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Best Promotional Three-Ring Binders with Business Logos

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Our promotional three ring binders run the gamut from basic, affordable heat sealed vinyl binders to elegant promotional presentation folders featuring premium leatherette with hot foil stamped company logos and/or debossed logo imprinting. Our custom ring binders come in several sizes and styles to suit all tastes and needs. Each unique, professional ring binder is personalized to carry the perfect look to suit your business.

Custom Promotional 3 Ring Binders

Our personalized three ring binders come in several varieties. Each one can be customized to do your custom imprinted business logo justice as well as fit the specific needs of your company and its employees. If you’re looking for cheap promotional products, you’ll love our custom vinyl ring binders. Heat-sealed and screen printed, these binders aren’t fancy, but they get the job done and look great while doing it. Are you looking for something along the lines of a more refined, unique presentation folder? Look no further than our promotional debossed leatherette ring binders, also available with silver and gold hot foil stamped logo imprinting.

To learn a bit more about our promotional three ring binders, you may take a look at the information provided below.

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  • Promotional Ring Binder Materials

    Some of our personalized ring binders are made from heat sealed vinyl while others are crafted from premium leatherette. We’ll discuss both options a bit now.

    Custom Heat Sealed Vinyl Binders

    Our heat sealed promotional vinyl binders are high-quality yet cheap promotional office supplies that are a perpetual best-seller. They are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, which is one of the most commonly used synthetic polymers in the world. It’s affordable and lightweight, which makes it a popular choice for custom ring binder construction. The heat sealing part of the name refers to the construction process that these personalized three ring binders go through. Durable, rigid chipboard is placed between multiple layers of vinyl which are sealed together by way of machines that employ a combination of heat and pressure.

    Personalized Leatherette Ring Binders

    For a look that is distinguished and timeless, our promotional leatherette ring binders are a top choice. These are eco-friendly loose-leaf binders, as their exterior contains no animal products. There are two main varieties of faux leather that you’ll see in our personalized presentation folders. Prairie leatherette binders come with a matte finish and Castillian leatherette binders come with a gloss finish for a shiny effect.

    Binder Ring Size

    We offer our promotional ring binders in several different sizes. Generally, a ½” ring binder will hold 100 sheets of paper, a 1” ring binder will hold 200 sheets of paper, a 1½” ring binder will hold 300 sheets of paper, and a 2” ring binder will hold 400 sheets of paper. While most of our promotional three ring binders have round rings, many can be upgraded to include D rings instead. D rings can hold approximately 20% more paper than round rings and they also help paper to lie more flatly.

    Storage and Upgrades

    As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many of our custom imprinted ring binders can be upgraded to include D rings. It is important to note that there are several other upgrades available as well. Protective foam covers, additional pockets & storage areas, sheet lifters, artwork bleeds, and overlays are just some of the upgrades you can get. Exactly which ones are available will vary by model, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us, email us, or send a live chat!

    Multiple decoration options are available when it comes to the custom logo imprinted ring binders available at 4AllPromos. Exactly which one best fits your business will likely be a combination of aesthetics and affordability. Read on to see the different ways we can personalize your custom loose leaf binders with your company logo.

    Custom Screen Printed Ring Binders

    Our promotional screen printed ring binders feature the most affordable artwork options. In the screen printing process, a specialized stencil is cut for each color of a desired design. This stencil is then held over the item to be decorated and ink is passed through to confer the design. As each color requires a different stencil, most of our custom screen printed loose leaf binders come with a one-color imprint standard, with multiple colors available as an upgrade.

    Promotional Hot Foil Stamped Binders

    Many of our premium personalized leatherette ring binders offer a hot foil stamping option. Our hot foil stamped professional presentation folders are decorated by way of customized metal dies being shaped and coated with ink that then press down using a combination of pressure and heat to transfer your custom business logo onto their surfaces.

    Personalized Debossed Leatherette Ring Binders

    For a design that will stand the test of time and bring the ultimate in elegance, we suggest going with a debossed leatherette logo imprint. Our promotional debossed faux leather ring binders have a design pressed into their surfaces by pressing machines that sink slightly into the surface of the binders in order to leave a 3-dimensional logo in their surfaces that will not chip or fade with time.