Custom Beach Towels with Logo & Promotional Beach Mats

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Bring your organization to have some fun in the sun when you add your logo to custom beach towels. Branded beach towels are a necessity for hotels, spas, and resorts, but they also make great promotional giveaways for companies looking to make a splash during the summer. We carry custom beach towels and promotional beach mats to fit any budget and event, from luxurious monogrammed beach towels to quick-dry microfiber towels to hand out as promos. 


Make Waves For Your Brand with Promotional Beach Towels

Make a splash when you add your logo to custom beach towels. Beach towels are a necessity for pool parties, boating, and taking a dip in the ocean. Branded logo beach towels will show off your branding all day as they’re laid out in the sand or wrapped around the shoulders of your customers. Make waves when you pair your logo beach towels with other summer fun products like sunglasses, sunscreen, and beach balls

Strengthen your hotel or resort’s brand identity with custom logo cabana stripe beach towels or embroidered towels next to their amenities in the guestrooms. Creating a distinct brand identity throughout your property builds credibility and brand recall. 

Types of Custom Printed Beach Towels

Whether you're promoting your business at a corporate event or creating the brand strategy for your hotel or resort, our promotional beach towels deliver quality and style. We have beach towels to fit all occasions.

Monogrammed Beach Towels

Add a professional touch to your resort with our custom-embroidered monogrammed beach towels. These towels feature high-quality embroidery or imprinting of initials to make your guests remember your establishment. Any of our beach towels can be customized with your monogram. We also have an art team that can help you choose a font for your initials. 

Cheap Custom Beach Towels

Our cheap custom beach towels are the perfect budget-friendly solution for your promotional giveaways. Made from durable yet comfortable materials, these towels can be customized with your logo or design. They’re ideal for large-scale giveaways, events, or swag bag gifts. 

Beach Mats

Stay sand-free and comfortable while spreading brand awareness with our practical and stylish beach mats. Designed for easy transport and water resistance, these mats are perfect for beach days, picnics, and outdoor activities. Available in various sizes and colors, they can be customized with your logo for maximum brand exposure. One of our best sellers is our beach mat with pillow that boasts a 5-star rating!

Pool Towels

Beach towels aren’t just for the ocean, they also double as custom pool towels! Beach towels are perfect for poolside lounging and your custom artwork will stand up to frequent use and washing. Choose one of our absorbent towels for guests and clients to easily be ready to head back inside without leaving a slick trail of water behind.

Photo Beach Towels

Our full-color printed photo towels allow you to capture memories in a unique way. These towels can display your favorite photos, artwork, or designs with stunning clarity. For a summer family reunion photo gift idea, print a photo of your family members on towels to make a keepsake for everyone. 4AllPromos offers full-color printing on smaller sizes for kids beach towels too!

Custom Luxury Beach Towels

Get towels made from the finest materials such as Turkish cotton or plush velour to really wow your guests. These heavyweight towels offer unparalleled softness and absorbency. Customize them with your logo or design for a high-end promotional item or an extra touch of sophistication at your resort.

Bulk Beach Towels with Logo & Branding

If you're looking for the best custom logo beach towels, beach blankets, and mats to boost brand awareness this summer then you have to consider bulk beach towels from 4AllPromos. Ordering custom beach towels in bulk means more products to hand out to prospects and event attendees, at a lower price per item. 

Hotels and spas can stock up on branded beach towels to provide guests with fresh, clean towels whenever they’re needed. Even our full-color beach towels and photo-personalized beach towels can be ordered in bulk to get you wholesale prices on your custom designs. 

Common Materials for Branded Beach Towels

4AllPromos carries promotional beach towels made from several different materials, each with its own distinct advantages.

  • Polyester –  Durable and faster to dry than cotton, often used for microfiber towels that are compacts and convenient for travel.
  • Cotton –  Soft, absorbent, and highly durable, perfect for comfort and longevity. Many of our towels are made from USA-grown cotton. 
  • Velour –  Plush velour beach towels offer a premium feel with excellent absorbency.
  • Turkish Cotton –  Extra-long fibers provide superior softness
  • Blended Materials –  These combine the best properties of different fibers, usually cotton and polyester, for the best qualities of both materials.

Designing Your Custom Beach Towels & Mats

Our customization options ensure your brand is prominently displayed, making these towels perfect for giveaways, promotional events, and hospitality branding.

Screen printing is the most common and basic form of custom logo imprinting. Most of our custom-printed beach towels & screen printed beach mats have imprints of a single color, but multi-color screen printing is possible. 

Full-color beach towels and mats you'll find at 4AllPromos allow for a broader range of color depth than screen printing. Full-color imprinting also offers a shorter production schedule, but it costs more than screen printing.

Our custom dye sublimated beach towels feature a full color-bleed design which allows for every inch of the surface of the towel to be customized. If you truly want to create your own personalized beach towels, this is the route to take.

FAQ About Promotional Beach Towels

How do I order custom beach towels?
Once you choose your custom beach towel and add it to the cart, you’ll see a button to upload your artwork. You also have the option of emailing us your art at a later date. Our team will provide you with a digital proof before sending your towels to production.
What type of towel is best for the beach?
The best types of towels for the beach tend to be cotton and microfiber towels because of their absorbency and quick-drying properties.
Can custom beach towels be used as bath towels?
Of course! Your custom beach towels can be used at the beach or as a bath towel. In fact, these towels can be used as pool towels, picnic blankets, sun shade, or car seat covers. Custom beach towels have a range of uses.
How often should you wash beach towels?
You should wash your beach towels after every use to keep them clean, sand-free, and fresh.
What is considered an oversized beach towel?
An oversized beach towel typically measures around 40" x 70" or larger. If you’re looking for an extra large beach towel, you may consider our beach blanket which comes in its own tote bag with sand stakes.
Is cotton or microfiber better for beach towels?
Both have their advantages. Cotton is soft and absorbent, while microfiber is lightweight and quick-drying.
Do microfiber beach towels really work?
Yes, they are highly absorbent and dry quickly, making them ideal for beach and pool use. They’re compact and easy to bring to the sea or even just down the street to the gym.
How do you get stains out of beach towels?
Stains are usually easier to remove from beach towels if you pre-treat them before washing. Wash your towels in warm water and avoid bleach to prevent damage to the towel’s colors and imprints.

Dive Into Your Next Promotional Campaign with Custom Beach Towels

Our custom beach towels are the perfect blend of utility and branding. The high-quality custom logo beach towels leave a lasting impression after a day of fun in the sun.

Ready to make waves with your next promotional campaign? Get your custom beach towels with logos today! 

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