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Design your own custom lanyards with 4AllPromos! We carry cheap custom lanyards, bulk breakaway lanyards, custom lanyards for keys, personalized whistle lanyards for referees, coaches, and teachers, bulk promotional ID travel wallets, and lanyards featuring a variety of different attachments. We carry soft custom cotton lanyards, stretchy elastic neoprene lanyards in bulk, sturdy promotional polyester lanyards, and smooth & stylish nylon lanyards wholesale. This is in addition to our personalized bulldog clip lanyards, handy promotional lanyards with retractable badge reels, and much, much more!

Promotional Lanyards for Trade Show Giveaways & Custom ID Holders for Corporate Events

At 4AllPromos, we carry only the best customized lanyards, promotional badge holders for trade shows & events, wholesale RFID blocking ID travel wallets, personalized lanyards with retractable badge wheels & all other varieties of customized lanyards for businesses, schools, trade shows, and travel.

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How Promotional Lanyards are Measured
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  • Wholesale Screen Printed Lanyards
  • Personalized Pad Printed Lanyards
  • Promotional Full Color Printed Lanyards
  • Custom Dye Sublimated Lanyards

  • How Promotional Lanyards are Measured

    Many of the wholesale lanyards you'll see listed on our site have a measurement at the beginning of the title. This measurement, which is usually an inch or less, refers to how wide the lanyard is when it is being worn. However, things can get confusing when you go on to read about their imprint areas. For example, you may see a lanyard that's listed as being a half-inch wide, but with an imprint area of 24 inches. When you see this, please know that it's not a misprint. The width of the imprint areas of our promotional lanyards are measured by the width they have when they're laid out flat and horizontally. It's the same reason why a lanyard that's said to be 24 inches long will have an imprint area being described as only 1/4" high. As long as you bear in mind that lanyard size is measured when the lanyard is being worn and the imprint areas are measured when the lanyard is lying flat, you can avoid confusion.

    Different Types of Promotional Lanyards

    Our custom printed lanyards come in a broad range of styles, materials, sizes, and shapes. They also feature many different types of attachments. The lanyard that best fits your promotional needs will be the one that combines all of these elements to conform to the usage applications and company branding strategy you plan to implement. This comprehensive guide to all things lanyard will explain all of these different features and what they can bring to the table (or trade show booth.)

    Promotional Cord Lanyards

    Cord lanyards are the most basic form of personalized lanyards and are often the most affordable as well. They feature a long, thin, and tubular string of fabric that is usually comprised of a blend of synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyester, and/or lycra. Our cord lanyards represent some of our best cheap lanyards for trade show giveaways.

    Custom Imprinted Whistle Lanyards

    Our whistle lanyards are great promotional products for schools, sporting goods stores, YMCAs, gyms, and fitness centers. They're the typical style of whistles that you see being used in sporting events and gym classes. Our promotional whistle lanyards for referees and gym teachers have a basic, utilitarian style that has stood the test of time.

    Promotional Novelty Lanyards

    Everyone likes to have a little bit of fun with their business promotional items every now and then. A unique and whimsical product can provide good times to users that kindle valuable bonds and brand loyalty. Our wholesale novelty lanyards provide a vehicle for meeting this objective. In addition to the enjoyment they can bring to customers, they can also liven up the office a bit when given out as employee gifts.

    Wholesale Reflective Lanyards

    Custom reflective lanyards are products that help to provide brand awareness, but even more importantly, they ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and target audience. Donning these lanyards during a nighttime jog helps users to be visible to motorists to see users and avoid tragic accidents. They're also handy in that their reflective surfaces make them easier for users to find in dark environments.

    Personalized High Tech Lanyards

    As we mentioned in our introduction, and as you've surely noticed by this point, variety is king when it comes to our promotional lanyards. Some of our most innovative and premium offerings come in the form of our bulk high tech lanyards. Whether they're personalized lanyards with flash drives, customized USB cable lanyards, or one of our promotional RFID blocking travel wallets, you can rest assured that our high tech lanyards and badge holders are second to none.

