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Our promotional three ring binders run the gamut from affordable custom polypropylene binders and wholesale vinyl ring binders to elegant promotional presentation folders constructed from premium leatherette. The latter are available with hot foil stamped company logos and/or debossed logo imprinting. You'll find models in several different sizes and styles to service all tastes and needs. We even have promotional eco-friendly loose leaf binders! Each unique, professional ring binder is personalized to carry the perfect look and message to suit your organizing needs. Shop to save and promote your company today.

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If you're looking for custom logo imprinted custom binders for your company in all of the best brands and styles, you've come to the right place. There are several different varieties of wholesale custom binders on our site that are ideal for practical use & effective branding customization. Due to the fact that we offer such a broad selection, we've decided to contain an informational guide below that explains our service just a bit. Take a quick read and you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to pick the promotional products that best fit your company's needs!

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What are the Different Styles of Custom Ring Binders?

Best Promotional Ring Binder Brands

Wholesale 3 Ring Binders - Materials

Bulk 3 Ring Binders - Sizes

Design Your Own Ring Binders


What are the Different Styles of Custom Ring Binders?



The vast majority of items in this category fall into the area of classic high-quality wholesale 3 ring binders. Whether used for schools, businesses, charities, or museums, these standard custom-printed binders make it easy to organize hole-punched loose-leaf paper and personal documents. There are many different subtypes, all of which we'll get into as this guide goes along.

Promotional 3 Ring Binders

The vast majority of items in this category fall into the area of classic wholesale 3 ring binders. Whether used for schools, businesses, charities, or museums, these standard 3 ring binders are excellent for organizing hole-punched loose leaf paper and personal documents. There are many different sub-types, all of which we'll get into as this guide goes along.

Wholesale Junior Binders - Mini Binders in Bulk

Would a more diminutive giveaway item be more suitable for your needs? If so, we have plenty of high quality small custom ring binders for you to choose from. Our Junior ring binders are designed to hold sheets of paper measuring 8½ inches wide by 5½ inches high rather than the standard 8½ by 11. They're easily portable and fit quite well in backpacks and portfolios and are great for getting work done and staying organized while on the go.

Our custom printed round ring binders are the most widely represented style on our site. As their name would imply, these are versions that have the standard round rings. They come in ring sizes that increase in increments of 1/2 of an inch (though we do have a 3/4 inch model), with each additional 1/2 inch being able to fit 100 additional sheets of paper.

Personalized Angled D-Ring Binders

When your users need to be able to carry some extra paper in a binder with some extra toughness, our promotional D-ring binders are here to answer the call. These custom binders have semi-circular or D shaped rings and are capable of holding approximately 20% more paper than their oval and round counterparts.

Custom Oval Ring Binders

The third and final ring style that we'll touch upon possesses an oval shape. Your business will want to buy bulk oval ring binders if your intended users prefer a binder where the paper lies in a more compact mass and the pages are easy to turn. This style is particularly popular when it comes to tasks that require a binder to be kept open/flipped through frequently throughout the day. They're ideal for the inclusion of maps, training manuals, menus, guides, and portfolio documents.

Promotional Binders with Pockets

Custom made ring binders with pockets are handy giveaway items that allow customers to store papers and documents in two different ways. Hole punched sheets can be housed on the securely closing rings, while other papers, cards, and IDs can be stored in the flat slip pockets that are located on the lower portions of the interior front and back cover.

Custom Professional Ring Binders

When a good impression needs to be made to a discerning audience, we recommend spending money on something high-end. In this case, our unique professional ring binders are the perfect promotional products to get your message across. These customizable binders are made from premium stock and have a refined, formal appearance.

Wholesale Zippered 3 Ring Binders with Logos

Looking for something with an added measure of security to organize classified important documents? Then our personalized binder portfolios (opens in a new window) are just what your business needs. This style features a secure zippered closure to beef up the holding power of the rings. They also come in handy for outdoor use and for holding important documents that cannot be three hole punched.

Our promotional flip binders do an excellent job while serving as personalized presentation folders (opens in a new window). Made of vinyl, these lightweight ring binders are perfect for quickly leafing through charts and graphs during presentations, meetings, and at trade shows. Their design allows for easy hands-free transitioning between documents and tabs.

Custom Imprinted Document Folders

Finally, we'd like to touch upon our company logo branded document organizers (opens in a new window). These handy little giveaway items offer two different document storage resources in one unit. Each contains both a three ring binder and a seven pocket accordion folder. They have a bit of a briefcase style look but are wonderfully lightweight and affordable.

Best Promotional Ring Binder Brands

You can count on 4AllPromos to provide you with all of the best custom binder brands. Well-known names such as Stratton®, Monaco®, and Miterstitch® all grace our collection. These high-end ring binders and presentation folders are sure to impress and represent importance, leaving no doubt that your organization is a class act from top to bottom.

Custom Miterstitch® Ring Binders

We offer an assortment of personalized Miterstitch binders in different sizes. All feature nickel rings, perfectly square corners, and dark, rich color tones. They're decorated with your personalized company logo design in your choice of silver or gold hot foil stamped imprints.

