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Custom envelopes are great for making your business look more professional and memorable. If you ship regularly, putting your logo and address on personalized envelopes will save you time, and make your mail stand out in a crowded mailbox.

Send a Branding Message With Every Promotional Envelope

Draw attention to your business with high-quality customized envelopes from 4AllPromos. Businesses can use promotional envelopes to create brand consistency and attract customer interest during mailing correspondence. Families and individuals can personalize envelopes with their monogram, name, and address for personalized stationery and artistic expressions when they send letters.

Make sure your confidential correspondences stay secure with custom security envelopes or make colorful envelopes to generate excitement around new store openings or sales. You can send exclusive invitations to your most loyal customers with carefully designed envelopes highlighting the importance of upcoming events.

Employees can have access to custom envelopes, letter openers, and pens for recognizable brand identity across their desks.

Custom-printed envelopes highlight your business mailings by displaying your company name and return address front and center. Your business can also use personalized printing services to increase customer open rates so recipients recognize who is sending them mail.

Types of Custom Envelopes

4AllPromos can print custom envelopes for celebrating special occasions, or for businesses that want to send out promotional materials in bulk. Custom-printed envelopes show off your brand and custom designs.

Custom Business Envelopes

Custom business envelopes give off a professional image, encouraging the recipient to open them. Personalized envelopes give you a chance to capture your audience’s attention and not look like another bill in the mailbox. 4AllPromos allows you to customize the whole envelope printing service, including size, window location, logo, colors, seal options, and paper stock material.

Custom Printed Envelopes

Custom envelopes allow your business to design the mailing envelopes most relevant to your brand. Pre-print your return address or order matching printed labels to increase customer responses and save time. Print designs across the whole surface for colored envelopes.

Branded Envelopes

Branded envelopes allow your business to send important correspondence to customers or other companies while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Your business can use branded envelopes with your company logo for promotional flyers, invoices, or appointment reminders.

Various Size Envelopes

4AllPromos offers different envelope sizes to accommodate your needs. Square envelopes are ideal for greeting cards or rack cards. Larger, square-seal envelopes are perfect for promotional brochures or stationery. 

Here are some of our most commonly ordered envelope sizes:

  • Standard #6 ¾ envelope – This is the standard envelope size and perfect for most business purposes.
  • Standard #9 envelope – This envelope is commonly used for business reply mail. It is included inside a #10 envelope.
  • Standard #10 envelope – A slightly larger envelope that can fit a #9 envelope inside if you are sending an invoice or hoping for a return mailing. 
  • Open-end catalog envelopes – Businesses that ship retail or service catalogs will love the premium printed open-end catalog envelopes. These high-quality envelopes come in various sizes and are perfect for newsletters and other business updates.

Buying Wholesale Personalized Envelopes

It's best to go with a bulk purchase when looking for cheap custom envelopes. Ordering your promotional envelopes in bulk quantities ensures you have enough for all your marketing needs. Larger orders allow you to stock up and save time when sending marketing materials.

4AllPromos supplies you with larger, cheap envelope orders without ever sacrificing our great quality. If you know you have a campaign or upcoming fundraiser, a larger quantity of self-seal envelopes is perfect for your letters. Cheap business envelopes fit your budget without reducing paper quality.

Easily buy envelopes in bulk with 4AllPromos' convenient online ordering process. We require a minimum order of 250 envelopes for all custom envelope printing orders.

Seal Your Company Mail In Style with Personalized Envelopes

Whether you're a business aiming to strengthen your brand identity or an individual looking to add a personal touch to your letters, our custom envelopes offer the right blend of professionalism and personality. 4AllPromos uses the highest quality paper stock in various sizes and shapes to meet your envelope size requirements.

By choosing custom envelopes for your business, you’re not just sending a message, you’re making a statement with your mail. Browse our collection today to envelope your business with your branding the next time you send documents to clients. 

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