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Promotional screwdrivers are custom imprinted tools that are handy both for getting work done and for promoting your brand. We offer a wide variety of wholesale screwdrivers, including custom flat blade screwdrivers, business logo imprinted Phillips blade screwdrivers, unique personalized screwdriver pen lights, versatile bulk multi tools with screwdrivers, and much more.

Custom Printed Screwdrivers, Wholesale Screwdriver Multi Tools & Promotional Auto Emergency Kits

In the section below, you'll find a wealth of information regarding our promotional screwdrivers, eco-friendly screwdrivers, custom screwdriver multi tools, personalized hammers with rubber grips, and custom logo imprinted emergency breakdown kits and promotional tool sets. Use the menu to skip to the product category you're interested, or, if you want to know all there is to know about our custom screwdrivers, you can read the whole guide.

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  • Different Types of Custom Screwdrivers

    One might tend to think that once they know the difference between Phillips blade screwdrivers and flat blade screwdrivers, there's nothing left to learn. As common as this philosophy may be, it's incorrect; there are many different shapes, sizes, and other features that create large sub-categories of the aforementioned two. We'll explain a little about all of them now.

    Promotional Flat Blade Screwdrivers

    Flat blade screwdrivers, also known as Flathead screwdrivers or slot head screwdrivers, are, as one would expect, screwdrivers whose blades are flat. In other words, our personalized flathead screwdrivers have a flat top that is inserted into screws prior to turning. We offer several custom imprinted flathead screwdrivers and custom engraved flathead screwdrivers.

    Custom Phillips Head Screwdrivers

    The second major category of screwdrivers would be our promotional Phillips head screwdrivers. These screwdrivers have multi-faced tips that fit into screws with a + shaped indentation in their heads. Both custom imprinted screwdrivers and custom engraved screwdrivers can come in Phillips head style.

    Personalized Magnetic Screwdrivers

    Our custom magnetic screwdrivers are very helpful to have around when you're dealing with plenty of small screws which can be quite problematic if dropped. For example, when you're working on your car or computer and drop a small screw into a dark place, you can use a magnetic screwdriver to attract the screw and pull it back from the edges of oblivion.

    Personalized telescoping screwdrivers are useful when you're engaging in a job that requires screwdrivers of different lengths. You can leave the tedious and annoying switching of tools behind with telescoping promotional screwdrivers, as they can extend and then collapse into themselves to create a shaft of different lengths.

    Wholesale Hex Key Screwdrivers

    When you're working on the tiny screws of a bathroom door lock or something similar, you'll want hex key screwdriver. When your customers or target markets are doing so, you'll want them to use one of our custom hex key screwdrivers, imprinted with your business logo. Sometimes referred to as "Allen screwdrivers", hex key screwdrivers have a bit that is similarly small and lithe.

    Promotional Valve Stem Screwdrivers

    Bicycle shops will want to invest in our personalized valve stem screwdrivers as they are designed to help remove air from tires and other vessels by way of removing and replacing valve cores.

    Custom Reversible Screwdrivers

    Tackling a job that requires more than one style of screwdriver? Then you'll want to take a look at our promotional reversible blade screwdrivers. Simply pull the blade out, turn it around, and put it back in to effortlessly switch from slot blade to Phillips blade. Basically, they give you a custom screwdriver tool kit in a single package.

    Custom Imprinted Fixed Blade Screwdrivers

    A fixed blade screwdriver is one in which the blade is firmly attached to the handle and cannot be removed. While they may not offer the same versatility as our reversible promotional screwdrivers, our wholesale fixed blade screwdrivers offer a firm grip for superior control.

    Promotional Tech Blade Screwdrivers

    Computer repair specialists and other technology service businesses will find our customized tech blade screwdrivers to be highly useful. These are small, often pocket-sized screwdrivers with small blades that are ideal for working on the extra small screws found in most electronic devices.

    You've by no doubt seen ratcheting wrenches before. You know, they're the ones where you put the socket over a tough-to-remove nut and twist in one direction to loosen and another to wind up for more loosening. Our personalized ratcheting screwdrivers basically have the same purpose, only with respect to screws instead of nuts. They offer freedom of movement in one direction so that you can put some strength into loosening tight screws in the other.

    Personalized Bulk Screwdriver Sets

    Our customized screwdriver sets encompass a broad range of different styles and sizes. Many offer reversible and interchangeable bits and blades, as well as other tools. They're great promotional items for hardware stores, since they enable the do-it-yourself crowd to, well, do more things by themselves.

    Promotional Screwdriver Sizes

    There are many different sizes of screwdrivers and screwdriver blades. Depending on the type of screwdriver you're looking at, the sizes may be designated in different ways. Typically, our bulk Phillips head screwdrivers are categorized by numbers (#000 - #4) and our personalized flathead screwdrivers are designated by measurements, such as 0.5mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5mm etc.

    Customized Phillips Head Screwdriver Sizes

    As stated above, our promotional Phillips blade screwdriver sizes are designated by numerical prefixes. Here's a quick guide to the different sizes of customized Phillips head screwdrivers:

    • #000 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Used for EXTREMELY tiny screws
    • #00 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Used for very small screws, again, typically in electronic devices
    • #0 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Used for #0 and #1 screws, normally found in electronic devices such as computers & tablets
    • #1 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Slightly smaller than average screwdriver heads, used for #2-4 screws
    • #2 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Mid-sized screwdriver heads good for use on #5-9 screws. These see use in a broad variety of applications.
    • #3 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Larger screwdriver heads used for #10-16 size screws. They're typically used for machinery, boats, and automobiles, but sometimes in construction as well.
    • #4 Phillips Head Screwdrivers: Even larger screwdrivers that fit #18-24 screws, often employed for industrial level tasks.

