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When looking for affordable giveaway items that will see use on a daily basis, there are few better choices than promotional click pens. A wide variety of different pens exist within this category, including wholesale soft touch click pens, versatile bulk multi-use pens, name brand Pilot® promotional pens, novelty custom pens in unique shapes, affordable cheap personalized pens in bulk, and many more. Feel free to mix and match different lines from our stock to optimize your selection and stand out from other companies in your industry niche.

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When you are operating on a tight marketing budget, you have to find creative ways to share your branding message with potential customers. Companies are always searching for the most effective strategies to reach clients for a minimum cost, and promotional marketing offers unique opportunities in this sector of business.

High-quality gifts that you can customize with your branding are capable of making your customers, employees, vendors, and other business contacts happy while introducing your organization to new customers. Whenever a recipient of one of your branded items uses it, potential clients may take notice of the branding image or name on the product. This means you can provide value to the recipient with a high-quality gift and increase the size of your audience at the same time. Now for the all-important question; what products can you afford with your current budget that will be effective?

Quality writing utensils, such as a pen or pencils, are a staple of life for nearly everyone. Students use them for writing notes, essays, and assignments. Receptionists can jot down quick messages when they receive a phone call at the office. Some of your clients probably work in creative industries where they go through their pen stock very quickly. No matter who your customers are, they can probably use writing tools for many occasions.

If you can provide a quality ballpoint pen or another type of pen to your customers for free, then it will be worth the cost of your initial investment. Whenever they need to write something down, they will be reminded of your organization because of the branding information on the pen. Plus, other people may notice it as well, or the recipient may offer to share their pen with someone else.

Promotional click pens (opens in a new window) are so named because they feature a plunger tip that can be clicked up and down to extend and retract the tip. Other names you may have heard for these pens include retracting pens, plunger pens, syringe pens, and push action pens. Whatever name you prefer to give them, these personalized logo-imprinted pens present a great deal of variety and perform very well as trade show giveaways, corporate gifts, and special events. The best part about these items is the prices. You can get a ton of units with your purchase for a very low cost, giving you plenty of resources to give away.

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Different Styles of Promotional Retracting Pens

Our business logo pens come in many different varieties. Deciding which one is the best fit for your promotional needs will be determined by many different factors, such as cost, functionality, appearance, and size, just to name a few. When running a promotional campaign, you have to consider several factors. What kind of quality will speak to your customers? Why might they pick up a pen to write something down? Will they use a pen in the office or at home? Can you give these products away at special events like a trade show or at an office holiday party?

In order to help guide you to the best possible decision, we've outlined a few of our most prominent styles of products in the following 8 paragraphs.

Cheap Promotional Click Pens

At trade shows or any other well-attended event, you'll want to reach the maximum amount of customers. That's why it's important to find an affordable promotional item that can be distributed in bulk. Invest in our cheap click pens wholesale and that's just what you'll get. Hundreds if not thousands of these discount company logo pens can be handed out at trade shows, seminars, and networking events to expose your brand to the masses.

Custom Slim Plunger Action Pens

Buying our slim click pens in bulk is a winning strategy when targeting users whose space is at a premium, or those who simply prefer a streamlined, aerodynamic pen. Their thin design makes them more lightweight than a typical pen and can provide superior control for maximum accuracy.

At the opposite end of the size spectrum are our promotional wide retractable pens. In addition to their high visibility and larger imprint areas, these pens are also great to have on hand as they're easier for youngsters as well as those affected by arthritis to hold and manipulate.

Personalized Premium Executive Retractable Pens

Courting a fancy crowd? Consider our custom executive click pens. Perfect as corporate promotional gifts for bosses, executives, employees, and loyal customers, our executive push action pens boast style, class, functionality, and durability to impress users from all walks of life.

Promotional Click Pens with Stylus

When promoting a tech firm, computer repair business, design company, or any technology-related businesses, our personalized stylus click pens are ideal giveaway items. They're dual purpose promotional pens, as they can be used for writing on paper or for easy typing on the screens of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, e-readers, and more.

Is it your goal to impress the public by printing your company logo & name on pens that offer a comfortable and controlled writing experience? If so, you won't find a better option than our collection of promotional push action grip pens. Each offers a superior gripping surface for comfortable writing and a bond that will prevent dropping, slipping, and penmanship errors.