    Promotional Badge Holders

    While our wholesale badge holders are a promotional product category that can create an completely different discussion in and of themselves, they also cross over into the world of lanyards. This is due to the when you buy our personalized badge holders in bulk, you'll often find them to be attached to a lanyard. This makes our trade show badge holders much easier to keep track of and allows for quick and easy identification of all attendees at all times. They're also ideal for networking events, fundraising events, and college orientations.

    Customized Wrist Strap Key Holders

    When users are on the go and have important keys that need to move along with them, there are few more useful items than our promotional wrist strap key holders. These miniature lanyards are worn around the wrist and keep all keys visible and accessible for whenever they're needed.

    Bulk Promotional ID Neck Wallets

    Whether attending a trade show, industry seminar, orientation, or just walking into work in the morning, users will find our ID neck wallets to be highly useful. They provide a quick and easy way to identify users as well as to help them store the cards that they need to use on a daily basis. Our custom ID neck wallets are also useful when it comes to scanning sensors to open employee-only doors around the workplace.

    Different Kinds of Custom Lanyard Materials

    Lanyards are business promotional items that can be made of a menagerie of assorted materials. Exactly which material best fits your promotional needs is decided by a multitude of elements. Style, texture, durability, size, environmental friendliness and heat resistance are all factors than can come into play. Read the following section and learn a bit more about the types of materials our lanyards are made from.

    Personalized Polyester Lanyards

    Cheap promotional lanyards are a great resource as they can be brought in bulk in large numbers and be distributed far and wide. Our customized polyester lanyards with logo imprints are typically our most affordable lanyard offerings. They're the most common fabric seen in lanyards, due to being affordable, durable, and best suited for daily use.

    Custom Imprinted Nylon Lanyards

    Now it's time to shake hands with our nylon lanyards. Nylon provides a surface that is more shiny than what you find with polyester. It also makes for a thicker and more sleek feeling lanyard. While our promotional nylon lanyards are usually more expensive than our polyester varieties, they provide a surface against which logo imprints can stand out in a more eye-catching and prominent way.

    Promotional Cotton Lanyards

    If a soft feel and a surface that takes color extremely well are attributes you're looking for, you'll want to buy personalized cotton lanyards in bulk. It is important to remember that although they offer the aforementioned qualities, they are not quite as durable as our neoprene, polyester, and nylon lanyards.

    Wholesale Neoprene Lanyards

    Neoprene, like nylon, is a synthetic material. It is heat-resistant and also handles cold temperatures well. It's also highly flexible, but it's less breathable when compared to nylon. Our custom imprinted neoprene lanyards are ideal for use in areas experiencing extremes in temperatures and in wet environments. Consequently, they're great promotional products for golf courses, state parks, nature centers, and motorcycle dealerships.

    Promotional Lanyard Attachments

    Many of the custom business logo lanyards we carry come with an option to choose a desired attachment style. This is important, as the attachment is the unit at the end of the lanyard that connects it to the ID badge, neck wallet, set of keys, or whatever else the lanyard is holding. In this section, we'll explain the various types of promotional lanyard attachments we offer and guide you to the best fit for your company's needs.

    Personalized Lanyards with O-Rings

    What is an O-Ring? An O-Ring is a circular piece of metal or plastic that has a solid, continuous surface and does not have a movable hinged component. Our wholesale lanyards with O-Ring attachments are useful for holding items equipped with hooks, clips, and swing gate mechanisms.

    Wholesale Lanyards with J-Hooks

    What is a j-hook? A j-hook is an attachment featuring a clasp that bends inward by way of a hingeless gate. Our custom j-hook lanyards and swivel j-hook lanyards feature this kind of attachment, with the latter allowing the attached item to rotate. To operate a j-hook, one needs to apply a little bit of pressure to the flexible gate to open it, and then slip the item to be attached onto the hook before closing it again.

    Custom Lanyards with Bulldog Clips

    What is a bulldog clip? A bulldog clip is an attachment device that is designed to hold onto items that have oblong holes, particularly when they're located at the top. Bulldog clips are sometimes called "spring clips", because they operate by way of a spring mechanism. They are opened by squeezing and close when the pressure is released, firmly gripping the inserted item. Our personalized lanyards with bulldog clip attachments are useful for gripping items that do not possess holes for a hook to thread through.

