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Find the best custom felt pennants at 4AllPromos. We carry promotional stiff felt pennants,  unique custom imprinted soft felt pennants, fun personalized plastic pennants, colorful dye sublimated promotional pennants, sturdy custom pennants with sewn felt strips & many more of the best promotional pennants for schools. To learn more about our custom felt pennants and cardstock pennants, feel free to view the informational section located in the lower section of this page.

Custom Printed Pennants

Our custom pennants are some of the best promotional items for schools, particularly as sports team pennants. They can be paired with some of our custom printed stadium blankets as a promotional sports gift package. However, they're also a great promotional product for restaurants, businesses, charities, zoos, parks, gyms, financial institutions, and many other organizations. Our custom printed pennants also serve very well as promotion commemorative items for promotional events & personal events. Weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, sports championships, and pep rallies are all events for which our custom pennants can capture memories to last a lifetime.

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  • Custom Pennants

    Custom pennants (sometimes referred to as "pennant flags" or "flag pennants") have been around for quite some time. They're those small triangular flags usually seen pinned up against a wall or waved around on a stick. They're most frequently seen decorated with sports team logos and school logos, but are quite useful for business promotions as well. The promotional pennants that we use today mainly owe their existence to Major League Baseball pennants, which are awarded to teams that win the National League and American League Championship Series. Back when there were fewer baseball teams, only the top 2 teams from each league went into the playoffs, and this is why the term "pennant race" is still used today.

    The famous "Shot Heard 'Round the World" (opens in a new window) was a home run hit by New York (now San Francisco) Giants third baseman Bobby Thompson. It was a three run home run hit in the bottom of the 9th inning, which propelled the Giants to victory in a 3 game National League Championship Series against the Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers. In addition to being one of the most dramatic moments in baseball history, it was also the first MLB game ever to be televised nationally. It was also transmitted by radio to American soldiers in North Korea, making it a truly global event. As soon as the home run was hit, announcer Russ Hodges shouted, "The Giants win the pennant!" over and over again, forever solidifying pennants in American culture.

    Today, pennants still have a place in baseball, but they have now branched out into many other areas. In addition to school pennants, promotional printed pennants are a popular way of spreading brand awareness for a wide variety of businesses, including, but not limited to, restaurants, stores, car dealerships, parks, zoos, amusement parks, museums, bands, hotels, and resorts. They make great companions to any of our promotional trade show giveaway items.

    Custom Pennant Materials

    We provide custom printed wholesale pennants in a wide variety of materials. Cardstock, stiff felt, soft felt, plastic, and two-ply knit polyester are all among the materials you'll see mentioned in our product descriptions. Each has its own unique features and benefits, and we'll transition into talking about those now.

    Cardstock Pennants

    Our custom cardstock pennants are affordable yet attractive promotional items for schools, businesses, and events. Cardstock is a decorative form of paper that also goes by the names of card stock, cover stock, and pasteboard. It is significantly thicker and more durable than the type of paper you'd write on or use in your personal printer. Cardstock is flexible when compared to most other forms of paperboard and has many uses. In addition to wholesale cardstock pennants, this material also sees use in business cards, postcards, playing cards, and sports cards.

    The strength of cardstock is measured in different ways, depending on location and language. Here in the United States, cardstock thickness is usually measured in units called mils or points. One point or mil is equal to one thousandth of an inch. Therefore, a 16 mil promotional cardstock pennant would be 0.016 inches thick. In other nations, cardstock thickness is measured in a more weight-based way, which is referred to as grammage. Grammage categorizes cardstock in terms of weight per square meter.

    Cheap custom pennants are often made of cardstock as they're inexpensive and easy to produce. While they are more delicate than our felt and plastic varieties, their durability is improved by way of liquid lamination. They're a good choice for direct mailing promotions, large order promotions, and school spirit merchandise when dealing with budget restrictions. They're a cheap wholesale promotional product that goes well when bundled with other such products, including our promotional button pins and our custom bumper stickers.