Personalized Stratton® Ring Binders

Coming in your choice of black or blue, our promotional Stratton 3 ring binders are made from animal-friendly faux leather. This provides a refined look via eco-friendly methods. Three different sizes are available, with each containing interior pockets and a business card holder. Make them your own by having your logo debossed into the surface of the front cover.

Promotional Monaco® Binders

Now it's time to meet our custom Monaco ring binders. These elegant, high-quality, distinguished presentation binders are made from premium faux leather and come with your choice of a glossy Castilian or matte Prairie finish. Accented with stitching along their padded covers, these deluxe promotional ring binders are made with pride in the USA.

Wholesale 3 Ring Binders - Materials

Our quality bulk ring binders for business clients are made from several different materials. Each material has its own set of properties that may make it the best fit for your business. Whether weight, price, decoration, texture, durability, formality, or environmental sustainability is your top priority, we have a sturdy binder material that makes sense for your customers.

Bulk Poly Ring Binders

If you're operating on a budget and seek to buy cheap promotional binders in bulk, our custom polypropylene binders are your go-to guys. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable polypropylene, these customized ring binders have a very thin cover material that is resistant to stains, drops, and extreme weather conditions. They're also highly flexible. Their thickness is measured in gauges. Our smaller models are made from 0.023 gauge polypropylene, while our larger offerings are constructed from 0.055 gauge material.

Custom Vinyl Ring Binders

Our heat sealed promotional vinyl binders are high-quality yet cheap promotional office supplies that are a perpetual best-seller. They are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material, which is one of the most commonly used synthetic polymers in the world. It's affordable and lightweight, which makes it a popular choice for the construction of binders & folders.

The heat sealing part of the name refers to the construction process that these personalized three ring binders go through. Durable, rigid chipboard is placed between multiple layers of vinyl which are sealed together by way of machines that employ a combination of heat and pressure. They're a bit tougher than our poly models and may even last for decades, but are not quite as flexible. However, they do come with a wider variety of decoration options.

Promotional Leatherette Ring Binders

For a look that is distinguished and timeless, our personalized animal friendly faux leather 3 ring binders are a top choice. These are eco-friendly loose-leaf binders, as their exterior contains no animal products. There are two main varieties of faux leather that you'll see in our personalized presentation folders. Prairie leatherette binders come with a matte finish and Castilian leatherette binders come with a gloss finish for a shiny effect.

Bulk 3 Ring Binders - Sizes

We carry company branded ring binders in seven different sizes. The size measurements are based on the size of the rings, which are available at 1/2", 1", 1½", 2", 2½", and 3". In addition to affecting the overall dimensions of a binder, the ring size also determines how many pages of paper a binder can hold. The values in the table below show how many pages of loose leaf paper each ring size can hold. Remember that D-Ring binders can hold 20% more paper, we'll contain a separate column for them.

Custom 3 Ring Binders - Paper Capacity By Size

Ring Size Round/Oval Ring Paper Capacity D-Ring Paper Capacity
Custom 1/2" Ring Binders 100 Sheets 120 Sheets
Promotional 1" Ring Binders 200 Sheets 240 Sheets
Wholesale 11/2" Ring Binders 300 Sheets 360 Sheets
Branded 2" Binders 400 Sheets 480 Sheets
Custom Logo Printed 21/2" Ring Binders 500 Sheets 600 Sheets
Bulk 3" Binders with Logos 600 Sheets 720 Sheets

Design Your Own Ring Binders

Put the "promotional" in promotional ring binders by way of designing each with your unique brand logo design to promote your brand. There are several different methods for doing this, and we'll share each one with you in the upcoming quartet of paragraphs.

Custom Screen Printed Ring Binders

Our promotional screen printed ring binders feature the most affordable artwork options. In the screen printing process, a specialized stencil is cut for each color of a desired design. This stencil is then held over the item to be decorated and ink is passed through to confer the design. As each color requires a different stencil, most of our custom screen printed loose leaf binders come with a one-color imprint standard, with multiple colors available as an upgrade.

When you want a logo that springs to life with vibrant tones, we suggest going with our wholesale full color logo printed binders (opens in a new window). Full color printing comes standard on some models and as an upgrade on others. It offers faster production times than screen printing and a broader, more complete range of colors for superior artwork.

Promotional Heat Stamped Ring Binders

Many of our premium personalized leatherette ring binders offer a hot foil stamping option. Our branded hot foil stamped 3 ring binders are decorated by way of customized metal dies being shaped and coated with ink that then press down using a combination of pressure and heat to transfer your custom business logo onto their surfaces.

For a design that will stand the test of time and bring the ultimate in elegance, we can create a debossed leatherette logo imprint. Our promotional logo debossed 3 ring binders have a design pressed into their surfaces by pressing machines that sink slightly into the surface of the binders in order to leave a 3-dimensional logo in their surfaces that will not chip or fade with time.