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Enjoy the outside with our promotional folding seats. We offer the best promotional camping chairs (opens in a new window), comfy custom logo imprinted beach chairs (opens in a new window), handy personalized folding tables (opens in a new window), fun promotional outdoor chairs with drink coolers and carrying bags, soft company logo imprinted nylon folding chairs (opens in a new window), cheap polyester folding seats with customized logos, and many more.

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Pull up a chair and listen while the team at 4AllPromos guides you through the options involved in deciding on the best chairs and tables for your next giveaway. We know that your next promotion is too important for any mistakes to be made. This is why we offer a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles of tables and chairs to choose from. Most importantly, your customers and employees will be tempted to take these folding seats everywhere, from the yard to the big game, and everywhere in between! Choose a product that is both functional and stylish, and let us help you create a custom promotional giveaway item that will ensure that your business branding pops! Read on to learn all about what your options are for your next giveaway or promotion.

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What Materials Are Available for Folding Stadium Chairs?

Folding Chair Frames: The Support You Need

Promotional Collapsible Chair Accessories and Conveniences

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What Materials Are Available for Folding Stadium Chairs?

Give your next promotion or upcoming sporting events some substance by choosing the right material for your corporate image folding chair or promotional outdoor folding table (opens in a new window). Polyester, nylon, polypropylene, and plastic are preferred for this type of promotional product and we will take you through a guide of the pros and cons for each.

Promotional Fold Up Chair Symbols

Before we get started, let's go through the meaning of any number followed by the letter “D” that precedes the words nylon, polyester, and polypropylene in our product descriptions. The “D” stands for denier, which is the density of the fabric. This means that higher “D” counts, let's say around 600, are super strong and durable, while a lower “D” count, around 200, will not have the same wear-resistance. This number is important to consider when choosing custom folding chairs (opens in a new window) for your promotional needs.

Promotional Nylon Camping Chairs

Nylon is one of the most durable materials out there! If you see a 600D nylon chair, you know that you are getting sturdiness and strength. This material is water-resistant (it's used in many umbrellas!) and has UV-resistant qualities. Some of our products are made from a special ripstop nylon, which is even tougher and more tear-resistant than regular nylon! It is weaved to create unmatched strength for the quality and weight of the nylon material. If you are a sporting goods store or climbing gym and know your customers will likely be taking their promotional giveaway items outside to the ocean or campsite, consider this custom imprinted nylon folding chair (opens in a new window)!

Polyesters may not have the same strength as nylons, but it is more flexible and extremely budget-friendly to boot! This material is our most UV-resistant variety, which means leaving it outside for long stretches of time won't damage the seat. More importantly, it will leave your custom imprinted branding in perfect condition. If you are a recreational sports league or university, give a seat to your fans and students for sideline and graduation use — the material will stand up to the sun's powerful rays! Adding a custom pennant (opens in a new window) or promotional custom flying disc (opens in a new window) would be the perfect promotional complement for colleges & universities.

Promotional Polypropylene Stadium Chairs

Sometimes, you just want to reassure patrons that you are trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our most eco-friendly material is polypropylene, and for good reason. This material is recycled, but that does not mean its durability and utility are compromised. Lightweight and strong, you can't go wrong! It's also a central ingredient in many of our custom logo imprinted recycled backpacks (opens in a new window), which would go great with a folding seat. Polypropylene is a great option for environmental and conservationist groups hoping to give customers fold up chairs with their image. Everyone will support your mission!

Plastic - Don’t Worry, it’s Not for a Chair!

We also have some unique products like this foldable table (opens in a new window) that are made from a combination of ABS plastic and polypropylene. We already know that polypropylene is super eco-friendly, but what about ABS plastic? This material is known for its toughness, so you can bring it to any event outdoor or indoor and know it will be preserved. It can be used over and over again, and is even recyclable. This can make it appealing to anyone looking to save money and reduce waste.

Folding Chair Frames: The Support You Need

While material is important, the frame of your custom folding seat ensures you stay comfortably seated and secured. The frames of most promotional chairs, stadium seats, and tables we carry are variations of steel and aluminum. Chairs and tables also offer a range of weight capacities, from 200 lbs to 450 lbs each. Not all are created equal, but the seat material and frame metal do impact the weight limit. Weight capacity is information you'll want to know before selecting a seat for our outdoor events. It's important for indoor usage as well, such as when adding your branding to a director's chair. A steel frame can go far toward building a seat with a superior weight limit.

Steel Folding Chair Frames

Steel is one of the strongest metals out there. It is not likely to break or even bend under extreme duress. This is why you will notice each of our custom steel folding chairs (opens in a new window) have high weight capacities. If you invest in a promotional giveaway item with a steel frame, you can forgo worrying about the durability of your folding chairs! They offer a higher weight limit than most seats, enabling them to accommodate a wider range of users at outdoor events, company picnics, camping, and any other situation in the great outdoors.