    Felt Pennants

    The majority of our custom pennants for schools and businesses are made out of felt. Some varieties of felt exist in wool form, but our pennants are constructed of organic felt. Our pennants are constructed out of eco-friendly synthetic felt, which usually is comprised of acrylic or rayon. Acrylic is a semi-synthetic polymer, as some of its elements are derived from naturally-occurring substances. In order to legally be considered acrylic, a polymer must consist of at least 85% acrylonitrile (another chemical polymer, but a naturally-occurring one.) Acrylic felt is available in a broad menagerie of colors and is usually quite affordable. It is a non-woven material which is soft and warm, but not quite as durable as wool. However, it is softer and thinner than wool, and therefore is a perfect material for the fuzzy texture present in most pennants.

    Rayon is a polymer that is developed from cellulose fiber that is derived from wood pulp. It is then blended with various chemicals, depending on its ultimate purpose. This is why even though it is largely composed of natural elements, it is still considered to be a semi-synthetic polymer and fabric. It is often used in place of wool, cotton, and silk, due to its soft and often smooth texture. it is another non-woven fabric, functioning in the same manner as the non-woven material in our promotional non-woven polypropylene recycled tote bags.

    Stiff Felt Pennants

    Stiff felt is a term that is used interchangeably with rigid felt. No matter what name is used, stiff felt is made of synthetic felt, typically acrylic, which is treated with fabric stiffener to give it its rigid nature. Our custom stiff felt pennants work great as wall pennants and look great adorning a cubicle, bulletin board, or file cabinet. When used at outdoor events, stiff felt pennants provide a very noteworthy benefit. Their rigidity makes it so that they do not flap, flop, or curl in the wind. They also won't droop when not supported. Due to this, our custom printed stiff felt pennants due a phenomenal job of displaying team, school, and company logos for extended periods of time while in public.

    Conversely, rigid felt can't be rolled or bent in the same way that soft felt can. Bending and folding cause these pennants to lose their rigidity and also can damage the ink and logos that they display. As they're tougher to pack, stiff felt pennants are a better choice for local events. They work very well at trade shows, as they can be set up on your company's booth to catch eyes and garner more exposure. Promotional stiff felt pennants can be decorated in a wide variety of colors, sizes, inks, and logo printing methods.

    Soft Felt Pennants

    Our custom printed soft felt pennants run the gamut from large to small and basic to elaborate. Also called plush felt pennants, these promotional items for schools & businesses can be rolled up and folded without suffering damage, loss of color, or loss of shape. They're perfect for waving around at stadiums, arenas, or event venues, as you cheer on your favorite sports team or band. Like our stiff felt pennants, these are made of synthetic felt. Some of our best premium promotional pennants are made of soft felt and serve can serve as a beautiful souvenir from some of your biggest promotional events and biggest personal life events. The right soft felt custom pennant can provide ongoing advertisements for years.

    Plastic Pennants

    Some of our custom logo printed pennants are made of plastic. Our promotional plastic pennants are some of our best cheap promotional items for schools and businesses. Custom plastic pennants do not require any sewing and are quick and inexpensive to produce. They're feature UV coating for a semi-gloss appearance and come complete with wooden dowel sticks for support. They are not as durable as our felt pennants, but they do offer the flexibility stiff felt pennants do not at a lower price than our wholesale soft felt pennants.

    Novelty Pencil Pennants

    Our novelty pencil pennants are quite a bit smaller than our other custom logo pennants. They work quite well as promotional gifts for schools, encouraging students to express school spirit while honing their writing skills.

    Decorations & Features

    Our custom logo imprinted pennants are ideal promotional gifts for schools and promotional products for businesses. We've already gone over the materials that go into these wholesale promo products, but there's still more to know. In order to choose the best possible custom pennant or auto flag for your school or business, you'll need to know about the various features different models offer.

    Custom White Felt Pennants

    We offer several custom white felt pennants for schools, charities, and businesses. Our white felt pennants are made of stiff felt and usually come with an additional felt strip sewn vertically near the pole in the color of your choice. They are among our more affordable promotional pennant offerings and are most often screen printed.

    Fully Customizable Area Pennants

    Our fully customizable area pennants break out the big guns of promotional product design. This is because the entire area of the pennant is printed to your specifications, with no blank white space at all, if desired. These pennants come in both soft and rigid felt and many have the same vertical sewn-in felt strips as our white felt pennants. Full-color printing and photographic reproduction really make these promotional pennants come to life!

