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We're your top source for custom healthy snacks for schools, camps, gyms & more! Browse our collection of custom logo printed bottled water, tasty promotional instant oatmeal kits, nutritious wholesale trail mix bags in custom printed wrappers, energizing custom sports drink mix packs, unique personalized healthy snack gifts & all of our other bulk nutritious snack giveaways.

Promotional Healthy Snacks | Company Logo Printed Granola Bars | Bulk Nut Gifts

We have all of the best promotional healthy snacks in logo printed wrappers for schools, day care centers, camps, parks, vending machines, trade shows & more. Browse our inventory of custom labeled mixed nuts, wholesale granola bars with logos, company branded header trail mix bags, wholesale corporate logo printed bottles of water, personalized energy drink shots, custom healthy drink mix packets & all of our other promotional nutritious snacks!

To learn more about our promotional health conscious snacks & healthy snack giveaways, you can refer to the in-depth guide provided below. We encourage you to take a spin through it and see which of our offerings best fits your promotional needs.

Wholesale Health Bars | Promotional Health Food Snacks | Custom Healthy Snack Mix

Promotional Healthy Snacks for Your Business or Organization

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Promotional Healthy Snacks for Your Business or Organization


We offer healthy snacks in custom branded packages to fit the promotional needs of a wide variety of businesses, schools, charities, and other organizations. Here's a quick list of just a few of the different organizations (and occasions) for whom our customized healthy snacks are a perfect fit:

  • Custom Healthy Snacks for Schools
  • Wholesale Nutritious Snacks for Camps
  • Custom Logo Printed Health Food Snacks for Daycare Centers
  • Bulk Health Conscious Snacks for Parks
  • Personalized Healthy Snacks for Business Gifts
  • Customized Business Label Snacks for Gyms
  • Promotional Fruit and Nut Snacks for Hikers and Bikers

Promotional Trail Mix Packs

Are you trying to promote a nature center, state or national park, hiking club, or any other health-conscious, eco-friendly organization? Then our custom logo printed trail mix bags are for you! We offer many different styles and flavors of trail mix, as well as different packaging options. We'll talk a bit more about this in the following three paragraphs.

If you want your brand to become a part of people's outdoor fun & the ensuing memories, we have just what you need. Our bulk trail mix snack bags for camps and schools are healthy snacks that provide fuel for fun in the great outdoors. Of course, their usage isn't exclusively limited to schools and camps ; few if any organizations couldn't stand to benefit from them.

Wholesale Trail Mix in Unique Flavors

If you want to break from the ordinary and provide your customers, employees, and target audience with something different, we're here to help. Our customized unique trail mix giveaways come in unusual and exotic flavors to please different appetites or suit special purposes. They're a great promotional giveaway gift idea for travel agencies, hotels, casinos, resorts, and more.

Promotional Energy Trail Mix Packets

What's a good way to promote a gym, fitness center, crossfit studio, or any other business whose patrons exert excessive energy? We have the answer, and it comes in the form of our company logo printed energy trail mix packs. These promotional trail mix bags contain healthy snacks with lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep energy high and workouts productive.

Bulk Pistachios & Wholesale Nuts for Healthy Snacks

Custom nut gifts are increasing in popularity as the world turns increasingly to a health-conscious way of life. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios all are rich in nutrients such as protein, fiber, Vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. They're snacks that manage to taste good and be good for you at the same time. We'll point out a few examples in the next three paragraphs.

Rich in Vitamin B6, protein, fiber, and potassium, pistachios are a tasty treat that promote good health. Our various offerings of wholesale pistachios with logo imprints present a grand array of different ways to present these nutritious nuts to your target audience.

Personalized Pistachio Gift Bags

If your aim is to target the pistachio consumers on your list by way of more intimate corporate giveaways, we suggest investing in some of our custom pistachio gifts. Featuring Jumbo California pistachios, these come in attractive gift boxes adorned with festive ribbons for a personal touch.

Wholesale Almonds in Custom Printed Packaging

If your business or its customers, both potential and existing, aren't huge on pistachios, there's no need to worry. If they have more of a taste for almonds, you're in luck. Why? Because 4AllPromos offers various styles of bulk almond packs for healthy snacks and food giveaways. Delicious and nutritious, these are guaranteed to make a great impression.

Promotional Bottled Water with Printed Labels

When it comes to cooling down and quenching thirst, nothing is better than good old H2O. Medical professionals recommend drinking 64 oz of water per day in order for most people to stay at peak health. Help weary hikers, bikers, athletes, and any other thirsty individuals hydrate with our personalized promotional bottled water. These water bottles come with labels for you to include your company logo or personalized message. They're available in many different sizes, with our smaller ones being perfect for snack time at preschools and daycare centers. If desired, we can also supply you with wholesale blank label water bottles in bulk for 100% personal freedom in design.

Wholesale Sports Drink Mix & Customized Energy Drink Shots

If you want to add some extra flavor for a drink with a sweeter taste or additional nutrients to quickly restore lost energy & fluids, stay tuned. This is the category for you. We offer promotional sports drink packages, imprinted with your logo design, to fuel athletes through their toughest challenges. We also offer company branded diet drink mixes for those looking for a sweet treat without the guilt.

Personalized Sports Drink Mix Packets

Gyms, sports teams, karate studios, fitness clubs, and YMCAs can all make a little bit of branding go a long way with our wholesale Gatorade® mix packets. These custom sport drink mix packs, imprinted with your company logo, will leave users with your business to thank when they soak in the sweet taste of victory on the court or in the field.

