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At 4AllPromos, we’re proud to be your resource for imprinted office supplies, including custom computer mouse pads. No matter what design or shape your business is looking for, we have a wide range of full color logo printed mouse pads to meet your needs. We even offer promotional coronavirus mouse pads that include helpful tips for staff and customers on how to stay healthy. Best of all, our dedicated team will help you choose the right option for your business and assist you in adding your own custom design.

Custom Shaped Mouse Pads | Mouse Pad Promotional Items | Imprinted Mouse Pads

Finding the right promotional mouse pads to represent your business doesn’t have to be difficult. From our full-color 8 by 9 ½ mouse pad to mouse mats in special sizes and shapes, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Furthermore, if you’re looking for bulk options, we also offer wholesale rubber mouse pads and other budget-friendly choices.

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Different Styles of Promotional Mouse Pads

Custom Shaped Mouse Pads

Unique Custom Mouse Pads with Additional Features

Different Styles of Promotional Mouse Pads

We have many different types of promotional mouse pads for your company to choose from. Each of our custom logo imprinted mouse mats comes at the guaranteed lowest price and with the highest of quality. Deciding which one best fits your needs may be a challenge. Therefore, we've broken down some of our most prominent styles in a bit more detail to help you along. The next 8 paragraphs will point out some of the most popular types of personalized mouse pads available at 4AllPromos.

Large Branded Mouse Pads

Whether you want to add your business logo or a special photo, our large custom mouse pads are an excellent idea. These mats feature plenty of space for any image and make an ideal promotional item for virtually all industries. Their larger size leads to larger imprint areas, making your brand all the more visible.

Personalized Memory Foam Mouse Pads

Looking for a budget-friendly giveaway item? Our promotional foam mouse pads offer exceptional quality at an affordable price. Plus, their thin, flexible design makes them perfect for ordering in bulk and storing in your promotional closet for later use. If you're searching for something a little more premium, our custom memory foam mouse pads are a perfect fit. They surely up the comfort factor.

Promotional Adhesive Mouse Pads

If you’re purchasing bulk mouse pads for a library or business center, then you’ll love our promotional adhesive mouse pads. Our custom adhesive mouse mats feature an adhesive backing that keeps it firmly in place on a desk or table but can be easily peeled off for repositioning as necessary.

Custom Ultra Thin Mouse Pads

If you prefer a less bulky design, our promotional thin surface mouse pads are an ideal choice. In addition to staying in place on smooth surfaces like desks and countertops, their slim design also makes them perfect for stowing in a backpack or briefcase for on-the-go work.

If your customers use wireless mice, consider handing out our promotional firm surface mouse pads. Instead of a soft texture, they feature a firm surface that doesn’t give as easily as other designs. Plus, they’re available in bulk at affordable prices.

Branded Faux Leather Mouse Pads

Interested in a giveaway product that’s a little more upscale? Our custom leatherette mouse pads are both classy and elegant. Add a special message, your logo, or even an inspirational quote for a personal touch. In fact, these mats are beautiful enough that they would make a wonderful branded addition to your own workspace as well.

Wholesale Antimicrobial Mouse Pads

It’s no secret that many consumers are concerned about germs and health these days. Therefore, custom antimicrobial mouse pads are a great addition to any public space. These products are made with materials that prevent the growth of nasty microbes like bacteria and fungi.

Custom Eco-Friendly Mouse Pads

Hoping to invest in the environment along with your brand? Then our promotional recycled mouse pads are just what your company needs. These personalized mouse mats are perfect for any business looking to put forth an environmentally responsible message and image.

Custom Shaped Mouse Pads

If you prefer mouse pads in a certain shape, we have you covered. We have a wide selection of both rectangle and round mouse pads. Each is imprinted with your company logo design for a great tech giveaway item that will help to create customer loyalty.

Promotional Rectangular Mouse Pads

If you’re looking for a classic office product to give employees or potential customers, you can’t go wrong with a custom rectangular mouse pad. These essential desk items provide ample room for mouse movement and are a great way to showcase your company logo.

Custom Round Mouse Pads

Promotional mouse mats are a useful, memorable giveaway item. However, sometimes you want your business to stand out, and our unique promotional round mouse pads are a great way to do so. 4AllPromos offers a variety of round mouse pad options that can be customized with your logo or another design.

You can promote your business or organization to current and potential customers with a customized round surface mouse pad. Simply add a logo, contact information, a calendar for the upcoming year, or any other graphic to help your customers remember who you are.

Unique Custom Mouse Pads with Additional Features

Sometimes, a mouse pad is more than just a place to scroll. 4AllPromos has numerous designs that include additional features for convenience, making them a fun and functional way to promote your business. We'll share a few examples in the following section.

Custom Printed Mouse Pads with Jar Openers

Handing out multi-functional mouse pads will catch the attention of your audience. Our promotional jar opener mouse pads act as both an office supply and a handy kitchen accessory.

Custom Mouse Pads with Wrist Rests

Long days spent on the computer can leave users’ wrists hurting. To help your customers alleviate this common problem, we have personalized mouse pads with wrist rests for added comfort. These products are also great gift ideas for employees.

Promotional Charging Mouse Pads

Does your businesses that prefer to hand out the latest and greatest custom tech accessories? If so, you’ll love our company logo wireless charging mouse mats. Acting as both mouse pads and wireless charging mats, they eve features a place to store pens and a slot to prop up a smartphone for easy viewing!

Inspiration often strikes without a moment’s notice, and giving your audience a convenient place to jot down their ideas is a great way to show them that you care. At 4AllPromos, we have a variety of wholesale custom mouse pads with paper with paper that can be personalized with a branded imprint. Your recipients will appreciate the convenience, and your business will enjoy effortless advertising every time someone sits down to use the computer.