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Promotional Umbrellas | Custom Printed Umbrellas for Free Giveaways

Our promotional umbrellas come in many styles and materials. Whether you go with a custom market umbrella, logo custom imprinted folding umbrella, personalized golf umbrella (opens in a new window), our large promotional beach umbrellas (opens in a new window), or our wholesale wind-resistant polyester umbrellas (opens in a new window), satisfaction is guaranteed.

Custom Umbrella Promotional Products with Your Artwork

A customized umbrella is a popular promotional giveaway at trade shows! To ensure that we are dry at all times, we turn to corporate umbrellas. Investing in business logo imprinted umbrellas (opens in a new window) for your next promotion will increase brand exposure for a great price.

Additional Information About Our Custom Umbrellas

Which Promotional Umbrella Best Fits Your Needs?

Bulk Promotional Umbrella Styles

Promotional Umbrella Construction Features

Other Design Features of Personalized Umbrellas

Which Promotional Umbrella Best Fits Your Needs?

In order to choose the umbrella that best suits your business needs, it is important to consider the type of occasion and the customers.

Promotional Umbrella Arc Sizes

Will diehard golf fans be out in the rain at a golf tournament? In that case, a larger custom business logo golf umbrella (opens in a new window) is a better choice to guarantee coverage. Will you be creating a designer umbrella for use at campus tours, or for bellhops to keep guests covered? Consider the larger 60-inch sizes. Finally, promotional market umbrellas (opens in a new window) are specifically designed for groups of people.

Promotional Umbrella Lengths

Are you handing out custom umbrellas to people on the go to create brand excitement? Will they be used at your business by your employees? Is there a special outdoor event? These answers should determine which umbrella lengths you select.

Bulk Promotional Umbrella Styles

Promotional Compact Folding Umbrellas

Ranging in size from an ultra-compact 6 inches to a more moderate size of 15 inches, the best folding promotional umbrella will depend on the location where on-the-go customers are going to store and carry it.

Long Shafted Personalized Golf Umbrellas

The traditional, non-folding umbrella design is the classic look with the longer shaft. This type of umbrella has a broad range of canopy sizes and prices and can have a more professional look. With the larger length, these are well suited as company artwork umbrellas for sporting clubs but are not as fitting for travelers.

Customized Market Umbrellas

Featuring the ultimate size for advertising your brand, market umbrellas are in a league of their own. Special events and outdoor cafes are some of the most likely places where custom promotional market umbrellas are put to use, rain or shine.

Promotional Umbrella Construction Features

Just about everyone has had the unpleasant experience of their umbrella breaking in the wind. Sometimes it means the end of life for the umbrella, as well as its active promotion of your business logo. This may not be as much of a concern for "emergency"; umbrellas that are kept under car seats or in desks, but for when extended use is expected, quality construction of the umbrella may be crucial. This is the driving concept behind our promotional windproof umbrellas, which are great for use at the beach and beyond.

Frame Materials and Design

Telescopic shafts and folding ribs are convenient because they allow the umbrella to become compact. This feature makes our promotional telescopic umbrellas (opens in a new window) very convenient gifts to staff.

Custom business logo imprinted umbrellas with wooden shafts (opens in a new window) are more durable. They're a good choice for leaving at the door of business offices, law firms, upscale clubs or resorts, or universities.

The ultimate material for durable frame construction is fiberglass. It's lightweight, will bend in the wind, and won't rust like aluminum. Many of our fiberglass frame custom umbrellas are designed to be long-lasting.

Wind Resistant Features

There are quite a few design features that are implemented to create a truly superior promotional wind-resistant umbrella. The most common style for these personalized umbrellas consists of double canopies and/or vented holes.


Our company logo nylon umbrellas (opens in a new window) are reputed to imprint better, and our promotional polyester umbrellas (opens in a new window) have better sun-protecting properties. The pongee used for printed umbrellas is typically a blend of polyester and silk. It is the premium choice and is used to create many upscale promotional umbrellas (opens in a new window).

Other Design Features of Personalized Umbrellas

Opening and Closing

Most people prefer an umbrella that has a push-button spring mechanism. Promotional push button automatic opening umbrellas (opens in a new window) may not fit into all budgets. In those cases, a corporate logo personalized manual-open umbrella (opens in a new window) may be the better option for your clients.


Matching school or corporate umbrellas is easier with the numerous offerings of alternating panel colors. For standing out to clients, bright colors will be hard to miss. Checkerboard designs, promotional patriotic umbrellas (opens in a new window), and animal print umbrellas (opens in a new window) are other stand-out choices.

Carrying and Storing

A popular option for carrying umbrellas is nylon sleeves, some of which have mesh cuffs and drawstrings. Other categories of nylon sleeves for golf umbrellas (opens in a new window) even have an over-the-shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

You can also select custom umbrellas with wristbands and comfort grips that feature grooves for more comfortable holding. Shop our inventory today to browse great prices!