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Our custom beanies & and promotional fleece ear bands are some of the best personalized winter apparel items you'll find. We offer promotional jacquard woven beanie caps, stylish business logo knit hats with pom poms, fun promotional beanies with cuffs, sturdy acrylic knit beanie hats, durable personalized anti-pill finish beanie hats, and several others.

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Are you looking for a promotional product that will get a lot of use throughout the winter? Don’t wait! Check out our large selection of custom winter beanie hats. (Looking for our beanie stuffed animals? They’re on another page - just click on the link in the previous sentence.) Sometimes referred to as stocking caps or toques, our beanies are perfect for keeping one’s head warm and your brand on people's minds. Our custom beanies will see frequent usage, working as mobile billboards for your business wherever users go. Specific information on types of materials and construction can be found below. If our guide leaves questions unanswered, please call our 4AllPromos team of promotional product experts today!

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Different Styles of Promotional Beanie Hats

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Different Styles of Promotional Beanie Hats


Not all beanies are created quite the same, yet all of the ones we offer are equally efficient at satisfying customers and promoting brands. We have the best promotional beanie hats to cater to all style, function, and comfort preferences. Over the course of the next nine paragraphs, you'll get to know some of our most popular styles a bit more closely. Many of our custom beanies come with special discounts, such as free shipping.

Custom Beanie Caps with Cuffs

We carry both promotional beanie hats with cuffs as well as custom no cuff beanies. The cuff refers to an extra layer of fabric that is turned upward around the lower portion of the hat, right at the forehead area. It can provide an extra splash of color for a contrast effect or just serve as an additional barrier against the elements. Our cuffless models are a bit more lightweight and are a better option in warmer weather. Most of our cuffless custom beanies have a one size fits all design.

Have you ever wondered why some hats have pom poms? The original reason wasn't for style, but rather for safety. Sailors who braved unfriendly waters in foul weather wore special hats with padded, ball-shaped tops to protect their heads in falls. Today, they're mostly just used an accent for added style. We stock a broad assortment of custom beanie hats with pom poms with a look that appeals to the fun & whimsical side in us all.

Personalized Camo Beanie Caps

A giveaway item to honor those who have served in the military, our promotional camouflage beanies offer a high degree of diversity. They're also excellent advertising items for outdoor lifestyle companies and hunting outfitters, as they help users blend in with the elements. Of course, some people just like the look of a camouflage pattern, making this particular beanie hat style a fit for nearly any business. Looking for camo baseball caps to pair with these items? Just click on the link in the preceding sentence.

Wholesale Beanie Hats with Ear Flaps

When one wants to extend the warmness to their ear and jaw areas, our branded beanie caps with ear flaps are just what the doctor ordered. These custom winter hats feature ear flaps that extend down as part of the main garment, completed by braided, dangling fabric on either side that can be tied together for a snug fit.

Plaid is a pattern that just never seems to go out of style. Popular with people of all ages and injected into many different fashions, it's a great fit for a beanie cap. Consequently, we offer wholesale plaid beanies on our site each and every day. Design a plaid custom beanie with your logo to provide your target audience with a woodsy yet chic look that will be featured in winter wardrobes everywhere.

Custom Reversible Beanie Caps

Our promotional reversible beanie hats are a great pick for a user base that likes to mix it up a bit. These beanies offer a two-tone style, allowing for a different color to go along with different outfits. Both sides are equally comfortable, warm, and effective. These personalized beanies can also be worn a bit turned up at the bottom to present a little contrasting flash of color.

Branded Beanies with Anti-Pill Finish

While browsing our promotional beanies you will definitely come across the anti-pill finish feature more than once. This means the fibers are twisted together more closely so it makes for a higher quality material. No-pill has a smoother surface and will make an imprinted logo look more clear. Our custom anti-pill beanie hats will keep your promotional apparel attractive for many winters to come!

Promotional Beanies with Interior Microfleece Lining

Interior microfleece lining is an ideal way to stave off the cold. It adds softness and protects the tops of ears from the biting wind and cold. Also, this special lining prevents stretching of the headline for a more snug fit. Not only will heads stay warm, but these custom beanie caps with fleece lining will remain a seasonal favorite!

Bulk Reflective Beanie Hats

Ideal for use by people who work outdoors in dark conditions or perhaps just enjoy a late-night job, logo printed reflective beanies are a great way to promote your business while keeping users safe. They maximize the visibility of the wearer, making them easier for motorists to spot after the sun goes down.

The two main materials available in our personalized beanies are acrylic and polyester fleece. You can read a bit about both of these materials below.

Custom Acrylic Knit Beanie Caps

Many of our promotional beanies feature acrylic construction. This is a cheaper alternative to wool, as it is made of a synthetic plastic polymer. Don’t let that trick you, though! This material as soft and comfortable as can be. If you are looking for a bargain, our promotional acrylic beanie hats are the way to go! Another benefit is that they are very easy to clean, especially when compared to real wool. They hold dyes and structure very well, so your logo will have a long lifespan.