    Promotional Lanyards with Split Ring Attachments

    What is a split ring? A split ring is a tightly-coiled, two layer metal ring to which keys and other small items are attached. They work by way of lifting up the outer coil edge and threading the items through for secure holding. When browsing our offerings, you'll see that wholesale split metal ring lanyards tend to be some of the most affordable custom lanyard options.

    Bulk Lanyards with Badge Reels

    What is a badge reel? A badge reel is case holding a retractable cord to which an ID badge is attached. They're usually either round or square in shape and give users the ability to extend their badge outward when needed, such as when scanning for building access. Our promotional lanyards with badge reels operate in a manner similar to that of key fobs.

    Personalized Lanyards with Detachable Bag Snaps

    What are detachable badge snaps? Detachable badge snaps are plastic strips containing snaps that fit together to create a space which a hook, cord, or string can pass through. They typically run through the upper housing of an ID badge for ease in attachment. Wholesale lanyards with detachable badge snap attachments are especially useful for holding ID cards that need to be used multiple times on a daily basis.

    Custom Imprinted Lanyards with Breakaway Release

    What is a breakaway release lanyard? A breakaway release is a safety closure mechanism that releases with the application of pressure. The promotional lanyards with breakaway releases that you'll find at 4AllPromos are designed to free items when lanyards get caught and to prevent possible choking hazards when a lanyard gets stuck or pulled and could potentially constrict around a user's neck.

    Bulk Lanyards with Snap Buckle Attachments

    What is a snap buckle attachment? A snap buckle is a two-part securing device that features a pronged end which presses and locks into an open space in the other side. It operates much like a seat belt in a car or the buckles on a life jacket. We carry several personalized snap buckle lanyards which are particularly useful for carrying items that frequently need to be taken on and off.

    Customized Lanyards with Lobster Swivel Clips

    What is a lobster swivel clip? A lobster swivel clip is a metal or plastic clip featuring a semi-L shaped moving hinge that is operated by pressing inward, which causes the clip to open and the hinge to slide through the other side. They're often employed on pet leashes and are easy to maneuver for people of all strengths and sizes. Our custom printed lanyards with lobster swivel clip attachments are handy for holding items with larger holes and can typically hold more weight than most other attachment varieties.

    Promotional Lanyards - Decoration Methods

    When it comes to having your personalized logo imprinted on our promotional lanyards, there are four main options to choose from. These include screen printing, pad printing, full color (4-color process) printing, and dye sublimation. Each method has its own features in regard to appearance, production time, and cost. Determining which of these options is the best fit for your promotional item needs takes a bit of a balancing act in regard to taking the features we've just mentioned into consideration.

    Wholesale Screen Printed Lanyards

    Many of our custom lanyards for keys, badges, whistles, and other devices are decorated by way of screen printing. Screen printing is the most affordable option for printing your logo on nearly any item for which it's available. Also known as silkscreening, this process involves pre-cut stencils being held over an item as one color of ink/dye is poured through. As only one color can be added at a time, the screen printing process, while affordable, does have longer production times as compared to most other methods.

    Personalized Pad Printed Lanyards

    Another affordable way of creating a company branded lanyard is through pad printing. With this method, pre-cut metal dies are created with a specific design and then coated in ink. A soft silicone pad then presses against the dies and then presses against the object to be decorated. This is when the logo design is conferred upon the promotional product. It's a method frequently used for items that can't be screen printed due to their shape or surface texture.

    Promotional Full Color Printed Lanyards

    Full color printing is also known as 4-color process printing. This is because it involves using the ink colors of black, cyan, yellow, and magenta to combine to create virtually any other color on the spectrum. This is a more expensive method than screen printing and pad printing, but it allows for bolder colors, richer designs, and shorter production cycles.

    Custom Dye Sublimated Lanyards

    Dye sublimation allows you to create your own custom lanyards, as it leaves the entire surface of an item fully customized and colored. High levels of heat are used by specialized printers to transfer dry inks onto the surface to be printed. During the process, this intense heat causes the dry inks to convert to a gas form without at any point turning to liquid. The scientific term for a solid converting directly to gas is known as sublimation, and that's where this imprinting method gets its name from.