    One-Sided, Two-Sided, and Two Different Sided Pennants

    Our custom logo imprinted pennants come with a variety of decoration options. Some feature an imprinted business logo, school logo, or other custom design on only one side. Others feature your custom business logo on both sides, and still others boast a different customized imprint on each side.

    Sewn-in Strips

    Many of our custom promotional pennants are designed with a vertical strip of fabric sewn in at the largest part of the pennant. This provides an opportunity to add some extra color to your custom pennant. It is an easy and affordable way to make sure all of your school colors, team colors, or business logo colors are represented on the same pennant. They go far in adding some visual promotional pop to our custom white felt pennants.

    Sewn-on Edges

    Our custom promotional pennants with sewn-on edges present an opportunity for teams, schools, and businesses to add in some extra color at no additional charge. Our logo imprinted pennants with this feature have an additional triangular outline sewn around the perimeter of the main fabric. It's a good chance to add a secondary or tertiary team/business logo color in along your main design.

    Sewn-in Detachable Advertisements

    Some of our pennants are equipped with sewn-in removable advertisements. These removable paper advertisements are included, for an additional fee, on many of our custom pennants with sewn-in felt strips. The advertisement is attached to the sewn strip and can easily be pulled off. This makes it a great promotional item for businesses who want to announce new products, grand openings, or provide coupons to increase sales.


    In order to successfully wave your custom pennant, some support system is obviously needed. With our promotional pennants, these supports go by a few different names. Generally they're referred to as either sticks, poles, or support dowels. Dowels are technically different than plain sticks/poles, as they have a more narrow definition. In order to be considered a dowel, an item must be a thin peg without a distinct top or bottom.

    Printing Options

    As is the case with many of our imprinted promotional business products and promotional items for schools, our pennants have multiple imprinting options. Screen printing, full color printing, and photographic reproduction are three of the methods to choose from when ordering our promotional wholesale pennants and automobile flags.

    Custom Screen Printed Pennants

    Screen printing, which is also called silk screening, is an affordable logo imprinting option that works well on most any product. While it does not produce colors as bold as full-color printing does, screen printing is still an effective process that has stood the test of time. Our custom screen printed pennants are a testament to that fact.

    Custom Full-Color Printed Pennants

    Full color printing is a premium decorating option for many of our promotional products. Our full color logo imprinted pennants can be decorated with many colors at the same time and present with a bold and impossible to ignore appearance. If you're familiar with heat transfer printing or four color process printing, you are familiar with full-color printing. All three names refer to the same thing.

    Photographic Reproduction

    Photographic reproduction isn't exactly a custom printing option in and of itself, but rather a specific type of full-color printing. You'll see it from time to time in our product descriptions, so we figured it would be a good term to include in this list. As its name would imply, photo reproduction allows you to have a photograph transferred onto one of our pennants. In this process, dye is sublimated into soft felt through the use of special printers.

    Miscellaneous Promotional Pennant Terms

    There are a few industry terms we still haven't explained yet and others that we've used in the process of defining other terms. Since few things are more annoying than defining an unknown term by using another unknown term, we'll make amends and explain them below.

    What is Heat Cured Ink?

    Heat cured ink is ink that is instantly dried by way of applying heat generated by ultraviolet light. This instantaneous drying speeds up production times and also makes the ink less likely to run, smudge, chip, or scratch off. Our custom pennants with heat cured ink are an affordable and effective way to help meet your business promotional needs.

    What is UV Coating?

    UV coating (also known as liquid laminating or liquid lamination) is short for ultraviolet coating and it is a process that some of our pennants go through for an added level of protective gloss. A liquid coating is applied to the surface of the pennant, which is then cured either in a printing press or on special machines using UV light. The coating hardens when hit by the light and the result is a promotional pennant that is durable, shiny, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Our UV coated plastic pennants are cheap logo merchandise items that make for great promotional giveaways.

    What is Dye Sublimation?

    Dye sublimation is a process that is used in both full-color printing and in photographic reproduction full-color printing. This consists of special printers use heat to transfer the dye onto materials. The heat makes the dye go from a solid state to a gas state without the usual in-between liquid stage. As this is known as sublimation, the origin of the term dye sublimation becomes rather obvious.