Promotional Fleece Beanies

Another common knit cap material is polyester fleece. This is a quality material that does a great job of keeping users warm and dry. These beanies offer a soft, synthetic fabric that holds warmth in and does not let moisture through. It is very durable and also breathable at the same time. Our custom fleece beanie caps are a prime option for anyone spending time outdoors in the coldest months of winter.

Custom Knit Beanie Caps - Knit Types

Our custom beanie hats are constructed in many different ways. Whether the right fit for your company is based on fashion or function, 4AllPromos offers several choices. Read on through the next 5 paragraphs to learn a little more about some of our most prominent varieties, some of which include lettering directly in the fabric. Many come with free shipping, so be sure to pay close attention when reading through individual product descriptions for exclusive sales information.

Ribbed knitting is a type of knit that has a subtle stripe design worked into the fabric. The width of these stripes can vary depending on the stitching, but has little impact on anything but appearance. The logo branded knit beanies you'll find at 4AllPromos make for a classic appearance that everyone will love!

Promotional Chunky Knit Beanie Hats

We also have a few hats that are knitted in a chunky fashion. This means that the knit patterns are thicker, therefore showing more prominently. Our personalized chunky knit beanie caps are hand-knit caps of high quality. They make for a rugged, outdoorsy appearance that's popular with many crowds. This is one of the beanie cap styles that often is referred to as a "toque" (pronounced "tuke"), particularly in Canada. Many, but not all, feature a one size fits all design.

Custom Waffle Knit Beanies

Promotional waffle knit beanies present a fabric style that is woven in small, grid-like squares. The result is a lightweight and breathable fabric that's warm enough for winter, but cool enough to complete an outfit as an accessory in warmer weather too. They're also more absorbent, making them attractive for use while shoveling or doing anything else in the snow.

If you prefer a winter hat with a finer weave and fewer visible lines, custom solid knit beanies will pull off the look you want. Much like our waffle knit beanies, these are personalized hats that will see lots of use even in warmer months.

If you've never seen the word "jacquard" before, don't fret. It's a popular style, but not a well-known word. Our promotional jacquard beanie hats are assembled on looms with thick and tightly wound fabric. Rather than being imprinted or embroidered, these beanies have your logo woven right into the fabric of the hat. With the lettering directly in the hat, your branding will last for as long as the hat does!

Other Promotional Winter Hats & Gear

In addition to our many great promotional beanies, you'll find ear bands, scarves, and winter apparel sets when browsing this page. We'll take a brief moment to tell you a little bit about each.

Branded Winter Hat & Apparel Sets

If your company doesn't want to stop at just a hat, our promotional winter apparel sets will be sure to please. Offering gloves, hats, scarves, and sometimes even more, these are ideal business gifts for the holidays.

Perfect both for stepping up one's wardrobe and keeping warm, our promotional scarves are a great item for your business to invest in this winter. There are many styles, fabrics, and imprint options to choose from. However, lowest prices and guaranteed satisfaction come standard with every model. They also go quite well with some of our holiday apparel items, including our fun promotional Santa hats.

Design Your Own Custom Beanies

Custom logo imprinted beanie hats and custom company logo embroidered beanie caps are some of our most popular promotional winter apparel items. Read on to learn more about each. Don’t forget, we also carry promotional beanie caps with business logos knit into the fabric. Looking for other styles of embroidered caps? Click on the link in the previous sentence.

Imprinted Beanies

Imprinted logos are not the most abundant option for promotional custom beanies. Though available, examples such as these company logo printed beanie hats are often overlooked for something more permanent, such as embroidery. With custom knit hats receiving such distress and excessive use, you want a long-lasting design. Some materials allow for imprinting to do just that!

Custom Embroidered Beanie Hats

This is the most common option for branding custom winter hats with business logos. Embroidery is the method employed when the logo is sewn into the beanie. There are many styles, both with and without a pom pom. This provides a long-lasting way to promote your brand, as only extreme wear-and-tear would impact the embroidery. From 1,000 to 7,000 (sometimes as many as 10,000), stitches included with each embroidered design, you can go as big or small as desired. There are also options from 1-color thread to up to 7 color threads with many of our personalized logo embroidered beanie caps!

Promotional Beanie Caps with Knit-In Logos

This design option is greatly unique because you can choose color threads to knit directly into a custom beanie! This is an available option for both our beanies and many of our scarves. Choose from a small selection of different color yarns to include directly in your knit cap. These are often block letters or limited designs so as to stand out more from the background of the cap. Since they are knit into the hat, they will stay intact for longer and generate massive brand exposure. For a visual aid, we present these custom knit logo beanie hats.

Personalized Team Winter Hats

One of the most popular ways to personalize a beanie cap is to produce unique custom team winter hats. High school, collegiate, and professional sports teams can design our beanie caps with their logo designs to provide a giveaway that loyal fans will cherish for years to come. Like our other custom beanies, it’s easy to find this style with a pom pom or without a pom pom.