    Wholesale Flat Head Screwdriver Sizes

    Our customized flat blade screwdriver sizes are a little more simple. They're measured by the width of the screwdriver head. Therefore, our promotional 2.5 mm slotted screwdrivers have heads measuring 2.5 mm wide.

    Sometimes a screwdriver can be more than just a screwdriver. This is the case with our custom multi-purpose screwdrivers and customized screwdriver tool sets. We'll describe some of the most commonly found examples in the paragraphs below.

    Promotional Flashlight Screwdrivers

    Our custom imprinted flashlight screwdrivers are bulk screwdriver multi tools that offer a flashlight and screwdriver in one unit. These are ideal promotional products for hardware stores and garages, where one has to manipulate screws in a dark environment. They're also great for outdoor projects that take place after the sun goes down. Pair them up with our pocket screwdrivers or a set of promotional tools to make a great giveaway item set.

    Personalized Screwdriver Pens

    Wholesale screwdriver pens & screwdriver pen multi tools are promotional tools that have a virtually unlimited amount of different features and combinations. Some are simply pen shaped and are screwdrivers with a flat blade on one end a Phillips blade on the other. Other styles actually do have ink pens on one end and a screwdriver on the other. Often, the barrels of the pens will contain interchangeable screwdriver bits. Make great giveaway sets for trade shows by pairing these items up with some of our promotional ink pens.

    Wholesale Carabiner Screwdrivers

    Our promotional carabiner screwdrivers are popular promotional items for marine supply stores, hardware stores, and auto dealerships. They offer several useful tools in a single, often pocket screwdriver sized unit.

    Bulk Level Screwdrivers

    Carpenters, hardware stores, and building contractors will all love our custom screwdrivers with levels. Harness the promotional power of having your custom logo design imprinted on a promotional item that offers two tools in one.

    Promotional Novelty Screwdrivers

    Have some fun with your next promotion with our wholesale novelty screwdrivers. They make great promotional items for real estate agencies, contractors, carpenters, and more.

    Custom Mini Screwdrivers

    Our bulk mini screwdrivers are ideal promotional items for those with already full tool chests and those who have to do work while on the run. We offer personalized pocket clip screwdrivers in many shapes and styles in addition to our other miniature business logo screwdrivers.

    Cheap promotional screwdrivers can be a great way for nearly any business to spread goodwill and awareness. Our bulk pocket screwdrivers are just one example. They're small enough to be taken nearly anywhere and can be employed for an infinite number of different tasks. All the while, your customized business logo imprint design will create multiple advertising impressions everywhere these small pocket screwdrivers are taken.

    Personalized Clip Screwdrivers

    When you want your pocket screwdrivers to be accessible at all times, consider investing in some promotional screwdrivers with pocket clips from 4AllPromos. They make transportation a breeze and keep convenience (and brand name visibility) at the highest level.

    Additional Promotional Tools

    In addition to our large variety of personalized screwdrivers for businesses, we also carry promotional tools in other forms. You'll see some of these on our screwdrivers page as they're related products, so we'll tell you a bit about those now.

    Promotional Advertising Hammers

    If you're looking for a promotional product that will always hit the nail on the head, our custom imprinted hammers will always get the job done. One such example would be our easy-grip rubberized handle steel hammers, which are linked to in the preceding sentence. Pair them up with our customized tool gift sets for an extra powerful promotion.

    Customized Pocket Knives

    We offer several shapes, styles, and sizes of promotional pocket knives with business logo imprints. There are some of our most popular customized screwdriver tool sets, as they offer so many different options in one compact and stylish product.

    Wholesale Alignment Tools and Trimmers

    Our promotional alignment tools, also known as trimmers, are some of our arguably more obscure custom logo hardware products. They're most often employed when adjusting small components within electronic devices and circuit boards.

    Personalized Tool Sets in Bulk

    Great promotional products for hardware stores as well as for the high-level handymen who patronize them, our promotional tool sets are ideal as corporate promotional gifts and premium hardware trade show giveaway items. One box, imprinted with your personalized company logo, holds a treasure trove of tools for taking on nearly any and all tasks.

    Promotional Screwdriver Keychains

    Looking for some cheap promotional screwdriver giveaways? Then we suggest considering our custom imprinted screwdriver keychains. Running the gamut from basic to premium, our customized screwdriver key tags are always a hit at trade shows and as impulse items.

    To round things out, we'll take this time to discuss our wholesale emergency breakdown kits. These personalized auto roadside emergency kits come jam-packed with all of the tools and safety items you need to make it through the hardest of times on the open road. Blankets, flashlights, screwdrivers, knives, wrenches, ponchos, and mechanic gloves are just a few of the many items you'll find in our different promotional car breakdown kits.

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    Perfect for handy men, our extensive screwdriver category has every kind of screwdriver imaginable! We carry flat heads and phillips in a number of different sizes. Whether a pen size for your pocket, a key chain for portability or a large size for your toolbox, your company logo will look great displayed on the side of the screwdriver. Customize the color of your screwdriver to match the needs of your business! Your company or brand will be associated with convenience as it provides help to someone in a jam. Screwdrivers also last for a very long time, reminding customers of your business with each continued use. Give us a call so we can help you set up the perfect promotional screwdriver for your business.