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Gardening is a popular hobby for customers, employees, and business partners alike. For a target audience with green thumbs, garden promotional items can be the perfect way to show appreciation, provide value, and advertise your business.

Let Your Brand Bloom with Garden Promotional Items

Boost your brand's green initiative and make a lasting impression with our selection of customizable garden tools and seed packets. From wholesale lawn and garden essentials to vibrant seed confetti, you’re choosing not just a promotional giveaway, but an interactive experience for your audience to enjoy for months.

What are garden promotional items? Any lawn and garden accessories that have been customized with your organization's logo and branding are garden promotional items. These gifts can include flower seeds, garden sheers, and tree kits. 

Garden tools will provide brand recall with each use, but when a seed packet with your logo on it is given to a customer, the plants that grow will always remind them of your business.

Custom garden supplies can work very well in tandem with other promotional products for landscapers and gardeners. Since they spend a lot of time outside, sunglasses are the perfect complementary gift. Another option that will allow your audience to sit back and enjoy their outdoor space, including the garden, is custom folding chairs

Types of Custom Garden Promotional Products

We offer a wide variety of gardening products you can order online. Each of our products comes with custom imprinting options to include your logo. Choose the best gifts for your customer base or employees to ensure that your brand will achieve maximum visibility, and increase loyalty to your organization.

Seed Packets

Spread joy and a little reminder of your company with our eco-friendly seed packet. These giveaways are the perfect way to help your audience start their gardens. The package itself can feature your custom logo so that the recipient is reminded of your brand when they plant the seeds. A seed pack is an ideal giveaway at a farmer's market, office party, or outdoor store, along with promotional plant gifts such as a planter kit. 


Every gardener needs a sturdy pair of gloves to protect their hands while working in the soil. Our gloves come in material options of rubber, latex, fabric, and nitrile. They can also have embroidered patches or imprinted artwork to advertise your organization whenever the gardener is enjoying tending to their plants.

Garden Tools

Gardening is tough if you don't have the right tools. Thrill your customers and employees by giving them a gift of garden tools that prominently feature your branding. We have several options for gardening tools that your audience will find useful, including hand shovels, hand rakes, garden shears, hand fans, and even rain gauges. 

Business Cards with Seeds

Sharing contact information for your company with the public is a great way to increase awareness and even lead to conversions. For gardening fanatics, landscapers, or a unique way to connect, a seed package with a business card imprint can lead to a great conversation starter and allow you to leave your contact information and a gift all in one. 

Buying Garden Promotional Message Items in Bulk

When you order giveaway products from 4AllPromos, you have the option to buy them in bulk. Bulk pricing offers long-term cost savings. Garden supply stores, nurseries for plants, outdoor brands, and other businesses that have audiences who are interested in gardening and growing their food benefit from bulk garden promotional items.

Our lowest minimum quantity for a promotional garden product is 30 items. Most of these products have higher minimum orders, but the price per unit is very affordable. 

Blossom Your Brand with Garden Promotional Items

Bring nature to your corporate environment, boost your nursery's visibility, or create memorable event giveaways with garden promotional items. You can bring joy to customers or employees by giving them gardening accessories that help them enjoy their hobbies. Just like the plants they grow, these products are designed to help your brand flourish.

Ready to plant the seeds of success? Browse our collection of plants and other gardening gifts to choose the best strategy and start promoting your company.

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