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Looking for the best emery boards & custom nail files? You've found them! We offer promotional political emery boards for campaigns, personalized emery boards for bridal showers & weddings, premium unique personalized glass nail files, beautiful wholesale pumice stones & more.

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We offer a broad selection of custom imprinted emery boards & wholesale nail files, imprinted with your logo. They make excellent promotional products for salons, bath & body stores, and beauty shops. Also great as personalized giveaway items for showers or custom wedding favors, our collection is second to none. Read on to learn more about our personalized manicure tool items.

Emery Board Giveaways & Promo Nail Care Items

What are Emery Boards?

What is the Difference Between Emery Boards and Nail Files?

Personalized Emery Board Sizes Custom Emery Board Nail Files - Materials

What is European Emery Paper?

Different Styles of Cheap Personalized Emery Boards Custom Shaped Emery Boards & Promotional Novelty Emery Board Nail Files

Personalized Nail File Materials Different Styles of Promotional Nail Files

What are Emery Boards?

Emery boards are disposable skin & nail care items that feature a wood veneer base topped with emery paper. They're affordable promotional items for salons & beauty shops that are often sold in bulk due to their narrow size and low cost. The emery paper that's adhered to the wood veneer is similar to sand paper in texture and is most often used to file down fingernails, toenails, and callouses.

We offer many different styles, including, but not limited to, wholesale campaign emery boards, cheap customized emery boards for bridal shower giveaways, and uniquely shaped fun novelty emery boards in bulk.

What is the Difference Between Emery Boards and Nail Files

Here's a question with some potential for confusion. This is especially true if you've ever seen the phrase "emery board nail files", which makes them sound like they're one and the same. This is only partially true. To illustrate, consider the trout; all trout are fish, but not all fish are trout.

Similarly, all emery boards are nail files, but not all nail files are emery boards. Allow us to explain. Nail files are intended to, obviously, file down nails & smooth callouses. Their purpose matches that of emery boards, but there are some key differences that we'll highlight in the following list:

  • Emery boards are disposable, while nail files are intended for repeated use, even for multiple people
  • Nail files are generally rigid , while emery boards are more flexible
  • Emery boards usually are less abrasive than nail files
  • Emery boards consist of emery paper affixed to wood veneer, while nail files are usually a single piece

As is the case with emery boards, we also offer several kinds of nail files. You can invest in custom light-up nail files, sturdy promotional glass nail files, or wholesale folding nail files, just to name a few.

Personalized Emery Board Sizes

Different users will have different purposes for buying emery boards. Questions such how the emery boards will be used in a given promotion, who they are being promoted to, and how end users are expected to make use of them are all factors to consider when deciding the right emery board size for your company. Fortunately, we offer categories in small, medium, and large sizes.

Custom Mini Emery Boards

We recommend our mini promo emery boards for any business looking for a cheap and small giveaway for weddings, bridal showers, or trade show events. Small enough to get the job done with respect to promoting your brand and caring for nails, our small emery board models are consistent best-sellers.

Wholesale Medium Emery Boards in Bulk

If you want to get a little more longevity and/or advertising space, our custom logo imprinted medium emery boards might be a better fit for your promotional needs. They're still small enough to be taken nearly anywhere, but large enough to take on heavier jobs & draw more eyes to your logo. In the process, they'll keep the fingernails and toenails of customers in tip top shape.

Large Promotional Emery Boards

When you really want to make sure that all users and passerby get a good look at your personalized logo imprint, our large personalized emery boards with logo imprints are your key to success. They also prove beneficial in that they can be used for more extensive grooming tasks and offer superior longevity when compared to smaller sizes on this page.

Custom Emery Board Nail Files - Materials

Now we'll tell you a bit about the materials that go into our cheap disposable nail files. As we've already stated, emery boards consist of a gritty layer of paper that is secured to wood veneer. The wood veneer base consists of very thin slices of wood (typically less than ⅛ of an inch thick) which are glued together. This base provides flexibility and prevents warping, splits, and tears in our personalized wood veneer emery boards. This is the side on which your logo will be imprinted, as the emery paper side is meant for grooming services.

We also offer custom printed emery boards with foam inserts for extra comfort & cushioning. As a side note, you'll sometimes see emery boards referred to as "salon boards", such as in the case of our personalized salon boards with multiple filing surfaces.

What is European Emery Paper?

If you've been reading the individual product descriptions, you've by no doubt noticed that many of them include European emery paper. Also known as P grade emery cloth, it is named for the Federation of European Producers of Abrasives, and is designed to have a grit more appropriate for personal grooming as compared to heavy industrial operations. Decorated with your logo imprint, this style makes a great tool for marketing a manicure service, spa, salon, or beauty supply retailer.

Different Styles of Cheap Personalized Emery Boards

There are a lot of different types of customized emery boards out there, and this page is a testament to that fact. Different users, situations, and promotional goals can call for a varied set of personalized emery boards. We'll introduce a few of the most prominent varieties for promotional giveaways in the following paragraphs.

Custom Political Emery Boards

If you're looking to win big on Election Day and want everyone to remember you when they exercise their voting rights, a free little gift will never hurt your cause. We offer wholesale political emery boards in bulk, perfect for campaigning efforts for any party or position.

