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Find all of the best custom luggage tags to fit your promotional needs at 4AllPromos. We offer personalized leather luggage tags, fun animal-friendly faux leather luggage tags, low mnimum custom engraved metal luggage tags, ID custom business logo imprinted laminated luggage tags, secure personalized ID badge holders, rustic promotional wooden luggage tags, useful customized company logo write-on luggage tags & many more. For further information about our promotional luggage tags, you may visit the information section located at the lower portion of this page.

Custom Promotional Luggage Tags: Additional Information

Take flight with customized promotional luggage tags from 4AllPromos! A must-have for every traveler, from train commuters to frequent fliers! These are a great option if you are trying to remind customers of your loyal service while providing them with a unique promotional item they will use constantly. We know it’s an all-too common experience to mix your baggage up with someone else’s while in the train station or airport terminal - sometimes it seems like everyone has the same black suitcase! Avoid this awkward and unfortunate situation by using a printed luggage tag with your logo and your customer’s information on it.

Still, choosing which one is right for you might be more complicated than it seems. Though they are a small accessory, luggage tags from 4AllPromos come in a variety of materials and some have varying features. Our promotional luggage tag materials run the gamut from leather to plastic. Read on for detailed descriptions of each category and suggestions on which industry may be best suited to which product.

Promotional Luggage Tag Materials, Features, and Logo Imprinting Options

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  • Custom Luggage Tag Materials

    We all know that it’s what is on the inside that truly counts, but in order to protect what’s on the inside, you need to select the outside material that is right for you. There are a variety of sturdy materials to choose from, but not all deliver equal promises, so we will go through all of your options to ensure you choose a bag with material best suited to your needs.

    Promotional Leather Luggage Tags

    If you want your customers to associate your brand name with luxury, you should think leather! Buttery soft yet durable, this is a great material to invest in if your customers are prone to travel. Because of its tear-resistant properties, this is also a great material to think about if you know customers and employees may find themselves in turbulent-addled planes or bumpy buses. Even after all that travel, there won’t be any damage in sight! Most of our leather options come with debossed imprints, which are a subtle yet bold way to turn heads wherever you travel! To learn more about types of imprints, keep reading!

    Leather is one of our pricier materials because it is so comfortable yet durable. We suggest well-established firms, international hotel chains, and universities invest in these unique promotional items that will set your professional clients abuzz with excitement! One prime example of a luxury leather tag is this Engraved Black Cowhide Luggage Tag with Hook, which easily attaches to all bags from briefcases to backpacks to duffels!

    Promotional Faux Leather or Leatherette Luggage Tags

    We also offer custom faux leather luggage tags. You may also see them referred to as leather look luggage tags or leather look luggage tags. All three refer to the same basic concept. While these luggage tags may not be made of genuine leather, they certainly retain many of the same style aspects. Plus, they’re a great animal-friendly promotional product as they contain no animal skin. Soft and durable, this material is easier on your wallet, and is sure to still impress even picky clients. Take this Two-Tone Leatherette Luggage Tag - it’s the perfect accessory for any golf bag. It would make a great custom logo item for resorts and hotels!

    Promotional Plastic Luggage Tags

    Plastic is one of our most popular and well-loved luggage tag options. These tags come in a variety of fun shapes and have many special features that will get your customers and your custom logo noticed whenever you travel. Take our line of recycled plastic luggage tags, that come shaped as cruise ships, flip flops, airplanes, and so much more! Consider this for a fun and easy option for kid-friendly resort hotels, airlines, and amusement parks. They are perfect to giveaway to whole families because they are bright and easy to spot at baggage claim, budget-friendly, and extremely durable! Many of our plastic options are also self-laminating, which means you can easily stick your business card on the back for easy identification. Finally, feel good about using a promotional logo item that is as good for the environment as it is for your wallet.

    Promotional Nylon Luggage Tags

    Nylon is another great option for anyone who expects bumpy roads or turbulent rides ahead! Nylon is highly resistant to daily wear and tear, so it will stay in pristine condition even after years of use. Have a big conference or trade show coming up? Why not opt for a nylon option, like this Majestic Luggage Handle Wrap that features leather accents and is built to last.