Custom Metallic Click Pens

When you'd like to promote your brand with metal pens but there's not quite enough money in the budget, there's no need to fret. Our bulk metallic retractable pens are made of plastic but have a finish that produces the slick and chic look of metal. They allow you to achieve the bold and sophisticated look of a metal pen at a much lower cost.

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to the promotional soft touch click pens you'll find at 4AllPromos. The barrels of these colorful promo pens are outfitted with a soft and smooth material that eliminates the eventual pain that can sometimes take place from a long day of writing. They're another style of promotional plunger action pen that is especially useful for people with arthritis.

Eco-Friendly Click Pens Made from Recycled Materials

Is your company looking to go green with its next promotional giveaway item? If this is the case, we suggest taking a look at our assortment of wholesale eco-friendly recycled pens. Made from recycled materials, these pens allow you to give something back to the environment while building brand awareness. This personalized pen style is a great pick for recycling centers, nature museums, and any business or entity looking to lend Mother Earth a helping hand.

While you've by no doubt realized that there is a great degree of diversity in our custom click pens, there's also quite a bit of variability in the ink they employ. In the next four paragraphs, we'll talk a little about the different ink types you can expect to find in our personalized plunger action pens.

Promotional Ballpoint Click Pens

Our wholesale retractable ballpoint pens are one of the more traditional, tried and true pen variations. These promotional items use oil-based ink that won't dry out when one forgets to click down on the plunger to bring the tip of the pen back within the barrel. They offer excellent control when writing and bind well to papers, resisting bleeding, smudging, and smearing.

Custom Retractable Gel Pens

If you prefer a pen that writes quickly, smoothly, and in striking color, our promotional gel click pens may be the best fit for your organization. The important thing to remember about gel pens is that they can dry out when not capped or clicked back into the barrel, so one must be careful not to leave the tips out when they're not in use.

Personalized Push Action Pens with Refillable Ink Cartridges

Want a promotional pen that will last for years at a time? Then you want our bulk plunger pens with refillable ink cartridges. Once any of these pens runs dry, their ink cartridges can be refilled to give them a brand new life. With such a mechanism in place, these pens can be around to promote your brand for a very long time.

Wholesale Retracting Multi Color Ink Pens

Some of our promotional pens can write in multiple colors, essentially providing up to 4 different pens in one unit. Our company logo printed click pens with multiple ink colors are useful for writing notes, taking inventory, and separating categories out when working with statistics.

Unique Advertising Click Pens

If you want to supply a promotional item to kick off an advertising campaign that the public will remember for years to come, you'd better make it unique. That's the driving principle behind our wholesale unique marketing pens. We have two main varieties that we'll delve into in this section, both of which are sure to make positive and lasting impressions for your brand.

One unique group of pens we offer that users will not forget any time soon is our collection of personalized pull-out advertising scroll pens. These custom marketing pens feature fully customizable imprinted sheets that roll up around the barrel and pull out flat to create a sheet of text and graphics. They're an excellent choice for grand openings, political campaigns, and new product launches.

Another fun way to promote to your audience in a way that's sure to stay in their memories is to offer any of our wholesale uniquely shaped advertising pens as your next giveaway item. These custom shaped retractable pens take on many different forms to fit many different purposes, companies, and events.

Design Your Own Promotional Retracting Pens

A promotional pen isn't really doing its job if it doesn't in some way make reference to your company or any of its brands. That's why it's so important to have your branding design included on each click pen you order. The two most popular methods are image imprinting and logo engraving, both of which will be described in some more detail in this final section. They can be used to distinguish any of the promotional pens mentioned on this page, even something unique, such as a novelty syringe pen.

Wholesale Custom Printed Click Pens in Bulk

A great way to stay on the mind of the public without breaking the bank is to invest in our wholesale retractable pens printed with your logo. Methods such as screen printing and pad printing are employed to decorate these promotional push action pens with your artwork in one or more colors.

Personalized Engraved Push Pens

For a logo design that won't chip, fade, peel, or lose any of its majesty with time, we suggest going with our personalized engraved retractable click pens. With business names, logo designs, and/or graphics that are laser engraved directly into their barrels, these click pens offer a durable way of promoting your brand for years if not decades to come.