Promotional Awareness Ribbon Emery Boards for Charities

When it comes to promoting awareness or raising funds for a charity, offering a fun and useful giveaway item is almost always a winning strategy. That's why we provide customized awareness ribbon emery boards for charities & charitable events. They're especially useful when it comes to breast cancer awareness, as many emery boards tend to feature a suitable ;color scheme to begin with.

Cheap Personalized Emery Boards for Bridal Showers

When anyone's daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, or friend is about to walk down the aisle, they'll want to provide a fun and memorable shower. Your business can take advantage of this by stocking up on promotional emery board giveaways for weddings & bridal showers. Whether given away at weddings, these make great promotional products for salons, dress shops, wedding reception venues, and honeymoon destination resorts.

Custom Shaped Emery Boards & Promotional Novelty Emery Board Nail Files

At 4AllPromos, you'll never be left wanting for uniquely shaped custom novelty emery boards. They can work for several purposes across several industries, while others are just plain fun to receive as a promotional giveaway. The following is a list of just a few of the different types of novelty emery boards with logo offered on this page:

Custom Shaped Novelty Emery Boards

Personalized Nail File Materials

Now we'll move on to some more discussion surrounding our promo nail files for businesses. Specifically, the upcoming section will shed some light on the two primary materials that nail files are made from, which are plastic and glass.

Cheap Promotional Plastic Nail Files

Our cheap custom printed plastic nail files represent the more affordable end of the spectrum. Don't let the price tag fool you though; these are still products of admirable quality. These custom nail file options make for unique and memorable trade show giveaways & checkout counter impulse items when bought in bulk.

Promotional Glass Nail Files

We also offer personalized glass nail file products for salons, beauty shops, wedding venues, and any other business that wishes to promote with them. They're more durable than their plastic counterparts, but also come at a higher price. Their superior longevity makes for a higher number of advertising impressions over a longer period of time.

You can opt for customized twist nail files with your logo imprint which provide a different surface texture on each side, or our bulk tempered glass nail files, which are notable for their truly exceptional strength & sturdiness.

Different Styles of Promotional Nail Files

Material is not the only determining factor when it comes to deciding which type of personalized nail files are best for meeting your promotional needs. There are different shapes, sizes, and features, all of which can help to promote your brand in a special and memorable way. Search through all of the models on our site to find the best option shape, imprint, and price options for getting the job done for your brand.

Custom Folding Nail Files

Looking for a unique, amusing promotional giveaway item for marketing to potential customers at a low price? Try our wholesale folding nail files on for size. They offer four different surfaces of varying coarse and fine textures, making them useful for both filing and buffing nails. They fold into a convenient holding chamber, which in turn doubles as a keychain!

Unique Personalized Nail Files with Lights

When your salon or beauty shop wants to provide the best in accuracy and precision, few things will help you more during a manicure/pedicure than our promotional nail files with lights. These unique customized nail files allow users to literally put some light on the subject for enhanced visibility and attention to detail while either treating clients' nails or performing a self-manicure.

Wholesale Emery Board Keychains

While we eventually end up saying this at least once on every product category home page, it still holds true that everyone loves the thrill of getting two items for the price of one. Our promotional emery board nail files are yet another one of these great 2-for-1 promotional product deals.

They're ideal as trade show giveaway items as well as commemorative keepsakes for special events. Both items are sure to see repeated use, which means repeated advertising impressions for your business and exposure for its logo.

Wholesale Multi Surface Nail Files

When you want one skin and nail care product to perform more than one function, our customized salon board with multiple filing surfaces are the way to go. They allow users to shape and smooth their fingernails without having to switch implements or take up extra storage space.

Promotional Pumice Stones in Bulk

While they're very pleasing to the eye, our personalized pumice stones with handles are more than just pretty faces in the crowd. These unique promotional skin care products are formed by way of molten lava meeting with water, which causes it to transform to a solid state of matter.

In terms of wellness and self care purposes, our custom pumice stones are designed to remove dry skin. After soaking an area of skin in warm water, giving it a gentle circular rubdown with our pumice stones will help to gently remove dry/dead skin and grit. The great thing about these items is that even if they're never used, they still look great on display. They'll do a great job of showing off your logo imprint for a low price!

Custom Imprinted Nail Files with Protective Packaging

For the purpose of protection, we carry a handy assortment of promotional nail files in pouches and wholesale nail files in sleeves. Protective casing helps to preserve nail files, particularly of the glass variety, ensuring that their usefulness to consumers & in your company branding tactics isn't lost. They provide an extra measure for keeping manicure items secure, ensuring they remain in service (and display your logo imprint) for a long time to come.

Wholesale Nail File Kits

When you want to provide more than one cheap personalized emery board nail file, our promotional nail file kits will prove a helpful resource. They offer multiple emery boards in a custom printed carrying case. They're perfect for use while traveling and make a great gift for customers who want to keep their nails looking great while on the go.

Custom Photo Nail Files

We'll bring things to a close by presenting our personalized photo nail files. When you really want to personalize a nail file, you can do so by including a photo that will be visible through the clear protective sleeve. Pictures of company picnics, groups of employees, or milestone celebration all make for great ideas for decorating our promotional photo nail files. They're perfect for advertising your service while displaying your logo or other design in a memorable way while customers take care of their nails.