Custom Wooden Pens

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Wooden Custom Pens for Businesses & Events

Across the USA and beyond, personalized wood pens are highly popular writing gifts for most every business category. Purchased for a variety of occasions and events, the company logo wooden pens on our site come in many different styles. Search our inventory to see all of the high quality wood pens we have in stock. Among them, you'll find ballpoint, hand turned, rollerball styles, imprinted, engraved, and many other amazing varieties. They're a highly popular corporate gift item among our customers, as the many reviews and testimonials point out. 

Read on to learn some of the finer details in regard to the unique wood pen styles available for purchase at 4AllPromos.

Promotional Wood Pens for Trade Shows & More

In the following 6 paragraphs, we'll go into more detail about our great personalized wooden pen categories. If your customers and employees have a passion for writing and expressing their ideas on paper, our stock of high quality wood pen items offers items that are sure to be a smashing success when purchased by your business for events, giveaways, retail sales, and more. 

In search of a high tech option? Take a look at our promotional wooden stylus pens!

Cheap Custom Wooden Pens

When looking to build sales and awareness without spending a lot of money, few products will do a better job than our affordable bulk wooden pens. A great way to display your logo and information to the masses, these inexpensive custom pen items have a unique look that is sure to draw plenty of attention.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Wooden Pens

If your organization takes pride in its environmental responsibility, our wholesale recycled wooden pens are a natural fit. We offer promotional bamboo pens, unique custom recycled paper barrel pens, and even company logo cork barrel pens. These are the sort of products that allow users to feel good when they write, knowing they have an eco-friendly writing implement in their hand.

Branded Novelty Wood Pens

When you wish to hand out unique writing items that bring some fun to the table, consider adding some of our custom mini baseball bat pens to your cart. Made by hand, these natural wood baseball bat pens make great custom gifts for a husband, friend, loyal employee, or most anyone else who loves the game of baseball as well as a high quality ballpoint pen that's built to last. They make great gifts and giveaway items for sports teams and the fans who support them.

Personalized Wood Pen Gift Sets

We offer several styles of custom wood gift pens and promotional wooden pen gift sets. Some consist of a single pen gift box, while others include two pens or a pen with a pencil. Different types of wood are represented, with rosewood and maple being among the most popular. Depending on the preferences and needs of the intended user, one variety may be a better choice than another. Regardless, they all make terrific gifts for retirement, graduation, new hires, special achievements, holidays, and much more. 

Search and sort through our offerings to find a pen gift that anyone would be proud to receive. There's no minimum order requirement, so a single unit can be added to your cart when making a purchase. Hand turned, ballpoint, rollerball and additional styles are available. Logo or name engraving for a personal touch are found on all models. 

Custom Wooden Pen Accessories

While wooden pens are great as office supplies and retirement gifts, it's always helpful to have a way to keep them together and organized. That's why we offer custom wooden pen holders with personalized engraving. These pen holders for desks can be used to hold our branded wooden pens, but are also handy for storing traditional ballpoint pens, hand turned pens, personalized fountain pens, rollerball pens, gel pens, and any other style you can name. 

Each is made from durable maple wood, for a solid and reliable office item that all employees will display on their desks with pride. Personalized engraving with your business logo or user's name makes these pen holders excellent customized office supply items for companies of any size.

Company Logo Wooden Pens - Imprinted & Engraved

Whether you purchase wood pens for small businesses or large corporations, adding a logo is the most certain way to make it a successful move for building your brand. We offer custom imprinted wooden pens as well as custom logo engraved wooden pens

Our imprinted models tend to be more affordable and a great fit for trade shows and other large giveaway situations. Engraved wood pens make excellent gift items and feature a logo design that is sure to stand the test of time. Engraving may sometimes lead to longer production times, so be sure to contact us with any questions regarding this or any other shipping issues.