Bulk Energy Shot Drinks

No matter what one's profession might be, the workday can sometimes be long and draining for all of us. Our custom logo imprinted energy shot bottles provide that extra little pick-me-up to restore energy and maintain productivity when it's needed most. Their small size makes them easy to bring nearly anywhere, offering protection against crashing into walls of fatigue.

Promotional Crystal Light® Lemonade Mix & Wholesale Crystal Light® Iced Tea Mix

Our healthy snacks and drinks don't necessarily have to be connected to a fast-paced, pedal-to-the-medal lifestyle. After all, sometimes what one really needs to do is kick back and relax. Diet conscious consumers will be delighted to find delicious drink mixes in the form of company logo printed single serving Crystal Light® packs in bulk near the water cooler. These low calorie beverage mix bags can make your company the face of rest and relaxation while at work or at play.

Promotional Protein Bars in Bulk

There are a lot of diets out there that have a strong focus on protein. Body builders, avid weightlifters, and anyone else looking to become strong while staying lean will need the power of protein. Our wholesale protein bars and customized energy bars can prove a boon to any gym, grocery store, pharmacy, convenience store, or health food retailer.

Best Personalized Energy Bar Brands

We're proud to carry all of the best names in wholesale promotional protein bars. Here's a quick list, along with product links, to the brands we have in stock:

Promotional Sunflower Seeds

A classic and timeless snack, sunflower seeds have been providing nutritious nibbling to baseball players for generations. However, you don't have to be on the diamond or in the dugout to reap the benefits & enjoy the great taste. Our business logo printed sunflower seed bags make great promotional giveaway items for baseball teams, softball teams, health food stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, outdoor lifestyle retailers, and anywhere else where great taste and good health are desired.

Granola has been synonymous with health & wellness for as long as most anyone can remember. This isn't without its merits, as granola snacks are highly nutritious, taste great, and provide energy for a positive and productive day. We'll talk a bit about our promotional granola bars and bulk granola snacks in the next two paragraphs.

Nature Valley® is one of the undisputed kings in the world of granola bars. That's why we proudly offer them to you as our flagship brand for promotional granola bars in custom logo printed sleeves. They're perfect for single servings, vending machines, or snacks in company break rooms. These nutritious and delicious treats will be just as beneficial for the health of your brand awareness & image as they are for the health of those who consume them.

Custom Granola Bars in Sealed Wrappers

Much like the sleeve-packed granola bars we described in the previous paragraph, buying bulk personalized Nature Valley granola bars in customizable wrappers is a healthy way to build brand awareness. When users eat the right way, they'll feel better and have your business to thank. That's a pretty powerful way of capitalizing upon relationship marketing.

Promotional Snack Tubes

If a bag just doesn't do it for your promotional style, there are other ways to go when it comes to healthy snack containers. One fun and unique method is to place them inside of large clear tubes, allowing users to see exactly what they're getting and how much they're consuming. We'll share a couple of examples with you in the two following paragraphs.

Custom Survival Tube Healthy Snack Packs

Keep your promotional progress and the consumers who drive it strong by way of supplying them with our wholesale survival mix snack tubes for hiking, biking, jogging, or any other outdoor athletic activity. They're filled with tasty and healthy, energy-boosting treats that will help users meet their fitness goals and have fun while doing it.

Personalized Trail Mix in Clear Plastic Tubes

As is the case with the survival tube snacks described in the preceding paragraph, our trail mix can also switch it up and leave bags out of the equation. Our promotional clear plastic trail mix tubes are excellent company branded snack giveaways for schools, grocery stores, pharmacies, nature centers, daycare centers, kids' camps, bicycle shops, and hiking gear suppliers.

Design Your Own Healthy Snack Packages

Company branded promotional products won't get you very far if you leave out the whole branding aspect. While this is painfully obvious to anyone, one thing that may not be so obvious is the vast amount of different packaging styles one can use to drum up interest & awareness in their brand. We'll share some of our most notable customizable healthy snack containers for businesses in the following six paragraphs.

Custom Savory Snacks in Kraft Paper Window Bags

Kraft paper bags with windows are a great way to package healthy snack giveaways. They provide a back-to-basics outdoorsy look that makes a great fit when marketing toward those looking to stay fit, trim, and happy. We offer a variety of personalized sweet and salty snacks in kraft paper bags, printed with your business logo.

Have you ever seen snacks in a plastic bag with a cardboard or paper stock rectangle at the top? If so, then you're familiar, at least on a visual level, with our wholesale nutritious snack bags with logo headers. Design your own healthy snack giveaways by decorating a unique header with your company logo or message, suspending tasty treats below.

Wholesale Trail Mix in Cello Bags

If a transparent bag directly imprinted with your logo design sounds appealing, we have something we think you'll like. Our custom printed cello trail mix bags offer delicious healthy snacks and personalized company branding in one simple package.

Bulk Healthy Snacks with Custom Laminated Labels

Take your promotions in a smooth direction with our promotional health conscious snacks with personalized laminated labels! These sleek round labels create colorful logo branded signage to create impossible-to-miss advertising impressions wherever our snacks are taken.

Personalized Nut Packages with Overlapping Labels

Yet another popular promotional packaging method involves our wholesale nuts, dried fruits, and seeds in bags with overlapping labels. This style sort of lies in between the printed cello bags and plastic bags with headers. With these, a logo printed label strip is affixed to the front of the bag, typically starting from the top.

Many of our offerings within the promotional healthy snacks category fall under the umbrella of bulk nutritious snacks with full color labels. Make your company stand up and shout above the competition by using the bold colors & designs that these customizable printed snack labels provide.