    Promotional Vinyl Luggage Tags

    Vinyl is a popular pick as well because it has the look and feel of a more luxurious material, but doesn’t break the bank! Vinyl is a highly flexible material, but that doesn’t mean it breaks easily! Like many of our other options, this is great for long term durability. Vinyl can mimic the look of a higher priced item, which is why it is a great option if your customers are busy professionals. If you represent a law firm, startup tech company, or big bank, consider a vinyl printed luggage tag for your next giveaway.

    Promotional Metal Luggage Tags

    Step into the spotlight with one of our shiny customized promotional luggage tags, which bring a touch of elegance to any promotion! From polished nickel to aluminum, select one of these options if you want to give your next giveaway a glitzy upgrade without straying too far from the classics. Aluminum is lightweight yet strong, so it’s great for travel because it won’t add on any extra weight to your suitcase and can survive a couple of turbulence bumps that will inevitably come with any journey. Event spaces and museums, bring some class to your next promotion using an aluminum airline tag! Another option with a great sheen to it is polished nickel, another highly durable metal that will add some flash to any travel bag, from suitcases to duffel bags and everything in between! Try this Engraved Rendezvous Nickel Finish Luggage Tag, which can be ordered using our low minimum policy! If you are looking for a special gift for your top performing employees, this is the perfect fit!

    Promotional Wooden Luggage Tags

    Our custom wooden luggage tags are among our more high-end luggage tag selections. They’re ideal for engraving, and you have the option to have your company logo engraved in our wooden luggage tag on one or both sides. They have a stoic, classy look which makes them popular as golf bag ID tags. They’re by no means limited to the links though. Suitcases, backpacks, musical instrument cases, and briefcases are items that would be well-complemented by a wooden luggage tag.

    Promotional Luggage Tag Handle & Clasp Options

    We want to make sure that once you choose the perfect material for your unique promotional item it stays put on your customer’s bags. A good attachable handle is what is really going to make any luggage tag last several years. We have traditional plastic loop handles, leather with buckle strap handles, and metal loop handles. The properties of these handles are very similar to the materials discussed previously. For more information about the specific properties of each material, please see above.

    Now comes the most exciting part of any promotion-- your custom logo! When it comes to custom luggage tags, 4AllPromos can accommodate a wide variety of styles and imprint types.

    Screen Printed Luggage Tags

    First up are screen printed luggage tags. Colored imprints are a bold way to get your brand noticed in public. Nobody can ignore your bright business logo when it flashes before them at the terminal or luggage carousel. Choosing the number of colors in a custom imprint is up to you and what your target customer demographic is. If you prefer a subtle statement, go for the single color, which is included with your order on many of our luggage tags. You can then add colors for an additional cost if you choose.

    Full color imprints are a little more expensive, but they can really make an impression! Reserve using this type of custom promotional product for when you are trying to gain more business and expand your customer base! These imprints feature especially bold colors and are able to be created faster than their screen printed counterparts. These tags are great for startups, so don’t hesitate to contact 4AllPromos if you have any questions about which color imprint is right for you.

    Embossing & Debossing

    Embossing and debossing are popular on our leather and vinyl products, and is a great way to assert your brand message in a subtle yet effective way. Embossing features a raised custom logo while debossing is a custom logo that is set back from the rest of the tag. Embossing and debossing options are available mostly for our leather (and some) vinyl products. This detailing does not jump out in the same way as color imprints, but it will impress anyone who notices the subtle design. Professional firms such as insurance and investment agencies should give these out as giveaway items in order to attract more clients to their business!

    Luggage Tags with Engraved Logos

    Finally, 4AllPromos offers several options for engraving some of our metal luggage tag selections. These engravings are offered on any of our metal tags, which are also included in our low minimum ordering policy. This means you can order luggage tag stamps in increments as low as six for a few special clients or employees. While you can certainly engrave your business logo, another great option is to write a special message or personalize the tags in another way. Like the embossing/debossing option, this is a subtle imprint that will make an impact!

    Do you have any questions or concerns about imprints, materials, or anything else? The 4AllPromos promotional experts are eagerly awaiting your call, so dial now!