You may notice that all steel is not the same. For example, steel frames can feature tubular steel, which refers to the hollowed tube form of the frame. Tubular steel can be circular, oval, square, and many other shapes. It is lighter than expected and holds up great to long term use. So if you want your next promotion to be memorable, why not try something that will last? Powder coated steel is another type of steel with a coating that makes it more durable and is better than paint. Finally, hardened steel is the final type of steel you will see in our portable seats for outdoor occasions. This type of steel frame is made more durable through an extreme heating process.

Whatever you may be looking for, steel is perfect for you when looking for a durable product that will last. Users will relax in the sun, in the yard, and even indoors with these sturdy seats. Meanwhile, your brand will find itself sitting in the spotlight, as all who pass by will see your vibrant company emblem.

Aluminum Beach Chair Frames

Aluminum is another great material offered as a custom outdoor folding seat frame option. Aluminum is less durable than steel. However, what it lacks in strength it makes up for in its lightness. Don't you want your custom image to be seen everywhere? For customers who are always on the go, our promotional aluminum folding chairs (opens in a new window) are ideal as they are easy to relocate to the park, the field, or the coast. Another interesting property of aluminum is its heat resistant properties, so consider this frame option for use during hot summers.

Whatever your metal frame preference may be, the experts at 4AllPromos want to help you deliver a memorable and durable promotional product that will show off your brand!

Promotional Collapsible Chair Accessories and Conveniences

Investing in a promotional outdoor seat or table with extra tools & accessories is a great way to ensure your promotion is beneficial to your target market. From extra pockets to comfortable headrests, we will go through many of the common features that make custom promotional folding seats from 4AllPromos truly unique. These seats are a great way for your company to provide extra room and comfort to users in the great outdoors.

Most of our promotional folding camping chairs (opens in a new window) come with a carry bag, which makes them extremely easy to transport from one place to another, both outside and in. This also helps with convenient storing. Carrying bags usually come in polyesters or nylons. As you know from the above section on materials, nylon is more durable while polyester is the more flexible of the two. Additionally, many tote bags come with drawstring closures that keep folding seats secured when in transit, as well as shoulder straps that result in a worry-free traveling experience.

Once your fold-up seat is in place at picnics or maybe a park, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage using one of its many amenities. For example, many of our camp seat models come with multiple mesh cup holders that can store waters and sodas all day. Why not step up with insulated pockets? This Koozie Chair Kooler (opens in a new window) can hold up to 12 cans and keep them cold for hours while placed in insulated pockets kept secure by a double zipper closure! From large to small, many of our cooler seat options offer places to house drinks and even snacks. Additional storage is just one of the extra features that will help your branding image imprinted portable chair stand out in a crowd. Don't forget to ask about options for bags to carry them.

If you are looking for comfort, keep an eye out for our products that feature extra padding on the seat or armrests, as well as detachable comfy headrests/pillows. This detail can make all the difference if your audience will use these while on the sidelines of a time-consuming sporting event. Pillows and headrests can even be a great place to promote your branded artwork (but we will get to that in a bit). We even offer some foldable chairs with extra-wide seats (opens in a new window) to make sitting & relaxing even easier for your audience.

We offer a few portable seats that take your comfort to the next level with mesh paneling on the seat (opens in a new window) that provides ventilation on hot summer days. Panels allow for more air to circulate in and out of the seat, so you will catch any breeze that comes your way. Sporting goods stores, outdoor lifestyle supply companies, and even office supply retailers would do well to consider investing in a seat with ventilation.

One final accessory that is available on some of our collapsible seats is a small table that folds out from one of the armrests. You can keep your book secured when sitting for a little break, or even have a full meal on this table (opens in a new window)! Typically having a limit of no more than 10 lbs, you can fit a sandwich, snacks, and even dessert on this table without hassle! They're great to camp with or just sit and relax in the refreshing outdoor air.

Each of the above accessories provides something different to your customer base, so be sure to consider their needs before making a final decision. Don't forget to call the 4AllPromos team with any and all of your questions about which promotional foldable chair may be right for you. All come at the guaranteed lowest price, with some models even coming with free shipping!

Premium Folding Seats - Custom Imprinting

We know the part of your promotion you care most about is whether or not it will be successful in retaining current customers and attracting new ones. This is why your business can always turn to 4AllPromos, an industry leader in creating vibrant and professional custom logos on all types of promotional products.

Custom outdoor folding seats and tables are no exception; they are a great place for your company image that will be seen everywhere from the sidelines to the sand dunes. We offer a one-color, one-location imprint on nearly every product, as well as multi-color and multiple location imprints depending on the product. This means you can choose from a variety of custom fonts and colors, from orange to purple to green, to create a beautiful and vibrant design that will attract many curious bystanders!

From carrying bags to seats to detachable headrests, custom chairs have many spots that would be perfect for your custom branding. Give us a call today. We'll be happy to help your business custom design a comfy chair for the next trade show, office event, or ball game.

We know that buying large company branded items can be tricky. Still, there's no need to worry. We truly are experts in creating promotional giveaways your audience will love and remember, so sit back and relax while we get to work for you!