colored beach towels, classic custom striped cabana style beach mats, fancy custom embroidered beach towels, and much more.

Custom Beach Towels | Promotional Beach Mats | Monogrammed Beach Towels

If you're looking for the best logo customized beach towels, blankets, and mats to boost brand awareness this summer, you've come to the right place! 4AllPromos is your top source for nearly any kind of personalized beach towel or promotional beach mat you could ever need. In addition to the classic terry, velour, and cabana styles, we also offer unique choices such as custom photo beach towels, roll-up beach mat totes, monogrammed beach towels, and even more. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer & learn which options best suit your goals.

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Different Types of Promotional Beach Towels

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Different Types of Promotional Beach Towels

As we've already stated, our promotional beach towels allow your business to make a truly one-of-a-kind connection with the public. Happy and relaxed people will see your customized business logo all day as they soak in the rays. Still, a few fundamentals should probably be addressed. First of all, what is a beach towel? Aside from obviously being a towel that one uses at the beach or poolside, beach towels differ from regular bath towels in several ways.

First of all, beach towels are significantly larger than bath towels. This allows them to be used as beach blankets as well as making it possible to cover and dry one's full body much more quickly. They are also thinner than beach towels, which is important because it enables them to dry in a speedy manner. Finally, as they usually don't need to soak in as much water as bath towels do, they're a bit less absorbent. Again, this facilitates quick and easy drying. At this point, we'll tell you a bit about some of the different varieties we have to offer.

Custom Cabana Style Beach Towels

Our Cabana style promotional striped beach towels feature white and colored vertical stripes, and are usually much longer than they are wide. They’re extra soft and sometimes feature a fringed hem finish.

Wholesale Signature Beach Towels

If you're looking for the perfect beach towel giveaway to serve as a commemorative item, you'll want to pay close attention to this paragraph. Our bulk signature beach towels for graduations and events allow all participants to sign their names and receive a special token of your organization's regard. They provide a fun and useful way to make memories last a lifetime.

Personalized Microfiber Beach Towels

If your business wants to provide users with something extra soft and comfortable, we suggest making an investment in our custom microfiber beach blankets and towels. They're made from an extra fine weave for a smooth, soft feel that will feel great when used as a blanket or wrapped around one's body after a dip in the pool, lake, or sea.

Promotional Velour Beach Towels

Our custom velour beach towels represent some of our most comfortable plush promotional beach towels. They are in some ways similar to our terry cloth beach towels, but the loops of cotton are traditionally shaved or cropped. This gives them a softer texture and provides an easier surface for screen printing. Despite these great qualities, they are not quite as absorbent as beach towels made from terry cloth.

Custom Terry Velour Beach Towels

Our corporate logo terry velour beach towels are among our most absorbent varieties. Terry cloth consists of several loops of cotton fabric, which are present on both sides of the towel. They lend themselves quite well to embroidery, but are tougher to decorate with screen printing due to their relatively uneven surfaces.

Branded Turkish Cotton Beach Towels

If you're looking for a premium summer promotional product, nothing is quite as elegant as our company logo imprinted Turkish cotton beach towels. Turkish cotton is a deluxe fabric that features extra long fibers and fewer joins/seams. This creates a fluffy, soft beach towel with excellent absorbency. What really makes these towels great is that they actually become softer and more comfortable with each successive wash.

Promotional Beach Towel Totes

Get two great giveaway items for the price of one with our wholesale beach towel tote bags! These products provide both a beach towel as well as a custom imprinted tote bag for easy transportation. Some are even equipped with insulation to serve as a cooler for beachside picnics.

Bulk Beach Blankets with Sand Stakes

An extra measure of security never hurts. Nor does it drive away business. Users will enjoy the utility and your business will enjoy the advertising impressions that branded beach towels with sand stakes provide. These items can be used as towels or blankets and come with small devices in each corner to push into the sand. These secure the towel and prevent it from blowing away in the wind or rolling up with contact.

If you're trying to figure out the difference between beach towels and beach mats, we can easily explain. While they may look rather similar, our promotional beach mats are larger than most beach towels. They also serve a different purpose. Beach mats aren't used for drying off. Rather, they're used as protective surfaces so you can tan, nap, read, or enjoy a picnic on the beach without getting wet, sandy, or dusty. Their surface and backing compositions are specifically designed for these purposes, so when you order our promotional sandless beach mats, you can rest assured that your company logo will be providing comfort to the masses. The next four paragraphs will go into some detail explaining the different types of beach mats available on our site.

Wholesale Straw Beach Mats

Our promotional straw beach mats provide the perfect vintage seaside look, but a sharp appearance is far from being their only charm. Our custom straw beach mats are water-resistant and sand-resistant. This means that they provide a large and comfortable area for sunbathing and eating. Sunbathers will stay dry and food will stay free of dust and sand when you bring one of these beauties to the beach.

Custom Eco-Friendly Polypropylene Beach Mats

A top choice in eco-friendly promotional products, our promotional tubular polypropylene beach mats are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable in their own right. Polypropylene is one of the most widely recycled plastics in the world and is also among the most durable and versatile. Tubular polypropylene is woven on a circular loom and is without seams along its sides. It is laid out flatly, but its webbing wraps all the way around. This makes it flexible, pliable, and comfortably soft. It's a durable material that glides smoothly over sand and goes into many of our best sand-resistant beach mats.

Promotional Water Resistant and Sand Resistant Beach Mats

We offer several wholesale affordable sand resistant beach mats & water resistant beach mats in bulk. These are made from soft yet durable materials that keep users dry and comfortable while soaking in the rays. They're also highly appreciated for not spreading water and sand inside of cars when it's time to pack up at the end of the day.

Personalized Roll-Up Beach Mat Totes

Transportation, advertising on the go, and simple storage are all made easy when Our wholesale roll-up beach mat totes are in the picture. These customized beach mats fold up to form their own carrying totes when not in use. Some also include an additional pocket for carrying other beach essentials.

Wholesale Branded Beach Towels and Personalized Beach Mats - Additional Features

Some of the other features of our wholesale beach towels and mats don't fit into any one category. However, they're still important. That's why we'll include those extra details for you in the following section.

Promotional Pool Towels with Hemming

The hem of any unit of fabric refers to the knit edge along its ends. It is typically sewn quite narrowly and its main purpose is to prevent the fabric from fraying, unraveling, or ripping. However, some hems feature intentionally frayed fabric at their ends. A dobby hem is a specific type that features small, intricate patterns and strong borders.

Custom Roll-Up Beach Mats with Wooden Toggle Buttons

Wooden toggle buttons are a feature that is found in some of our custom roll-up straw beach mats. They’re long dowel-shaped buttons which feature two holes for attachment purposes. When a user is done with their beach mat for the day or if they’re carrying en route to some fun in the sun, the wooden toggle switch helps it to stay rolled up in tote form.

Personalized Beach Towels - Weight and Thickness Ratings

Many of our beach towels are mentioned as being in certain weight classes. Promotional lightweight beach towels, medium custom midweight beach towels, and premium/oversize personalized heavyweight beach towels are all size classes you’ll see mentioned in our product descriptions. You’ll also frequently see weight ratios included in the form of lbs per dozen. A lightweight model is usually between 9-11 lbs/doz, a medium/midrange is usually between 12-15 lbs/doz, and premium/heavyweight and oversized beach towels weigh in at 16+ lbs/doz.

Promotional Beach Towel Staple Length

Cotton staples mainly refer to the size of individual strands of cotton. There are also two specific types of cotton from which long and short staples are drawn, but for our purposes, we’ll be focusing on long cotton staples. This variety is easier to spin and tends to be more even in shape and size than short staple cotton. It is also more soft and flexible, which is why custom long staple cotton beach towels are so plush and comfortable.

Design Your Own Custom Beach Towels & Mats

Our customized beach towels & beach mats have some of the most diverse personalized business logo imprinting options of any of our promotional product categories. We’ll give you a quick summary of each one.

Promotional Screen Printed Beach Mats & Pool Towels

Screen printing is pretty much the most common and basic form of custom logo imprinting within the promotional business item industry. It is achieved through cutting stencils into designs shaped like the desired logo, and only one color of ink can be used on one screen. Because of this, most of our custom screen printed beach towels & screen printed beach mats have imprints of a single color. Still, multi-color screen printing is possible. It’s an ideal method for large orders with relatively simple logos. It’s also the most affordable option.

Full Color Custom Beach Towels & Mats

The branded full color beach towels and mats you'll find at 4AllPromos display your logo or message in a visually enticing manner. Allowing for a broader range of color depth than screen printing, full color imprinting also offers a shorter production schedule. However, it is a bit pricier than screen printing.

Personalized Dye Sublimation Beach Towels

Our custom dye sublimated beach towels feature a full color-bleed design which allows for every inch of the surface of the towel to be customized. If you truly want to create your own beach towels, this is the route to take. To visually explain how the process works, we’re including the following video:

Custom Jacquard Woven Beach Towels

Our promotional jacquard woven beach towels are among our most premium customized sand towels. They feature elaborately designs woven directly into the fabric. Your personalized company logo will be rendered in beautiful and stunning detail with our custom woven jacquard beach towels.

Wholesale Tone-on-Tone Beach Towels

Our custom promotional tone on tone swimming towels often see their names misused. Also known as color on color beach towels, these are towels are treated with water-based inks to create darker colored designs against lighter colored fabrics. The opposite of tone-on-tone imprinting is prolucent imprinting, which is the next method we’ll explain.

In the prolucent imprinting process, water and plastisol based inks are used to create designs of lighter colors against darker fabrics. Though plastisol ink can sometimes make a fabric a bit rough, it’s more of an issue with smaller items such as washcloths. When properly cared for, our custom prolucent imprinted beach towels remain plush and comfy at all times.

Personalized Fiber Reactive Beach Towels

Though fiber reactive beach towels can frequently be mistaken for dye sublimated towels (at least if you don’t make them for a living), they are not one and the same. Our promotional fiber reactive beach towels are fully customized on the surface, without an inch of fabric left undecorated. Extra vibrant colors are produced through the use of dyes that are injected into fabrics which are then heated and steamed to perfection.

We’ll conclude this tour of the 4AllPromos Beach Towel Museum by telling you a bit about our custom embroidered beach towels. These premium promotional sand towels have intricate designs woven into them. Your custom embroidered company logo will stand out proudly on your custom beach towel, with a three dimensional appearance that won’t fade off or chip away with time. Some of our embroidered beach towels offer up to 8,000 stitches standard, with more available for an additional charge.